Fallen Bridge

“Blessed Halav,” Stephan muttered loud enough. “They seek easier prey!”

He carefully continued across the bridge and felt great relief upon reaching the other side. He moved well onto the mountain trail, away from the crumbling stonework of the bridge. Seeing his companions making their way over the bridge–save for Miklos, who flew with what the Traladaran thought was smugness–he came closer to lend a hand if needed.

Feldard followed the griffons with his crossbow until they were well out of sight. He then turned to the others as they arrived safely on this side of the bridge. “Let’s keep moving, in case they change their mind or can’t find ‘easier prey’”.

Feldard resumed his rearguard position as the party set off once more along the mountain path.

Ludo breathed a sigh of relief and quickly moved on to get over the bridge. As he arrived at the other side, he waited to one side and watched the others make their way across. When they had all arrived safely he moved out following the path up higher into the mountains.

Maruc exhaled explosively, the tension ebbing from him. With mythical creatures such as these guarding the way it was small wonder that no traveller had yet returned to tell the tale of the high pass. The perils of the unsteady bridge behind them he studied the ways ahead. Stepping in line behind Ludo he considered the facts so far. “Miklos what do you think we shall find at the top of the pass?”

Miklos felt the weight return as the last threads of the spell departed. Thankfully along with the Griffons. “Marvelous! Giffus Majesticus, a rare sight. Most people only see them from the inside.” he turned the Maruc. “What sorry? I was a touch distracted. What makes you think this pass does not run all the way through the mountains?”

“The map?” suggested Maruc.

Miklos took a glance at the map. “The image is quite abstract and ancient and does not show the other side of the mountains.” he thought for a few moments. “I agree,” he said at last, “It does give the impression that whatever there is to find is within the mountains, or under them. Most of the evidence that has survived, and we have found, of the Hukataan culture has been underground. The gnomes mine, you may recall.” A rock from the path bounced passed him and disappeared over the edge into the deep precipice below. A fleeting chill of fear gripped Miklos and he brought his mind back to the conversation, it helped with the vertigo. “I personally would be very surprised to see anything left above ground at such high altitude and exposed to such extremes of weather. Consider the state of that bridge back there for example.”

The path wound higher and the chill deepened. “Time for a warmer robe.” he said. Furnished with his thickest garments he pressed on behind his companions.

Eventually, they stopped to make camp for the night, which soon passed without incident. The next morning they departed and soon came upon another gorge. It too was once spanned by a bridge, but it was now collapsed. Fortunately, the sides of the gorge were rough and had many narrow ledges along them. At the bottom of the gorge, there was a dark cave-mouth leading into the rockface.



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7 responses to “Fallen Bridge

  1. 10:00am, Tserdain, the 14th of Flaurmont, 1001AC
    Partly cloudy, cold and windy.

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp
    Hasan: 10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+5xp
    Ludo: 10xp

    Maruc: 28,010/48000
    Miklos: 27,895/40000
    Feldard: 28,415/34000
    Hasan: 27,430/32000
    Stephan: 27,535/32000
    Ludo: 27,175/40,000

  2. hasan

    Hasan looked at the path ahead. “I don’t like the looks of that cave,” the elf said flatly, “but I remember hearing words before that we wouldn’t want to proceed leaving it unexplored. I suppose the same applies now. Still, the first thing will be to get there. Ludo, I suppose the honor is your’s?” The elf’s head disappeared into the neck of his mail shirt as he pulled the old mail up. Hasan tucked his mail shirt into his backpack, to ease his movement during the climb down the canyon.

  3. Ludo

    Ludo looked at the crags and handholds for the climb down. It looked ok and not too difficult if you discounted the huge drop and certain death if one should fall. Turning to Stephan “Tie the ropes together and secure the end of the rope to that tree, I will loop the rope around my waist and climb down. The rope will provide a useful safety line for the less agile members on the descent and if necessary to help us all get back up”.

    Ludo carefully makes his descent, confident in his abilities he takes his time to ensure he finds good hand and foot holds as he descends. Once at the bottom of the gorge he takes up a position near the entrance to the cave.

  4. miklosdostevar

    Miklos followed next gingerly testing the rope before he descended, moving away for the base before anyone had a chance to fall on him.

  5. dtwilder

    “Da,” Stephan nodded at Ludo and prepared the ropes as directed. He watched the rogue’s progress noting where the foot and hand holds were. All in all, Ludo made it look easy.

    “Easy for him. But how about us with heavier equipment?”

    Despite the woodsman’s idle concern, he quickly made to follow Ludo. “Best not leave the lad alone down there. Arrows and bolts at the ready please!” he made his enigmatic request of those in the party with distance weapons to cover he and Ludo while separated from the others.

    Alone for a couple minutes on the rock face, Stephan felt the crisp morning wind trying to send him swinging like the pendulum of the old time piece back at Susiskyn Hall. Alighting at the bottom, he quickly drew his blade and checked the surroundings keeping close attention the on cave opening.

  6. maruc

    Maruc looped the rope around his armoured frame and took the weight. He’d carefully watched Ludo lightly lower himself expertly with one to to seemingly insignificant touches with his feet. The reality was altogether different after just feet feet Maruc’s sore palms were burning against the course rope. He awkwardly dangled in mid space rotating like a child’s mobile. There was little or no grace to his descent and he thanked Halav when he felt solid ground beneath his feet. “Thank Halav that’s over.” He sighed gratefully to himself as he disentangled the rope.

  7. Feldard (Dwf)

    While the others descended he removed what armour he could and strapped that to his pack. It weighed heavily on his back but at least he could move somewhat. All too soon it was his turn. This was one of those moments when Feldard didn’t like being last. He knew all eyes were on him as he clambered down the wall, the safety rope running through a strap loop leaving his hands free to scale down the cliff face. No easy task. Reaches that were at hand for the others in the party were near impossible stretches for the short limbed dwarf. In fact, twice, the reach was impossible and the dwarf had to trust the rope entirely and swing over to a better vantage along the cliff. Only his skill in caving made the journey at all possible. Delving into deep underground caves was not all that different than scaling down vertical cliffs.

    At the bottom, Feldard freed himself from the ropes and frowned at the necessity of leaving them behind. He was quick to redress in his armour. Who knew what dangers might lay ahead.

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