Not To Worry

Ludo turned to Stephan and Hasan. “Well, this is a fine mess you have got us into.” Grabbing his rope and grapple, he swung it up and skillfully secured it to the top of the ruined tower. “Let’s get on top of this tower and slay these ogres when they get bow range. If we are lucky maybe the two golems will help us.”

While the dwarf had been the first to want to leave the tower, uncertain of the safe passage of the stone guardian, he now wondered at the wisdom of leaving their only defendable structure for an open path. “Miklos, if we leave the tower, do you believe the guardians will attack the gnolls and ogres? If so perhaps just moving to the other side of the bridge and awaiting the outcome is better than full flight. We are in no condition for another forced retreat.”

“Not to worry, Feldard,” interjected Stephan. “Miklos has the map and control over these guardians,” he gestured expansively toward the two massive steel statues. “Those ogres are no match for them. And the beasts looked frightened to boot.”

Stephan’s grin did not seem quite as cocksure as his words.

“Well my vote goes to blindly limping into unknown territory, wounded and completely unprepared.” Maruc grinned, “I wonder if we could ask one of the Hataakans to heal us went we get there, assuming they are kindly disposed toward us and alive after a thousand years. After all we have one of their maps. Let’s hope they don’t assume we stole it.”

The priest hefted his shield back on. “Lord Halav, grant us good fortune.” He climbed up the ruin and prepared the defenses with Ludo.

From his vantage point atop the tower next to Ludo, Miklos had good range and line of sight to the tunnel entrance. This place was clearly well designed for defense. “Everyone, get away from the tunnel mouth I shall attempt to bring the roof down on them.”

Miklos glanced nervously at the bridge and hoped his lightning bolt wouldn’t fracture the bridge instead of bringing the roof of the tunnel down. But they had little choice he had to delay them until they were well into the mountains, and whatever lay beyond. Two great forms of ogres emerged from the shadows and behind them the snarls and wolf cries from the tunnel. “Cover your ears!” shouted Miklos. With three swift cutting gestures with his hand he barked a word of power. A blinding flash and an ear-splitting crack silenced the gorge. The ground rumbled with the vibrations of falling rock. A cloud billowed out of the tunnel mouth. Shards of splintered rock spun out and scattered across the bridge.

The dust settled the two great ogres lay prostrate at the base of the rock fall. Miklos sighed with relief. and turned away. ”I think I caught a few in there, lets hope they don’t think of a way around it.” Miklos stopped when he saw Maruc’s face. “What is..?” he turned to the the ogres picking themselves up.

“Let them come,” chided Hasan. “Wound them now, but let our new friends hold them as we leave this place behind. These sots are no match for the magic here.” Hasan sent an indifferent pair of arrows into the hulking forms below, then went to bar the tower door with a centuries old spear. “This should slow them at least a little while,” the elf shrugged.

The ogres were wounded, but not severely. They seemed more angry than anything else. They charged through the bronze doors of the tower. No one could see inside, but they soon heard the ogres’ battle roars. Then, the sound of a struggle. It did not last long. There were sounds of bones cracking, and then silence.

Well, not quite. From the tunnel entrance to the bridge, there were sounds of rocks and gravel being moved as the gnolls worked to clear the way through to the bridge. Down below, the gnoll leader sent another small squad to investigate what had happened.

The door at the front of the tower, through which the ogres had charged, was closed once again, perhaps by the steel guardians, or perhaps on its own.



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11 responses to “Not To Worry

  1. 5pm, Soladain, the 11th of Flaurmont, 1001AC
    Clear, dry, warm.

