Ow.. Hey! Ow.. Aargh!

Feldards worst nightmare and then some came into being, when the floor gave out and he dropped into the stream. Fear had him gripping his axe on the way down. When he managed to get to his feet and his head was above the water level, he thought what a stroke of luck… until the first of the nibbles came. “Ow.. Hey! Ow.. Aargh!”

The dwarf tried flailing at them with his axe but slicing through the water slowed the axe and altered its trajectory – he was lucky he didn’t hack off his own limb.

Ludo heard the trap door slam shut, and whirled around in disbelief, swearing he immediately rushed into the tunnel to search for the release mechanism to open the trap door safely. “Hasan, Stephen quick, get a rope he managed to gasp”, as he frantically searched for the release switch. Finding the switch, he pulled it and saw the hatch swing open. After opening the hatch, Ludo looked down into the dark water for the dwarf. “Feldard where are you, are you OK?” he yelled.

Hasan watched the fish turn the water below into a frothing mass of fins and tails. Suddenly, the elf began rifling through his pack. Finding what he was looking for, the elf dumped his packet of rations in the river. It pained him to see the last of his Elyan biscuits float to the top, only to be carried rapidly away, wholly ignored by the devilish fish. But his offering lured away at least a few of Feldard’s predators.

“Get me outta here! They’re biting at every crevice they can find!” Feldard cried out reaching up with one hand toward the log overhead.

The dwarf cry and splash were enough to have Maruc hunting for his rope. He looped it into a swift bowline and wrapped the loose end round his waist then cast the remainder past his milling friends and into the blackness beneath. It was fortunate the dwarf could see in the dark.

He glanced about him. “Stephan. Brace the rope with me.” The he cried down the hole “Feldard! Grab the loop and tell us when to pull.” He waited until the dwarf had secured himself. It was a long time as the dwarf floundered in the swift inky water hunting for the loop.

Maruc felt a tugging and nodded to Stefan to take the strain. “Now.”

They pulled bloodied dwarf from the swell.

Seeing Stephan was taken with more urgent matters Miklos stood rearguard. He mentally prepared a sleep spell in case of a surprise attack from behind.

The mage then heard a goblin shout in the distance. He then heard the sounds of crude goblin armor clanking as both doors to the room began to move. The pile of obstacles that had been piled against the entry started to shift. The goblins would be inside at any moment.



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9 responses to “Ow.. Hey! Ow.. Aargh!

  1. 7:45pm, Soladain, the 17th of Thaumont, 1001AC
    Heavy clouds, windy

    Feldard -13hp

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 20,505/24000
    Miklos: 20,580/40000
    Feldard: 20,645/34000
    Hasan: 19,775/32000
    Stephan: 19,590/32000
    Ludo: 19,125/20,000

  2. Stephan

    Stephan hustled back to get his shield and sword ready again after having hoisted Feldard up. He knew Feldard would be delayed having just been extracted from an unpleasant experience. He readied his light stone to blind the first goblin that tried to enter.

    The pile-blocked door shuddered at the impact from what seemed like 30 or more goblins given the cacophony of voices. He could make out some of the goblinese shouts.

    “I smell the vile elf in there! Knock it down Bowlaak!” Another voice spat, “And I smell dwarf. Sick wet dwarf. I smash it! I break its skull! We’ll slide it its blood.”

    “They might have reinforcements.” Stephan shouted to the group. He looked to Miklos, hoping the mage was preparing something for them. Just then the door burst open part way. Luckily, the piled debris required more pushing before the goblins could make a full entry. With his light stone in his shield hand, Stephan directed the light with his cupped hand directly into the eyes of the first goblin face he saw in the doorway. The goblin cringed at the light and violently turned, knocking back at least two of his mates.

    “Baal al tu luuck ta!” Stephan shouted in goblin. “Prepare to die!” And then he added “Yulatuk vo!” which in goblinese refers to the arcane wizardry goblins so dread. Stephan hoped that the ploy would work — the that goblins would think some magic was being cast on them other than a bright light in the eyes. He was rewarded for his efforts. The goblins fell back a bit even before getting the door completely open. Stephan launched his shoulder against the portal, slamming a goblin arm at the wrist. The mace it was holding fell clattering to the stone floor.

    Stephan turned to see the progress of the others. “Can we get past that trap door?” We’re gonna have a lot of company any second!”

  3. Feldard

    Feldard, once hauled up through the trap door, rolled away from the opening and lay prone on the tunnel floor breathing heavily from the ordeal. Blood seeped freely from numerous piranha bites.

    The shouted warnings from his companions urged him to his feet. He hurried his way back through the tunnel to meet the goblin threat. “Ludo, we need you to check to see if the rest of the tunnel is safe. We may need to fall back to whatever is beyond that door if we get overwhelmed again.”

    The dwarf exited the tunnel just as the goblins poured out through the prison room they had just left. With a bellow he charged forward to meet the goblins with his axe swinging – the rush of battle pushing the weariness of his muscles and the pain of his wounds from this mind.

