Kelmar’s Wondrous Revealer

Ludo tossed the bag of gemstones to Miklos and tried on the jade ring to see if it fit. It did, and quite nicely. “Well there will be no more running from this evil tyrant. The terror he bought to so many is finished. Just before he attacked us, I found his lair in Threshold. I suggest we go back under cover of darkness and finish clearing it out.”

“Threshold again?” questioned Hasan. “Let that rat’s nest fall apart on its own. We are off to, Hutaaka, did he say? That name means nothing to me.”

Seeing all the party members gathered around Golthar’s dead body, Ludo asked “Who is guarding Jolenta?”

“The priest is watching her,” Feldard answered Ludo and nodded over towards Maruc who was frowning in his direction. No doubt the priest had plans to heal him, even though the priest looked in just as bad a state. It was times like this that Feldard almost wished he could return the favour – but he had no such blessings and definitely no magic. The most that he could do was put off the inevitable, hoping it would give the priest time to recover a little himself. Feldard turned away from the priests piercing gaze and looked to Hasan.

“Hutaaka? What’s with this Hutaaka?” the dwarf questioned, having missed the dying Golthar’s last words.

Maruc finished dressing Stephan’s wounds.

“Thank you, Maruc,” Stephan said while inspecting the field dressings. He winced a little while standing.

He nodded over to Jolenta “Let’s go and see what she has to say for herself.”

Maruc lent over her trussed body and removed her holy symbol and kicked away her weapon and shield. He glanced at the Symbol. A jackal head with human-like eyes, much like the other statues they’d encountered in their travels though various Traladaran ruins.

“I know you are Jolenta, Priestess of Pflarr. You are in the employ of Golthar the wizard. We first saw you trailing us in Rifllian in the company of Golthar. You will tell us what Golthar hoped to gain from the secrets hidden in the mountains. Also what you you know of the Sons of Night?”

Jolenta’s cold eyes stared at Maruc. Her jaw was clenched. She would not be talking.

Miklos lent over Ludo. “Hutaaka eh? Hmm. Perhaps he meant the jackal headed statues we have be bumping into in these parts. He seems to have thought them of some value? He has revealed precious little before he died. Miklos lent over the corpse. “Flying spells, always unpredictable.”

Ludo helped carry the dead wizard into the clearing. He was unsure what would happen to Jolenta, but he was certain that some clues to the Sons of Night would be found in the Golthar’s lair. Also, he had to collect his bow from the watch. So he figured one more short visit to Threshold would need to take place before heading off into the wilderness.

Miklos was thinking along the same lines. “You found his lair did you say? An essential visit I’d say. We must know more of what we are heading into. We must pursue this trail to foil the plans of the Sons of Night and their allies. However, we are wounded. I for one need a rest and to memorize my spells. Let us bring his body into the clearing and I will determine what magical artifacts he had.”

“Da,” Stephan said nodding. “Now that Yellow Robes is gone, we don’t need to flee. Let’s go find a warm fire and cool pint in town. Rat’s nest or not. But we’ll have to keep a low profile after that business at the boarded up inn.”

Miklos sat crossed legged in front of the corpse and opened his spellbook. Out of it he read Kelmar’s Wondrous Revealer. An incantation that allowed him to see magical auras.

The world dimmed slightly. Feldard’s axe was picked out in crackling blue. His own spellbook was etched in orange. He raised his glance to Jolenta and the corpse. Amongst Jolenta’s equipment, her shield and mace gave off a glow of energy, not as strong as the dwarf’s axe, but magic nonetheless. Sligh’s shield too gave off a glow. The ring on Ludo’s finger too glowed fairly strongly with the telltale light of the arcane.



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10 responses to “Kelmar’s Wondrous Revealer

  1. 8:30pm, Gromdain, the 7th of Felmont, 1001AC
    Partly cloudy, windy

    Maruc: 10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 27,190/48000
    Miklos: 27,090/40000
    Feldard: 27,605/34000
    Hasan: 26,715/32000
    Stephan: 26,670/32000
    Ludo: 26,260/40,000

  2. miklosdostevar

    Miklos nodded with satisfaction, true, only he could see the auras but he was not one for secrets. “Maruc, Jolenta’s mace is enchanted, take it to ensure the servants of darkness are not armed with such. Her shield is magical too. Perhaps Feldard, Hasan or Stephan might employ it? Slighs shield is also magical, I doubt he would make much use of it now. He eye’d Ludo’s hand, but he dismissed mentioning the ring, after all he might have had it all the time and Miklos wasn’t about to be rude.

