Dire Wolves

With shocking realization, Ludo knew that Miklos was in mortal danger. From his experiences from his father’s estates, he knew that wolves were intelligent, cunning and ruthless animals. They would naturally attack the most vulnerable target, in this case Miklos. Ludo exhaled sharply in the cool night air, shot his arrow into the closest wolf as it made its way toward the spellcaster, and quickly notched another to his bow whilst continuing to look for a target.

With the riders down and wolves charging, Feldard moved from his cover and did his best to reload his crossbow. Hurry.. hurry. There! He raised the crossbow and aimed as the first of the wolves crested their small hill. Release! Feldard didn’t wait to see if his aim was true, he dropped his crossbow in favour of his axe and began to rush forward to intercept the wolves charge on Miklos.

Maruc raised his shield and swiftly stepped in front of Miklos. Timing the impending collision of the lead wolf, he bunched his legs and launched himself forward as the beast cannoned into him. Maruc was jarred against the impact. Despite being stunned, the wolf’s reactions were lightning fast and a paw wrenched open Maruc’s shield and it bit hard into the priests steel pauldron. Maruc rammed the shield rim into its head to loosen its vice-like grip. It wouldn’t budge and it began to rake the priests breastplate with its heavy claws. In desperation he brought his knee up sharply between the wolf’s legs. It took three attempts to encourage it to let go. He spun on his heel and brought his flail around in a wide fast arc and down on the creature catching one of its legs which snapped at a sickening angle.

Grateful for the priest’s intervention. Miklos backed away. Glancing to the left he saw Feldards mage-wrought axe cleave with ease through the toughened hide of the dire wolf facing him. To his left Stefan fared less well, but fought valiantly none-the-less. Miklos backed away further as Maruc was forced back by the wolf biting and clawing at him.

If he got the chance he’d have to thank him for saving his life. Not for the first time either.

The beast shot forward and fastened its jaw to Maruc’s thigh, the priest cried out and slammed the flail again and again into its spine until its back legs gave way.

Stephan kept a steady breath as he let fly three arrows before the wolves had to be engaged. A split second behind the action of Feldard, Stephan followed suit–dropping this bow and hefting melee weapons. In his case, sword and shield.

He rushed forward. Seeing the first wolf nearly downed by Maruc, and the second well in hand by Feldard, he took on the third. The snarling beast lunged in an impossible arc through the air. Stephan stepped sideways bringing his blade down, striking the lupine in midair.

“Blessed, Halav! The hide is tough!” Stephan thought as his sword did little damage on this first attack. The beast landed with a sickening sound of growling hatred and scrabbling claws. Turning on Stephan, the thing again lunged with a cunning twist that caught Stephan off guard…

Hasan saw the wolves close the distance in a trice, but they never reached his sword’s striking range. Which was all the same with the elf, who saw the fury with which the creatures attacked his companions. Maruc faced one just 10 feet away and could scarcely hold it away from the nearly defenseless mage. As the wolf latched its jaw into the priest’s leg, it finally presented a clear target. Hasan drilled an arrow into the creature’s outstretched neck. It yelped loudly and ran off away from the direction of the lair.

With only one dire wolf left to contend with, just as they thought the battle practically over another wolf sprinted out from the lair entrance.



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8 responses to “Dire Wolves

  1. Maruc -4hp
    Stephan -3hp

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Ludo: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 20,175/24000
    Miklos: 20,290/40000
    Feldard: 20,265/34000
    Hasan: 19,450/32000
    Stephan: 19,230/32000
    Ludo: 18,755/20,000

  2. Hasan

    “On now,” hollered Hasan, and the elf charged forward. “We have no surprise now. We need speed, before they ready for us.” The elf raced past Stephan and the rest of his companions and launched himself at the charging wolf. They met just past the log bridge, where Hasan tried to dodge and rake his sword alongside the wolf. The great canine’s agility matched the elf’s, however, and both assailants fell backward, bloodied but neither broken. Hasan’s recovery was faster, though, and as he stepped in to swing his sword yet again, he also shifted his position to close off access to the bridge. Hasan stepped onto the bridge, hoping his companions would protect his backside from another assailant.

  3. Ludo

    Ludo, seeing that surprise is lost, draws his swords and charges down the slope from his position of concealment. He jumps across the still sleep induced Goblins, nimbly crosses the bridge and steps into the shadows to the left of the gateway using the walls of the compound as cover and protection. Taking a quick glimpse around the edge of the gate, he assesses the inside of the compound, calculating the number of Goblins, and looks for Vlak.

    DM – If he encounters any Goblins on the bridge he will engage them in Melee combat.

  4. Feldard

    Feldard with his short stumpy legs was slower at making it down the slope, but whereas the others ran past the sleeping goblins, Feldard ensured the devious creatures would not be a hinderance later.

    For a moment, as he did a head count of the group and assessed the situation, Feldard felt his heart stop when he could not account for Hernane, then came the remembrance that she had left the group. Feldard gripped his axe tightly, and charged once more after the group, moving into a position to provide protection to Miklos.

  5. Stephan

    Stephan, wincing a bit, rushed to help Hasan secure the strategic at the bridge. Approaching the high-stakes dance between the wolf and elf Prince, Stephan attempted to match the flow of the sparring rather than just rushing in. Seeing Hasan move to the left, Stephan moved to the right–slightly behind the snarling hell-beast. He wait fractions of a second, trusting in the Prince’s ability. Sure enough, Hasan managed a telling blow to the wolf that put the fiend within striking range of Stephan’s sword. With an intelligible yell, he lunged, swinging the blade into the lupine’s left thigh. The beast erupted a sickening, brief howl and Stephan knew he’d dealt a deep slice.

    In a strange and rapid mimic of the children’s game ‘paddle ball’, Stephan and Hasan used the wolf as the ball, their weapons as paddles–each vying to whack the object of ‘play’ with as much force as possible. The wolf was helpless, having been caught in a trap of sharp steel. Despite it being all muscle–taught sinew pushing hard at the world — the beast soon succumbed, trying in it’s last breath to deliver one more snap of the jaw. One more rake of the claw.

  6. Stephan

    [OOC: Um….I meant “unintelligible yell”. The other typos are more acceptable.]

  7. miklosdostevar

    Thinking quickly Miklos urged Feldard and Maruc to aid securing the bridge. “I thank you for your protection but we must get out of the open into a more defensible position. Least ways we must stop those creatures summoning more of their breathren.” Taking his staff he followed the others toward the desparate melee which seemed to be drawning to a close as the creature yelped and collapsed.

  8. Maruc

    Maruc nodded and limped his way toward the bridge his leg started to throb as the excitement of the battle subsided and his shoulder ached. He couldn’t help admiring the deft skill displayed by the lithe elf and the burly woodsman as finished off the newcomer. “It seems our intervention was unnecessary.” he grinned. “Come let us enter and see if we cannot locate the escapee! Pehaps we may surprise our yellow garbbed foe?”

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