  4. Stephan

    Incredibly, Feldard, still dripping was single-handedly taking on what seemed like flash flood of goblins from the northwest door. Stephan tried to keep the northeast door shut but it was apparent that it too would soon burst open. When one of the goblins from the other door launched at him, he had to abandon the door and fight.

    As he engaged in the death dance of melee, the northeast door flew open, this time pushing the remaining obstacles away allowing another flood of goblins to enter.

    “By Halav! Die, gobs!”, Stephan bellowed while making a fighting retreat toward the tunnel. “We may need to get back in that river, Feldard!” He shouted but was pretty sure no one could hear.

  5. Ludo

    Ludo was stunned at the number of Goblins rushing into the room. Shaking his head to clear the tunnel vision desending upon him he plugned headlong into the hollow log. He foucused his mind on the job at hand and searched for any more traps and to unlock the door at the far end.

    Yelling to the others “the tunnel is clear”, with the din of battle prohibiting him from hearing anything that might lie beyond the door, he trusted to luck and with sword in hand opened the door and advanced into the room at the end.

  6. Hasan

    Hasan was torn – stand and fight with his longtime companions – or follow and protect the impulsive thief. A half measure was all he could offer against the goblins from where he stood, and so, calling on his heretofore unused ventriloquism skills, he cast his voice to the opposing wall. In clear, elven Common, he laughed, “ha ha ha! The little goblins shall perish now. You didn’t look behind you…” The elf laughed again, and turned and rapidly followed Ludo into the chamber beyond, trusting his companions would follow soon.

  7. Maruc

    DM: I have imcorporated Feldards post

    Feldard, once hauled up through the trap door, rolled away from the opening and lay prone on the tunnel floor breathing heavily from the ordeal. Blood seeped freely from numerous piranha bites. Freeing himself from the coils of rope the priest swiftly blessed him with the remaining power that Halav had gifted him. Colour flushed the dwarf’s face and Maruc breathed a sigh of relief. “Welcome back. Again.” he said.

    The shouted warnings from their companions urged Feldard to his feet. Pushing the priest aside he hurried his way back into the chamber to meet the new goblin threat. The surprised priest barked protestations at his back.

    The dwarf emerged from the tunnel like a pit demon. Blood smeared and stained with river grime his gleaming axe blazing with ancient runes, the priest at his shoulder. His expert veteran eye swiftly assessed the situation. “Ludo.” he commanded. “We need you to check to see if the rest of the tunnel is safe. We may need to fall back to whatever is beyond that door if we get overwhelmed again.”

    He met the goblins just as they poured out through the the forced door and into the woodsman. With a bellow he charged forward, his axe swinging – the rush of battle pushing the weariness of his muscles and the pain of his wounds from this mind.

    Maruc knew Ludo would need more that a few moments the secure the trapdoor. He rushed in next the Stephan lending the weight of his charge to close the door. Fortunately being the the prison door it had been reinforced. Unfortunately for the goblin who’d trapped his arm there came a sickening crunch as Maruc made contact. The ruined half of its arm hung limply in its socket of flesh. Maruc lost is footing as a determined counter push bounced him away. The door flung open. The armless goblin had fainted and spralled into the room. Its battle fevered kin trading him into the dust in their attempt to enter. Too eager they were as Feldards mage-axe bit into their ranks. Maruc rammed the edge of his shield into the second but was slowly pushed back by the tide of the foe. “Miklos! Miklos! A little help please!”. Help came unexpectedly from Stephans sword. The priest nodded his thanks and swung his mace into the mass.

    They were so thick pressed he couldn’t really miss.

  8. miklosdostevar

    Miklos eye’d the press calmly. He’d anticipated the rear assault and had stood to one side. The side where the blocked door faced him. He waited to see if Stephans ploys would delay them enough for Ludo the complete his task. He doubted it. He groaned inwardly as Feldard, obviously revived by Maruc by the colour of him sprang from the shadows and started hacking and slashing. No subtlety that one he thought.

    Tactically speaking, it was impossible to calculate how many goblins lay beyond the door. But he could handle, say, half a dozen with the sleep incantation he had prepared. All he needed was a clear line of sight to as many of them as possible. But guess who was in the way. Oh well, never mind. He toyed with the idea of letting the dwarf enjoy himself. But taking in the haunted look that played around Maruc’s eye’s he guessed the Halavs’ favours for the day were done.

    “Stand BACK I say!” he commanded his voice ringing clear and cutting through the battel din.

    The combatants paused. It was strange. Miklos thrust his spell into the goblin ranks through the door, over the head of the bewildered dwarf.

    There was a clatter of dropping weaponary.

  9. Stephan

    At the sound of collapsing goblins wrought by Miklo’s magic, a sudden but short silence fell upon the chamber. The silence was broken by Ludo’s announcement of a clear tunnel.

    Gathering his wits, Stephan started making his way for the tunnel, trailing Hasan who was already at the other end. “Time to leave, I think.” The sounds of more goblins was already growing stronger.

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