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The Members of Clan Sukiskyn

Pyotr – Brother of Stephan
Darya – Pyotr’s wife
Taras – Pyotr’s eldest son
Alfana – Taras wife
Irina – Pyotr’s daughter. Novice cleric
Matvey – Pyotr’s younger son (age 10)
Kuzma – Pyotr’s mother (age 66) A priest of Halav
Novannes – Deceased. Blacksmith that lived at the homestead.
Hakos – Deceased. Son of Novannes
Masha – Hakos’ widow
Garina – Masha’s baby daughter
Stellios – Old, one-armed servant of Novannes


Black Opal Eye – An artifact of the Sons of Night. Enhances magical power. Corrupts those who use it. Believed to be buried beneath the Temple on Gray Mountain

Darker – A leader of one of the sects of the Sons of Night.

Dread Night – The end of the world.

Dread Prophecy – The Breach of the Lost Temple. The Awakening of the Grand Darker. The Ascension of the Shadow Lord. The Disappearance of the Elvenstar. The Return of the Blackstick. The Dread Night Attained. from the Book of Night

Elrond – Clanleader of the Elyan. Father of Rahasia.

Elyas – Founder of the clan of Elyan. Killed when his tower collapsed after his final confrontation with the Sisters Three.

Elyan – The name of the clan of Elyas.

The Elvenstar – A powerful artifact created by the Elves of Wendar. According to legend, it was created to defeat the forces of darkness in a great war of long ago. It now safeguards the peace between the humans and elves that live in its borders, and protects the land from invaders.

Landryn Teriak – A Son of Night and one of the original Darkers. An enemy of the Elves and original occupant of the Elyas’ Tower. Defeated centuries ago by the Elyan who cleansed the tower and occupied the surrounding forest it to guard against evil’s return.

Quiet Way – A pacifistic philosophy that seeks only to live quietly with nature, and reject the pursuit power or wealth. Was adopted by the Siswa in the aftermath of Elyas’ death.

Rahasia – Daughter of Elrond. Betrothed of Hasan.

Sisters Three – Three elven sisters who were apprentices of Elyas. Corrupted by the Black Opal Eye. Buried beneath the ruins of Elyas’ tower.

Siswa – All Elyan males become Siswa on reaching adulthood. The Siswa are followers of the Quiet Way.

Sons of Night – A cult of Necromancers. Believed to be disbanded. They seek to bring about the Dread Night through the attainment of power and ancient powerful artifacts.

Temple on Gray Mountain – Sacred temple of the Siswa, built over the ruins of Elyas’ tower.

Thaddigren Dentiata – A necromancer who sought to bring about the return of the Sons of Night.

Wendar – An isolated land beyond the mountain ranges of the far north inhabited by elves and humans.

The Tale of Elyas

“Black Opal? After all these years, could that be the cause of our tragedy once again?” she asked rhetorically. She collected her thoughts and then continued. “Generations ago, Elyas, a great elven wizard led our clan to confront an evil wizard who had built a tower in the vicinity of their home. This wizard, named Landryn Teriak, was a necromancer of great power, and an enemy to the elves. He was master to a small cult of evil mages. In the end, it took all the elves of our clan to overcome them. All the necromancers were killed save for Teriak, who used his magicks to teleport away. He was never heard from again.”

“The elves of our clan took over Teriak’s tower and cleansed it and the surrounding forest of the dark enchantments and settled here to protect against evil’s return. However, one artifact of the vile cabal remained. The Black Opal Eye. The eye enhanced Elyas’s power, and he was inclined to keep it for its powers of seduction were great. Among Elyas’ apprentices were three sisters. Among the clan, they were the most gifted in the arcane. Over time, The Black Opal Eye warped their minds to evil. Eventually, they turned on Elyas and attacked him. Elyas’ last act was to bind their spirits. He was determined to destroy the eye, but the tower collapsed before he could do so, burying him and the eye in Grey Mountain.”

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351 responses to “OOC

  1. Maruc

    Thoughts on experience point awards

    There is an inbalence is the amount of xp required for each class to attain its next level – but this is the nature of D&D i.e. Saeth will still be 1st level when Nicolai gets to 3rd, assuming equal contribution levels.

    That said the only real advantage in going up a level is a few extra hp and possibly a 5% greater chance to hit for most. But it effects the spell casting classes alot at low level.

    As I have mentioned before D&D only really starts to balence out at 3rd level. At current xp progression – and I appreciate the slow nature of the pbem style of gaming – it will take :

    Seath – 1 year 2 months to attain 3rd level
    Maruc – 6 months to attain 3rd level
    Feldard – 11 months to attain 3rd level
    Nicolai – 6 months to attain 3rd level
    Miklos – 11 months to attain 3rd level

    I’d like to accelerate this a little – I don’t think it will ruin the game – it fact I think some of these suggestions will improve the game for everyone.

    Posting Lottery

    The current system encourages posting – ie the first person to post gets 20xp second get 15xp and the rest get 10xp – also we have a floating 10xp award.

    The floating award is for ‘moving the plot forward’.

    You can argue that if you are quick to post you could double your level progression whether or not your posts are detailed, incisive, full of characterisation, comment, conversation or thoughts. But this misses the spirit of the game.

    Now I’ve mentioned to slow pace of pbem games I’d like to say that this method of encouraging fast posting does work, because this game is running on at speed! So much so that sometime less than 24 hrs passes before an update – well done DM!

    However, I have come in from work to notice the game has run on without me! (only occasionally) This means that I have missed out on a possible 30xp – do this 5 times in a month and thats a cool 150xp I have potentially missed out on – 10 months of this and thats a level for Maruc…

    I’m not suggesting we abandon the concept of xp rewards for swift posting – but to take the ‘I hit the return button first’ out of it I’d suggest a time slot system.

    i.e. you post within 4 hours of the update you get a 10 xp bonus and 8 hours you get 5xp or something.

    – be flexible if someone posts 10 mins passed a deadline they should get the full reward for that timeslot.

    Characterisation et al

    We do not have any reward system that reflects this. Not that we need encouraging to do this but it would be nice to be recognised in some way. Right at the start of the game it was suggested that we looked at a player voted xp method. This in my opinion would mean judging each post on its merits and awarding the most interesting one your vote. As I said at the time I think all rewards should be handed out by the DM.

    But the thinking behind it was well concidered, basically players should be encouraged to write interesting posts. These may not necesarily progress the game but add colour to it. I know that the floating 10xp covers this to a certain extent but you seem to limit yourself to only one bonus for one person an update (unless its combat).

  2. Maruc

    Spell Casting

    D&D relies on clairvoyant players.

    Basically its; ‘take the weakest characters in the game and hamstring them by making them second-guess what the day will hold.’

    First level characters only get 1 spell per day unless you are a cleric in which case you don’t even get that.

    On Demand Spell Casting

    Could I suggest an ‘on demand’ magic system which I have trailed in my games? Namely the spell casters do not have to specify what spells they ‘memorise’. If fact I removed the term ‘memorise’ and replaced it with ‘prepare’.

    There are still limiting factors on spells – amount per level/per day, casting time, range, saving throws, immunities, magic resistance, verbal and somantic components, and most important of all; access to material components.

    So why does the game system insist on placing yet more caviats on spellcasters such as insiting they predict what spells they will need during the next 24 hrs?

    This is even more important in pbem. It took us the best part of a month to play one day out imagine how ineffective Miklos is after he casts his spell?

    …and next month my spell will need to be……

    So can we trail an ‘on demand’ spell system?

    4 Hour Rule

    Another consideration to make spell casters more effective would be to allow the ‘4 hour rule’. This is a rule based on the magic-user rulings in the AD&D DMG. Basically it enables one spell level to be regained after 3 hours of meditation plus 1 hour per spell level.

    This is the standard amount of time required to regain spells but the important factor is its doesn’t mean the next day.

    As DM I also apply this rule to clerics if they are under alot of healing pressure. Sometimes if a character has been particularly devout and closely adheres to the tenants of his religion I have allowed maximum heals without rolling and even in some cases additional spells per day (these I’d normally dictate rather than using the flexible spell casting rule).

  3. Sinthija

    I know in our table top games we allowed our MU’s to memorize their alloted spells but also gave them the options to be allowed to cast from their book as needed. Reading a spell to cast it would take 1 rd per level of the spell. So a 3rd level spell would take 3 rds of reading before then the casting time. And the DM limited how many spell levels could be cast before the MU was physically drained. I believe it was twice the level of the caster.

    Just a thought.

  4. Saeth Tegau

    I’m not suggesting we abandon the concept of xp rewards for swift posting – but to take the ‘I hit the return button first’ out of it I’d suggest a time slot system.

    i.e. you post within 4 hours of the update you get a 10 xp bonus and 8 hours you get 5xp or something.

    I’ve thought about suggesting something like this several times (though I usually thought “6” and “12” hours)–it seems fairer, and still gives a similar incentive to keep the game moving.

    At current xp progression – and I appreciate the slow nature of the pbem style of gaming…
    I’d like to accelerate this a little

    I’d assumed that there would be some sort of bonus at break-points in the story, like at the end of face-to-face adventures. I could be entirely wrong, but that’d also speed advancement somewhat.

    No big concerns on the other topics–do you feel that has characterization been bad or needs improvement from anyone (feel free to name my name at least)?

