Brother Wolf

Hasan saw his companions surge forward. He saw the terrible beast before him, and Feldard grimly rising after being felled by some awful, unseen blow. Unsure of the nature of their opponent, the elf drew one of the magical arrows they had plundered from the goblin lair, and smoothly released it. He watched as the arrowhead bit deeply into the great wolf and blood soiled the pristine white of the animal’s fur.

The dwarf had already begun his advance on the beast when the icy blast struck. The chill near froze the very air in his lungs and he doubled over in an attempt to keep his core from freezing solid. It was more instinct than anything else.

The icy blast ended and Feldard gratefully felt the sharp biting pain of cold on his face and hands. He would have been in trouble if he’d froze numb.

With a grunt, he grabbed up his dropped battle-axe and rose from his crouched position. He could hear the whistle of arrows pasting around him. Engaging in melee would mean he would be just as likely a target but he couldn’t wait for this party to empty their quivers before attacking. He doubted he would fare as well against a second ice blast.

Feldard charged forward, and swung for the Frost Wolf with his axe.

Ludo saw the giant wolf breath a cone of icy air over Feldard and watched as Feldard doubled over. Charging forward he moved past Feldard, and as Feldard struck with his axe, shot his bow point blank into the flank of the wolf. Ludo then tossed his bow to one side, drew his sword and looked for an opening to strike further, whilst trying to avoid the snarling fangs and claws.

Stephan recklessly lunged past the archers and dwarf, eager to fight a real foe after the horror of the cubes.

“Halav shall vanquish you!” he bellowed as he leaped at the giant wolf. An arrow sizzled past him, plunging into the lupine’s side. The arrow seemed only to enrage the beast more and it turned on the fighter as his sword connected with its right shoulder. While the blades did some slicing, it seemed more to glance off what must have been thick, knotted muscle beneath the pristine fur. Nevertheless, a chunk of meat came clean off but the wolf had muscle to spare.

Maruc clanked up the stairs after the others to see what the commotion was all about. The temperature had dropped at the top of the stairs. Frost rimmed the landing and the doorway. His steel booted foot skidded on the glassy stonework.

“Watch your step Miklos.” he called back, “There’s something afoot. I suspect we’re getting a frosty welcome.” he grinned wolfishly and raised his Halav emblazoned shield and strode into the melee loosening his chain flail.

His eyes were drawn to the beast that dominated the room. “What in the name of Halav Incarnate is that?”

Edging around the enraged creature he tired to knock it off balance. If I could just loop the chain around its hind leg here…. he swung low and the chain whipped out snaring the limb. Yes! He yanked at the handle but he lost his footing and stumbled the foot kicked out and jarred against the priests shield. Its attention turned on him. Maruc yanked at the flail desperately trying to release it.

Miklos rolled his eyes at the priest’s remark. He edged to the doorway and glanced in. Hmmm.. Arctic Lupus Gargantium, that explains the nip in the air. “Bryll’s Fantastic Menagerie would suggest one should refrain from upsetting these creatures as they are liable to freeze you on the spot with their mere breath!” he said helpfully.

He was feeling pretty useless back by the doorway so he toyed with the idea of throwing a web over it but soon realized this would be counter productive. He tried a moral boosting comment instead. “Well done you chaps. That’s it! Yes! Another one of those swings should do it Feldard!” He was grimacing and punching the air like a shadow boxer when the spray of blood drenched him. “Nice.” he said flatly.

The wolf’s strong maw and sharp teeth bit deep into the cleric. Though his armor had afforded him some protection, the wound was quite painful. With the wolf’s attention momentarily on the cleric, the dwarf seized the moment and brought his axe down hard into the wolf’s back. It roared with pain as it released the priest from its maw.

From behind the curtain, Vlaak had been waiting patiently for the right moment, when all of the interlopers were fully engaged in battle with one his two prized pets. He held the other firmly by its leash. It was all he could do to restrain it as it watched his brother engaged in battle. Finally, he whipped open the curtain and barked the command for it to attack.

The wolf inhaled deeply and for the second time the room was filled with frosty air as the blast of cold air flew into Stephan.

Vlaak was the largest hobgoblin any of the heroes had ever seen. Armed with a magnificent giant sword, he charged into the battle.



