Brainwashed Slaves Make For Lousy Warriors

Ludo frowned, this was a serious development. Already the Iron Ring was on their trail. He moved quietly back into the undergrowth trying to stay silent and hidden from the men who were watching his companions. As quickly as he could once he was away from their view and hearing he made his way back to where his companions waited. Miklos jumped when Ludo silently emerged from the undergrowth next to him. Ludo quickly relayed the situation to the party finishing of with a comment to Miklos. “Miklos I see no alternative but to attack them now while we have some advantage, we cannot leave any survivors”.

Miklos grinned. “Hah!” he caught himself before getting to loud. “You are right of course.” Miklos’s eyes grew bright.

“Perfect! If they had seen you they would be charging us now, excellent work Ludo. They still think they have the advantage of surprise. We must not reveal their mistake to them.”

“Quickly! Before they have chance to encircle us and set up a crossfire we must catch them whilst they are still grouped. They will approach Hasan and Feldard. Stefan you come with me and flank them to the left. Maruc, Ludo to the right. I shall attempt to ensourcal the main force with a sleep incantation then Stephan and myself will then attack to their flank. Feldard and Hasan charge from the front and Maruc and Ludo and surprise them from behind. This way we can stop them spreading out. I should be able the entrap the rest with further magic as necessary.”

He looked at the bemused faces around him. “Yes, yes so I’ve been around Feldard too long! So what! Lets get on with it.” Miklos rushed to the undergrowth on the left flank bringing forth the first mental preparations for spellcasting.

Maruc looked at Ludo and shrugged. “As good a plan as any. We really don’t have time for a war council.” Maruc grinned. “After you?” he loped off to the right following the lithe rogue.

The dwarf’s ruse of sleeping fooled nobody and the group began making plans involving him. Feldard glared sourly at both Ludo and Miklos. Why was it humans always lumped him with the elf of the party? Was it just to torment him? It must be—why else would they put the woodland elf, one of the stealthiest of forest dwellers on a frontal charge? “Bah” was his response but the cleric was right, there was no time for a war council. He glanced to the elf and began a quiet count to 10, 10 times. Hopefully that would be long enough – the mage hadn’t really said how long to give them.

The dwarf hefted his battle axe, nodded to the elf and backtracked their trail – ready for battle .

“Bah is right, Feldard,” Hasan complained, as the humans crept laboriously and loudly away. “Let us hope these thugs have never entered the wood before. Nobody else would miss our companions.”

“Still,” Hasan continued, as the dwarf reached the century mark, “it is more fun moving forward than moving back. Let’s see what these fellows have to say for themselves.” And the elf saw a hint of misplaced red flannel in the brush. “For the Radlebb!” he shouted, loosing an arrow at the Ringman beyond, and charging into the forest ahead.

Ludo lead the way with Maruc close behind. They were going to have to move relatively quickly to flank their foes so Ludo did his best to balance stealth with speed to get into position before Hasan and Feldard entered combat. Keeping low and using the trees as cover he moved around to where he had last seen their foes waiting. Crouching behind a bush he peered through the foliage and saw the men scrambling for their weapons. Obviously they had heard or seen something. Out of the still forest air he heard Hasans war cry and Feldards bellow as they charged. Sensing Maruc was about to leap into the fray, Ludo held his shoulder and whispered “wait until they engaged, when we hit them it will create more panic”.

Stephan moved with Miklos off to the left as quietly as possible without moving too slowly. As they moved, he readied his bow.

The mage and woodsman’s position was a good one affording them a slight elevation advantage. Stephan could feel his battle blood welling. Then he saw the Iron Ring. ‘Lousy warriors,’ he thought. But there was no time to consider his opponents. The battle had begun…

He loosed two arrows before Miklos and he executed a flanking charge.

Hasan charged, the call of “Radlebb” echoing his oppenents tormented screams, as Vlaak’s great blade turned on the Ringmen. “You will not forget Hasan, Prince of the Radlebb, slavers!” called the elf, as he cut his way past a second man. The elf was crazed.

Indeed, these did make for lousy warriors. Recruited from city slums throughout the Duchy, the ‘Hounds of the Iron Ring’ were beaten and brainwashed into complete submission. They had no sense of morality or fear—it was tortured out of them until all that remained was allegiance to the Ring.

These seven ‘Hounds’ were quickly eliminated. The ones that didn’t fall to Miklos’s sleep spell were cut down by the others. The two armor-clad ‘Reavers’ drew back, and then fled immediately back as the first of their men began to fall.



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8 responses to “Brainwashed Slaves Make For Lousy Warriors

  1. Noon, Gromdain, the 26th of Thaumont, 1001AC
    Rainy, cool

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+5xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 23,630/24000
    Miklos: 23,660/40000
    Feldard: 23,955/34000
    Hasan: 23,155/32000
    Stephan: 22,955/32000
    Ludo: 22,440/40,000

  2. Ludo

    Ludo seeing the two men in chainmail starting to flee, shifted his aim and started to shoot arrows at their exposed backs. “Hasan he yelled, quick two are escaping”.

  3. Hasan

    “Bloody Tartarus,” the elf whined, as the he saw the two men Reavers disappear. “There’s nothing for it. We can’t catch them.” The elf watched the men disappear into the forest. “We could catch them on horse. Or we can move quickly and leave them behind us. I say let’s move. It would suprise nobody to learn we’ve left Susiskyn, and it might be better for those left behind if it is known we have left.”

  4. Maruc

    Working around the flank after Ludo, Maruc found it difficult to remain quiet. His helm didn’t afford much of a view but he did catch the bulky characters at the back of the mob. He pressed on trying not the catch their attention then as Ludo lithely turned, an arrow leaping from his bow. Maruc threw caution to the wind, he might not catch both of them but one would do. He launched into a sprint. He laughed as he realised his holding incantation would have been more useful here. He was armoured and it slowed him down, but so were they so he kept the pace up.

  5. miklosdostevar

    Miklos heard the clanking of the armoured priest as he rushed after the fleeing leaders. “Stephan. I’m going to help Maruc.” He lightly dashed across the uneven forest floor quickly making up ground between himself and the iron shod slavers.

    If possible Miklos will close the gap and launch a web spell after the reavers he will centre the spell on one in the hope of questioning him later. If he catches both all the better!

  6. Ludo

    After launching an arrow at the fleeing reavers – Ludo will break into a sprint and disreguarding caution will pursue the reavers through the forest.

  7. Feldard

    While in the midst of battle, Feldard had little time to concern himself with fleeing enemies. Now that the squirmish was done, he noted several others already making their way towards the fleeing figures. There was no way his short legs could catch up. But Feldard,looked to the over to elf at his comment and replied, “Well, horses we got. If you hurry you might just beat the others to them. I’ll deal with what we got here.” He nodded the elf back towards where the horses were hobbled.

  8. Stephan

    Stephan cursed that they’d left the horses back where they’d first detected the spies. It would be a mad dash but it might work. He sprinted back to the horses mounting one as quickly as possible. With a “ha ra”, he urged the horse through the woods in hot pursuit of the Iron Ring minions.

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