  5. Thanks for your suggestions guys. I appreciate that you guys are enjoying the game and working on ways to improve it.
    XP Awards – Obviously, there haven’t been many combat awards thus far, this will change as we go on. Also, there will be rewards for completing tasks, which we’ll have more of as well. In addition, I have been planning on doing a 50-100 xp player award every once in a while that you guys will vote on amongst yourselves to give to one character.
    1st/2nd Post Awards – I agree that basing it on time is a better move. Let’s make it 6 and 12 hours.
    The 4-hour rule – I was already considering a variation of this. It needs to be adjusted though for higher levels when you are memorizing multiple spells or varying levels. In my opinion, it should never take more than 8 hours for a mage to regain all their spells. For now, let’s say at 1st level it takes 4 hours per spell, and 2nd level it takes 2 hours, 3rd it takes 1 hr. for 1st level spells/2 hrs. for 2nd level spells.
    Casting from a spellbook – I like this rule. Consider it done.

  6. Just updated the rules section, take a look. Also added rules on character death.

  7. Cool. I agree with a lot of what has been said above. I’ve not played a pbem before, it’s always truck me as being too slow, but this way seems to be better, almost too fast (I just took 24 hours out for an exam and I’ve missed an entire thread!)

    DM is, I feel handling this very well, especially as it is a new form of gaming. And I think it can only improve as time goes on.

  8. Saeth Tegau

    I’ll second Nicholai’s opinions on how things are going–excellent job on the DM’s part.

    I’m going to ask for clarification on the spellbook rule, however. It’s listed as being usable for spellcasting “out of combat”. This would include anything where you’re not actually in the midst of things, right? i.e. Miklos could stand behind the front line, chanting out of his book, as long as Feldard manages to keep the goblins from attacking him?
    If it only works out of any combat at all, the “3 rounds” or whatever time to cast ceases to matter much. (I must admit, picturing him with his book seems like a neat image, too.)

    Not that there’s a right answer, just making sure things are clearish.

  9. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Death rule suggestion

    I have seen a quiet good method of handling KO and death.

    Basically it works in a similar way but the negative hit points but to calculate death level you use your Constitution Ability score.

    ie: Con 12 allows minus 12hp until death

    This has the advantage of giving more flexiblitiy to low level characters but is not such a huge advantage later on – what do you guys think?

  10. Thanks for the compliments guys! I agree this is going very well. In fact, it’s going as well as I possibly could have hoped it could.

    When it comes to the spellcasting rule, I can’t see a mage able to concentrate on reading a book in the midst of combat, even if he wasn’t being attacked directly. You could still use the rule to your advantage though if you were sneaking up on an enemy, or casting bonus-type spells before a combat.

    On death, I’ll go with the constitution score if it’s higher than the total hit points.

  11. Also, this probably goes without saying, but if you are going to be unavailable to play for a few days, please let us know a little ahead of time if possible.

    What are your thoughts on how to handle that? If one person is gone, shall we continue to play, or hold the game? Or we could handle it on a case-by-case basis. I guarantee it will never happen that you go on vacation for a week and return to find your character dead!

  12. Sinthija

    I’m okay with letting others post for Feldard if I’m away for anything more than a two days. You guys did a well enough job of him before I showed up on the scene : )

  13. Given that we’ve been talking here about post timing, I think it might be an idea to give some allowance for time-zones. I’m based in GMT +0 (EST +5), and this will probably affect when people are able to post. Any comments on this?

  14. My blog updates are pretty random as far as timing, so I don’t think time zones would be too much of a factor, no?

  15. Maruc

    I will be away on Friday and Saturday depending on what wireless networks are availible in Wales will dictate if I can post. I will do my best.

  16. Ok, no worries. Thanks for letting us know.

  17. Saeth Tegau

    I’ll be travelling and away from the computer from about 2200 GMT +0 tonight, through Tuesday 0100 GPT +8, so there’s about a day or so that I don’t expect to be able to post.

  18. Miklos (Mu 1)

    No Problem DM:

    We’ll all be on and off over the next few weeks so I’d imagine they we’ll get back up to speed in the new year.

    I will post were I can as well.

  19. Ditto to Miklos. I’m around most of the time over the next couple of weeks, so posting for new things shouldn’t be a problem.

  20. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    I’ll be off visiting over the holidays from Wednesday 22nd until the Jan 2. Not sure what my internet access will be like. So my posts will be sporatic.

  21. Maruc

    I love the character and scene imagery on each post, great stuff!

  22. Sinthija

    Just found out I’ll be without computer access for the next couple days. I should be back online Thursday night. Be nice with Feldard : )

  23. Nicolai (T2)

    DM: Are we using Weapon Mastery rules. I know it doesn’t make a lot of difference at these level, but may do at higher ones.

  24. In the interest of keeping things simple, I was thinking no. They do open some cool options for combat though. Sometimes, I’ll do a custom rule if you guys describe something interesting in your post. For example, when Feldard posted he was going to roll into Zweis, if he would have hit, I would have lowered Zweis’s AC for the round, and gave Zweis a penalty for his next attack roll.

    So feel free to get creative when it comes to combat.

  25. Maruc (Clr 2)

    May I be the first on completion of this initial adventure to compliment our superub DM! Thank you for the work, interest pace and colour. The game has been engaging and intriging and you havn’t once complained about our typo’s or grammar. You’ve even managed to correct most of mine 🙂

    You have taken on board our comments and dealy with them fairly without unbalencing the game. I know how leathal 1st lvl D&D is so I guess some DM intervention went into some of the combat (Thanks again!) but I love my character and I’m looking forward to developing him further in this campaign.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    – Matt

  26. Maruc (Clr 3)

    Techincal note: I’m not sure who OD&D handles shield use but I am guessing that Marucs medium round shield offers him protection against 2 attacks from the front and flanks only – yeilding an AC3 and AC4 against attacks from the rear that he is aware of. (It would be an effective AC8 if we was surprised by a rear attack due to the +4 rear attack to hit bonus).

    Armour purchasing rules – what are your thought on buying off-the-shelf armour? For example if we aquire a suit of platemail of Feldard is this something we can do without getting it especially made?

  27. You are correct, you should be at AC3. I had understoond scale mail to be equivalent to splint mail (base AC 5), but in actuality it has a base AC of 4. I’ve updated the character sheet.

    Plate mail for Feldard would be available for purchase in Specularum & Highforge, a community of gnome and dwarven craftsmen and miners not far from where you are now. Otherwise, you’d have to get it custom made, which I would say would add about 20% to the regular cost.

  28. Would it be possible when posting the map of this to write in room names? As we go on,and the map gets larger, this might help remove any confusion.

  29. Feldard (Dwf 2)

    Sadly, I will likely not be online at all tomorrow.

    : (

  30. Vilaad

    Hmm, I’m a bit behind catching-up here..
    Congratulations players, on clearing Castle Caldwell.
    And DM, this is running great. Thanks.
    G’luck (**)s on your next endeavor..

  31. Vilaad

    ** — by the way, as cliche`d as it is, I was wondering if there was any thought to a ‘collective’ name of the


  32. Miklos (Mu2)

    Colour test
    Colour test
    Colour test

  33. Feldard (Dwf 2)

    (hmm a party name?.. gonna have to think on that one a bit.. the first idea that pops to mind kinda sucks – The Fearsome Five.. We’ll come up with better no doubt)

  34. Miklos (Mu2)

    The Auditors…

  35. Sorry, I’m not too keen on a “collective name” for the group. If there is one, I feel it should evolve organically from the game, from their evolved reputation, rather than from they say they want tehir reputation to be.

    Having said that, I quite like “The Auditors”.

  36. Saeth Tegau

    Just so everyone knows, I’ll be out of country until Monday, and internet access is unlikely.

  37. I’ll also be out from Saturday through Monday.

  38. Maruc (Clr3)

    I’ll be out Friday to Sunday eve

  39. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    (wonders what holiday is happening this weekend.. I want to have reason celebrate too!)

  40. Nicolai (T3)

    Having router problems at home, so may not be about anyway.

  41. Nicolai (T3)

    DM: Not just router problems, had to rebuild the enitre thing. As a result, I’ve lost all contact details etc.

  42. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Esoteric point:

    As elves are 90% resistant to sleep & charm spell effects, Saeth – you are one unlucky elf!

  43. I thought there might have been a rule like that for elves, but I checked the rules cyclopedia and it doesn’t mention that. Oh well, in any case, things turned out ok I guess. haha 🙂

  44. Maruc (Clr 3)

    DM encouragement

    Again I’d like to thank our DM for great pace and interesting plotlines. I know how hard it can be DMing pbem games – it can take up alot of time if done well.

    I’m not particularly religious but I enjoy the break from work so have a great Easter holiday everyone 🙂

  45. Nicolai (T4)


    I’m going to be dipping in and out a bit less frequently over the next month or so, work and family commitments are a bit heavy at the moment. So I might only be about once or twice a week.

    If you feel Nicolai should be doing something in a particular situation, please feel free to suggest it. Just try not to get him killed.

  46. Miklos (Mu 3)

    – aww you take all the fun out of it…..

  47. Thanks for the heads up!

  48. Saeth Tegau

    Just so people know, I’ll be out of town from tonight to Wednesday. So don’t expect many posts from me in that time.

  49. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Thanks for all your hard effort Jack, it’s been a great ride and long may it continue!

  50. Maruc (Clr 4)

    A note on crossbows:

    I’ve always flet that crossbows are unfairly treated in D&D. Considering they where designed to punch through platemail Gygax only gave them 1d4 damage for Lt crossbows and 1d4+1 for Heavy.

    As they are slow firing (once every 2 rds) and to give them parity with longbows I gave them 2d4+1 damage for light and 2d6+1 for heavy in my games. This still doesn’t make them better than longbows as you can fire 4 arrows in the space of just 1 bolt and you get 4 chances to hit with a potential 4d6 damage. But I felt that it was a good compromise.

  51. Saeth Tegau

    Finally back!

    Sorry to everyone to have disappeared so completely. It’s good to be back.

    And Jack, thanks from myself as well, for running this!

