Miklos’s New Trick

“Look to your weapons!” he shouted as he hurdled towards the group. “They are not far behind me”! Quick as flash, considering how tired he looked, the young man spun around toward the growling sounds of wolves and the clanking of armour, drew his bow and notched an arrow.

He was a young man around 18 by the looks of him, dressed in worn dark grey leather armour, with two short swords strapped to his hip. He looked over his shoulder, “if we have to break for it, head back that way to the small hill a half mile back. That will be where we regroup, this lot coming are in no moods to take prisoners”.

He quickly counted the arrows in his quiver, and muttered, “damn. Only seven. Guess that will have to do”

Feldard grunted at the mans’ assumption that he could order the group about. As for looking to his weapons, the crossbow had been loaded and cocked at the ready since entering this cursed and forsaken forest. The crossbow was currently pointed towards the stranger. “Who are you? What are you doing this deep in Dymrak?”

The surrounding unnatural stone sent the medley of clank, crack and growl in direction-less echo. Stephan could not help but glance backward along the path as the bouncing sounds tricking him into suspecting some emanated from there.

In a flash, an arrow was nocked in Stephan’s bow. He quickly looked about for any amount of cover. Not much. But he was able to step quickly off the path and kneel behind a narrow stone trunk and a bit of sparse rock tangle which once lived as a wan bush.

Mentally, he checked that the light stone was in his left pocket. “Yes, I felt it there only a minute ago,” he thought to himself. He might need it in this dimmed battle.

As the riotous combined sounds got closer, it became more clear that the they were coming from around the bend up ahead, as the young man said. Stephan drew back his arrow, waiting for a target.

The enemy of my enemy is probably, well, close enough for now, thought Hasan. Besides, Feldard looked to have the situation well at hand. The goblins, however, were a different story. A large group was coming. Hasan moved 20 yards off the pathway as quickly as possible. He would protect the group’s flank, and try to assure that no goblin could flee the encounter and warn the tribe.

“No time for introductions and pleasantries Master Dwarf, your traditional enemy is to your front”. As soon as a Goblin or Wolf appears around the corner, the young man with precision releases his arrow and notches another to his bow.

The newcomer reminded Maruc of a vivacious version of Nicolai, looking more stressed than wounded. He couldn’t help warming to him. Without a word Maruc shouldered his shield, noting with disappointment the chipped enameling and a burred groove on its rim. He readied the familiar weight of the chain-flail.

“Well, Miklos. This is more your thing.” the irony of their surroundings was not lost on the cleric.

“Gentlemen!” the mage called loudly. “What I’m about to try, none of you, or I, have ever experienced. I know the theory. I advise averting your gaze this is going to be bright … and loud!”

The mage estimated the ignition field area. If he placed this right, everything from him to the bend in the road some fifty to sixty feet away would be engulfed. Nerve and timing were everything.

Metal clad goblinoids with snarling faces yelled curses with spit and bile as they surged into view though the brittle forest. Yawing wolf maws with huge red tongues filled the air with the clamour of bloodlust and hunger. Forest dust filled the air as they approached with terrifying speed. Miklos almost forgot what he was doing. The familiar flit of arrows and the heavy twang twang of the crossbow brought him to his senses and he blurted out the first syllables of the spell…

A huge goblin with a notched two handed sea axe broke away from the charging line straight at Miklos. Maruc started to meet the foe, but was brushed aside which a contemptuous back hand slap. The brute’s eyes met Miklos’s, and it grinned. The seconds stretched as the dreadful weapon swung up and down

Squeezing his eyes shut Miklos finished the spell. The landscape froze in a blinding monotone tableau. Then came an awesome crack of thunder.

Then an eerie silence. Miklos opened his eyes. The goblin was gone. The wolves and their goblin riders had been virtually incinerated—a dozen crispy corpses all together. The narrow path through the stone forest had provided the perfect trap, forcing the goblins to come at the group in a line. Miklos could not have asked for better conditions for the first lightning bolt launch. One of the wolves was still alive, managing somehow to avoid the center of the energy blast. It shook off its dead rider, yelped and then ran away.



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8 responses to “Miklos’s New Trick

  1. Maruc: 10xp + 70xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp + 70xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp + 70xp
    Hasan: 10xp+5xp + 70xp
    Stephan: 10xp+5xp + 70xp
    “Running Man”: 10xp+10xp + 70xp

    Maruc: 20,095/24000
    Miklos: 20,200/40000
    Feldard: 20,185/34000
    Hasan: 19,365/32000
    Stephan: 19,160/32000
    Running Man: 18,665/20,000

  2. The Running Man

    Well done! I think you got the lot. I have never seen anything quite so… devastating. Quite impressive”. The young mans voice trails off, he places his unused arrow into his quiver and turning to you all he smiles warmly to you all.