    “What shall we do with Jolenta?” A vision of the interrogation of the Goblin Chief at Sukyskin floated across his mind. He winced, and felt he must try give her the chance before things got nasty.

    He lent toward her. “Listen my dear, you are cultured, I can see that. Cultured people avoid unpleasantness. Please believe me that I for one would not wish to be subject to the whims of Master Feldard. He can be awfully…ahh tense. I’d take this opportunity to reveal what you know freely and our paths may never cross again. Sadly if you chose the alternative…” he shivered, “I doubt taking paths will be an option. I really only am thinking of your best interests.”

  3. Maruc

    Maruc snorted. “Miklos you are wasting your time. She will not talk. She is wise enough to realise she is a dead person. She lost her duel, her friends are dead. She knows we will not let her go to raise a force to follow us. Loosing Feldard on her will probably result in lies to fool us.” he locked his gaze with Jolenta. “Yes. I am no fool. Mighty Halav who is here, present in this world has greater more immediate power. You have failed your god, let us hope he is merciful. But from the little I know, your ‘hereafter’ won’t be that pleasant. May be I’m mistaken? Maybe Holy Pflarr is forgiving? I certainly hope so for your benefit.”

    “Good bye Jolenta. I will not say fairwell.” with that Maruc turned his back on her.

    “Gentlemen we must rest for the night. I am exhausted and I need to heal you. Then I agree with Ludo, We must investigative Golthars Lair.

  4. Maruc

    Maruc picked up the mace as he collected his things, surprisingly light, he thought. “Thank you for the gift, Jolenta this will serve the forces of good and righteousness from now on.”

  5. Hasan

    “Why not,” shrugged Hasan, as he hoisted the priest’s shield. “Looks rather battered to me, Miklos. Could do with some greenwash to improve the color, too,” complained the elf, picking at the flecks of yellow and red that lay on a cold black enameled core. Still, the elf could see the use of such a thing. “I’ll need some work with this, Stephan.”

  6. Ludo

    Ludo approaches Maruc and grabs his sholulder “you cannot allow Feldard to kill this women in cold blood”, yes she is a vanished enermy but she does not deserve a cold bloody execution”. Maruc do not do this – your soul will be tarnished. I suggest we tire her up, take her armour/weapons and holysymbol and leave her only with rags. Everybody should have a chance of redemption. Let her see Halavs’ mercy”! Who know; this mercy may turn her from the dark path she is travelling on. We will be long gone into the wilderness before she will make her way free and beyond the clutches of the Iron Ring.

  7. Feldard scowled. Of course the humans and elf would leave the dirty work to him – no one else seemed to have the stomach to kill when it wasn’t in immediate self-defence. Somehow Feldard had given his companions the impression that he was blood-thirsty and brutal – with goblins and orcs sure… but …
    The dwarfs scowl deepened “So why did you bother keeping her alive in the first place? Just so I could kill her? Bah!” He’d best get this over with. He roughly forced the female into a kneeling position. This would be execution-style.

  8. Stephan

    Stephan could see the grim nature of Feldard but couldn’t tell for sure that it was out of distaste for having to carry out the execution. He wondered, briefly, whether the dwarf would do it. It was odd, he thought, that the demi-human seemed to be the one designated for this task. To be sure, it was not in any of their natures to wantonly kill.

    Stephan finished gathering his things. He was woefully low on arrows now and planned to purchase more in Threshold.

    He turned, ready to knock and let fly an arrow into Jolenta’s heart if Feldard was somehow unable to carry out the deed.

  9. Maruc

    Ludo’s words troubled Maruc. “No. You are right we must not slay in cold blood.” Maruc stayed Feldard s hand. “One moment friend.” he turned to address Jolenta. “Do you repent your foul ways? Do you seek the light? Will you turn away from the foul deeds for your past life and embrace the good?

  10. Ludo

    Luo looked on in slience, he knew the answer this woman gave would mean whether she lived or died.

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