    And, from when I was gone:

    “Not really,” replied the elf lazily. She didn’t let on that when she wasn’t with Miklos filling her spellbook, she spent virtually the entire time in Specularum drinking and writing poetry. Going around Specularum asking strangers about some obscure elven village was definitely not her idea of fun. They’d find out about the elven village when they arrived there, she supposed.

    This is SO, SO, Saeth.

  52. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Welcome back!

  53. Sinthija

    Just be fair to Nicolai’s player and given the importance of Nicolai at the moment, I believe we should give him a full 24 hrs from when the DM writes up a new part to submit his own post . I hope that’s reasonable to all. Thoughts?

  54. Miklos (Mu 3)


    I’ll be away from the old keyboard from now until Monday – please feel free to fill in for me.

  55. I won’t be around too much this weekend either.

  56. Saeth Tegau

    Just to let people know, I’m out of town July 1-9, so don’t expect frequent posts.

    And please don’t kill Saeth while I’m gone! (~_^)

  57. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    My turn to be out of town for a couple days.. I hope to be back Thursday July 5.

  58. I’ll be out from July 5-9. Gotta enjoy the summertime!

  59. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Thanks DM for being so generous, I’m glad I’m not DMing….!

    We’d have been toast, or frozen, or boiled alive etc. if it was down to me. Or it would be that ‘divine intervention’ moment.

    And don’t get me wrong, Feldard did exactly what was in his nature, boring old cleric just stands there blathering away…..need to kill the baddy!

  60. Miklos (Mu 3)


    Miklos stated that he had magic missile memorized when it should read charm person.

  61. Miklos (Mu 3)


    Is it possible to assign our character pictures to the portrait space in the thread?

    – like your D&D logo?

  62. Good idea! I just added them to the OOC post. Let me know if it’s confusing to figure out how to add them to your posts.

  63. Guys, I’ll be out-of-town from July 26-Aug 2.

  64. I’m back – Thanks for waiting!

  65. Sinthija

    two OOC comments – I’m headed off camping this weekend so I won’t have any further posts until Sunday. But basically his actions will be to fight off the cats, dodge the statue if it comes to life and get the others to follow after Saeth – believing the group needs to stick together

    my second comment is how do I make use of the avatar pic of Feldard? I have no idea how to add it. Do I need to be registeredat wordpress.com or something?

  66. Nicolai (T4)

    Away for the weekend as well, back Monday night.

  67. We’ve got a new player in the mix. Everybody welcome Dirk, who will be playing the role of Hasan. Welcome to the game Dirk!

  68. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Welcome to the game Dirk!

    Hope you enjoy it 🙂
    I have!

  69. Sinthija (aka Feldard)

    WELCOME Dirk! I think your gonna enjoy we’ve got a great group here. : )

  70. Dirk

    Thanks gang. Excited to hop on the train (in typically better-late-than-never fashion).

    You all have obviously had a lot of fun w/ this, and I’m glad I could join.

  71. Nicolai (T4)

    Welcome Dirk

  72. Saeth Tegau


  73. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Let me also add Maruc’s voice in welcoming you Dirk 🙂

    I shall be on holiday as from tonight through to the 2nd Sept so please feel free to take control of the spellcasters in my absence.


  74. dirk

    Re the pause in the temple, as the newbie, i’m not really comfortable picking up the thread for the others, so taking a few days off is fine w/ me.

    also wanted to let people know that i’m going to be out of town all of next week, and will have really sporadic access. would appreciate it if folks could pick up for me. main character motivations at this time are to: 1) figure out what the heck is going on, w/ strange elves and humans dressed as Siswa; 2) find and free the Siswa, especially Elrond, the village leader. Presumably, desire to accomplish goal #2 will lead to formation of partnership w/ strange elf and humans.

  75. Saeth Tegau

    I’m in the process of moving house, so the next couple days, my internet access may be sporadic. I’ll be on if I can. Apologies!

  76. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    A bit of forewarning.. between Sept 27 and Oct 19th I expect to be away from internet access with only the occasional sneak online to clear out email on weekends. I think by now most know the temperment of Feldard so please do continue to play him. I’ll enjoy reading of his adventures when I get back.

  77. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Well this game is almost a year old and its been pacy and engaging. I’d like to thank Jack for all his hard effort, colour and imagination. Not to mention the patience and plot writing.

    Not only that but I’d also like to thank my fellow players; Sinthija, Mark, Richard & Dirk without which this game would not be so engaging. Doubtless you might have guessed that I have been greedy and taken on the roles of both Miklos and my own charater Maruc – both of which I enjoy emensely. Which makes it quie difficult for me to vote for myself in the character assessment awards (both my votes went to other players!).

    Still, may the action continue!

  78. Nicolai (T4)

    A year, time does fly. May there be many more.

  79. Dirk

    Cheers to all of you. Thanks again for letting in a latecomer. Thanks and congrats to Jack on authoring the concept and the story.

  80. Dirk

    not sure why i’m raising this right now, maybe because Feldard has 1 hp and Maruc is out of CLW for the next few hours, but I wanted to chime in on the death rule. I know that you all discussed many months ago, but I thought the Miklos suggestion of negative constitution vs negative original HPs was very sound. Maybe the decision was made in favor of original HPs because constitution often exceeds original HPs, but that will change rapidly as the characters advance. I would suggest a slight amendment, that the negative HPs would be capped at constitution. IE, even a 7th level Feldard with 42 HPs would be dead if something – probably this same bone golem! – takes him down to -17.

  81. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    To be honest, given the DM’s post on Dec 2 at 9:11 I thought it was capped at his constitution. I hadn’t read the Rules in a LONG LONG time. They may need to be updated.

  82. I’m going to miss Feldard’s presence in the game. If you want to have any sort of side/solo thing going on while the others are below the temple, feel free to post or email me. Otherwise, we’ll just pick him up after the hiatus.

    It’s actually pretty risky for him to be wandering around with only 1 hp by himself. The Siswa, as you now see, are still under the influence of some dark magicks.

  83. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    side/solo isn’t necessary – at only 1 hp.. he can barely stand much less fight. He’ll be fine waiting where we’d stashed the Siswa and if some Siswa come along well.. we’ll deal with that when I get back or you can assume he drops and is captured. : )

  84. Hasan

    Just wanted to mention that I’ll be off the network for the next few days. Back Monday. In the meantime, have fun and feel free to move the action forward w/o me. Hasan is up for anything that involves looking deeper into the dungeons.

  85. Matt

    Please don’t stop!

    I’m really enjoying the game, I too have been checking daily for updates and would like the pace of the game to go back up a gear, but as Sinthija says RL may well have delayed play. I’m assuming that you have atempted to get hold of them privately? Either way I think you initial concept – to allow anyone to progress the story is still valid and would certainly be appropriate if and un-announced period of ‘non progression’ occurs.

    I’m really enjoying my character and style of play – the campaign is intelligent and pacey with an excellent mix of politics, combat and story. It has an superb gothic feel and the simplicity of OD&D doesn’t get in the way of the gameplay. I don’t see my character as a bunch of numbers as I normally would playing D&D. He’s very much a part of me and I’d be sorry to see the game fold.

    As DM I can imagine that losing long term players who have a deep understanding of the back story can be difficult to replace – but lets face it, its all here in black and white and its makes an entertaining read. (At least for me!)

    My preference would naturally be that the others would surface soon because they are excellent players but failing that the show must go on!

  86. Hasan

    strongly agree w/ matt re giving old-timers a chance to stick w/ it, but allow the group as a whole to push the action forward. also agree with the broader comments re quality of the game.

  87. Nicolai (T4)

    It’s been that old thing called real life I’m afraid, and that I’m no longer able to access this site from work (during the latest IT refresh they crippled just about everything).

    Hopefully I can still continue, now that things have calmed down a bit.

  88. I’m very happy to hear that everybody is still on board with the game. I was worried we were starting to lose momentum and people were losing interest. That is not the case! Very cool.

    So, how about if a character hasn’t posted in about 36 hours or something like that since the blog update, then another player should go ahead and make a post for that character (if necessary, sometimes characters can be in the background and not need a post). Sound good?

  89. Hasan

    sounds good

  90. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    sounds good. : )

  91. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Good idea.

  92. Miklos (Mu 3)

    DM: This is no a criticism but, any chance of an xp update?
    Cheers mate 🙂

  93. Dirk

    Guys – just want to give you a heads up that my access will be sporadic over the next couple of weeks … have a major professional conference (at an extremely inopportune time in Mystara, I might add). Anyway, I’ll try to follow along, but it’ll be a struggle to stay current with posting. Pls feel free to push the action ahead w/o me. Seeing the clanhead dead will surely inspire Hasan to delve deeper into the Forbidden to unlock the secrets of the Sister Three.


  94. Thanks Dirk.

    I will try to get to an xp update one of these days. I don’t think anyone will be gaining a level for a while yet, so I’ve been slacking on that.

  95. Dirk

    Actually, looks like I’ll be ok re access to computer for the next few days. End of next week will be basically zero, though.

  96. Just added a glossary to this page of various people, places and events. Let me know if there’s anything I should add or if you have any questions.

    Next, I’ll be writing up a summary of the story so far.

  97. Miklos (Mu 3)

    I shall be away this weekend from friday evening (I might be able to post sunday night

  98. Saeth Tegau

    I really like that new HP/Spells chart in the right column! It’s quite handy, and a great idea.

  99. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    (I am away this weekend hope to be online checking on Sunday night)

  100. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    okay so how do you add the avatar pic.. I can’t figure it out.

  101. I’ve added some instructions. Your profile page should be somewhere under your account settings I think. It’s different for me I think because it appears on the blog dashboard.

    Haven’t been able to find a good pic for Hasan yet. Any suggestions?

