1. Gameplay. Players post comments as one of the characters in game, describing their actions in narrative style. Players who have created the characters being used in the game, have control over their character. In the event of a player’s absence, control of the character reverts to the other players until a new player is selected to control that character. The DM compiles the posts into the game narrative, and describes the results of the character’s actions. The DM is responsible for the overall storyline plot and NPC’s.

2. Mechanics. Rules mechanics will not be emphasized in this game. Rather, we will focus on the story and all the die rolls and game mechanics will take place largely behind the scenes. That said, the rules system being used for the game will be the OD&D Rules, as defined by the Rules Cyclopedia. Experience points will be given for advancing the story, whether through killing stuff, solving puzzles, interacting with NPC’s or whatever the case may be. Additionally, xp is award for each round of blog posting as follows:

Posting a comment: 10 xp (per DM blog entry)
Posting within 6 hours: 10 xp
Posting within 12 hours: 5 xp
DM’s choice: 10 xp

3. Dice Rolling. Dice rolling will be made by the DM by default, but if the player prefers, and it doesn’t slow gameplay, we may occasionally use this tool to send dice rolls to the DM at

4. House Rules. The following are various additions to the standard rules from the Rules Cyclopedia.

Spellcasting – Spellcasters may cast spells directly from their spellbook. The spellcaster must be in a non-combat situation and able to concentrate fully on reading. Reading a spell, takes 1 round per level of the spell. So a 3rd level spell would take 3 rds of reading in addition the casting time. The number of spell levels able to be cast per day is equal to twice the level of the caster. After this point, the caster is too mentally exhausted to be able to cast further spells, other than those already memorized.

Resting – Characters resting overnight recover 1 hp. If they do not engage in combat or any strenuous physical activity, they will regain an additional 1 hp. 2nd level Clerics and 1st level magic-users regain spells at the rate of 1 first level spell every 2 hours. At 3rd/2nd level it takes 1 hours/spell. At 4th/3rd it takes 1/2 hr. for 1st level spells & 1 hr. for 2nd level spells.

Death – When a character reaches 0 hit points or less, they become unconscious. Unless their wounds are attended to, they continue to lose hp at a rate of 1/round until they reach the inverse of their total hit points, at which point they are dead. A character remains unconscious until they have at least 1 hp. Healing a character at 0 hp or less can only return the character to a max of 1hp.


One response to “Rules

  1. Paul Murphy

    Hi I think this is great, can I join, I love Basic D&D and have been looking at joining some game as soon as I could. I use to play back in the mid 80’s.



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