Chasing The Ring

Ludo seeing the two men in chainmail starting to flee, shifted his aim and started to shoot arrows at their exposed backs. “Hasan!” he yelled. ”Quick, two are escaping!”

“Bloody Tartarus,” the elf whined, as the he saw the two men disappear. “There’s nothing for it. We can’t catch them.” The elf watched the men disappear into the forest. “We could catch them on horse…”

Working around the flank after Ludo, Maruc found it difficult to remain quiet. His helm didn’t afford much of a view but he did catch the bulky characters at the back of the mob. He pressed on trying not the catch their attention then as Ludo lithely turned, an arrow leaping from his bow. Maruc threw caution to the wind, he might not catch both of them but one would do. He launched into a sprint. He laughed as he realized his holding incantation would have been more useful here. He was armoured and it slowed him down, but so were they so he kept the pace up.

Miklos heard the clanking of the armoured priest as he rushed after the fleeing leaders. “Stephan. I’m going to help Maruc.” He lightly dashed across the uneven forest floor quickly making up ground between himself and the iron shod slavers.

After launching an arrow at the fleeing reavers, Ludo broke into a sprint and, disregarding caution, pursued the reavers through the forest.

“Or,” the elf continued. “We can move quickly, and leave them behind us. I say let’s move. It would surprise nobody to learn we’ve left Susiskyn, and it might be better for those left behind if it is known we have left.”

While in the midst of battle, Feldard had little time to concern himself with fleeing enemies. Now that the squirmish was done, he noted several others already making their way towards the fleeing figures. There was no way his short legs could catch up. But Feldard,looked to the over to elf at his comment and replied, “Well, horses we got. If you hurry you might just beat the others to them. I’ll deal with what we got here.” He nodded the elf back towards where the horses were hobbled.

Stephan cursed that they’d left the horses back where they’d first detected the spies. It would be a mad dash but it might work. He sprinted back to the horses mounting one as quickly as possible. With a “ha ra”, he urged the horse through the woods in hot pursuit of the Iron Ring minions.

Meanwhile, wearing robes, the mage was able to move faster than his armored friends and foes, and was able to close the gap. First, passing Maruc who was merely keeping pace with the fleeing Ringmen.

Aware that they were being chased, the two reavers split up. Miklos was soon able to get within range of one of them. He launched a web spell and ensnared the fighter.

Ludo pursued the other fighter. The youthful rogue was faster than the bulkier armored man. When it was clear to him that he could not outrun his pursuer, the man turned to face Ludo. He liked these odds much better.

The two faced off and Ludo drew first blood. The reaver gritted his teeth and fought on, determined to kill his rival before any others could join the fight.



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8 responses to “Chasing The Ring

  1. 12:02, Gromdain, the 26th of Thaumont, 1001AC
    Rainy, cool

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+5xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 23,650/24000
    Miklos: 23,680/40000
    Feldard: 23,970/34000
    Hasan: 23,175/32000
    Stephan: 22,970/32000
    Ludo: 22,470/40,000

  2. Hasan

    Hasan mounted quickly and turned the horse into the woods at a gallop. The animal’s great pace quickly brought the elf within sight of Ludo’s attack of the remaining Ringman. It was a long shot, and especially ahorse and in the woods, but the elf drew an arrow and let fly from 200 yards. The arrow whistled past the compatants harmlessly, but the elf had no regrets. Both Ludo and his opponent now knew: help was here.

  3. Ludo

    The reaver thrust his sword at Ludo’s belly, Ludos blade hacked down parrying the thrust, then swept up to slash the throat of the reaver. the reaver swayed back and the slash missed. Ludo backed away from the reaver, this man was good and Ludo knew he faced a killer. The reaver spoke “come here boy, I will cut out your heart and feed it to the wolves”. Ludo circled the man not rising to the bait. He moved in and began a savage attack on the reaver, three times their blades clashed, the reaver was parried each attack, suddenly Ludo felt a savage blow on his left arm which left a intense burning sensation. Ludo ignored the pain and fought on. He was quicker than the armoured reaver and could see that that the reaver was tiring, blood pooling down his face from the cut that Ludo has inflicted earlier. He took heart and began a blistering attack on the reaver who kept retreating from the cuts and thrusts of Ludos attack till he fell backwards having tripped on a tree root, Ludo’s sword thrust forward and slid deep into the neck of the reaver servering the spine. The reaver gasped once and died. Ludo turned around muttering to the corpse “never call me boy”.

  4. Stephan

    Stephan raced on his horse first to where Miklos had neatly ensnared his prey. It took only a second to see that Miklos had things well in hand. Stephan turned the horse, urging it to gallop to where Ludo and now Hasan were engaged with the other reaver.

    As he approached, he saw the reaver trip backwards. The rogue seemed to anticipate his opponent’s mishap and moved fluidly with the reaver’s fall — his sword delivering a killing blow.

    Stephan brought his horse to an abrupt stop at the scene. “Well,” he said with some humor, “I’m here to save the day. I suppose no one is going to save that fellow’s neck, however.”

  5. Feldard

    While the Stephen and Hasan bolted for horses, the dwarf moved towards the remaining ensnared Ironring fighters. One look at them told him all he needed to know. There would be no ‘reasoning’ with the captured brainwashed minions of the Ironring. They would provide no information on their higher ups – likely cause they knew nothing of them. He dealt with them quickly and efficiently.

  6. Maruc

    Maruc breathlessly caught up with Ludo as he withdrew his sword from ther colapsing Ring leader. “Give me a second.” he gasped as he caught his breath. “Well fought!” Maruc grinned, “Now lets see if we can patch you up.” Maruc administered to the wounded rogue.

    DM: Maruc will use a cure light wounds if the wounds are serious

    The priest looked at the corpse. His tatoo plain to see. “So Gothar is hiring men from the Iron Ring, he must have some influence with them. Or access to alot of money….or the promise of alot of money. In which case he is playing a dangerous game. Not least with us. Come Nicolai…” grief touched the priests face. “Sorry. Ludo. Let us see what Milklos has uncovered.” he returned to the camp.

  7. miklosdostevar

    Miklos disarmed the entrapped man. He bound his legs and arms and started to drag the trussed man toward the camp. It wasn’t long before the others joined him and they were soon back at their makeshift camp.

    Miklos gaze swept the neat row of corpses and back to Feldard. Well if this didn’t get the Reavers attention there was no getting information out of him.

    He sat the prisoner facing the line of corpses.
    No use in messing about, perhaps he might accidentally confirm Miklos’s fears. They had nothing but conjecture to go on so far.

    “You have been hired by Golthar to follow us. Your mission to slay us in our sleep and retrieve something. Thi s would have failed anyway as we do not have that which you seek.” lied Miklos. “For you not to join your friends over there all I require is a simple nod. Feldard is nothing if not efficient and ruthless.”

    The prisoners eyes flicked from Miklos to Feldard to the line of corpses.

    DM: he waits for the nod

    “What I really want to know you are unlikely to be able to tell me. What deal has been made between the Sons of Night and the Iron Ring? I very much doubt the Iron Ring would touch the Sons of Night if they knew what they were planning. We know, but do you?” Miklos pressed.

  8. Ludo

    Ludo grabbed Marucs arm and hauled himself to his feet, “thank you Maruc for your faith and praise Halav for his healing benevolence”. He picked up his backpack and bow and strode with Maruc to where Miklos and Feldard were interrogating the prisoner.

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