  102. Hasan

    DM – i’ll email a suggestion. Although it’s kind of a cliche image, i’m ok w/ it, so if it works for you, go ahead.

  103. sinthija

    (testing testing)

  104. Feldard (Dwf)

    (trying again)

  105. Feldard (Dwf)

    *grumbles* the avatar works on the forums .. why not here?

  106. Looks like you got it working because I see dear old Feldard just fine. 🙂

  107. Saeth Tegau

    This is a post to do two things.

    1) Test the icon upload.

    2)Let everyone know that I’ll be flying on Sunday and part of Monday, but I should be more consistently online thereafter.

  108. Hasan

    I’m going to be taking my Christmas holiday beginning this weekend and thru next week, so I’ll be very sporadic about things. Pls push on as you can w/o me.

  109. Sinthija

    *applauds the DM for putting Feldard in his place* that’ll teach the dwarf to get too cocky and full of himself. A dragon. OMG! *LMAO still*

  110. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    (gonna be out of town from the 24th until the 26th.. not sure if I’ll have any computer access .. if not Happy Holidays everyone)

  111. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Gosh! Red Dragons and Beholders! For a minute there I thought we’d lept into the wrong part of the adventure. Tomorrows monsters….today!

    Given time to think Miklos would probably assume that all the elves were charmed by the Beholder rather than the Sisters, but this doesn’t really sit with the narrative. That and I don’t want to colour the game with ‘old player knowledge’ but it would make for a very short ending to the party as we failed at least some of the dozen or so saving throws each round we engaged it.

    In fact I’d hazard a guess that the Beholder would beat the Dragon, unless the Dragon could get some spells off first, something with no save like insect plague….

  112. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    By my estimate Feldard might be 4th level now. Any chance of confirming this BEFORE he gets eaten by a dragon that he isn’t able to “disbelieve”. : ) He might need the extra hp.
    : P

  113. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Happy New Year 2008 everyone!

    Thanks Jack for the adventure so far! Long may it continue!

  114. Feldard (Dwf 3)

    Happy New Years

  115. Happy New Years to you guys too – thanks for playing!

  116. Saeth Tegau

    Hasan looked at Saeth and said wryly, “Never mind the shirt. You’ll be lucky to have enough fabric to make an eye patch once the dwarf’s work is done.”

    This made me laugh so hard! (^_^)

  117. Saeth Tegau

    Another AFK message: Thursday noon through Sunday (GMT), I won’t have computer access. Feel free to move Saeth to move the story!

  118. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Sorry should have kept the OOC stuff here lol!

    DM: considering your clarification on premeditated spell use can I assume the following:

    Detects/Divining/Communes/Analysis and other ‘passive or non-combat’ type spells are the only spells that can be used using the ‘read-from-book’ rule. eg wizard eye, analize, magic jar teleport etc.

    Any ‘combat effecting’ type spells like; sleep, magic missile (including passive combat like an ‘illusion of a pit’ for example) etc. can only be cast from memory.

    Some spells may require adjudication –

    Seath, Feldard and Maruc are struggling to pull up a ships anchor together so Miklos comes over a reads three strength spells to improve their chances (under the understanding that it is a non-combat situation). With a great heave their boosted strength free’s the chain but they soon realise that they have pulled up an angry sea monster which engages the party.

    Three of the party are benefitting from ‘free’ strength spells. I would deem this as unbalencing myself, but how would you ‘not give the game away’ by suggesting that the spell would need to be a memorised one? Or do you just say that strength is a combat spell, despite its deliberately non combat use (in this case)?

    There are others that could be used for both instances like teleport which would need to be viewed on a case by case basis.

    What do you think?

  119. Hasan

    Personally, I think the rule of thumb – combat or non-combat situation – is clear enough on its own and that breaking it down by spell type loses sight of the broader point that the spellcaster simply doesn’t have time to shuffle a large spellbook out of his backpack and read through the increasingly complex spells our characters are attaining.

    So in the anchor example, at the time of spellcasting, Miklos would have ample opportunity to focus and cast from book, and the ancillary combat benefits are just lucky.

    In fact, I wonder if – as the spells get more and more powerful – if the non-memorized spells should get more costly to cast. EG, casting a first or second level spell from a book takes only a turn, but casting a 3 or 4th, 2 turns, 5th or 6th, 3, etc.

  120. Looks like we opened a can of worms here. haha

    For me, it’s not about what type of spell, it’s about the environment. In order to be able to concentrate fully on reading the spells from the book. However, the point about stacking protection spells is a good one—we can just agree not to do that.

    Your point about going up against the Radu conspirators is right on the money—I’m much more likely to let those things slide when the situation is pretty desperate.

    In this case, it’s a little tricky because the magic missile spell does say that after casting the arrow hovers next to the spellcaster until he’s ready to shoot it, so I can see that it does make sense that Miklos would have time to read the spell during Feldard’s absence.

    At the end of the day, if things are unbalanced, it’s easy enough for me to rebalance them by adding hit points or more attackers, etc.

    No worries. Like I said, I don’t want to make this too rules heavy, so let’s just proceed as usual. New post coming soon…

  121. As you can see, I allowed the spell. Not a big deal as the gargoyle would be dead either way. I rolled pretty bad for the evil guardian in this encounter actually, so if it seemed a bit easy, that’s why. I was actually thinking Hasan was going to get pretty torn up getting to that pendant, but he got lucky! Poor gargoyle, he manages to isolate 2 of the non-magical weapons characters for a couple rounds, but then he missed nearly all his attack rolls. Poor beastie.

    Well, this thing ain’t over yet…haha

  122. Dirk (Hasan)

    The DM’s webmaster will be able to attest that I have hit the website today more than a lab rat on speed pushes the water button.

    Of course, I’m anxious to see if Hasan turns into a rabbit or a puff of smoke, but also had extra urgency b/c I’m headed out of town tonight for a long weekend. Back in town Tuesday. Will have some access, but probably won’t pay close attention.

    Please don’t hold things up for me.

  123. Saeth Tegau

    We’ll take good care of the rabbit while you’re gone.

    Unless Feldard gets hungry or something.

  124. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    Yum.. rabbit.

  125. Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. Got some RL stuff going on right now (nothing bad), so posting will be a bit sporadic for the next month. Hang in there!

  126. Won’t be able to post for the next few days.

    P.S. Would love to see more posts from Nicolai if time permits. Thanks!

  127. Matt

    Sad news

    D&D creator Gary Gygax died on the 4th March.

    I would like to mention that his contribution to roleplaying and roleplayers will echo through the history of this great hobby. Long live his legacy.


  128. Dirk

    hear hear!

  129. Matt

    Is it me or have we forgotten that we actually rescued Rahasia??
    Therefore it would be completely logical that only 2 of the cells were occupied!

  130. No word from Richard (Saeth). Hopefully we’ll see some more posts from him soon…

  131. Saeth Tegau

    All right, one brief word from me here… and you will see more posts from me from here out. Apologies to everyone for my sudden and unscheduled absence!

  132. Matt

    Welcome back Rich!

  133. Hasan

    no worries, glad you’re back

  134. Feldard (Dwf 4)

    Anyone know what happened to our pics? The square design is okay.. but I’d rather see Feldards proud look.

  135. WordPress redesigned some stuff. maybe that messed with our avatars

  136. Sorry for the delay. Been really busy lately!

  137. Sinthija

    We are waiting patiently. Hope things settle down for you soon.

  138. Going to be out of town until wednesday. Guess you’ll all have to be in suspense for a few days haha

  139. Matt

    Sinthija -loving the surly dwarf thing!

  140. Sinthija

    Thanks Matt! I’m loving him as well. I’m so glad that I’ve been given the opportunity to express my inner dwarf in such an awesome game as this. *big hugs to the DM and other players*

  141. Matt

    Any chance of some xp Jack? You never know the hps could be useful!….

  142. I will try to get to it soon. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though, because if you gain many more levels, I’ll just have to make the monsters tougher! haha

  143. I’ll be away from computers until Tuesday. Sorry I’ve been slow to post lately – it’s been a busy summer!

  144. Sinthija

    From July 14 til about July 22.. My access is uncertain as I’m out of town. Will try to find access as I travel but we’ll see.

  145. Matt

    I’m toying around with the idea of running a pbc Sci Fi campaign. Would anyone be interested? A 3 player game seems to be ideal, what do you think?

    If you guys have ever played a Sci Fi game what systems are you aware of?

    I have several, Space Master (ICE), Traveller (original version), even my own version of Warhammer 40k RPG. I also have Morrow Project, cyberpunk and I’m sure somewhere an old copy of Laserburn…

  146. Matt

    Idealy this would run alongside this game!

  147. Dirk

    Matt, I’m game, though I have never really done a scifi thing, it’s always been hard enough to keep a campaign going in D&D genre, which provides an appropriate time in which to say say – again – thanks to Mystara DM and all the other players who have kept the current campaign entertaining and fun. Although, and this is half Dirk, half Hasan, I yearn to see the sun again.

  148. Saeth Tegau

    As far as the idea of a second game goes, I could be convinced to give it a shot, though I don’t feel like I’m keeping up with just the one as well as I’d like. But if you’re keen to try it…

    Just musing, but particularly with the reduced speed of PbPs, I wonder if three players will be enough to keep the game moving.

    In other news, I’m moving (intercontinentally), so I won’t have internet access for a little while. At least a couple days for the move, and then however long it takes to get the internet set up again. So… now you know!

  149. I am planning on adding a couple players for the next adventure, which I’m really excited about. We’re getting there…

  150. Matt

    Happy Birthday to our beloved PBC it’s now 2 years old!

    () ()
    | |

    Its supposed to be a cake OK…..


