No Turning Back

Maruc’s scowl smeared across his face. “The grace and strength of Halav has guided our hands until now, but leaving beasts like these behind us is never wise. Still,” the cleric shrugged, “we cannot undo what has been done. The mages have wrought their craft and thrown their stone. We must play the game.” The dark man turned up the street and walked in steady steps toward the tower.

Hasan followed, but the cleric’s jangling gait unnerved him. The elf soon passed the human and took up his accustomed role in advance of the party, aiming to take a quick look at the tower before entering.

Miklos followed, toying with the idea of calling down a lightning bolt on the trapped hobgoblins. He wasn’t sure how the spell would affect the ancient construction, but it certainly would be fun to discover. Still, the magician pressed onward, close by the taciturn cleric. There was no turning back from the tower now, and he sensed his greatest feats would be needed there.

Feldard gave a snort of disgust at the decision made but moved back into his position as rearguard. Stealth? What did he know of stealth, with his plate mail armour? But the dwarf followed the group and tried not to make too much of a racket.

Ludo followed Hasan towards the front of the group, looking up he could see the dark tower looming above him and wondered what mysteries were held within the walls.

Like Hasan, Stephan found himself somewhat blocked by the ambling of Maruc. And like the elf, he too, when opportunity presented, gaited past the holy man to take position immediately after the prince.

The narrow siq funneled a warm mix of dust and burnt smell into the companions’ faces. Somewhere, a pebble rolled down a crumbling rock face. The siq’s breath seemed to push them back from their progress toward certain doom.

As they continued, those gifted with infravision noticed that the next door was different than the others. It was larger and decorated with ancient carvings, again of the jackal-headed humanoids that they had been encountering with increased frequency. The door was not locked, but from the cobwebs around it, did not appear to have been entered recently.



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6 responses to “No Turning Back

  1. 11:31pm, Moldain, the 21st of Thaumont, 1001AC
    Clear, dry, hot and windy.

    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+5xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 21,845/24000
    Miklos: 21,925/40000
    Feldard: 22,160/34000
    Hasan: 21,385/32000
    Stephan: 21,135/32000
    Ludo: 20,645/40,000

  2. Ludo

    After a moments hesitation Ludo moved forward to the ornate door. Logic dictated that this door would lead into the tower and inside the tower Ludo was sure he would find the black hearted Hobgoblin ‘Vlack’.

    Ludo approached the door, carefully brushed the cobwebs away, crouched down and pressed his head against the door to listen for any sounds coming from the other side. He inserted his dagger between the doorframe and door to feel for any trap triggers, finding none he stepped back and quietly opened the door.

    “Miklos, I think we may need some light from here on in, can you help with that”?

  3. Feldard

    When Feldard got close enough to see the doorway and what Ludo was doing he moved up along the line to hiss low at the rogue. “What are you doing? That door hasn’t seen use in how many years? And with all the goblins about you don’t think thats odd? It’s probably the entrance to some dark temple. We should leave it alone.”

    However, even as he spoke this, he realized that actually his reasons spoke more for investigating the building further. He gave a deep sigh. “Nevermind. I’ll keep rearguard.”

    The dwarf resumed his position at the back as the group entered.

  4. Stephan

    As soon as Ludo asked Miklos for some light, the fighter fumbled around for his light stone and, holding it tight in his fist, let a single beam out between his fingers to illuminate the dark beyond the door.

  5. Hasan, Miklos and Maruc

    Miklos passed a lightstone to a member of each rank of the party – Hasan and Ludo leading, probing silently in the dark; Maruc and Stephan striding forward in their heavy mail; and he and the dwarf in the rear, the strangest pair of them all, in his mind.

    Maruc gingerly followed Ludo into the tunnel. He worried that they were nearing ancient holy ground to the mad jackals that had built this place. “Careful, Ludo,” he hissed. “The dead may walk in this place. Let me face them first.”

    Hasan moved ahead, easily keeping pace with Ludo despite his misgivings. The elf wished he carried a spear. His bow was less useful in these close quarters, but a weapon with some range was nice. The elf drew his sword, instead.

  6. Ludo

    Ludo with a murmur of “thanks Miklos”, took the light stone from Miklos. He advanced with sword in hand into the room shining the light before him, his senses alert for danger.

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