Arrows To Swords

Ludo grunted as the arrow hit, focusing past the pain he quickly moved to the left side of the group, the idea being that he would present a moving target for these bandits, making it less likely that they would hit him again. His training kicked in and whilst on the move he quickly shot more arrows at the bandits leader, “take this dog down and most likely the others will run” was his only thought.

Shocked at the effrontery of the riders, Stephan took quick side step and knelt to achieve a lower profile that still afforded a stable launch for one of his new, enchanted arrows.

“I’ll let it fly but I must find it afterwards,” he muttered to himself as the arrow flew at the leader. The aim was good but he couldn’t help but notice how the arrow seemed to curve between the air to find its target. Lodging in the upper arm of the leader, Stephan worried the man might break it in tearing it out.

Groaning with more disgust than pain, the leader, for the moment, paid no mind to the arrows peppering his body. The man fought on despite the inconvenience of a few wounds.

And so too did Stephan and the companions.

Hasan gasped in pain and shrank back behind the heavily armored priest to his left. “Your damn scruples are a bit inconvenient at times like this,” the elf grunted at Maruc, as the elf drew his bow and fired, while the cleric huddled behind his shield, with no arrows to bring to bear. “I thought your Halav was a warrior god!”

Maruc winced at the elf’s words, but guarded his speech. As he watched the elf and humans fire away with cool glee, he could admit to a slight pang of jealousy. But the thunk another deflected arrow made off his sturdy iron-wrapped wood was a comforting sound for this priest, a warrior to the bottom of his soul. He gripped his morningstar anew and waited for the first horseman to fall.

Seeing the riders raise their bows towards him and his companions, Feldard let loose with his crossbow bolt. He didn’t wait to see how well his aim was, nor did he attempt to fiddle with loading another. He dropped the crossbox and pulled his axe, even as an arrow pierced into a joint of his armour. Heedless of it, he charged the riders with a dwarven shout.

Feldard became the obvious choice of target for the riders. Another volley of arrows came, and but Feldard charged on regardless, focused on closing the distance, still letting out his dwarven roar.

With his charge and shouting, he hoped spook the horses somewhat. These didn’t look to be warmounts. If he could spook the horses, the riders would be forced to hold the reins and leave off firing at him and his companions.

As he came within melee range a third volley came – with fewer arrows this time, now that most were having to keep their horse from bolting, and still the dwarf kept on, the pain of his wounds fueling his battle rage. Thankfully his hard armor had offered him some protection.

Being mounted his foe was mostly out of reach but the mans legs and lower torso was fair game…

Miklos fell back as the arrow protruded from his thigh. Yet even so he had enough sense of mind to call on his magic. The riders were yet out of range of his web spell, so he quickly recalled an alternative. He pointed towards the leader and from his fingers – flew a magical missile, which impacted the man without fail.

The leader was now gravely wounded, and so moved his position backward while ordering the others to charge forth. The remaining foes switched their bows for swords, looking to engage their opponents in melee combat from atop their steeds.

An arrow from the elf, struck the leader in the neck, cutting him off from belaying any further orders. It was too late though, the riders were not looking back at him any more, instead focusing their attention to the battle ahead.

Feldard raised his axe to confront the closest rider, dodging around the flailing front hooves of the horse as he swung his blade. As the rider had leaned forward to swing at the dwarf, Feldard cleaved the man’s arm off at the shoulder. The man fell off his steed and would fight no more, leaving six riders to contend with.



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6 responses to “Arrows To Swords

  1. 12:41pm, Tserdain, the 20th of Thaumont, 1001AC
    Light scattered showers, cool and windy

    Feldard -5hp

    Note: Miklos didn’t fire his web yet because the riders weren’t in range. He can fire it this round if he chooses.

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 21,735/24000
    Miklos: 21,800/40000
    Feldard: 21,960/34000
    Hasan: 21,065/32000
    Stephan: 20,890/32000
    Ludo: 20,420/40,000

  2. Ludo

    As the riders charged into melee, Ludo discarded his bow and drew his dagger. As one of the riders came within reach, Ludo with a running leap vaulted onto the back of a horseman, grabbed the rider around the waist and dragged him off the horse to ground. As the horseman fell he lost his axe in the dirt. Pulling a dagger of his own he charged Ludo.

    In the dust of the melee, surrounded by the throng of horsemen they fought; each looking for an advantage over their opponent. Ludo ducked as his attacker swung widely, the sunlight glinting off the blade and then counter attacked by wrestling his opponent, grabbing his attackers arm. Feeling his strength falterer as the struggled together he deperately and viciously head butted his opponent across the bridge of the nose, with a sickening crunch he felt his opponents nose break. Taking this opportunity Ludo thrust his dagger into the gut of the horseman and watched him collapse to the ground.

  3. Feldard

    Feldard turned to the next opponent. The horserider this time, had learned from his companions mistake and urged his horse forward to trample the dwarf, but Feldard wasn’t just going to stand still for that. With a grunt, the dwarf swung his axe… not for the man.. but for the horses front legs. It was ashame to have to harm the beast to get to the man, but Feldard did what had to be done.

    The horse’s shrill scream rent the battle din as the dwarfs’ battle axe cleaved its front legs. It reared onto it’s hind, flailing it’s bloody stumps in the air before crashing down onto its knees.

    Feldard moved in and struck for the rider next.

  4. Hasan & Maruc

    Two horse-held men bypassed the mad dwarven charge and rounded on Maruc and Hasan, hurtling in from the pair’s left. Maruc grinned as the swords whistled their greeting from 20 feet. The mounted swordsman charged together, on the elf and cleric’s left and right. The sword to the left swung and landed on the cleric’s shoulder, but the morningstar hit harder. The rider held on to his mount, barely, slumping listlessly to the coal nag’s right. On the right, Hasan’s arrow gashed through the swordsman’s leather jerkin. But the man’s swing was true, and Hasan lost his feet as the ensuing uppercut caught him full in the chest. Hasan staggered to his feet as the horses wheeled.

  5. Stephan

    Stephan used his bow as long as he could. His last arrow was shot at nearly point-blank range as one of the mounted assailants bore down on him. The arrow sung through the cool air and found its mark in the upper left chest of the rider.

    But this did not dissuade the attack and Stephan had to roll to his right, discarding the bow, to avoid being trampled. The rider had to turn his mount to afford attack with his sword arm giving Stephan time to ready his own blade and new shield.

    The shield seemed light and veritably flew into position to block the attack.

    Clack! The sound of the man’s sword on his shield was sharp and decisive. Stephan’s counter strike cut deeply into the man’s calf as well as into the horse’s flank. Both horse and man reeled in pain, the horse rearing violently. Unable to maintain the saddle, the man was cast to the moist ground. Stephan lost no time in again striking, he delivered a horrible cut to the man’s chest but still he rose to fight…

  6. Miklos

    Amid the clattering and confusion of the battle, Miklos found himself cut off from his companions. Looking left, he saw two horsemen between himself and Maruc and Hasan. Looking right, just one, already dismounted, between himself and Stephen. The mage released his webspell on the man and saw him quickly ensnared.

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