Unraveling Mysteries

Stephan listened, half awake, as Yousef described the tapestry he knew too well. He tried to speak loud enough for the others to hear, but did not lift his head or even open his eyes. “I know of what he speaks. It has hung in the great hall for many years. Good thing we stopped the gobs before they got a look at it.”

“Interesting. Thank you Yousef, you have been most informative. May I?” Miklos took the parchment and studied the writing.

“Similar to the writings in the Library below think you not? About the same age as the statues perhaps? Things are beginning to make a little more sense to me.”

“Golthar is searching for something. No not tapestries…something, or somewhere else. The tapestry is some kind of map, you said? Inert without the key to reveal their secrets, or the Sukiskyn would have investigated it long ago.”

Miklos thought for a moment. “Golthar was asking for only the whereabouts of the tapestry. He must then have or know where to find the key to unlock it.” His eyes strayed to the box with the glowing needle and thread. “Or perhaps he has left it behind in his haste to escape?”

The mage called to Ludo, ” Can you decipher the writings on the parchment? It might prove useful to know what it says.” He handed the parchment to him.

“So, Golthar knew of the Tapestry and its purpose. He…hired?… the goblins to raid and Dymrak homesteads, thinking it might be in their possession. But, notice these other searches. Sevastian’s Castle. Dentiata’s Tower. These all point toward a connection with the Sons of Night. Perhaps that is his ultimate aim? But we have the steal on him for a short while, because we have the key to what he seeks. It will not be long before he returns to claim them. Remember, he did not successfully raid Sukiskyn and if he has access to say—the Iron Ring, it would not take him long to raise another force and raid there again…But that approach has failed him before, so he may try something more subtle. Possibly have us followed as we reveal the path to him?”

“Yet we cannot risk leaving the tapestry within Sukiskyn, because while it is there they are at risk and we are at risk of Golthar getting it. We have little choice but the return Yousef and claim the tapestry and see what the secret is that Golthar so yearns for.”

“Miklos. Did you say that the tapestry, the parchment and the statues are the same age?” Maruc looked at the map. “Look at the sites he has visited. Stephan had that Jackal trinket here, the map was here, the mines here, not to mention Xitaqa itself here. An interesting spread, almost like a long gone ancient Duchy with an usual Jackal-god culture. I doubt one man or even a small group would spread ancient magical statue-guards all over the place and just look at what we destroyed in the gallery – solid jade weren’t they? Not exactly cheap to produce. No this is the work of a power ancient race. But were they good? or evil? What happened to them? Did they discover the secrets of the Book of Night to their eternal damnation? Is that what Golthar seeks?”

“Not a pleasant thought. But a thought for another day. Today we rest. Tomorrow we depart for Sukiskyn.” The priest returned to him meditation and rest.

Feldard missed the entire explanation while he sleeps, not that the dwarf could have made much sense of it all anyways had he been awake and paying attention. Unraveling these mysteries, was best left to the thinkers of the party.

Ludo said to Hasan, “as the healthiest person here, I will take the first and third watch. Hasan, can you do the middle watch so our more injured comrades can get as much sleep as possible?”

* * * * *

Ludo and Miklos jointly studied the ancient parchment. Using their combined knowledge of ancient languages and code breaking, they were at last able to come up with a reasonable translation.

I, Baistqet, high priestess, do command your return to Hutaaka. The stars have changed and out power wanes. Strange creatures harry us from the mountains and our people grow restless. We are stretched too thin. Bring the treasures of the temples and the people of the lowlands to feed the one. The sacred tapestries and your silver needles show the path.

* * * * *

The group rested in the top of Golthar’s tower. They had much time to speculate on the nature of their latest findings while they addressed their wounds incurred during the many battles that had led them to this point. The remaining hobgoblins that lived in the shadows of the tower kept their distance. They were leaderless and were firsthand witnesses to the destruction of the top of the tower and the lightning bolt that ripped through the entrance. As they fought internally over who would be Vlaak’s replacement, the heroes were provided ample time to recover. They were able to identify the potions obtained from Golthar’s stash—a potion of strength, another of control over animals and last one that granted the imbiber the power of clairvoyance

The group embarked on their return trip to Sukiskyn. Along the way, the group had various encounters typical of traveling in the uncivilized portion of the Dymrak Forest, but none that they could not handle. Eventually the group once again returned to the area of the human settlements and Sukiskyn proper.



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7 responses to “Unraveling Mysteries

  1. 4pm, Lunadain, the 25th of Thaumont, 1001AC
    Rainy, cool

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 23,520/24000
    Miklos: 23,560/40000
    Feldard: 23,865/34000
    Hasan: 23,085/32000
    Stephan: 22,850/32000
    Ludo: 22,365/40,000

  2. Maruc

    The dampness of the ancient forest gave way to the familiar clearing. The Sukiskyn homestead had broad scafolding lashed to a newly built pallisade wall, it was an impressive amount of work considering the brief time they had been away. Testiment to the hardiness of the Dymark woodsmen. It shamed Maruc to think how quickly rapairs could be perfomed, perhaps he should have stayed to rebuild the cloister after the raid? But he dismissed the idea, Halav Incarnate had guided him on a different path.

