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Night of the Restless Dead

Feldard paused a moment to study the slime trail, wiping his feet on the packed ground beside and pondering the size of the creature that made it. “Hasan, what manner of creature leaves behind a trail like this? Whatever it was, Feldard judged it to much larger than man-sized.

“Some greater undead can leave a foetid trail.” said Maruc uneasily. “Let us hope they are not hungry for our flesh.

Miklos winced. “Nice thought, priest.” He started to consider the use of widespread mage wrought lighting. He glanced at the trail. “Floating undead perhaps?”

Maruc shrugged. “Wraiths or Wights. They’ll simply suck your soul from your body. If we are really unlucky it might be a Spectre or Banshee. I don’t think demi Liches would remain out here. Of course I could be wrong. it might be a deamon?” Maruc peered at the landscape populated by restless shades.

“I for one don’t fancy sleeping out here tonight. Halav helps those that help themselves.”

“Nyet! This is all just…not good,” Stephan shuddered. He hefted his blade and shield, unsure what posture to take against the shades.

“How I long for a decent foe of flesh and blood, eh Feldard?” The Traladaran seemed to need commiseration. “To feel your axe bite into goblin skull…wouldn’t that be great. Just to kill the beast and have it gone. These…” he fecklessly gestured with is sword, “these things,” he nearly spat the sophomoric words, “these… vapors….they’re…well, I just don’t hold with them. Not at all a noble foe.”

Stooping to peer at the slime Feldard haphazardly discovered, “Seems like a slug’s trail. But a very large one.”

“Flying slugs? I hope you are right.” Maruc absently commented.

“A flying slug or a Demi Lich, who cares? In all that is holy, let’s get out of here before these undead decide that our flesh would make a tasty morsel. Lets keep walking until we find a village or town.”

“The dead fear the living, too, friends,” counseled Hasan. “They give us wide berth. We walk in dangerous paths, but we have nowhere else to walk. We have said before that underground is likely where we will find what we seek. A slug might lead us to that path more quickly than the road. Let us chase this animal, before it chases us.” And the elf took up the dwarf-discovered trail and searched it diligently. Finding nothing, he urged the companions forward, in the direction the trail suggested.

They continued to walk through the night, and the dead kept their distance throughout, eventually disappearing altogether just prior to when the sun began to rise. They did not discover any further evidence of what may have left the slime trail. The group had reached the edge of the western part of the valley. Another abandoned village was now within view, and appeared to be a place that would suffice to get a rest.

As they approached, they saw three dead warriors slumped near one of the empty buildings. They were short and muscular and wore lizard-skin armor. They were all bald, and actually had no hair on their bodies at all. Their weapons, which were quite crude, lay scattered on the ground about them, some of them were bloodied.



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