The dwarf scowled at the insults to Maruc and the Halav faith. “Well it seems your wisdom is as boundless,” the words said dripping with sarcasm, “as your town’s hospitality.” Feldard commented. “Since our presence is so disturbing, we will do our best to make our visit in your town brief. Just direct me to a weaponsmith where I can purchase a sword for defense, since your rules deny me access to my axe.”

Stephan gulped a little too loudly. He still wished to be way out of this place. He imagined walking into the Black Jug Tavern and ordering a dark, woody brew. He loved the small of ale in his beard and was often purposefully sloppy while drinking just so he could wear the stuff as a sort of cologne. He’d have at least four steins if he could. He’d….

The woodsman snapped back to attention and the reality of his situation weighed heavy on his brow. The chambre was still echoing, at that moment, with Feldard’s final word “axe!”. The dwarf stood defiantly before the town leaders. Stephan still wished to be a mouse and skirt out that window Ludo seemed to have claimed.

“Dwarf,” responded the elder priest. “Your hotheaded temperament is typical of your race, so I will excuse your outburst at this time.”

“Peace! My friends peace!” cried Maruc, quickly trying to cut off another angry retort from Feldard. “Patriarch Sherlane is wise and his views in his own citadel are sacrosanct. If his representative wishes us to leave, then leave we shall. But, remember he has yet to decide. We have laid weighty matters before him. Doubt not the chosen of Halav for the will of Halav will guide him as he has guided me. I believe he will aid us for he will not wish to serve the evil that we chase.”

Maruc turned to look into the eyes of the old man in open honesty and absolute trust. “He reminds us of our humility and that we must be careful of the power we tackle. He is farsighted and may be being mindful of our safety. And what lord would wish trouble within his walls?” Maruc’s level gaze bored into the keen eyes of the patriarch. “But equally his Holiness knows his best chance of swiftly resolving this problem lies with those most steeped in the knowledge of his enemies. He can see into our hearts and he knows we are true. He alone knows we are steadfast in our pursuit of evil. He will not stand in our way for to do so would be against the will of Halav. He already knows the name of the man we seek. Do you not Holiness? Also His holiness knows my rank and refuses to use it, still for his insults against my order I have not judged him for the matter we pursue is beyond petty bickering.”

Miklos was a little unnerved that Maruc had assumed that the Patriarch and his court was aware of Golthar, because it presumed that Sherlane had done nothing about it. For all the others blustering defense of Maruc, Maruc’s words had a edge of steel to them that Miklos had not heard before. He had at once dismissed the rude interpretation of Marucs’ order and maintained the moral highground whilst subtly slighting the old man in the process. Miklos started to wonder what sort of a man Maruc was. Either way he had laid down the gauntlet, the question was the court elder foresighted or blind?

The look on the Curate’s face was not promising. He had been regarding Maruc with some curiosity, but was clearly not taking him very seriously.

Ludo inwardly fumed. The pompous fools! Stepping forward he approached the Court Elder. ‘My Lord, you imply that we intend to take action and violence against this evil mage, however we came to warn you of the danger. What action you take is of course up to you, not us. This mage is evil and he has many spies, some of which ‘could’ be here in this very room. He has murdered and led people into slavery. He has united goblin tribes to invade Duke Stephen’s lands, and murdered his subjects. My friends and I risked our lives to bring you this information, and the reply from you is to evict us from town. I would suggest a prudent course of action is to ask us for his name and his description and then to bring him here for questioning. We have broken no town laws, we have not caused any disturbance within these walls, all we asked for was an audience with the leaders of the town, so they can be made aware of the danger…”

“Enough,” the Curate banged his gavel. “As thee hath not broken any laws, and have agreed to comply with the weapons ordinance, I hereby grant thee access to the town proper forthwith. If I see thee before this court again, I shall be less kind, as thou hast already taken up quite enough of the court’s time. Sergeant Arthol, I trust thee well to keep track of this crew whilst they remain within our gates and be on watch for this supposed yellow-robed warlock of which they speak. This matter is now dismissed.”