  151. Feldard (dwf)

    Woot! Two years!! Happy Birthday!! Loving this, though I am missing Richard. Need him back.

  152. Wow – time flies! Thanks for making this such great fun

  153. Matt

    DM: Sorry a bit confused??

    Seath was lying down unconscious. Woke up surrounded by people who have determined that she may be a threat has managed to stand up, back away and run to an alocve before any of us (who have previously stated that they would stop her at least casting spells and/or restraining her) have had a chance to react?

    At no point had Maruc or Miklos actually stopped Feldard (Maruc certainly asked him the stop though) or restrained him from restraining Saeth. I rather assumed that Seath wasn’t in a position to get up let alone be allowed to get enough space to run as this would entail her moving out of our ability to stop her casting spells.

    I can only assume this is a ‘DM intervention’ moment to remove her form play whilst Richard isn’t availble to play her.

    In which case I’ll shut up!

  154. Matt

    Thanks Jack for clarifing that. There is a school of thought that we should allow her to lead us to the other witches – assuming that all our guesswork is actually correct! And that she is one of the witches.

  155. Feldard

    woo hoo.. I don’t know what happened but I have Feldards pic again.. Yes!

  156. Hasan

    Looking forward to the climax and figuring out how to rescue these poor young elf waifs (and Saeth). Hope there are no ill effects from being magic jar’d or whatever for a few hours or days.

    Bummer about Nicolai, although that lightens the load a bit for Matt – at least, I think it was Matt who was running 3 guys at once. In that regard, if you guys need me to pick up one of those characters, I’d be happy to do so, although they have been played terrifically well so far (and I really like the direction you may be headed with Miklos now).

    Basically, just wanted to say thanks for the game DM.

  157. Sinthija

    I also want to thank you all for a very enjoyable game. It’s become a highlight of my day to check the site to see what progress has happened.
    Though I’m a bit saddened at our loss of players. I don’t know their situations at all but I often hope that things are well with them and their families.

  158. Yeah, thanks for playing. It’s been an absolute pleasure! And if you guys know anyone that would like to join up, have them send me an email at mystara_dm@yahoo.com — now is a good jumping on point.

  159. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Hi guys

    Sorry I’ve been suffering a series of irritating stuff that got in the way of play – i’ll be posting soon!


  160. Sinthija

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  161. Matt

    Happy Chrimbo & New Year and stuff :o)

  162. Yes Yes. Happy Holidays everybody!

  163. Matt

    Could you confirm how many vials of Holy Water Maruc has left?

    I’m not sure he has any.

    Would it be possible that in Specularum that he managed to restock his supply (idealy he would have 3 vials)?

    Also he would have liked to depart with at least 3 vials of oil for his lantern.

    It’s not clear by his equipment list – but he has a plain travellers over-cloak. His cermonial tabbard would only be worn during clerical rites and so forth.

  164. Matt

    Mercenary thoughts….

    As the party removed no treasure from the vaults of the Elyan (and made a point of not doing so) Maruc has effectively run out of money to tithe and has no money left to live off. Can I assume that the villagers – in deliverance of their maidens, removal of the Sisters and in respect of the fact that we risked our lives to help them – have rewarded us in some small way financially? At least as far as travelling expenses as so forth?

    I’ll leave it up to you to decide how much we have left after staying in Specularum for the best part of a month. Living expenses etc etc.

    Noting that Maruc probably wouldn’t have been charged for staying at the Halavist Church he would have certainly tithed the majority of his money leaving enough for travelling expences suitable to a cleric of his station.

    As for Miklos I’d imagine he would personally be in debt to the tune of many 100’s of gold pieces after the purchase of a travelling spell book so I guess in surity he would have used his original spellbook to secure the loan and would have to return to Specularum to pay the balence within a reasonble time frame.

    Could you please confirm the figures involved and the time for the loan. Also the remaining travelling money availble to both characters? (if any) and update the character sheets?

    Thanks M

  165. Let’s just assume that the Elyan gifted you all enough money to get you to Threshold and take care of any purchases made in Specularum. Once in Threshold, you can seek further opportunities. Who knows, maybe an opportunity will present itself along the journey… 😉

    I’ll update the equipment lists.

  166. Spells updated in sidebar. Also updated the Feldard’s Missing Bride post with the following:

    The feast began with a thanksgiving ceremony performed by Siswa survivors. At the end of the ceremony, the group was rewarded with gold and gemstones. It was not an overly extravagant gift—the Elyan would need there treasures for their recovery from the recent tragedy and for their ongoing sustenance. It would provide the companions with enough wealth to re-equip and travel to Threshold. After the presentation of the gifts, the village maidens brought out a great assortment of food and drink.

  167. Miklos (Mu 4)

    Oh dear…
    I just realised thatMiklos dosn’t know Magic Missile. I think he’s cast it as well hmmmm….

    Thats magic!

  168. Sinthija

    LOL. Nice trick. : P

  169. Really, I thought he had it. Well, he does now. Figure it was in one of the spellbooks he’s picked up.

  170. Stephan

    Thanks for welcoming me to the game. I gotta get into the swing of Stephan and the game overall….I’ll grow into it. I’m very glad to join you.

    I’m not sure if I’m getting the tense right yet. I mixed it up a bit with present and past. I’ll try to match the tenor of the posts. Are there any rules/guidelines for how we’re to write the posts?

  171. Sinthija

    um.. nope.. not that I’m aware of… not that anyone told me when I first came aboard. I believe in the beginning.. the concept was that anyone could have any character do things.. but we’ve sort of shied away from that over time and have developed ‘attachments’ to certain characters.. but for my own perspective if you have a notion that Feldard would do a certain thing.. by all means add that into your post as something that Stephen sees Feldard doing.
    I think the only thing we frown on is unnecessarily killing off other characters. That shortens the game way too much. : )

  172. Matt

    I think you have the hang of it Doug. I tend to swap between past & present tense – just for a laugh or more likely incompetance….

    I have never guaranteed my spelling.

    I can guaratee my poor quality jokes!

    I think the idea is that it reads like a book – so if anyone comes along they can get a good feel for the adventure. I like this style because you can put the thinking in behind your actions so every can see why your character takes the actions that they do.

    It also neatly covers the simplistic nature of OD&D which is ideal for this type of gaming. Provided one thinks logically about the action.

    eg. Maruc is currently crouching completely behind a shield, not in any position to attack. According to game mechanics he has an AC of 9 but the way our DM (I suspect) will play this is that one is unlikey to shoot someone completely concealed by a sheet of wood. Therefore in the story a view will be taken with that in mind, that and the fact that I doubt he will kill us off just as you start buy slavishly sticking to the letter of the rules….

  173. It seemed like most people wrote in past tense, so that’s what I go with to make it consistent.

    What Sinthija said is right – you can add in stuff with other characters here and there, or read what they posted and put your characters reaction to it is. Or have a conversation.

    You can leave a blank in your post like, Stephan does this, and then if this happens does that, or put DM insert information here if its something about Mystara that the character would know but you don’t.

    The main thing is to keep it fun and interesting.

    Short entries/long entries – whatever you have time for.

    I can tell already that you will fit right in here.

  174. Matt

    … but as Milkos is casting spells around it well ahhhh….

    can you say pincushion?

  175. Hey, I was thinking, next time somebody has to leave the game for vacation or something like that, one of the other players can volunteer to run the character until the date that the person leaving specifies that they will be able to resume. Or, if it’s not for a long time, we’ll just wait. Like now, I think Dirk is due back soon, so I’ll just wait for him to post for Hasan before doing the next move.

  176. Matt

    Fine by me :0)

  177. Sinthija

    Sounds good to me too.

  178. Stephan

    On the character page, my name is not associated with Stephan. Looks like Dirk and Doug got switched.

  179. Dirk

    Hey – just noticed the concern about my absence. sorry about that.

    Anyway, I would never have a problem with people posting for Hasan on my behalf. Anytime after 48 hrs have passed from DM’s post, if you want to post for me, no problem.

  180. No worries Dirk – that wasn’t directed at you. Just making the informal rule about posting a bit more formal. I think it will work better if we assign a specific player to substitute in for a specific period of time.

    The player name is at the end of the character write up, which I realize now looks a bit confusing. I will fix that up.

    Hopefully, I’ll have time to post a new move today, but I’ve got a lot going on this week, unfortunately.

  181. Stephan

    Oops…..my last comment was supposed to be on the OOC page….


    Actually, Stephan was trying to shout an old curse “Beloc”. I think Gandalf used it once. But “Below” works fine.

    And in his character description, when Stephan looks down from the mountain top, I had meant to type “saga of stream and wood” but accidentally typed “steam”. “Steam and wood” sounds pretty cool anyway.

    Beloc! This game is moving right along! I’ll get a post out soon….

  182. I updated the post – Sorry I misunderstood. I added that it was a Traladaran curse word—I like the idea of Stephan throwing a curse in the old language of his people every once in a while!

  183. I just found this really good link with info about the various religions at work in Karameikos. Read it if you are interested in more background:


  184. Dirk

    Just for what’s it’s worth, my post on Time for a Decision is how I think Hasan would think about this choice. However, personally, I’d prefer to go after the Iron Ring and stay rooted in Karameikos and in the human and political side of things there, as opposed to starting to chasing leads about the Sons of Night across the continent, which I think would be our next move, if we stay on that course. Not sure, really up to the DM and other people running characters, and I certainly don’t feel to strongly, as I’m having fun with things right now. But wanted to talk this through out-of-character as well as in character.

  185. Stephan

    How do I add a picture of Stephan to my profile? I don’t see how to go to my profile page to change it.

    Why do Maruc and Miklos have the same avatar?