    You can tell by closer examination that he looks quite tired and that there are marks on his face where he has been beaten. Still you can see that he looks upbeat and still full of energy. Even though he looks tired, you can tell by the way he carries himself and his demeanour that he is quite confident of his abilities and he seems to be studying each of you in turn.

    Master Dwarf, I think now is the time for some introductions; allow me to thank you for your timely intervention. My name is Ludo and what am I doing this far in the forest, well quite obviously I was running away from them” as he pointed over his shoulder at the still smouldering corpses. “Your arrival was most opportune as I fear the wolves were gaining on me and I was running out of breath. I can assure you that the Goblins reputation of hospitality is rather over rated and best avoided”.

    “Now may I enquire as to your purpose for being so deep in this part of the woods, it is unusual to say the least to see a Elf and Dwarf travelling together in such … harmony”?

  3. Hasan

    Hasan returned to the group and nodded a wordless acknowledgment of Miklos’s developing skill. The elf grasped the stranger’s offered hand, saying, “That dwarf and I have travelled dark paths together. In the dark, you don’t always see your differences. Not that he would notice them anyway, unless they were dwarf-inlaid with gold.” The elf laughed. “I am Hasan Elyan, Prince of the Radlebb Wood. My companions and I travelled here to find the goblins you brought to us, so we thank you. Have you been further in this cursed vale? We have come to find their home.”

  4. miklosdostevar

    Ozone hung in the air. Purple after images were etched across the mages eyelids. Bearly contained magical feedback numbed his fingertips. He flexed life back into his hands and grimly surveyed the results of his incantation. He nodded at the aknowledgement of his skills.

    “Did someone mention no prisoners?”

  5. Maruc

    “Blimey.” Maruc rubbed his eyes, “Some more warning next time Miklos. Thanks.” The odour of burnt meat hung in the air with a heavy grey mist. “Prisoners? Fetch me a pail and I’ll show you a prison!” The priest was too stunned to smile at his own humour.

    He turned to the newcommer. “Glad we could have been of service, Ludo.” and offered his hand in friendship.

  6. Feldard

    Feldard was stunned speechless after Miklos’ display of magic. He caught only part of the newcomers introduction and was slow to respond before the elf took it upon himself to greet the man named Ludo.

    Feldard snorted at everyone tripping over themselves to greet the newcomer. The dwarf noted that the man didn’t truly answer as to why he was in the area. Bah! Humans and elves were way too trusting of others.

    He moved off towards the bend in the path, peering from whence the goblins had come, his crossbow still at the ready. Then called back, “It won’t take long for that injured wolf to make it back to the goblin tribe. Let’s get moving.”

  7. The Running Man

    Ludo approaches “Miklos may I take it upon myself, to invite myself to join your merry band, as we seem to be going in the same direction before I was taken prisoner by this Goblin tribe. I was heading to the frontier seeking employment with the Dukes army as a scout. I fear that being this far out without companions my chances of arriving at my destination will be small. I of course will offer my blade and skills to your group for a equal share of any profit. My fathers groundskeeper trained me well in the art of woodland scouting and of identifying traps both of the natural and mechanical type and I do beleive my skills could benefit you and your companions”. If you are looking for this Goblin tribe their main camp is not far a few miles over yonder, however if you would like to approach them unseen you will need my skills and knowledge. How say you”?

  8. Stephan

    Stephan spat after breathing in the acrid air left by Miklos’ fireworks. He’d loosed only three arrows before the blinding flashed ended things. “That was quick”, he half muttered to himself. And fully to himself, “Hardly seems fair. A man must fight with blood in sinew…”

    He rose slowly from his kneeled position to greet the newcomer with the briefest of pleasantries mandated by human social custom. Turning to the smoking bodies, “I don’t suppose any of our arrows or Feldard’s bolts are recoverable.” He looked regardless for any that might be used again.

    Upon hearing Ludo’s offer — very hasty lad! — Stephan maintained a dour face — not difficult with the foul smell still hanging in the air — and looked to see Prince Hasan’s reaction. It was clear the dwarf was skeptical. After all, who was to say this Ludo would not lead them to a trap.

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