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Danger Has Come Upon Us

“We must bury these poor souls. No matter what their cause this is no way to be left to eternal rest. No wonder the valley is full of restless spirits.” Maruc lent closer. They have met a violent end. They do not look like normal men. Perhaps they have come from distant country?”

Avoiding the macabre scene Miklos turned aside. “A distant country? Ha! I’ll lay a bet that they are more local than we are. Ancient culture remember? They seem to dwindled somewhat though. Perhaps these are the degenerate offspring of the mighty Hukataan empire? All that remains of a once powerful culture.” Miklos thought for a moment. “With a fetish for carving Jackal-headed sculptures? Some superstition perhaps?”

Ludo stood back, he had no interest in burying bodies and kept watch. What Feldard and the others did not seem to realize was that the deceased had died suddenly and violently. Whoever did this was still out there and could be watching them. This place is evil, was the thought that flashed through his mind. This was the Valley of Death.

Feldard grumbled at the suggestion of burying the dead. “If these things start moving while I am piling rocks on them, I’ll blame you priest!” But the dwarf agreed, the dead did need to be laid to rest. He picked up the nearest rock and moved closer to begin burying the remains.

Hasan watched and listened. “To find here the shadows of the dead did not surprise me, but this is too strange. Do what you must, Feldard, but do it quickly. Let us stay together. Danger has come upon us.”

Nearer now, Feldard was wary and studied the bloodied remains more closely. The blood appeared quite fresh from a recent combat.

Suddenly, nine mounted warriors came into view. They were of similar appearance to the dead trio. These warriors were not mounted on horses, but rather giant lizards with long, spindly legs and toes flattened to form round, sticky pads. They rode quickly towards the group and their dead comrades.



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