Any Pictures?

“Now we must face the dilemma. Can we trust the Hutakaa with this Knowledge? We must, for only they can act on it,” proclaimed Hasan. “But what we seek is the same, and so we should examine this ourselves first. Miklos, help me unbind this, that we may study for an hour or two in the confidence of this tomb. Dead men tell no tales,” Hasan laughed, nodding at the remnants of their opponent.

The dwarf, while not pleased at more idleness, knew that the elf prince had a point. “I’ll keep watch up top.” And the dwarf headed back to the entrance of the tomb to keep alert watch while those with the skill, read from tomb to see if it held the knowledge they sought. The clue to why the Sons of Night were so hell-bent on finding this valley – and more importantly, how to stop them.

Ludo shrugged his shoulders, “for what its worth, this place gives me the creeps, the presence here of Undead reinforces to me that evil is infecting the land, no wonder the Sons of Night are interested in this place, I suspect they crave the source of power that cloaks this land, the relics here will lead us to them. We had best be on our guard.

Maruc if possible I suggest you clense this temple, the creature destroyed will return otherwise. I will wait with Feldard but do not tarry too long, twilight is upon us and we are a long way from safety.

Stephan used his lightstone to scan the walls of the crypt. He searched for anything odd about the walls, but saw nothing. He then shined the light in the sepulcher from which the mummy had emerged.

He looked over at Hasan and Miklos huddled over the tome. “Can you make anything out?” They ignored the ignorant question. “Any pictures?” Stephan asked with mock eagerness.

They treated the ancient pages of the book with care. Unfortunately, it was written entirely in Hutaakan. There were no pictures, per say, but at the end of the book, there were several diagrams, seemingly to describe how priests were to arrange themselves when performing rites and ceremonies.



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10 responses to “Any Pictures?

  1. 6:05pm, Loshdain, the 17th of Flaurmont, 1001AC
    Humid, warm

    Feldard: 10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp
    Ludo: 10xp

    Maruc: 30,860/48000
    Miklos: 30,650/40000
    Feldard: 31,255/34000
    Hasan: 30,425/32000
    Stephan: 30,385/32000
    Ludo: 30,060/40,000

  2. Stephan

    “‘Arrange themselves’?”, Stephan echoed Maruc and Miklos’ words they read from the ancient tome. “So the priests stood around at certain spots?” Stephan looked around the floor for spots. “I don’t see any spots.” Looking up, “I say we get out of here. The jackal heads up there will know what to do with the tome. Maybe they can stand around in spots. There’s naught else to learn here.” He turned and started up the steps to join Feldard at the top.

  3. Ludo

    Ludo crouched beside Stephan and Feldard at the top of the stairs and gazed at the setting sun, “it took us most of the day to travel here, we know these lands are filled with the walking dead after sunset. Would you agree it would be prudent to stay here tonight and return to the village on the morrow at first light”? Just a thought.

  4. Feldard

    Feldard looked out over the ruins as the sun began to set. He nodded at Ludo’s words. “Quite prudent. We’ll take turns at watch. You can have first. I’ll take the mid-night watch.”

    With that said the dwarf moved back down the stairs to inform the others. “We’re staying the night. Rest while you can we’ll likely have undead visitors during the night.” He began pulling out some dried meat and biscuits from his pack as an evening meal then settled himself down to eat and rest.

  5. Hasan

    “Well, Miklos, I see nothing,” a resigned Hasan complained. “Let us return this text to the Hutakaa and see what they can make of it.” The elf strode in the direction of their hosts. “Friends, let me do the talking. And keep those under your wraps,” the elf nodded at the jewels found by the Hutakaan grave.

  6. For Maruc and Miklos

    Maruc bent over the pale glow of a yellow candle, that emitted a sharply piney smell a it burned. The cleric prayed for the cleansing of the tomb and the might of Halav to strengthen his hand as he brought justice to those who brought the foul dead to haunt such places. When the priest finally ended his reverie, he joined his friends in a modest meal of salted pork and smoked cheese. “Yes,” he agreed with Feldard, “We should stay. I suspect our Hutakaan guard have long fled their posts.”

    “Who could blame them?” Miklos interjected. “We face foes greater than any web have before. We were fortunate against that mummy, but the next time may not go as well. The Hutakaa and even more the black Darkers have much to answer.”

  7. Stephan

    Stephan eyed the door, ensuring that it could at least be barred in a fashion with an ancient but seemingly stout plank of wood left discarded in a dusty corner.

    “Da,” he said as if some great decision had been reached. “By Halav, I’m not happy to pass the night in this place.” Looking to Maruc, “You’re sure that Halav has cleansed this pit?”

    “Yes, Stephan,” Maruc rested a reassuring hand on the woodman’s shoulder. “Though dark forces have long been at work here, I feel Halav’s strength in my prayers. He has provided. We are safe for now.”

    Stephan took some measure of comfort from the priest’s words. Maruc, despite wielding remarkable ferocity in battle, could sooth the more grievous of wounds to the soul.

    Miklos did not seem appeased by the priest of Halav’s words. “Might Halav also remove the smoldering remains of that mummy and provide some proper bedding?” Maruc’s return gaze at Miklos was withering. “Of course,” Miklos uncharacteristically stammered, “Mighty Halav has delivered us and we…I…am grateful.”

  8. Sorry for the long absence everybody! One question, it sounds like Hasan going to find the Hutaakans who had escorted the party to the Vault? No?

  9. Feldard

    (that’s how I understand it… Hasan’s going up the stairs to the Vault entrance where I assumed the Hutaakan were waiting and where Feldard Ludo and Stephan had been standing watch)

  10. Hasan

    Right, Hasan meant to give them the book if they are still there. But I think the party decided to stay in the temple overnight, so Hasan won’t leave to return the book.

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