Maruc’s eyes adjusted to the gloom within the guardroom. The elf had spied a captive and Maruc swiftly went to see if another poor, wayward soul had be tormented by the goblins. This one had not been so fortunate as Ludo.

“What’s that? A prisoner?” inquired the elf.

Miklos eye’d the stranger suspiciously, rags or no. He could be in the employ of the goblins. Or perhaps the Yellow Robed Man in disguise? He turned to Ludo and quitely whispered out of earshot, “Do you know this man? Were you ever confined together? This all seems a little convenient if you have not. Perhaps hastily contrived? We’ve met the cunning artifice of goblins before.”

Hasan leaped past Ludo and moved hastily to the cell. “Come now, come out, help is here,” the elf urged the ragged prisoner.

While the others looked to the prisoner, the dwarf kept an eye out from the doorway for goblins returning.

As they approached the cell, they saw the figure was that of an old Traladaran woman. She was trying to tell them something, but her voice was strained. She pointed at the tree in the middle of the room. A group of seven goblins rushed out from behind it, ambushing the group.



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7 responses to “Ambush!

  1. Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 20,410/24000
    Miklos: 20,515/40000
    Feldard: 20,540/34000
    Hasan: 19,730/32000
    Stephan: 19,485/32000
    Ludo: 19,045/20,000

  2. Ludo

    Ludo, immediately springs into action with a yell of ‘watch out!’ he leaps to meet the Goblins head on and engages the first Goblin in combat. Blocking a clumsy attack with his sword, he sidesteps to the left and thrusts his sword into the chest of the goblin facing him.

  3. Stephan

    Stephan, had not crowded in close to see the strange woman but was, nonetheless, curious enough about it to be taken slightly unawares by the ambush.

    “Gobs!”, he shouted while trying to spin and establish solid footing. The first goblin to connect with him delivered a deafening thunk on Stephan’s shield. The blow sent seismic pain up his arm but the adrenalin in his veins dismissed it allowing him to slice through the goblin’s shoulder with a sweep of his blade.

  4. Feldard

    Feldard, still in the doorway keeping watch, heard his companions shouted warning, and whirled about to see the pack of goblin ambushing the party. Bah! He longed for his crossbow at the moment; but he was without it, so instead he charged the ambushing goblins from the flank as they reached the first of his companions.

    He swung his axe with ferocity at the tailing goblin, bellowing his usual dwarven warcry – that should give the attackers pause.

  5. Hasan

    The closest goblin hissed his unintelligible rage and struck the elf with an iron-spiked cudgel. Hasan shrank from the blow and gathered. The elf’s studiedly cool combat visage dropped, and the elf’s rather thin bellow joined the goblin in an unnatural duet. The enraged elf’s sword crashed down unstoppably until the goblin’s chorus failed.

  6. miklosdostevar

    Already on edge Miklos was not as surprised by the assault as he might have been, he ducked behind Stephan and free’d his staff. Lurking behind the stout fighter he used the length of the staff to jab at the goblins as they pressed thier attack ensuring he didn’t get within range of their sharp knives.

  7. Maruc

    Maruc cursed and sprung to his feet, “By Halav you shall pay!” he cried as he lauched himself into the fray. He wrong footed the first goblin, swaying out of the way of its brutal swing. He crashed his flail into its side and rounded on the backswing allowing the momentum of the attack to take the weapon round to deliver a bonecruching deathblow. It was a trick he’d seen Feldard do, he hoped the dwarf didn’t mind the pagerism.

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