Nimble Fliers

Ludo looked on in shock and awe as the two magnificent creatures flew towards the bridge.

His first instinct was to run, but he knew there would be no way he could out run these Griffons. Over the swirling wind he yelled “don’t run, stay together”. He quickly looped the end of the rope around under his arms and around his chest and tired a secure knot. Ludo figured that if the Griffons attacked and tried to carry him away he would it least stand a fighting chance of survival if his friends could hold onto him. He drew his sword and took up a defensive stance to meet any attack.

Feldard, from the other side of the bridge, watched as the two avian creatures flew overhead towards the bridge and his companions. He readied his crossbow but at the moment they were well beyond its reach. Without realizing, he moved back out onto the bridge, watching the griffons approach and waited with held breath as he took aim.

“Morndu!” Stephan called out. “They are nimble fliers,” he warned his comrades.

Stephan hunkered down with a tight grip on the rope. Through the chaotic wind he heard Ludo’s wise advice to not run. He echoed the wisdom, “Yes, don’t run. Stay still. They are attracted to movement.”

He tried to meld into the stonework of the bridge–without letting go the rope–to make himself as small a target as possible. Even so, his sword was unsheathed and ready to fend off any attack.

Hasan frowned as he saw the griffons speed forward. The party was separated and weak. He stayed on the high cliff wall and watched alone. The griffons were about 200 feet away but descending to within a longbow shot. The elf laid at his feet his longbow and the most precious arrow rescued from the hall of the goblin king. The elf was ready, but pacifistic.

Miklos flew to a point 15 feet above Maruc. One of the great beasts rushed toward them. “Speak to them, cleric; these are the great emblems of your order.”

Maruc swept his traveler’s cloak back, revealing the vestments of a cleric of Halav. The dark young man grew in his boots as he inhaled a great gulp of the mountain’s cool air. “Well met, great allies,” the priest’s voice boomed out. “We venture in quest, for the glory of Halav. We shall not tarry long on these great heights, that suit you better than us. Take your leave and know that we journey to end the Son’s of Darkness own quest against our Lord, that we may glory our Lord and elevate his reign. Adieu.” Maruc’s cloak and sacred vestments billowed in the winds.

The griffons heard the cleric’s words, but cared not. They were looking for food. Large mammals were best, but not humans, elves or dwarves. They had hoped the travelers would be on horseback, for equine meat was their favorite. The griffons continued their course, passing overhead. Their sharp caught sight of wild boar in the distance, that would do just fine.



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6 responses to “Nimble Fliers

  1. 5:20pm, Gromdain, the 13th of Flaurmont, 1001AC
    Clear, dry, warm and windy.

    Feldard: 10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 27,990/48000
    Miklos: 27,885/40000
    Feldard: 28,405/34000
    Hasan: 27,420/32000
    Stephan: 27,520/32000
    Ludo: 27,165/40,000

  2. dtwilder

    “Blessed Halav,” Stephan muttered loud enough. “They seek easier prey!”

    He carefully continued across the bridge and felt great relief upon reaching the other side. He moved well onto the mountain trail, away from the crumbling stonework of the bridge. Seeing his companions making their way over the bridge–save for Miklos, who flew with what the Traladarian thought was smugness–he came closer to lend a hand if needed.

  3. Feldard (Dwf)

    Feldard followed the griffons with his crossbow until they were well out of sight. He then turned to the others as they arrived safely on this side of the bridge. “Let’s keep moving, in case they change their mind or can’t find ‘easier prey'”.
    Feldard resumed his rearguard position as the party set off once more along the mountain path.

  4. Ludo

    Ludo breathed a sigh of relief and quickly moved on to get over the bridge. As he arrived at the other side, he waited to one side and watched the others make their way across. When they had all arrived safely he moved out following the path up higher into the mountains.

  5. maruc

    Maruc exhaled explosively, the tension ebbing from him. With mythical cratures such as these guarding the way it was small wonder that no traveller had yet returned to tell the tale of the high pass. The perils of the unsteady bridge behind them he studied the ways ahead. Stepping in line behind Ludo he considered the facts so far. “Miklos what do you think we shall find at the top of the pass?”

  6. miklosdostevar

    Miklos felt the weight return as the last threads of the spell departed. Thankfully along with the Griffons. “Marvellous! Giffus Majesticus, a rare sight. Most people only see them from the inside.” he turned the Maruc. “What sorry? I was a touch distracted. What makes you think this pass does not run all the way through the mountains?”

    “The map?” suggested Maruc.

    Miklos took a glance at the map. “The image is quite abstract and ancient and does not show the other side of the mountains.” he thought for a few moments. “I agree,” he said at last, “It does give the impression that whatever there is to find is within the mountains, or under them. Most of the evidence that has survived, and we have found, of the Hukataan culture has been underground. The gnomes mine, you may recall.” A rock from the path bounced passed him and disappeared over the edge into the deep precipice below. A fleeting chill of fear gripped Miklos and he brought his mind back to the conversation, it helped with the vertigo. “I personally would be very surprised to see anything left above ground at such high altitude and exposed to such extremes of weather. Consider the state of that bridge back there for example.”

    The path wound higher and the chill deepened. “Time for a warmer robe.” he said. Furnished with his thickest garments he pressed on behind his companions.

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