Battle On Sacred Ground

Hasan continued to fall away from the melee, his right lag dragging behind. “Watch their clubs,” the elf sighed to Stephan. “Poised or something. I never felt the like.” The elf pulled further away and turned. Summoning a bit of magical energy, he cast a dart at the wizened shaman. “Fare the well, madame,” the elf spat venomously. He started to draw his bow to follow the magical shot with arrows, but the gnolls were charging toward him so he drew his magical blade instead.

Maruc stood his ground. He realized he had bought himself some time with the silence prayer but he knew that it would not take the shaman long to work out that it had a finite range. He had a few seconds to properly deal with the shaman so he cast off his holding prayer. “Blessed Halav restrain that vile creature!”

The shaman had been caught off guard by Maruc’s spell. By the time she realized that her enemy was the priest across the field of battle, it was too late and it was her turn to fall helplessly to the ground. Her gnoll attendants tried to revive her, but to no avail. Rather than despair, they drew their weapons and charged into the fray.

From within the mist, the sounds of the melee were dull and confused, which suited Ludo. His approach to the battle was silent and swift. Holding his sword low, he came up behind two Gnolls that were searching through the mist looking for targets to throw spears at. Ludo struck quickly, stabbing his sword deep into the lower back of the first Gnoll. It yelped in pain and crumpled to the ground, Ludo then spun to the left and attacked the second Gnoll with a series of savage blows.

This is all depressingly familiar, Miklos thought, as his muscles cramped up and he folded to the floor. To his certain knowledge every time they had encountered something with the ability to paralyse someone, he wouldn’t escape. He vowed that he would ask Maruc to pray to remove the curse from him.

Feldard, ahead of the others, didn’t see Miklos collapse or Hasan fall back. He was surprised however at how resilient the gnolls were. There were few creatures he’d encountered thus far that required more than one blow of his axe to fell them but that only made this battle more exhilarating for the young dwarf.

Feldard swung his axe down upon the injured gnoll with a fierce battle yell, intent on finishing it off before it could recover any. A quick glance at the battlefield around him to find his next target, showed how outnumbered they were. They needed to break the war party’s morale. “Focus on their leaders, first!” he called out. “The rest may scatter..”
And with another bellow Feldard battled his way towards what appeared to be the leader.

Stephan was strangely exhilarated by the dwarven battle yell. The demi-human was no longer overlooked by the gnolls but now was the focus of attention. The gnolls seemed to concentrate on the whirling bundle of muscle and axe. He noted Feldard’s fierce progress toward the gnoll leader and took up a position to assist. It was a great combination. As the gnolls stooped to strike the demi-human, they let their guard down and Stephan seized the opportunity to strike. Feldard clearly didn’t need the help but it did make the progress a little easier.

Stephan soon felt like he and the dwarf were alone in a sea of gnolls. The hide on these beasts was thick! The Traladaran felt battle sweat under his helm. He could no longer assist Feldard as he had only seconds ago but they stood back to back now, stabbing and hacking in a fury.

A deeper, guttural growl cut through the battle din. As if climbing a mountain, Feldard and Stephan suddenly found themselves at the top, facing the massive gnoll leader. The other gnolls seemed to fall back a bit out of blood-respect for their leader. The mountainous leader squared off on Feldard.

The dwarf was not intimidated in the slightest. Indeed, he was fully warmed up and engaged in the tide of battle. They exchanged several blows, steel crashed into steel. Despite the gnoll’s larger size, he was outmatched he dwarf’s armor, axe and battle-hardened determination. Feldard delivered a devastating deathblow to the gnoll, sending guts and bone across the misty forest floor.

With the shaman paralyzed and the gnoll leader slain, the adventurers had expected the remaining gnolls to flee. Instead they fought with renewed vigor. Their sacred ground had been defiled by the presence of invader and so there would be no retreat. They still had numbers on their side, a two-to-one advantage over the interlopers



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8 responses to “Battle On Sacred Ground

  1. Maruc -8
    Ludo -5
    Stephan -2
    Feldard -2
    (hitpoint totals updated in sidebar)

    3:47pm, Nytdain, the 9th of Flaurmont, 1001AC
    Cloudy, cool.

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+5xp
    Feldard: 10xp
    Hasan: 10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 27,585/48000
    Miklos: 27,480/40000
    Feldard: 27,965/34000
    Hasan: 27,010/32000
    Stephan: 27,065/32000
    Ludo: 26,710/40,000

  2. Maruc

    Maruc beat a path through the foe, it mattered not that they were badly outnumbered. Pain from the wicked stroke drove him to a wild frenzy. The magic aura of his new mace leant it unerring accuracy, it felt light in his hand but it fell like a sledgehammer. Gnolls literally parted before him. Halav must have blessed him because he had landed several incapacitating blows in as many seconds. Adrenalin coursed through his veins as the frenetic battle appeared to slow. Dog breath faces loomed out of the mist. Slavering lines of spittle arced slowly through the air. The spray of blood and ravening cries punctuated the bazaar tableau of melee that was drawn before the priest. Brushing aside a ridiculously slow sword thrust to his midriff Maruc back handed his shield boss into the gnoll that leapt toward him. It skidded off balance at his feet he stamped on the creatures ankle and it snapped under the armoured heel. It yelped pathetically, Maruc ignored it and spun as a flash bright elf silk caught his eye. Hasan was bleeding but valiant in his assault his deadly blade dancing about the enemy.

