How does Play-By-Comment work?

As DM, I will make a post that describes the environment and what is happening. The players then post as one of the characters in the comments below the blogpost. If those players become absent for a long period of time without explanation, then that character may be taken over by a new player. I will periodically be able to accept new players. To submit a character, email me at mystara_dm@yahoo.com

Why Play-By-Comment?

As a DM, I’ve tried play-by-email, and found it to be too slow, and inevitably, players would leave over time and before long, the game would get derailed. I’ve considered doing chat-based, IRC-based, and using online table top software like Screenmonkey, but I don’t have enough time and my schedule is too erratic to commit to a weekly game. And multiplayer games like Everquest, D&D Online, Neverwinter Nights, etc. just don’t feel right to me.

What I really want is to run a game at my own pace, whenever I have time. But, it’s too much to expect of players to always bend to my schedule. So, I started this blogBy rewarding the players’ characters with experience points for posting and them being able to read each others posts in real time, the game moves along nicely, and is fun for everybody.


14 responses to “About

  1. @DM: Any chance of setting up a general tab, where we could talk about non-immediate areas, eg charcter motivation, or what the individual players are getting out of the game? It might not be well used, but it could well be useful.

  2. Good idea. I just set up a new section called “OOC”

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  4. Leland

    I happened upon this site by accident. And I just wanted to say it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. A wonderful way to use a blog. An amazing idea!

  5. Adrian

    Guys just came across this site. Seems like you all have been having a blast. Any chance of an RSS feed ?

  6. found the rss feed and am still enjoying the play !

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  8. Matt

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  9. Sinthija

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  11. The internet is very weird sometimes.

  12. Interesting, I run a play by forum game, and have been playing in them for years. What do you do for dice out of curiosity?

  13. Initially, I was going to use a email dice roller, but the players said that I could just handle it on my end.



  14. TJ

    I’ve been reading this through and you guys are so good at this I think you should write a book about it.

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