The sergeant rolled his eyes and grunted as the gavel was banged again. “Back to our posts men,” commanded the sergeant, leading his men out of the court. “Our shift will be over soon and we’ll be back at the Hook and Hatchet before ye know it.”



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9 responses to “Dismissed

  1. 1:10pm, Lunadain, the 6th of Flaurmont, 1001AC
    Moderately cloudy, calm

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 24,055/24000
    Miklos: 24,025/40000
    Feldard: 24,285/34000
    Hasan: 23,410/32000
    Stephan: 23,335/32000
    Ludo: 22,875/40,000

  2. Ludo

    Ludo picked up his backpack and followed the guards out of the Court Room. WBreathing a sigh of relief he turned to his companions. “I think we should get Feldard a sword as soon as possible, no doubt Golthar is aware of our presence and if he true to form he will try and make our lives as difficult as possible. I also think we should avoid that court at all costs, personally I think that Curate is as crooked as a dogs hind leg, and he was just looking for an excuse to throw us in the clink.

  3. Hasan

    Hasan filed out of the court, as silently as he had stood within. The human justice was strange. In his own hard village, those who challenged the Quiet Way would have been sent into the forest, to return nevermore. This judge had imposed some crazy restriction against axes and bows, but not against a sword, whip or … well a pike for that matter. The elf left happily enough, and finally spoke, as the party assembled in the street outside the court. His tone was weary. “Let’s us flee this settlement and the rot that infests it! There is nothing for us here.”

  4. Stephan

    “Agreed,” Stephan said to the elf prince. “Aside from long-held obligations,” Stephan referred to the task of delivering Nicolai’s ashes, “we really don’t need to tarry here. We’ve enough supplies to get us going. Let’s get out of this town. I’ve a bad feeling about this place.”

  5. Feldard

    Feldard nodded his agreement to the overall sentiment. “Bah, buying a sword would be a waste of time. I just said that to make my point. Let’s just find this Marta and deliver Nicolai’s last wish.”

    The dwarf glanced about the street and spotting a group of youths, Feldard made his way over to them. “I’ve a coin for the one who can direct me to the dwelling of Marta, mother of Nicolai.”

  6. Ludo

    “Stephen I agree with you, even though I have no way of knowing I feel that Golthar has a lot of friends in this town and we have none. This is a dangerous place for us, I felt safer in Xitaque. I think that the Curate has been paid off, not the first time that the clegy have fallen to evil for personal gain. The sooner we leave and head north the better. I do need to restock some arrows, replenish some rations and gather some extra supplies. May I suggest we see to Nicolais ashes and fulfill our obligations, get the supplies and be gone from this town before nightfall. I do not want to remain in this town any longer.

  7. miklosdostevar

    Miklos had also remained silent during the exchange. He filed out with the others keeping a close eye on Maruc’s resolute face. When they were out of earshot he murmered. “So you hoped he’d help us then?”

  8. Maruc

    “I sort to get the measure of him. I needed to know how bigoted he was.” Maruc smailed broadened into his familiar grin. “And that my friend is alot less than I thought. He did not ask if one of us was a wizard. We are not incarcerated. We challenged him – a wise and powerful ruler in his one citadel and he was lordly and predictably hauty. But he was not evil, nor crooked he did not penalise us. He has no need to follow us fore he can see that we are resolute and of noble heart. He was not troubled by us. We have a tacit sanction to pursue our errand but not to turn the city upside down in the process.”

  9. miklosdostevar

    “Hmm. Ok” Miklos said absently. “I don’t know about you lot but a night or two in a boat is enough to warrent a bed. We are all travel stained tried and irritable. If I was Nicolai’s mother, I would expect so respect from his companions, and that means being clean and fresh. And that means a good nights sleep in a quality Inn. No one knows where they are going. We need information about the road ahead and we need to ensure Golthar isn’t following us.”

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