Here Comes Trouble

Feldard loaded his crossbow with a bolt. “I’ll go check it out. See if I can lead them away if it seems they are headed this way.” The dwarf headed out of the hut and into the mist and evening dark towards the woods and the approaching sound.

Maruc roused himself, “Well, time to cast this off.” He waved the scroll, and walked over to Ludo’s recumbent form. He carefully read the scroll through and held up his Halavist symbol. “Through this parchment and the power of the holy immortals I place myself as the hand of the divine. Lucius, you are healed.”

Miklos nodded and took back the wineskin. He packed away his gear and snapped his spell book shut, he was glad he was prepared to cover their backs. He suspected that they would be chased all the way into the mountains by an endless flood of gnolls. Fearless gnolls. He wondered how many gnoll deaths it would take to make them leave them alone. Maybe a show of power would be enough?

Doubts gnawed at him as he finished packing and joined the pale priest in the mist awaiting what news the dwarf would bring.

Stephan quickly forgot his gripes about the gnoll when Hasan reported the sounds. He got his gear together–many repairs would be needed–and went out into the mist with an arrow knocked in his bow. He followed Feldard as best he could; trying to provide cover but the mists made it difficult to see any clear targets.

As Maruc read his spell, Ludo reached for his pack and adjusted his sword. As his wounds healed over and he felt the power of Maruc’s spell course through his body he grinned and slapped Maruc on the shoulder and whispered, “thanks.”

Next, the priest turned and pulled on his armour and toyed with the potions. He tried to identify them, shamanistic potions would either be healing potions or holy water. If he was unlucky, it might be unholy water. He was desperate, so he tasted them both. Each potion was equally awful tasting, but the ingredients in the foul concoctions mattered not, for both generated a pleasant healing effect on the cleric.

Meanwhile, Ludo had snuck out and crouched beside the hut. Turning to Miklos, he whispered “we should use the mist and approaching darkness to avoid these Gnolls, and anyone else out there.” Let’s gather the rest and head out, we are in no condition to have another battle.

Maruc nodded. “I agree. We are in no fit state to engage in another battle Ludo. Come on Miklos, time to move up the pass, we can rest later.”

Miklos nodded, “Ludo, you’ll have to let Feldard know where we are. We shan’t move up the path too far. We shall be within running distance if you start calling for help.”

Ludo returned the mage’s nod. Using the shadows and natural cover, he disappeared into mist to find Feldard and Stephan.

Maruc stoppered the potion and shrugged. He was weak and tired but the sleep had helped. He hefted his shield and rubbed his course palms into his eyes and took a swig of Miklos’s wineskin. “Sorry,” he said absently. “I guess its time head up into the valley.”

Ludo listened for any sounds from Feldard and Stephan. Through the thick mist, he thought he could make out the shape of Stephan not too far ahead.

Stephan suddenly felt all alone, and weak, in the mist. He had great difficulty keeping sight of Feldard but the dwarf was not the most quiet of creatures so, between his eyes and ears, Stephan was able to keep loose track of Feldard. He maintained a position that would give him a good angle of fire should he have to shoot to help Feldard.

The two had barely crossed into the forest when he saw what was heading their way. It was a gnoll party, composed of nearly a dozen warriors, headed straight toward the Gnoll’s sacred burial grounds.



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17 responses to “Here Comes Trouble

  1. Ludo +4hp

    6:22pm, Nytdain, the 9th of Flaurmont, 1001AC
    Cloudy, cool.

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 27,720/48000
    Miklos: 27,605/40000
    Feldard: 28,090/34000
    Hasan: 27,115/32000
    Stephan: 27,205/32000
    Ludo: 26,835/40,000

  2. Feldard

    Feldard let out a bit of a tired sigh at the sight of yet another gnoll war party. He and his companions were in no state to fend off another attack but such fierce opponents. They barely had survived the last.
    Glancing back towards the hut – second guessing the wisdom of his decision to try leading them away- the dwarf could make out the figure of one of his companions following him. The dwarf scowled and shook his head towards the figure, motioning him back. Then with a deep breath, turned back towards the gnolls and cut across their path just within sight of them. He paused a moment, giving an alarmed shout as if startled by their presence then ran … making a route away from the hut.
    He ran purposefully towards the tunnels.

  3. Feldard

    (eek.. “fend of another attack BY such fierce opponents.”)

  4. Maruc

    Maruc started at the gruff yell in the mist, it was most certainly the voice of Feldard. He waited a few seconds. Normally Feldard’s cries would be immediately followed by sounds of battle. Strange, there were none. Either he was running away – most unlikely, or it was some clever deception. Either way Maruc felt unsure as to what to do. Feldard was not one to call for help, but neither was he stupid. He saw Miklos start back down the path.

    “Hold a second Miklos, I think all is not what it seems.”

  5. miklosdostevar

    Miklos stopped and turned to the priest. “That was Feldard seeking aid was it not?”
    Maruc shook his head, “Can you hear fighting?”
    Miklos shook his head, “What are you getting at?…Oh I see, you think Feldard is leading them astray?” The priest nodded. Mikos grinned, “Dwarven subtly, now that is remarkable, There must be hundreds of gnolls then. Or at least that is what he’ll say!”