    Maruc: 10xp+5xp
    Miklos: 10xp+5xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp
    Hasan: 10xp+5xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 27,955/48000
    Miklos: 27,850/40000
    Feldard: 28,325/34000
    Hasan: 27,335/32000
    Stephan: 27,440/32000
    Ludo: 27,085/40,000

  2. Ludo

    Ludo sat back and watched the small party of Gnolls advance with obvious trepidation etched onto their faces. They kept looking back at the safety of the tunnel mouth behind them and were almost shaking as they advanced towards the tower. He commented to no one in particular, “you almost feel sorry for them, if those golems made short work of the Ogres, how do you think those Gnolls will fair”? He chuckled, I think we could stay here all day and hold off those Gnolls while the spell casters rest and prepare their spells. I don’t fancy advancing into the Black Peaks until we are fully prepared. Feeling hungry he fished in his pack for some dried beef and munched on it until the Gnolls got a little closer.

  3. “Da,” Stephan nodded at Ludo. “Up here it is warm and dry and…open. Much better place to rest.”

    He, along with everyone else, watched the approaching gnolls with fascination. “There’s a connection, you know. The Hutaakan, jackals, gnolls,… dogs. Take away the makeshift armor and snarls and those gnolls might double as one of all the jackal statues we’ve seen.

    Stephan held his bow ready and kept adequate cover as the gnolls approached below.

  4. hasan

    “Gods above, you have given me a scary thought, Stephan,” commented Hasan, who’s animated voice was belied by a casual, exagerated sip at the little water that remained in his wineskin. “What if our guardians recognize their kinsmen? What if the gnolls are released, to their surprise and ours?” The elf looked up. “We would be goners, for sure.” The elf stretched. “Miklos, this water is fine, but do you have a drop of the Rifflian wine left?”

    (If he can, Hasan will sleep and memorize hold portal, protection from evil, knock and levitate.)

  5. Feldard

    Feldard nodded in agreement – remaining was a far better option than forging on ahead in their current state. He felt safer however atop the tower rather than within it. Who knew if the protective magic of the map might wear off and the stone statues turn on them. Yes, atop was much better.

    With his crossbow ready at hand beside him, the dwarf moved alongside the rogue and watched the gnolls advance. The smell Ludo’s dried meats reminded the dwarf of his own hunger and he too pulled out some meat to eat.

  6. Stephan kept watching the gnolls and found himself crouching low under the tower battlements out of instinct. An eerie quiet settled on the scene despite the continued roar of the river.

    The Traladarian whispered in response to Hasan, “I’m not so sure the guardians will allow them to pass. There are other gnoll skeletons scattered on the floor below. We shall see…”

  7. Ludo

    Between mouthfuls of his dinner, Ludo commented, “I think it is unlikely that the Gnolls have access to the tower, if they did why send in the Ogres? I suspect the Gnolls can’t get past this tower with its guardians. If they go inside that tower it will most certainly be the end of them. It should be quick at any rate and I think no matter how persuasive the Gnoll leader is, he won’t get anymore Gnolls to enter that tower after this poor lot get chewed up by our two friends inside”. Let’s just hope that Miklos and Maruc can get some rest. Feldard do you want to take first watch?

  8. Maruc

    Maruc gratefully slumped into meditation. Despite the yells from below as the gnolls drove there way into the collapsed tunnel he maintained his commune with the spirit of Halav.

    DM: Maruc will immediately cast off the cures as he gets them.

  9. miklosdostevar

    DM; Would you allow Miklos to cast off Lighting bolt from his spell book? If so he will attempt to make the tunnel impassable without severe excavation. Alternatively if in range he will chain cast lighting into the mass of gnolls at the base until they retreat.

    If this is not possible he will meditate and prepare to defend to tower.

  10. “I can, though I think it best that the humans keep the first watches,” Feldard commented nodding towards Ludo and Stephan, “while there is still light for them to see by. You and I have the advantage of seeing better in the dark.” The dwarf did a quick check and rebandaging of his wounds then he set himself up into a good viewing point with his crossbow and settled in and waited to see what would happen to the gnolls below.

  11. Paul

    OOC – Hasan … why a Knock spell when you have a very skilfull Rogue?

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