Vlaak Interrogation

Maruc nodded toward the warriors his thanks. “Feldard, perhaps you should interrogate Vlaak. I’m sure Halav will forgive a certain amount of aggressive persuasion if he chooses to be… ah …difficult. We need the whereabouts of the yellow robed man.”

Maruc turned to Stephan, “Come here woodsman, you look in need of a little recuperative blessing.” The priest administered to his duty of maintaining his flock.

“Quite,” agreed the mage following Maruc’s train of thought. “There is of course the possibility that the yellow robed man is nearby. Maybe packing his bags as we speak? We may hope that he is truly arrogant in his trust to Vlaak’s might and has not fled. But he may well be a wily member of the Sons of Night for all we know.”

“Feldard, Vlaak must have knowledge of the his conspiracy and would be useful to confirm our suppositions so far. One, is the yellow robed man the leader of the Dymrak bandits? Two, is he a nobleman or a mage? Three, what was their agreement and why did they join forces. Four, has he heard of the Sons of Night? If so what does he know?”

Feldard looked between the cleric and the mage with a grimace as he used a worn piece of cloth to wipe the blood from his axe. He hated being the go between for these interrogations but the dwarf had to admit – he was persuasive – in painful sort of way.

With a grunt, Feldard headed over towards where Ludo was attempting to get the hobgoblin to talk. But the human seemed reluctant to apply the right sort of motivation. The dwarf had no such reluctance.

Finding a spot that was not web covered, the dwarf gave the helpless hobgoblin a kick. “You will answer our questions or your death will be so painful your young will feel it,” he threatened in Goblin tongue. Then he repeated Miklos’ questions one at a time, in Common. Feldard had no doubts that Vlaak could understand. When there was hesitation or reluctance to speak, Feldard would apply his … persuasion.

Hasan watched the dwarf’s fist crash into the carefully bound hobgoblin warrior’s jaw. One hundred drops of burgundy decorated the floor, accented by the yellow of two surprisingly delicate incisors. But the hobgoblin laughed and bellowed again. Feldard’s patience was a short as the time between punches, but Vlaak clearly was untouched the spectacle.

The elf could stand no more. “Stop, man,” he hissed in Dwarven at Feldard, catching the mailed fist as it prepared to strike again. “He will reveal nothing this way.”

The elf turned to leave. “Come, leave him, with the ghosts of those who he has haunted,” the elf indicated in the common human tongue. “Any pain we give him will be over soon, but the great dogs’ touch will leave him mad if he is lucky, or if not, living dead for the same millennia they have lived.”

The elf then took the hobgoblin’s battered shield and brilliant sword and marched on, out the eastern door.

As the elf left, the stone dogs around the room began to bark, quietly at first, but in great howls as the elf stepped on heedlessly. The prince smiled at the thought of Vlaak’s reaction to his still-in-effect ventriloquism spell.

Ludo stood by and watched without emotion as Feldard barked out his interrogation to Vlaak and got no reply. He figured that Vlaak would be tough to break, and he was right. Time was against them and he could see time would be required before any meaningful information from Vlaak would be forthcoming. He agreed with the Prince’s comments and collected his lightstone and bow and stood by ready to leave.

As the group left the room and went out the eastern door, he made sure he was last to leave, bending over Vlaak, he made sure that Vlaak would not bother them or anyone else again and then followed them out of the door.

From what Stephan could make out of what Vlaak spat out in hobgoblinish, Hasan was right; the big hobgoblin would happily die not giving the dwarf what he wanted.

He turned and followed the others out. Noticing Ludo lingering behind, he paused momentarily before he realized what the rogue was up to then continued to his typical place in line.

Out the door was a wide staircase leading into an old room that appeared to be a library. Spider webs hanging across the decrepit bookshelves seemed to indicate that it was rarely visited.



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7 responses to “Vlaak Interrogation

  1. 11:49pm, Moldain, the 21st of Thaumont, 1001AC
    Clear, dry, hot and windy.

    Stephan +6hp

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 22,160/24000
    Miklos: 22,230/40000
    Feldard: 22,495/34000
    Hasan: 21,745/32000
    Stephan: 21,490/32000
    Ludo: 20,975/40,000

  2. Ludo

    Ludo followed the party into the library, seeing the webs strung across the room he said “Hasan, does your keen eyesight see anything untoward”? He reached across and savagely broke off a piece of the bannister that was brittle with age. Ludo returned to the room where the body of Vlaak lay on the floor, he quickly and crudely made a torch from the worn curtains, lit the torch and returned to where Maruc was standing at the top of the wide staircase. “Where there are webs, there are usually spiders or other creepy crawlies, a bit of flame should help keep them at bay” I suspect.

  3. Stephan

    Stephan spied the dusty tomes lining the walls. He could never imagine reading so much.

    “Least there’s no cubes here. Nice and unswept. Like a proper ruin.”

    He scanned the ceiling. Gossamer webs drifted lightly in the air now disturbed by their entry and the upwelling heat of Ludo’s torch.

    “I don’t see any jackal-headed statues here either….” he grinned sheepishly; grateful that the others probably could not see his flushed face.

    Stephan hefted his shield and tested the heft of his sword. Making sure his footing was solid, he carefully took a couple steps down. It was a thrill, in a way, to be the first to step into this arcane place.

  4. Hasan

    Hasan paused to search through the bookshelves. The elf’s examination of the brittle covers, faded parchment, and unfamiliar languages left him with little more than a loud sneeze for his troubles. Unsatisfied, the elf turned to the southern door, prepared to move on.

  5. Feldard

    Feldard descended the steps after the group. He was still sour that his efforts with Vlaak had been for naught, and after all that he wasn’t even the one who got to finish off the foul thing. He’d thought Hasan had some magic in mind with his “great dog ghosts”. But whatever that had been, was cut short by their newest member. Feldard was beginning wonder about him.

    The books and parchment held no interest for the dwarf, so he kept on and checked the door to the right.

  6. Ludo

    Ludo having completed his make shift torch proceeded down the steps into the library. Holding the torch aloft, he moved over to the bookshelves. Carefully pulling a book out at random he opened a page and studied the manuscript trying to decipher the words on the page. “Hasan, Maruc, have you ever come across a language like this before”? It’s like something I have never seen.

    DM – Ludo will use his rogue abilities to try and decipher the book he is reading.

  7. Stephan

    Not being too much for books and seeing the dwarf going to check out the door on the right, Stephan made his way to the door on the left. He kept a wary eye on the webs draping from the ceiling.

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