  6. Ludo

    Through the mist ahead, Ludo heard the yelps and barks from more Gnolls ahead, He came up on behind Stephan, grabbed his shoulder and with urgency in his voice whispered “follow me, Feldard knows what he is doing, we need to get back with the others, we are in no condition to take on more Gnolls”. Maruc and the others are further up the path waiting for us. Feldard can catch up later. If we take on anymore Gnolls we will get killed for no purpose”. Ludo leads Stephan and heads back to meet up with the others.

  7. Stephan

    Stephan was relieved to the see the dwarf had the sense not to attack the gnolls. He saw dwarf move at a speed he thought not possible through the foliage. The gnolls appeared confused for a moment but soon took the bait and started chasing Feldard.

    Stephan was just turning to warn the others when Ludo came upon him. The rogue felt it necessary to state the obvious.

    “Duh,” Stephan responded and allowed the newest member of the party to take the lead back to the others.

    Upon arriving, Stephan said in hushed tones, “Feldard leads them to the tunnels. We must go to his aid. They will come to this hut. We must go. Tunnels!” His words were short and full of urgency. He raced to the tunnels, bow in hand.

  8. Maruc

    Miklos grabbed at the woodsman. “No so fast Stephan. If you or Hasan wished to lead someone astray you would best to qualified to do so under trees. Is this not so? Feldard is showing cunning, He leads them into tunnels and he is a dwarf, not confused by such things. That is a maze in there and there are two exits that we know of, should we go blundering in there? We are unskilled in such things, that would expose us all to danger.”

  9. Maruc

    “But he has a point, Miklos.” Maruc said, after he polished off one of the sour tasting healing potions. “We must at least assume that not all the gnoll party will follow him into the tunnels, if any. Remember they do not know the ghouls are dead. They may well leave him to his fate, equally they may follow him in and leave sentries at the tunnel mouths.”

  10. miklosdostevar

    “Very well,” Miklo perred into the mist, “we shall venture within bowshot of the tunnel mouths. No further. against the possibility of them leaving guards.If they split up we can deal with them piecemeal with magic.”

  11. Ludo

    Ludo shook his head, within his mind he debated the wisdom of their plan. He felt sure that Feldard would be ok, with his infavision and tunnel sense there was a really good chance he would suceed. As the others disappeared into the mist he sighed, damn fools, all of them he muttered, picking up his bow he followed Miklos.

  12. Stephan

    “Feldard runs into the woods followed by gnolls! I — we — can’t just stay here or move on. We go check on our comrad!” Stephan seemed annoyed at having been delayed.

    “Da,” I did not intend a frontal assault, Maruc. The gnolls don’t know about the rest of us yet. We must at least go spy.”

    He headed off with the others to ascertain Feldard’s fate.

  13. The dwarf in the meanwhile had led the gnolls to the nearest tunnel entrance. The dwarf ran amongst the rocks and boulders lining the mountainside entrance – often dodging out of sight for a moment or two.

    When he was fairly certain he was out of sight of the gnolls, behind a large boulder yet clearly within sight of the tunnel entrance, Feldard dropped back and under the foot of the boulder and quickly and hopefully quietly dragged rocks and debris to cover himself. The rocks and dirt should shield his body heat if the gnolls had infravision like most noctural humanoids. With luck, the gnolls would suspect he made for the tunnels and spend time searching them -giving him and his companions time to slip away.

  14. Stephan

    Stephan ran silently through the woods angling to approach the tunnel entrances from the right, on elevated ground. Taking a concealed position that afforded a good vantage from which to shoot at medium range, he saw the dark shapes of the gnolls running up to the tunnels. Some seemed to be cautiously looking into the tunnels. At least a few, it appeared had entered the tunnels but it was not clear they stayed in–there was a lot of activity around the entrance and it was hard to tell exactly what they were doing. But one thing was for sure; Feldard was no where to be seen and the gnolls looked perplexed.

    “It would be easy to take three or four out right now with arrows,” Stephan whispered. But he knew better than to start another fight at this time.

    The gnolls seemed to be arguing with one another and one of them shoved another into the tunnel entrance. The offended gnoll flew back out in rage and barreled into gnoll that had push him. A nasty fight ensued.

  15. hasan

    Hasan followed his companions out of hut. He saw Feldard trying to steal away from the gnolls. “Hiding, Feldard?” the elf winced. “Let’s hope they smell worse than a real dog does,” the elf whispered to Miklos. “Still, maybe this will help a bit.” The elf drew magical energies to his aid. His companion then saw the strangest sight, as the elf began an awkward, stumbling, silent dance. “Silence, elf? when did you learn that?” began Miklos, but then he stopped. “Ahh, I see, err, hear, I mean.” The human had heard the jangling of chain armor coming from the farthest side of the ghoul’s underground labyrinth. The elf’s magic had cast the noise there.

  16. miklosdostevar

    “Genius, Hasan.” Miklos watched in wonder as the gnolls ran hither and thither chasing the spectre of the noise.

  17. Feldard

    (LOL sweetness! Thank you Hasan!)

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