    He passed the lonely graves of Novannes and Hakos and bowed his head for a moment in prayer. The made his way with the others to the Great Hall. He could detect the sound of industrious carpentry.

    Pyotr was stripped to the waist working on a new strong think door to his hall. He turned as the party approached. A broad grin spreading across his face as he recognised the party. He pulled on his tunic and went striaght to Stephan and hugged him warmly. “Welcome home Stephan! And Yousef! I heard about it all and I am glad to see you in good health. Excellent, excellent! Welcome home all!” he turned to the house and called, “Darya! A feast! A feast for our friends! Stephan has returned!”

    Maruc clasped Pyotrs proferred hand as he ushered them into his great Hall. “I see the repairs are going well Pyotr.” he said, “Hopefully the goblins will remain away for a long while.” Kuzma came down the stairs and Maruc grinned as she approached. “Halav Incarnate bless you Kuzma.”

    A quizzical look passed her face. “Incarnate? You must have a story to tell Maruc.” she said.

    “Ahh… the truth is all I have to offer…” Maruc smiled mysteriously.

    Maruc pushed his plate away. It was wonderful to be out of his armour. “Pytor, again you have welcomed us with over generosity. Thank you. But this buisness is not yet finished. Have you an ancient tapestry? Stalwart in his resistance to the ministrations of Golthar the Yellow, Yousef here did not bow and yet learnt more from Golthar than he revealed.”

    “We believe that the tapestry holds a secret that we may have the means to unlock. Miklos?” he looked at the mage across the table.

  3. miklosdostevar

    Miklos nodded and left the table. he rummaged in his pack and produced the small box. “Here is what we assue to be the key. For it says on this parchment amongst other things ‘The sacred tapestries and your silver needles show the path.’ These we found in Golthars tower. Yousef was being questioned as to the whereabouts of the tapestry Maruc was alluding to. Fortunately a great disaster may have been averted thanks to Yousef for if Golthar had gained acess to its secrets an Eternal Night is all we would be looking forward to right now.”

    Kuzmar stood, “One moment. I hid it during the raid along with other things in the armoury. I shall get the tapestry.”

    Kuzma laid the Tapestry out onto the table. Miklos placed the needle and tread on the surface … and waited.

  4. Stephan

    “Gamarjoba!” Stephan exclaimed in old Traladarian to his clan fellows. “The repairs are coming along well!”

    There was much cheer that day and the next despite the hardships the family had suffered. Stephan assisted with the reconstruction and repairs. Pyotr was constructing a bigger barn and stouter gate.

    “The horses you recovered, Stephan, are doing well. Molly,” he gestured to a large mare, “has had a strong foal and we expect more. We’ll use their strength clear more land and build a stronger wall.”

    Stephan watched in wonder as Kuzma laid out the beautiful tapestry. It seems to be more intricate then he recalled. “Tis a thing of great beauty.” He watched as Miklos brought forth the strange needle and thread they’d found in Golthar’s tower.

  5. Feldard

    It took Maruc and Miklos each explaining to him separately the reasoning for returning to Sukiskyn before the dwarf accepted the fact that they had to retrace their route.

    Arriving at Sukiskyn, the dwarf nodded at the pallisade being constructed. Maybe if the group remained at the homestead a while, he would offer his assistance, but for now it seemed the women were preparing a meal and the dwarf was not going to say no to properly cooked food.

    The meal of course was beyond compare and he thanked the ladies of Sukiskyn heartily as the tapestry was brought out. The looked over the fabric. He didn’t see anything special about it.

  6. Ludo

    As the party travelled returned to Sukiskyn, Ludo chatted to Yousef, he could not help but feel admiration for the Yousef’s bravery in resisting the torture that Golthar and Vlaak had inflicted upon him. Yousef smiled when Ludo confirmed to him that Vlaak had been killed in the assault on the tower and again thanked Ludo for his role in his rescue.

    But as they travelled, Ludo felt uneasy. He knew that Golthar would not forfeit ‘the game’ so easy, he had lost this round that was for sure; his tower had been ransacked, his forces routed and most importantly the party had recovered Yousef and had gained an invaluable clue to his evil scheme. But Golthar was a powerful mage and there were two lessons that Ludo had learnt since leaving home; the first was don’t cross a local thieves guild on their territory and secondly don’t cross powerful spell casters – they both were unforgiving and vindictive. He wondered what Golthar’s next step would be and also reflected on the translation of the parchment, what was the treasure and how would the tapestries show the way. No doubt this treasure was what Golthar was after.

    Ludo felt good when they arrived at Sukiskyn. By all accounts the village had accomplished a lot since the Goblin assault . The reception by Stephens’s clansmen was very welcoming and a great celebration was soon underway to rejoice in Yousef’s safe return. After the feast when the children had gone to bed, Kuzma laid out the beautiful tapestry on a table, along with everyone else Ludo was impressed with its beauty and splendor. He waited with bated breath to see what would happen next.

  7. Hasan

    Hasan joined his companions and their hosts in their feast, but he could not join their revelry. The new palisade would burn like the old if they did not press onward to extinguish the Dymrak’s pests and whatever mastermind drove them into their strange alliances. The elf was ready and watching closely when Miklos finally looked to put needle and thread to work.

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