All Axe and Impatience

“Ugh, grim,” the elf shivered. “Clearly for prisoners or captives. It’s interesting that it’s so well kept; no hobgoblins have been here. But let’s press on.”

The dwarf frowned at the elf’s comment. “Seems odd that captives would be given the luxury of a bed much less such nice ones. No. There’s more to this room than mere prisoners.” He considered for a moment a more thorough check, then shook his head. “But I agree, we should press on.”

With that said, Feldard crossed the room to the next set of stairs and continued on upward. The higher he climbed the more something nagged at him, but he couldn’t place what it was. Maybe he was just getting edgey with anticipation, but it didn’t seem like that. Fear? He snorted at the notion. Then what was it? He paused for a moment, glancing about and listening, causing a pile up behind him as his companions had to wait for him in the narrow stairway. He frowned, listening to their questions.

After a moment he shook his head, not having any answers, then resolutely began upwards again.

Ludo moved forward slowly into the dormitory. He wondered about the iron manacles as well and concluded that it was a symbol for the slavers that slept in the room to remind them that they were ‘bound’ to the man in the yellow robes. He stoppped at one the manacles and slipped it into his backpack, he thought that as they were hunting the man in the yellow robes that a set might come in handy if they had to take him back to stand trial.

Seeing the others had moved on he quickly shouldered his backpack and hurried to catch up.

Maruc took in the beds and manacles. “Miklos,” gestured at the odd arrangement, “What do you make of this?”

The mage almost bumped into the back of the armoured priest. “I’d be able to tell a lot more if you got out of the way.” The priest side stepped. “Ahh I see.” he paused to consider the options. “Three types of dweller present themselves to me. Firstly some kind of evil religious sect. I have heard tell of zealots that whip themselves, possibly flagelants? Or perhaps type of were-creature chained at times for their own safety? Or a converted guest room of a madman with a sense of humour?” He knelt down to inspect the underside of the beds. “Either way no one seems to be staying here. No belongings.”

“Hmm. OK It seems Feldard has decided to press on. You know what he’s like. All axe and impatience.” Maruc grinned at Miklos and followed him up the stairs. “Maybe the answer is up there. Maybe they were meant for us.” he left the question hanging.

Stephan didn’t like the creepy manacle room one bit. He was happy to follow Feldard away and up the stairs. The dwarf’s seemingly pointless hesitation caused not a little unease and an eruption of impatience in Stephan.

“Mind you, dwarf!,” he hissed in impatience. “Keep the march on. There’s not much room on these steps but if you want to go back down, I’ll assist you. I can give you a good push. Shouldn’t take you long if you tuck in well and roll.” He stopped himself and was inwardly glad not to see Feldard’s face at the moment which, he imagined, might contain a fury at his hasty words. He decided to keep quiet from there on.

The group went up the stairwell and opened the door to another level of the tower. As the door opened, they heard the voices of two humans, one loud and threatening and the other muted, yet defiant. The second voice sounded strangely familiar to Stephan. Yet, the voices seemed to come out of thin air!

“For the last time, tell me what you know of the tapestry!”

“I told ye that I’ve not seen it,” the man choked out.

“You lie! I can…”

Suddenly, the conversation ceased. The far door opened, and a yellow robed figure appeared in the doorway as if from nowhere. Without pausing, the robed man fleed up the stairs beyond, slamming the door.

“Look out!” cried the voice of the other man as a menacing bellow filled the air.



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7 responses to “All Axe and Impatience

  1. 12:22pm, Moldain, the 21st of Thaumont, 1001AC

    Maruc: 10xp+5xp
    Miklos: 10xp+5xp
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+5xp

    Maruc: 22,260/24000
    Miklos: 22,320/40000
    Feldard: 22,615/34000
    Hasan: 21,875/32000
    Stephan: 21,605/32000
    Ludo: 21,095/40,000

  2. Feldard

    (because there was no description of furnishings or specific use of the room, I am assuming the room is empty. Adjust the post if that is not so.)

    Upon hearing voices, Feldard had stilled momentarily, but a quick scan of the empty tower room showed nothing. He began to cross towards the other door, when it opened suddenly revealing the yellow-robed man. Feldard raised his axe, but the yellow-robed man was quicker and fled. Feldard, of course, gave chase, even as the warning and bellow sounded. Given that it was the voice of an enemy sounding, the dwarf assumed the warning was for the yellow-robed man and ran on heedless across the tower room. He turned and rammed his shoulder and body’s momentum into the wooden door as his hand sought to open the latch. Locked or not, the dwarf was intent on getting through that door.

  3. Stephan

    Stephan was momentarily taken aback by the sound of the familiar voice but seeing nothing other than the robed figure, he joined Feldard in the charge across the room. Together they bashed on the door [assuming it is locked] trying to gain entry.

    [to clarify, the robed man appeared in the far doorway but did not actually come out but instead when back thru the doorway and up the stairs opposite the ones we came up, correct?]

  4. Hasan

    Hasan burst from the staircase. He saw Feldard and Stephan straining to burst through the opposite door. The elf saw no opportunity to help them, so he quickly examined the room, looking for the second voice they heard, the voice he suspected was the voice of a fellow prisoner. Hasan would do what he could to liberate the prisoner.

  5. Feldard

    (Hmm.. after reading Hasan’s post and rereading the page a second and third time I finally realize that the second voice is NOT an ally of the yellow-robed man – like I initially thought.. oops)

  6. Ludo

    Ludo heard the bellow. “Feldard, Hasan, Stephen shouted Ludo, watch out something is in the room with you”! Ludo his sword extended before him in a guard position, slowly advanced into the room and moved to the left hand side where he thought he had heard the sound eminate from.

    “Come out!” he shouted, “show yourself”, surrender now and no harm will befall you.

  7. Maruc & Miklos

    Maruc cautiously stepped into the room allowing Miklos to enter next to him at the back. “Well that answers one question.” he said.

    “What?” replied Miklos mildly, “That the Yellow robed man is an unscrupulous, evil…. Art Dealer …. that consorts with the most foulest of unspeakable vermin?”

    “No.” the priest grinned, “That wouldn’t really narrow down the field that much. No I meant that your guess back in Drymak was very astute.”

    “Of course you expected less?” Miklos absently scanned the room for the owner of the other voice.

    “From you? Yes, a nobleman or a user of magic.” he glanced over the the warrior furiously attacking the door to the stairwell. “I wonder if they’ve tried pulling?”

    “Now now, Maruc thats hardly fair. Although personally I’d imagine our friend Ludo here would be more efficient.”

    “Quite. Ddid you note that Mr Yellow was confounded?” the priest asked.

    “Naturally. The art dealer comment was merely an entertainment, there could be many reasons why he’d be vexed to the point of torture over such an item. It coud be valuable, but judging by the decor of the place so far I’d hazard a guess its not for its beauty he requires it.”

    “My thoughts exactly.” agreed the priest. “it is magical or contains a valuable secret, or perhaps both? Doubtless the man we about to free maybe forthcoming?” he joined in the search to find the other man.

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