    “Well met,” breathed Maruc as he absently crushed the skull of the crying Gnoll. “You don’t look so good.” he spun and jabbed the end of his mace into the snout of a charging gnoll, blood spatted and it reeled back grabbing at its face. Maruc turned and grinned at the elf. “Don’t die on me, I’ll be right back.” the priest kicked the legs from under the stunned gnoll and roundhoused its shield knocking it off balance. He smashed his mace into its knee as it struggled to its feet. “There’s no escape from the might of Halav!” he cried.

  3. miklosdostevar

    The cold hard damp stone Miklos had inelegantly collapsed on was deeply uncomfortable. He leg had folded beneath him at an awkward angle, again he cursed his bad luck as pins and needles flooded his leg. The battle ebbed and flowed in the mist he caught glimpses of grey shapes as they fought to and fro. The battle got quite close at one point and he had got trodden on but his leg was quite numb by that point to cause him further discomfort. At least the paralysis and stopped him crying out in pain. But, he thought, he wouldn’t have been under a battle if he had the power of movement.

    Miklos’s twisted body waited on the floor for release.

  4. Ludo

    Blood flowed from a nasty gash on his shoulder – the Gnolls were tough fighters and were not prepared to give way. After running through his latest opponent Ludo looked around, the battle seemed centred on a whirling mass of blades and battle cries surrounding Feldard and Stephen. I doubt they need my help was the thought that flashed through his mind. Keeping low and with his sword extended he ran to Hasan. With Marucs spell of silence aiding his approach, his attack was deadly; an overhead swing deeply cleaved into the thick hide of a Gnoll, it squealed in pain and stagged away from the melee, life blood flowing from its mortal wound. The other Gnolls attacking Hasan were surprised by his attack and were stunned for a few vital seconds giving Hasan some much needed breathing space.

  5. The morale of the gnolls was impressive to Feldard. It put his foes into a whole other class of opponent. It wouldn’t save them any from the bite of his axe but he could admire their unity.
    The young dwarf, kept up his end of the battle; swing after swing, carving out chucks of gnoll flesh, dodging the attacks from the gnolls.
    If Feldard had been hit, he didn’t feel it – not yet anyways.

  6. dirk

    Hasan watched Maruc, Stephan and Feldard strike into the mass of the gnolls with a ferocious impact. Their attack was so fierce, it seperated gnolls into individuals, and one of them came the elf’s way at speed! The din of the gnolls battlewail in his ears, the elf fired one arrow from point blank range, watching as the arrow buried itself up to the goosefeathers in his foe’s chest. But the dogman staggered into an attack nonetheless. Hasan dodged some, but not all of the club that whistled through the air to the elf’s thin shoulder. But the elf had managed to draw his sword. Standing between the gnoll and Miklos’s prostrate form, Hasan gathered himself and attacked, with a slicing feint to the gnoll’s shoulder quickly turning–through two whirls of steel too fast to see clearly–into a visious thrust into the beast’s gut. The dogman choked as he slid away from the blade, leaving only deep red arterial blood behind.

  7. Stephan

    Stephan lost track of his companion dwarf. He continued to fight in the raging sea of gnoll fury.

    “Arrrghh!” he bellowed as a jagged gnoll blade cut too deeply into his upper chest. Strangely, thoughts of the needed repairs to his armor flooded his head.

    “Ooof!” the wind was knocked out of the woodsman this time. And the center spike of a gnoll shield pierced his back.

    He went down. The smell of dirt was a welcome substitute to the stench of gnoll breath and blood.

    Twisting, Stephan made an attempt to both attack and get back to his feet in one motion. Although he did not regain his feet, he happily saw his sword cut into the back of a gnoll’s knee. The creature snarled, dropping next to him and fiercely lunging to bite his face. Stephan found himself in a desperate grapple with the gnoll. His sword lost from his grip.

    Blessed Halav, the thought to himself. Visions of his brothers and father flashed through his mind.

    He rolled in a sickening hug with this disgusting beast. The thing kept jabbing its fanged snout at Stephan. The attack was sustained and vicious. He felt the straps on his helm snap and the metal dome skew to the side.

    Visions of his mother coursed his brain. A warm fire. A sleeping dog. A breeze in the trees. Suskiskyn. Home. The woods….night.


  8. Ludo

    Ludo slipped on some Gnolls entrails lying at his feet, as he slipped he felt a Gnolls spear glance off his shoulder but at the moment of impact a surge of power from his newly acquired ring softened the blow protecting him from serious harm.

    He gasped, the air was thick with death and violence, he could see Gnolls around him snarling and frothing at the mouth in melee with Hasan and Maruc. He saw Stephen fall under an avalanche of blows but could do nothing to aid him. Everything was slowing down, a Gnoll stabbed its spear at him again, Ludo countered but he could tell that his parry was going to be too slow and he braced for the impact. A new thought flashed through his mind, he was going to die here today! Fear of death renewed his sword arm, he fought through the pain and fear, with a cold fury that he had never experienced before. He slashed again at the Gnoll in front of him. If he was going to die then he would die fighting.

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