Behind the Curtains

“Brilliant, Stephen. They never expected us to attack from within the tower,” congratulated Hasan. “But did anybody see a way up there?” asked the elf, pointed to the floors above. “We must have missed something, maybe in center of the tower.” The elf left to return to site of Vlaak’s death and began a careful search for secret doors or passageways.

The dwarf dragged the bodies out of sight and then followed the group into the main hall where the elf was looking for secret doors before speaking up. “There was another door in the library.”

Ludo after finding nothing of real value on the dead hobgoblins joined Hasan in the centre room and helped him search the room. “That other door in the library leads outside,” Stephan said in response to Feldard.

After assisting Feldard with the bodies, Stephan kept a watch while those more adept at finding hidden things searched the chamber.

Maruc wiped the remnants of the hobgoblin from his flail. His mind hadn’t really been on the job and he was glad of Stephan’s battle plan and Hasan’s timely sleep incantation. He offered a brief prayer of thanks to Halav for his companions. Feldard was struggling with the corpses so Maruc lent a hand. “Where are we going with these?” he asked, Feldard grunted. “Behind the curtains.” Maruc looked dubiously at the trails of gore and blood spatters around the guard room and recalled the howling wolf battle and Miklos’s deafening lightning magic.

“Why?” he asked. He thought about it for a bit, he supposed in a rushed attempt to flee they might trip over them. Or the Feldard just might be naturally a tidy dwarf. He looked at the fierce warrior, it was a struggle to make the two ideas meet. He helped him anyway.

Miklos was still preoccupied with scanning the books in the library. He was about the offer his services when Hasan had stepped in with his elf magic. Miklos was still interested in the subtlety of his gestures and the economy of casting. He would never tire of watching the ancient races at work.

He smiled at Maruc’s question though as he followed the elf and aided in his search of further passageways. The group finished their exploration Vlaak’s quarters, finding bedding behind the curtains, one alcove for Vlaak and the other for his pets. Alcove doors opened into a smaller room with a stone circular staircase leading upward.



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7 responses to “Behind the Curtains

  1. 12:20pm, Moldain, the 21st of Thaumont, 1001AC

    Maruc: 10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp
    Ludo: 10xp

    Maruc: 22,215/24000
    Miklos: 22,285/40000
    Feldard: 22,570/34000
    Hasan: 21,840/32000
    Stephan: 21,580/32000
    Ludo: 21,065/40,000

  2. Maruc

    Maruc dropped the corpse to the floor. He surveyed the infested bed pallet and twisted stained covers that comprised Vlaaks bed. He gave the bed a thorough search for anything useful.

    (assuming the search turns up nothing)

    Maruc then turned his attention the the wolf pen which seemed equally bare of any clues. “Nothing here either, I’m thinking the stairs next but before we try that I want everyone to be aware that there’s a good chance we’ll be facing magic if the yellow robed man is up there.” He looked meaningfully at the dwarf. “Its either me or you Feldard, I have the favour of the gods and you have the favour of your ancestry.”

    “But thinking about it you do make a smaller target.” Maruc grinned.

  3. miklosdostevar

    “There are also the north door to the Library to investigate.” the mage offered. “Give me a second, and Hasan’s, help and we can ensure there are no nasty surprises coming up behind us.”

  4. Feldard

    Feldard eyed Maruc sourly at the suggestion that he take lead and deal with the man in yellow. “Lucky me.”

    At Miklos’ comment about the northern door, the dwarf shrugged, “Stephen says it leads outside.” Though when he thought about it, Feldard could not recall the man ever approaching the door to check. Perhaps the man was good with architecture. “But if you want to check it out, alright. You sure you don’t want more than just Hasan’s help?”

  5. Hasan

    “We’ll just take a quick look, Feldard, and be sure to lock up behind us. Never fear,” the Hasan answered. “But perhaps Ludo can help.” The elf then moved quickly to investigate the north door.

    (Assuming he sees nothing of obvious interest, Hasan will wizard lock the door and return to catch up with the StairMasters.)

  6. Stephan

    Once the others were assured of the north library door, Stephan said in a low voice, “I’ll follow the dwarf.”

    With his sword out and shield ready, he kept a couple steps down from Feldard as the party mounted the steps.

  7. Ludo

    Ludo finished searching the central room where Vlaks body lay. Every now and then he could not help glancing at the body, but any feelings of regret at what he had done he quickly suppressed. Vlaak was too dangerous to be left alive or even kept as a prisoner. He knew too much and had committed to much evil.

    With his sword Ludo half heartedly pocked the central dry water fountain that was filled with rubbish, but deciding that he wanted to get out of the room he walked over to the door that had the staircase leading up. Waiting for Feldard to take the lead he followed up behind up happy to moving on and leaving the unpleasant memory of Vlaaks death behind him.

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