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9 responses to “Brother Wolf

  1. Maruc -6hp
    Stephan -11hp

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+5xp
    Ludo: 10xp+5xp

    Maruc: 21,980/24000
    Miklos: 22,040/40000
    Feldard: 22,320/34000
    Hasan: 21,555/32000
    Stephan: 21,315/32000
    Ludo: 20,815/40,000

  2. miklosdostevar

    Mikos stopped in mid punch. His sharp eyes picked out the movement of the curtain. It was flung open. Miklos’s arm unbidden by any conscious thought traced the inticate sigil of his web spell which stangely had a will of its own. Everything slowed down. The huge hobgoblin released the wolf, its muscles bunched. Miklos felt strangely divorced from the scene unfolding before him. His fingers snapped the end of the incantation and mage-threads seemed to arc lazyly from his hand and caress the giant’s sword and encompass his outstretched arm it gently enveloped the hindquarters of the wolf curiously linking the two foes as with a comforting blanket. Surprise crept across the hobgoblins face as the threads tightened with the bound of his wolf he lost his footing and crashed to the floor the wolf yanked back in mid leap and sprawled with a satisfying smack onto the stone floor.

    Miklos snapped back into real-time. He fumbled for his next web spell, one would not do for these giants!

  3. Maruc

    Maruc pulled himself up. His heart pounded irratically, the thing had let him go. He saw Feldard pull his mage wrought axe out in a sray of gore. Maruc slammed his flail home again in frustration and pain. Too engrossed was he to notice the newcommers…

  4. Stephan

    Stephan crouched in cold agony from the wolf’s blast which left him momentarily blind. Amassed against the wall and floor, he did not see the appearance of Vlaak and the second fiend. Struggling to gain control of his limbs, he fumbled for the small statute in his pouch. “Yes, that’s it”, he thought, “just like those big statues”. He drew the statuette out and as his vision came back to him, he spied Miklos weaving his magics.

    “Miklos!”, he called but was choked by icy fingers that still lingered from the wolf’s attack. He hoped that maybe the mage would know what to do with the statuette. Even so, with great effort, he still held the statuette up and uttered the runic word carved on the bottom.

  5. Stephan

    [Sorry….I don’t recall if Stephan actually knew the word carved on the bottom. If he does not, please edit as needed].

  6. Ludo

    Time seem to slow down for Ludo as he glimpsed Vlaak suddenly appear from behind the curtain. Vlaak was here, the vision in his nightmares! Ludo gritted his teeth in determination, this time he would not be victim, this time he could fight back!

    Time suddenly sped up as the second Giant Wolf attacked and clouded the area with its freezing breath. To avoid the freezing blast of Ludo dived behind the fountain. Too close for comfort he thought to himself. He stayed low and moved around the fountain trying to avoid the flickering illumination from the lightstones as he worked his way deeper into the shadows to approach Vlaak from an unexpected direction. Glancing about he spied the two wolves, they seemed to be hotly engaged in combat with Feldard and Stephen. As Miklos entagled Vlaak, Ludo used the distration to bound across the room to the far side and ducked behind the old, musty, moth eaten curtain to work his way behind Vlaak.

    He thought to himself that he had to be sure not to get caught in the same web. Moving as quietly as he could, he slid along the curtain and till he came up behind Vlaak struggling against the sticky bonds that held him. Ludo observed that with his tremendous strength the web would not hold Vlaak for long. When he was behind Vlaak he struck and stabbed his sword straight through the curtain deep into the back of Vlaak.

  7. Hasan

    Hasan watched the drama unfold with Miklos. Every instinct was to charge ahead, but he dared not leave the vulnerable mage’s side. As the elf saw Ludo creep to attack their great enemy, he intoned the words to his ventriloquism cantrip. The spell itself was trivial, suitable only for sideshows, but the elf hoped for a grander result this time. He cast his voice to the statuary nearest Vlaak and pronounced in his finest hobgoblinish, “Vlaak, the stone dogs arise now. Your kind have tread our ways too long.”

  8. Feldard

    The sudden chill in the air is what alerted Feldard to the presence of the second wolf. Pulling his axe free of his current foe, he took a moment to take stock of the battle.

    Maruc seemed engrossed with the first wolf. Stephen was recovering from the seconds’ icy breath. Miklos looked to have momentarily entangled the large hobgoblin and was preparing yet more magics. Ludo was no where to be seen and Hasan was exchanging bow for a weapon more useful in close combat.

    Feldard turned away from the wounded wolf, leaving it to Maruc to finish off, and headed for the other wolf and Vlaak. “Hasan, I could use your help here! Those webs won’t hold long.”

    Feldard met the snarling wolf with the blade of his axe.

  9. Feldard

    (doh.. I was too late need to adjust my post)

    Miklos looked to have momentarily entangled the large hobgoblin and was preparing yet more magics. Hasan looked to be doing little but guarding the mage and Ludo was no where to be seen.

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