  186. miklosdostevar

    Testing avatar

  187. miklosdostevar

    another test to separate name

  188. I’ve added Stephan’s pic to the avatars on this page. To add, right click the pic and save to your desktop. Then go to your profile page and under my picture, upload the avatar file you’ve downloaded. At least, that’s how I think it works

  189. Stephan

    I don’t see a profile page for me. Do I need to get an account on WordPress, maybe?

    BTW, I’m really liking the game and trying to get used to my character posts moving the story along. I’m used to playing in a more reactionary mode where the DM tells you what happens and you react.

    Sorry if I can’t keep up the pace sometimes.

  190. Yeah, I think you need an account in order to have an avatar.

    Actually, this game does function pretty much in the traditional way you describe, in that you guys are posting in reactionary mode, and as DM I am telling what happens. I apologize that my writeup in the Rules section is confusing—I’ll see about editing that. I hope that doesn’t dampen your enthusiasm!

  191. Stephan

    No not at all does it dampen my enthusiasm. I just noticed some other players having things happen in their posts that I thought would normally be the prerogative of the DM. None of it has been too invasive on the DM’s turf.

    My last post had Stephan suggest there was an escape tunnel and that may be a bit too pushy but you can always say the tunnel collapsed or is not finished or something. I was trying to “move the story along” or just give you alternatives.

  192. That’s cool. No worries. I don’t mind players adding things in there, like for example, with the combat. I’ll go along with whatever is posted, unless it contradicts what my dice rolls are. I want to completely encourage you guys to be creative. I am truly amazed at some of the stuff you guys come up with.

    I have been using published stuff for all these adventures (really old out-of-print published stuff), so there is a gameplan. In many cases I will change things from the source material though—especially when you players notice a plothole or I think there is a fun opportunity to do something differently.

  193. Sinthija

    If something we post doesn’t go with what the fates decide.. the DM has, on occasion, ignored our posts and gently guided us to our new path. *nod nod* Our DM is a very wise and caring master..

    : P

  194. miklosdostevar

    DM: I m right in assuming that Denetiatas wand has no more charges in it? Also, would it be possible to recharge it?

    What would be required to do so?

  195. Matt


    Could you confirm if any, some or none of the tactical suggestions have been used by the party?

    As both Maruc & Miklos were not available to do anything in preparation and I didn’t want to force actions onto the other players but perhaps the NPC’s might have actioned some of the ideas?

  196. Matt

    Sorry Sinthija! – I hope you don’t mind me ‘manipulating’ Feldard there – I rather needed some support in the yard there so I was quiet brazen in my post :). Please feel free to do something else if it doesn’t fit with your ideas!

    It won’t happen again (honest!)


  197. Sinthija

    (I don’t mind at all – you kept him in character.. it’s all good! That’s the whole spirit of how this pbcomment began. *two thumbs up*)

  198. Doug

    Is that pronounced “Jerk ass”? They’ve attacked the Jerk asses? And taken one of the yellow-dressed Jerk asses?

  199. Just wanted to let you all know that I will be out of town for a week, so I probably won’t have a new post up until next Monday.

  200. I’ve Come across this site twice now. The first time I did not realize that this was an active, player/commenter participation, campaign.

    The first time I saw this site was just a few weeks ago and thought the post I saw was just Part of a story someone was putting up.

    Now that I know the reality of it I guess I’m gonna have to start at the beginning and read the whole thing. Awesome idea and so far I think the writing is superb. Ok heading to the beginning to get me read on.

  201. Sinthija

    Enjoy the read… playing it is awesome.

  202. I haven’t played in 13 years. (not counting 7 years of Everquest, a year of Vanguard Beta, final Fantasy 1-10, zelda,and fallout 1-2-3, and what ever we have on the Wii now.) But DnD was where it all started and I do have quite fond memories of it. In fact A few things have led up to this but later in the month I am flying from Oregon to Indiana to visit the Army Buddy I last played with over 13 years ago. He and his wife play twice a week usually so I’v dug out my dice and am anticipating the trip. To bide my time I have been searching all the new rules and such and that’s how I came across this site. I’ve read this current adventure up through Into the Dymrak and I am gonna go back and continue reading.

  203. Finaly Finished…Caught up. Whatever. By the way I really dislike Saeth as it seems her rash decision of touching the statue is the cause of Nicolai’s death. And then her comment about how she never really got use to him anyways..The fact that no one really chastised her for it afterwards kinda makes me wonder WTF. I understand that people come and go here but thats just the way I feel about the Character. And I hope Feldard stops being so Stubborn. Stubborness is one thing but you think he would learn from his mistakes. (as long as no one pointed them out to him.)

    Don’t get me wrong here. I’m referring to the characters, not the players or the way their played. Feldard is Stubborn. He’s a dwarf. He’s also the meat shield. But sometimes you guys rely on that a bit to much. Dwarvin sv vs magic shouldn’t get the group out of some of the rash decisions you guys make EVERY time. 🙂

    Yes this is coming from someone who has read this over a matter of days rather than playing it over YEARS (you guys are crazy) and I understand sometimes you just want to get the current story arc over. I’m sure Mystara has had to re-roll damage or spell resistance a few times.

    Be all that as it may I have had a blast reading this. Brings back a lot of good memories from my DnD days. I may, in the very near future want to tag along on an adventure or two but I need to let this all settle in a bit first to see if I can actually fit this in.

  204. Hey, thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Yeah, Saeth was definitely an interesting, layered character. Definitely a narcissist, but very entertaining. I’ve missed her.

    It’s definitely got to be a challenge to play a game over such a long period and keep all the details in mind. Plus, every post is like a reading comprehension exam. Miss one part of a sentence in there and it could completely throw a player off. These guys do a tremendous job.

    Anyway, hope you keep following along. This current adventure is going to be the most epic yet.

  205. Matt

    I think that some of the rash decisions are intentional. All things considered the group of adventurers aren’t profesionals steeped in the knowledge of each others skills and therefore will not always act as effectively as they could potentially. I myself have attempted deliberately not play to my knowledge of the game, although admittedly I am more versed in AD&D I could easily bring to mind the stats for pretty much all the denizens in the monster manual without reference to it. But I take pains to assume that Jack is playing with the numbers – to the point that I no longer see the creatures as a set of figures and weaknesses. Each one is a new experience to Maruc and he will spend most of his time shocked and apaulled and the rest of it healing and grinning. That and wading in inappropriately into combat.

  206. Dirk

    Totally agree with Matt above. These are young characters who are new to each other and their abilities. DM maybe has been accomodating to some extent to keep things going and the characters alive, but that allows more character play and development and is hardly unknown even in the “real” game playing world.

    anyway, glad you enjoyed the product so far. it has been fun. i think we’ve all had good moments and some not so good with it, but right now is a good moment, and i’m excited with where we’re going.

  207. Stephan

    Oops! Not only did I get the wrong name, I even spelled in incorrectly! Apologies!

  208. Stephan

    Just friggin’ awesome. Love the post, Matt. Good stuff.

  209. Matt

    Thanks Doug!

    Maruc is such a ‘jolly’ character its nice to be able to add an edge of solemnity to a post.

    I’m just rather assuming that Miklos is still watching the captive…..

  210. Stephan

    Geez, in reading over my posts, I see many typos. Sorry mates! I wish I could edit them…

  211. Maruc

    lol – I bet this is Hasan’s ventriloquism spell. Still I guess as the party have never seen that spell cast before – and certainly not from Hasan, Miklos has reacted as someone on edge would have. We may well have put ourselves at a disadvantage – still it’ll probably shock the horse trader as well. So it may well turn out OK. Shame I’ve run out of heals…

  212. Stephan

    Yeah, I was wondering what Miklos was doing and decided Stephan would be a bit freaked both at Miklos’ reaction and the strange voice. None of us knew Hasan was going to ventriloquis, right? We still don’t know what that chap is up to!

  213. Stephan

    I’m going on vacation till July 6 starting today. I’ll have spotty access to the internet but will try to post game responses.

  214. Maruc


    Any chance of the tactical map please?

  215. Maruc

    Anyone object to a revised marching order as we are outside alot?

    Hasan (forward scout/tracker)
    Feldard (melee)
    Maruc (secondary melee/healing)
    Miklos (magical support)
    Stephan (reguard)

  216. Got a busy week going on, so might be a bit before the next post.

  217. Matt

    Sinthija – I hope you are all safe and well over there.


  218. Hey everybody, welcome Paul, our newest player.

  219. Sinthija

    Welcome to the group, Paul!

  220. miklosdostevar

    Welome on our five year mission to see if we can attain 6th level!

  221. Matt

    Hi Paul glad you could join us! I hope you enjoy it.

  222. Paul

    Thanks everybody! I have been reading and enjoying your exploits and look forward adding my contrubution to the adventure.

  223. Doug

    So is Stephan not privy to seeing the webbed bundles? Sorry if I didn’t get that correct.

  224. Stephan

    Could the map show where the different characters are?

  225. Dirk

    good call, I was looking for the same thing!

  226. haha, they are wherever you say they are. 🙂

    I think Feldard, Maruc and Miklos are in the upper part of the cave on the northern half of the cave (on the other side of the stalactites) with the shrouded up dwarf/gnome/gob/orc, and Stephan and Hasan are on the southern half. If you want your character to be in different spot (i.e. all together in the same part of the cave), just make a post describing that and it shall be.

    Next post, I’ll put dots on the map.

  227. Paul

    Its just like Scobby Doo – never ever seperate otherwise the scary monster will have an easier time.

  228. Matt

    Thanks for being so game Sinthija!

    …all we need now is a string and have ourselves a dwarf balloon…

  229. Hernane

    Does the DM know the name of the Gnome? Also what equipment does Hernane have (if any)?

