Dead Pursuit

Hasan directed the four Hutakaan guards, “Escort the Mage Miklos. Do not let the dead enter a melee with him.” Jasiteq and the elf, moved to join Stephen and Feldard. “Stephan, please wait, and bring Maruc forward as quickly as you can. Jasiteq says the scream will bring the dead. We will need Halav’s hand in this fight. Feldard, you, Jasiteq and I can see in the dark, but Ludo cannot. We must move forward to save the young lad. Perhaps we will see this Kartoeba as well, but I fear not.” The elf moved into the forest, eyes and ears scrying the land ahead.

The dwarf gave a grunt and nod as Hasan assumed command of the situation. Feldard could only imagine what it might look like to others of his race, him following the lead of some elf prince; but he’d spent enough time now traveling with his companions to know that the elf had a good mind for this type of thing.

Feldard followed the slime trail quickly to the edge of the woods and from there proceeded more slowly as he tried -with next to no experience – to track the Kartoeba creature through the trees beyond. He kept Hasan, and Jasiteq in sight as they spread out to cover more area in search of Ludo and the Kartoeba.

Ludo gulped, his throat was dry, the scream in the night, the mist clinging to him and the cold night air… what had he been thinking of charging blindly into the night against. He suddenly realized he had no idea what was out here. Whoever had made the scream was most likely dead now. The fear clung to him like a heavy cloak. What a fool he had been to come out here alone without support. Suddenly he blinked, he could see some shapes in amongst the trees getting closer. Ducking down into the shrubbery for cover, he fumed at his own recklessness; a thought flashed through his mind ‘heroics are for lofty elves not for cunning rogues.’ He threw his torch to one side and, keeping low, darted off in the opposite direction making his way back to the Hutakkan village.

Stephan stuck close to Feldard relying on the dwarf’s night vision. Their progress was slow and careful; pausing often to see and hear. “You see anything out there?” he asked trying to keep his voice calm. Despite being a forester, he did not like traipsing about in dark, misty woods. “Feldard,” he hissed. “This is feeling like a trap.” That said, he continued to follow the dwarf.

Looking through the trees ahead and to the right, he noted that Ludo did not seem to be moving anymore. Well, he thought, at least his torch is not moving anymore.

The dwarf saw a squad of undead. A dozen skeletons were followed by a half dozen lumbering zombies. Some of the animated corpses appeared to be Hutaakan, while others seemed to be Traldar. The lesser undead seemed to be commanded by another of their kind. It looked like a Traldar, but bone-white and thin, with hollow, lifeless eyes. The undead were heading quickly toward the village. They were chasing Ludo!

Maruc glanced at the drag marks. “This is no trap. This creature hunts like the tiger not like the spider. It seems indiscriminent though. It has taken Hutakaan villagers. If this thing was under Hutaakan control, it would not do so. I fear this thing has been summoned for some purpose. It isn’t what I’d call natural. What think you Miklos?”

Mikos eye’d the gloom. Ludo was ahead of him a ways and he picked out odd dancing shadows beyond him. The rogue had stopped and was returning at pace. “I think,” he said in reply to the priest. “We may be about to find out.” He produced the glass rod which he used to focus his mage wrought lightning. “Be prepared to run if this doesn’t dissuade it.”

The rogue came out of the treeline. He had abandoned stealth as the undead were now in full pursuit. A dozen skeletons followed immediately behind him, with still more dark shadows moving in the forest behind.



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7 responses to “Dead Pursuit

  1. 1:08am, Loshdain, the 17th of Flaurmont, 1001AC
    Humid, warm

    Maruc: 10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp + 5xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp
    Ludo: 10xp

    Maruc: 30,635/48000
    Miklos: 30,425/40000
    Feldard: 30,985/34000
    Hasan: 30,110/32000
    Stephan: 30,135/32000
    Ludo: 29,790/40,000

  2. hasan

    (Mystara DM … I am going to assume Hasan had a chance to memorize his spells again, if you don’t think so, no problem, just let me know and I’ll change this.)

    Hasan watched as the ancient dead approached. “I have never seen such anger! These bitter souls long for their rest and to bring their unrest to us all!” The dead leader’s pantomimed rage chilled more than any animal’s primal scream. Hasan gathered magical energy from the cool woodland air, the hard, rocky soil, the hardscrabble trees that surrounded the dead. The elf’s brow bent as he pulled at these natural forces and sought to lift the leader up off the ground and away from his forces.

  3. Feldard

    Feldard was quick to fire off his crossbow bolt at one of the horde chasing the rogue. Purposefully avoiding aiming towards his companion as he did so. “Move faster Ludo!” he bellowed out, attracting the attention of the undead. In another moment, the dwarf had reloaded and fired off a second bolt towards the horde – not that his bolts seemed to have much affect. He wouldn’t have time for a third shot so the dwarf dropped his crossbow and unshouldered his axe, moving forward at a run towards the undead. The dwarf was so much into his usual battle mode that he was unmindful of the fact that he wore no armor this time. No doubt he would be reminded soon enough.

  4. Ludo

    Upon hearing Feldards encouragement Ludo increased his speed and angled his flight towards his companions. “Back to the village he yelled as he ran, the living dead are attacking”. When Ludo met his companions, he turned and loosed an arrow at the nearest Skeleton and then resumed his flight to the Village.

  5. miklosdostevar

    Maruc was not surprised. He had wondered how long the sleepless dead would summon the courage to assault his friends directly. He strode purposefully forward next to the stout dwarf. Producing his holy symbol from beneath the folds of his cloak steadfastly he cried, “By the holy power of Halav Incarnate upon the carven throne in Specularum, I call upon His Celestial Transendancy to cleanse this land and drive forth unto the blackest pit those denizens not worthy to tread His soil!”

  6. miklosdostevar

    Miklos stood back to give Maruc room the work his blessing. He kept his spell in reserve in case Halav was not so swift in His answer…

  7. Stephan, armed with only his sword and no armor, launched forward as Feldard completed his last crossbow shot. Ludo burst from the darkness imploring them to retreat–a tactic the Traldarian thought might be the wisest course at this point. He held his ground, however, to allow the others to gain distance.

    Feeling strangely fleet of foot due to the lack of armor, Stephan actually enjoyed a brief dance with the dead before fending off to make an escape. It was just as Maruc was declaring Halav’s power that a vapid zombie raked the woodman’s chest with sharp, dirty claws. The pain seared but his feet found balance and strength, allowing Stephan to begin his retreat to safety.

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