  230. Added to the new post. Also stole a bit of your dialogue for him – hope ya don’t mind 😉

  231. Dirk

    Heading out of town, probably won’t log in, so feel free to move the action forward without me. Hasan will probably want to get back to goblin hunting in the forest if they make to fresh air — not get caught up in either a trip to high forge or further exploration of the tunnels.

    thanks everyone!

  232. Sinthija

    Have a safe trip! Look forward to your return.

  233. Doug


    Seems like most of what they say Wave will do for an RPG is done via this playbycomment site! We have, for example, this “OOC wave” into which I’m posting right now.

  234. Stephan


    Very interesting. I think that most of the advantages they cite for Wave are covered in this playbycomment environment. For example, I’m typing this into the “OOC Wave” (in Google Wave terms) of our game.

  235. Sinthija

    Hope everyone has been having a wonderful Holiday! I look forward to more great rp in the New Year!

  236. Matt

    Sorry about the delay – a little busy!

    Happy Xmas eveyone!

  237. Stephan

    I’ve been with this game for a year and a month now. Time flies when you’re having fun. Thanks to all.

  238. Dirk


    And I feel a little overdue, but welcome again to Paul, who has finally gotten into his real skin, I suppose (sorry about Hasan’s rude welcome!).

  239. Sinthija

    Hey Paul. Thanks, by the way, for playing the part of Hernane all that while. I won’t apologize for Feldards rude attitude. That’s just Feldard. But don’t worry he’ll eventually accept you as one of the group. I mean, if he can accept Hasan…

  240. Paul

    Thanks for the welcome everybody, I have been really enjoying this. It was great playing Hernane, especially getting the reactions from Feldard. I hope he gets over his lost love quickly. I am quite keen to develope Ludo. His background will be posted shortly, once the group get past these pesky Goblins and Dire Wolves.

  241. Sinthija

    It wasn’t so much “love” as duty. But yeah, it still might take him some time.

  242. Matt

    Thanks for plugging our ‘thief’ hole Paul, there must have been a dozen times we could have used Ludo!
    Glad you are enjoying it – Heh 3 years & 4 months old…
    This games’ older than my daughter.

  243. Stephan

    Could the game date and time of day be included at the top of each new post? Also, maybe the general weather conditions? Might help with setting the scene.

  244. I think this is a good idea, and I’ll start doing it. For example:

    7:10pm, Soladain, the 17th of Thaumont, 1001AC
    Heavy clouds, windy

    AC = After Crowning (of the 1st Emperor of Thyatis)

    Karameikan calendar can be found at:

  245. Sinthija

    Cool calender. One comment though about your date of the post. Because the months are all exactly 28 days (unlike our Gregorian calender with 28, 30 or 31 days), the 17th of Thaumont, should never be on a Soladain. It would always fall on Tserdain. Or are their leap years that we just don’t know about?

  246. Matt

    I hope you’re enjoying the adventure – just a quick thought –
    The storys reads better in past tense – it took me a little while to get my head around it because you are hoping the result of your actions are what you are writing…so instead of:

    “Maruc leaps into the blackened pit to attempt to save his friends.”

    you get

    “Maruc leapt into the blackened pit in an attempt to save his friends.”

    I hope this helps.


  247. Paul

    Happy Easter to everyone, have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

  248. Sinthija

    Happy Easter!

  249. Hasan

    i’ll be out for nxt few days. feel free to fire a few arrows for Hasan, if it comes to that.

  250. Matt’s been real busy at work, so if any of you want to post for Maruc/Miklos in the interim, go right ahead. I’ve been pretty busy as well, so might be slow going for a bit.

  251. TJ

    What happended to whoever played Miklos?

  252. Matt plays both Miklos and Maruc (originally Miklos was played by someone else, but he left long ago)

  253. TJ

    Do you need another player or is Matt content to play both?

  254. Doug

    Hey…not to be nit-picky but wouldn’t it be Loshdain instead of Gromdain for the 20th of Thaumont?

    And tomorrow is a holiday of sorts! :
    21 Thaumont
    The traditional date of the Darokin Masked Ball, held in the Merchant’s Guild Hall in Darokin. This is the biggest and best of the Masked Balls, and many other cities schedule their own Balls for the same night.

  255. Matt

    Sorry about the delay in posting, I had a very busy period. Trying to sort out the team at work and dismissals are always ugly. Having the cope with the additional workflow until we brought the team back to full strength but things have settled down now so…buisness as usual!

  256. Matt

    Thanks Dirk on looking after Miklos & Maruc 🙂

  257. dirk

    Congrats, I suppose, on the commotion. Too easy to get locked into place sometimes, but I’m sure you’re glad to move forward in the end. Best of luck with that, and thank goodness you’re back!

  258. Ludo


  259. Dirk

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans here. Enjoy this great Holiday.

  260. Doug

    Stephan is thankful for his trusty companions.
    I am thankful for this game.

  261. Feldard

    Yeah “Happy Thanksgiving” to you guys. I neglected express how thankful I was back in October. I too am thankful for this game. *hugs to all*

  262. Matt

    No holiday for us :o(
    Still we’ve got a new Bank holiday next year for the wedding….

  263. Ludo

    Which is always nice!

  264. Matt


    Sinthija – I’d probably be assuming that the Minotaur isn’t trying to be quiet – it’s an enraged beast intent on killing everything in the room and its first action was to roar in defiance. I’m not aware that Minotaurs can see invisible – that not the say the DM couldn’t decide whether it can and would certainly make for a short and uncomfortable fight for us there could be 50hps of 6HD creature in here and I’d rather hope he’s as inconvenienced as us!

    It is of course possible that if the yellow robed man turns out to be a magic user (with the right spell) he could have cast ‘see invisible’ on the beast as we came in…

    To be honest I’m surprised he didn’t hear the lightning bolt or the fight downstairs….oh well, smalll mercies and all that!

  265. Feldard

    Matt – hmm.. yeah you got a point about the Minotaur not being quiet. I guess I was just of the mind that what’s the point of him being invisible if he’s gonna give away his location so easily with a lot of noise. I’ll adjust the post – again. : P

  266. Ludo

    Merry Christmas everybody have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

  267. Matt

    Happy Christmas and good fortune for the new year everyone! Carpe Annum!


  268. Feldard

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!

  269. Dirk

    Holiday greetings to everyone. All the best in this great time of the year and in the year ahead.

    Having finished with that, could somebody remind me why our characters found themselves in this bloody tower anyway? I am afraid Hasan and I are somewhat forgetful. I remember we found a map in the goblin king’s stash. and was there a missing prisoner (yousef, i suppose) that we were chasing? or was it just to chase down vlaak?

    anyway, i’m trying to figure out where Hasan should want to go nxt, as we seem to be at a turning point in the story’s arc.


  270. Ludo

    Hasan – Yousef was kidnapped by Golthar, I think we are unsure why. Yousef will be able to answer this question I hope.

  271. The party is in pursuit of Golthar who (in league with the Iron Ring, a slave trading organization) is apparently behind all the attacks on the Dymrak homesteads. Aside from seeing justice done, they want to know why the attacks happened. And, aside from that, what connections there may be with all these mysterious jackal-headed statues and ruins and what, if any, connection there may be to The Sons of Night, an ancient cult of mages that was trying to bring about the end of the world. Tthe group encountered a mage named Thaddigren Dentiata that actually set them en route to encounter the Elyan as the Temple on Gray Mountain and the Black Opal Eye artifact were part of Dentiata’s research as he was trying to revive the Nithian cult.

    It’s been a long journey, that’s for sure! You guys still have to deliver Nicolai’s ashes to Threshold, which we will get to (relatively) soon I think.

    And, of course, happy holidays! Looking forward to continuing this quest into the new year.

  272. Matt

    Dirk – as far as I can tell – here is a brief decription of the thinking why we are here and a few unanswered questions:

    1. We were attacked by Brigands of (presumably but not confirmed) the Iron Ring whilest travelling to Threshold to deliver Nicolai’s ashes to his mother who has some information for us.

    2. We discovered that the Brigands were in league with Goblins.

    3. After reliving Sukyskin we followed the trail the retreave the Sukyskin Horses from the raiders. We also found a coin token that shows Golthars tower.

    4. We came across a mine and freed the Gnome miner. Here we found the first the the statues that seen to dot the hidden places of the area.

    5. Continuing to pursue the goblins we bottled them up in their lair and destroyed them. There we found evidence that Vlaak & Golthar the two main ringleaders (we assume) have fled to Xitaqa.

    6. Xitaqa we discover is site of the tower depicted on the coin. Home of Golthar. We have driven Golthar from his tower and slain Vlaak.


    We know:
    Vlaak was subserviant to Golthar.
    Golthar is a Magic user

    We need to find out:
    If Golthar is a member ofr the Sons of Night
    Is there a connection between to Sons of Night and the Iron Ring?
    Why Vlaak & Golthar were raiding the Dymak homesteads – this is something the Goblins would happily do themselves without additional support (they had the numbers!)
    Why were humans involved in the first raid but none of the subsquent ones? (apart from the horse-archers)
    There is evidence of collusion between the goblins an brigands (the meeting point in the woods) but each of the attacks have been one or the other – so they are not fully integrated as a force.
    Where Golthar is heading now. (Possibly by Agury spell?)
    What questions Golthar was asking of Yousef.
    What is the meaning of the statues.
    What was beyond the statues in the Gnome cave – what clues have we missed?

    Either way we have two paths – We return Yousef to Sukyskin, lick our wounds and travel on to Threshold. In the hope we might pick up futher information about Golthar there.
    We cast augries as try to follow Golthar with little rest and no preparation. Golthar would have half a day on us (which would be a day’s ride) leaving no trail to follow before we start as it would take 4 hours minimum to cast the augries.

  273. Matt

    or you coud read what Jack put whilst i was compling my post!

  274. Paul

    Both of these posts are brilliant and sum up a lot of unanswered questions. Hopefully Yousef will have some answers for us and a clue to what path we should follow.

  275. Fantastic summary by Matt! It does get a bit tricky when it takes several months to play a single day in game time, doesn’t it! haha

  276. Dirk

    Thanks guys … these posts were very helpful.

  277. Matt

    Hehe! I thought Maruc could use a dark edge to his character….
    is the harsh life of adventuring turing him into a violent evangelist? We shall find out…..

  278. Mystara DM

    I just noticed that Ludo isn’t in the marching order on the sidebar. Let me know what the new marching order should be.

  279. Ludo

    Ludo would be quite happy between Hasan and Stephen – if that is ok.

  280. Dirk

    Hi, just wanted to commend you all for the progress and apologize for being so intermittently available recently. A great new job and some maybe less exciting but still important family obligations are really stretching me, and personal time on the net has collapsed. Really enjoying the show you all are putting on in my absence.

  281. Feldard

    It’s okay. We understand about responsibilities and real life. We enjoy it when you are able to join in though. *hugs*

  282. Mystara DM

    Thanks for the update and congrats on your new job!

  283. Doug

    When was it we talked about seeing a flying carpet salesman?

  284. Feldard

    Posted April 1, 2011 in the post titled “THRESHOLD”

    It was mentioned that Cardia the Elf ran an express service ferrying folks about the Duchy..

    Not sure why we’d want to visit her.. but that the reference I could find.

  285. Doug

    Have we lost the player for Maruc and Miklos?

  286. I’m not sure. I keep checking in on him, and he’s really busy with work. At the start of the month, he said he’d be back posing soon, but haven’t heard anything since. I’ll check again.

  287. Maruc

    Sorry all, its not just work. Its building work and all sorts. My feet haven’t touched the ground for 6 months! still I’mm still alive!!!


  288. Feldard

    Glad to hear that you are alive, Matt! Don’t worry about the game.. we’ll try not to kill off your character while you get settled and find your balance. *HUGS* : P Sinthija

  289. Maruc

    Ok from what I gather from the story so far:

    1. Golthar is still at large with Jolenta in tow.

    2. Golthar has a new ally called Sligh

    3. He tried to have the party ambushed by a troll by employing a ‘mystic’ to lead us there.

    4.Sligh has connections with the Threshold Clergy

    5. By association Sligh is probably a member of the Iron Ring.

    6. The destination revealed by the tapestry is of sufficient value that the Iron Ring is willing to cast its members to death for it.

    7. The destination is north of Threshold in the mountains.

    8. Golthar either needs us alive to lead him the the destination or requires the map.

    9. The trail is probably lost or guarded or it would be clearly mapped by the locals.

  290. All your gatherings are on track, except #4.

  291. Stephan

    Stephan already has a +1 shield.

  292. Paul

    To the Mystara DM, Dirk, Matt, Doug and Sinthija – Merry Christmas. Thank you for the story and the game.

    I also extend a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the loyal readers out there, have a fun and safe holiday.

  293. Yep, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody! It’s been a fun year, hope you all are doing well!

  294. Happy Christmas :o)

  295. dirk

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  296. Feldard

    A belated Happy Holidays to all!

  297. (sorry about the new pic.. apparently me signing in to obsidian portal and using that pic there.. affects my pic on wordpress.com. It’s annoying but I’d rather be known universally by this custom-made pic than that of Feldard’s usual.)

  298. Stephan

    Conversely, if I make comments on any other wordpress site, the picture of Stephan is associated with it. For a time, I used it as my FB pic. I may do that again.

  299. Paul

    Feldard, its a good looking pic – I really should use a pic for Ludo’s comments.

  300. Going to be super busy for a few days. I’ll try to do the next post as soon as I can!

  301. dtwilder

    None! None of my High Bridge submission works in the subsequent game turn?! Or am I overlooking it?

  302. dtwilder

    I meant none of my *High Road* submission.

  303. Oop! Oversight on my part. Fixed!

  304. miklosdostevar

    Sorry for the delay in posting, thanks for covering for me. Happy Easter everyone.

    Cheers Matt

  305. dtwilder

    Matt does a great job running Miklos and Maruc but maybe it would go easier on him if another (new) player took over one of the characters?

  306. I’ve sent him an email, but no response. I’ll try again.

  307. hasan

    Thanks for raising Doug. My 2 cents:
    Matt has never been anything but grateful when one of us steps in for him. Don’t think his problem is doing two characters versus one, just a matter of getting free time at all. I would love to keep him primary on the two, with the understanding that the rest of us will need to step in from time to time.

    However, if that doesn’t make sense, I’d reassign both characters, understanding that you do this with goodwill and with great appreciation for the huge value Matt has added to this project for many years.

  308. Unfortunately, I think you might be right. I’ll let Matt know that we need to have him posting here. Or at least if you are going to be unavailable for awhile, to communicate that. I don’t want to make ultimatums, but it is either that or the game will be over and nobody wants that.

  309. maruc

    Sorry I’ve held up the game – worklife during a recession is proving challenging and I’ve done 4 60 hour weeks and all my wife gets of me is a nod before I go to bed!

    Thank you for posting for me, All I was going to do in the situation was have Miklos cast fly off with a rope and 2 levitates and drag two characters at a time across the chasm. Read from the book or rested overnight between.



  310. Quote from Maruc: “Lack of sanity is not called for in priests. But it helps…”

  311. Don’t panic – They are after our assistance and will negotiate, We have to be clear that the culture we come from in the outside world will not tolerate their behaviour. The Hutaakans are not stupid, they are brought us there to perform a task beyond them, They cannot force us to do it, they need us and we have a strong hand to offer. I suspect they will respect honesty. Priests can read minds.

  312. Thanks for posting for me, just lost one of our major clients and all the proverbial has broken loose. back posting soon!


  313. Hasan

    Sorry to hear, be well, hope you can jump back in soon.

  314. Sinthija

    With such a long .. stall.. in the game, I have to say I hope everything is ok with our DM. My thoughts and prayers are with you if not.

  315. Douglas

    I agree. I hope all is well.

  316. Douglas

    Sinthija, Kya app Hindi bolthe haiM? MaiM Hindi bolthe tholee see.

  317. Sinthija

    Don’t have clue what you just typed. I know English and French only.

  318. dtwilder

    D’accord. It was Hindi: “Do you speak Hindi? I speak a little bit of Hindi.”

  319. Everything is cool. I just got overwhelmingly busy as well. I’ll try to get a new post up soon. Sorry bout that!

  320. Paul

    DM – good to see you back online 🙂

  321. Paul

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish our DM, the players and our loyal readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2013. Safe and Happy Holidays everyone.

  322. Me too! Happy Holidays everybody!

  323. Stephan

    Da! An Orderly Day of Law (27 Kaldmont) and Safe Day of Dread (28 Kaldmont) to one and all! May the Wood hold you true and Halav be with you!

    Stephan of Sukiska from Traladar
    Son of Allyn, Master Horseman, Master Wooder, Seasoned Warrior, Loyal Comrade

  324. Sinthija

    Hoping your are all alright and just busy as heck after the holidays. *hugs to the DM*

  325. dtwilder

    Is Dirk taking over now for Hasan, Miklos and Maruc?

  326. Hasan + Maruc and Miklos

    I can do so occasionally, but I certainly prefer not to. I do enjoy the blog and gameplay, however, and will do what I can to keep it moving. Thanks to all of you who make it fun.

  327. I think it would add to the game to have a single player behind each character. Maybe we can recruit some folks to take over Miklos and Maruc?

  328. That might be for the best.

  329. Ludo

    I agree it might be better for the story to get some new players for Miklos and Maruc.

  330. Douglas

    So how do we go about finding new players? I remember years ago there being a site called PBEM News where you could advertise game openings. I think it was part of something called “Irony Games”.

  331. Hasan

    Seems our story may have reached its end. Will save my farewells for now, but …

  332. Hasan

    One quick thought, hover, which I admit I don’t have the energy to pursue. But there is a bulletin board I have come across called the Piazza, which has a forum dedicated to mustara. If there is a place to find a player, it may be there.

  333. Ludo

    Im sure we have loyal readers … I suggest we wait until our DM blogs something, he may be looking for new players already. I would like the game to continue if it can. If we can get two new players that would be brilliant.

  334. Agreed. I hope to continue with some new players.

  335. I got introduced to the site when our DM posted on the rpg_sanctuary yahoogroup.

  336. Douglas

    That sounds good to me. DM? Are you on board with recruiting some new players?

  337. dtwilder

    I check daily….but nothing.

  338. Hasan

    Right. dm, what do you think?

  339. Ludo

    Yeah I check daily as well, lets hope our DM comes back!

  340. Feldard

    if any of you folks want to connect with me outside of this site I’m on Skype username Sinthija (go figure). *hugs to everyone* I’ll keep checking back.

  341. newtar

    it would be a shame to see the story end at this point—I’ve been following since the beginning—you guys have done a tremendous job—I too hope all is well with the DM and it’s just real life that’s causing the issue (although it’s a bit disconcerting to not have any communication)

  342. D

    Just to note the irony that the project has died with a post in which we brandish “we yet live!” All the best, gang, and thanks so much, it was a lot of fun. dirk

  343. newtar

    Guess the question is does the DM still live? Has anyone heard from him?

  344. Ludo

    Gosh I hope this contunies – will check daily, come back DM!!!!

  345. Ludo

    DM, DM are you there DM????

  346. Ludo

    Still hoping that the DM returns…

  347. dirk

    happy 2014 to the old gang dirk

  348. Paul

    Happy New Year to you Dirk,

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