Finishing Off The Job

“Miklos,” hissed the elf, as he crouched and drew his bow off his back, hoping to squeeze off a shot at the retreating orcs. “Do not let them escape. Use the teeth to make a webwall.” The elf fired, and despite the light and his hurry, his aim was true. The arrow knifed into the lead orc, causing him to stagger to the side. The dwarfmaid Hernane quickly closed the gap and brought the orc down with a fell, reckless swing from her handaxe.

Miklos didn’t need asking twice. Who knows what denizens these orcs could call in for re-enforcements? The Mage barked a command word for his sleep spell which he knew was faster to cast and more effective in this situation.

As soon as the Orcs started to flee, Hernane pursued them she knew that they dare not allow any of the orcs to escape; else they bring even more reinforcements. If that happened, eventually the group would get overwhelmed.

Feldard moved after the fleeing orcs alongside Hernane. As the orcs succumbed to the sleep spell, the dwarves moved in to dispatch them as quickly as possible. This time none would escape.



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18 responses to “Finishing Off The Job

  1. Maruc: 10xp+5xp+20xp(combat)
    Miklos: 10xp+5xp+10xp+20xp(combat)
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp+20xp(combat)
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp+20xp(combat)
    Stephan: 10xp+5xp+20xp(combat)

    Maruc: 19,745/24000
    Miklos: 19,850/20000
    Feldard: 19,820/34000
    Hasan: 18,985/32000
    Stephan: 18,795/32000

  2. Hernane

    After finishing off the last Orc, Hernane slumped against the wall of the cave, tired beyond years, she took her water canteen and took a long draft, trying to ignore the shaking of her hand. She closed her eyes in exhaustion and immediately saw the terror stricken eyes of the Orc she had killed in her mind, she sobbed – once, this killing was not for her she thought. She slowly raised herself up, it was not seemly for the others to see her in this state – she knew Feldard would be strong and she did not want him to see her in this state. Hernane avoiding the webbing, slowly walk a few paces into the cavern listening for anything untoward, in truth she needed this solitude to gather herself.

  3. Feldard

    Feldard wiped down his axe blade on the coarse hair of a orcs head, then seeing that Hernane was already on lookout, set about hauling the orc bodies down into the midden pit. Before throwing them over, the dwarf did a cursory check of them – what he might be looking for the dwarf had no idea, their hunt of the goblins that had attack Sukiskyn had brought them to this cave – but why? And was their a connection between these goblin attacks and the Sons of Night? Feldards head with such thoughts.

    (Damn, we need a thief to do this job. So not Feldards nature)

  4. Feldard

    (bah – adjusted text – more readable)

    Feldard wiped down his axe blade on the coarse hair of a orcs head, then seeing that Hernane was already on lookout, he set about hauling the orc bodies down into the midden pit. Before throwing them over, the dwarf did a cursory check of them – what he might be looking for the dwarf had no idea. Their hunt of the goblins that had attack Sukiskyn had brought them to this cave – but why? Was their a connection between the goblin attacks, these orcs and the Sons of Night? Feldards head hurt with such thoughts. Best to leave such to the mage and cleric – that’s what they were good at.

  5. Stephan

    Sensing an end to immediate danger, Stephan sheathed his blade and turned to assist Feldard with dragging the bodies to the midden. He did so wordlessly. As he did, he checked each orc for the web tattoo — why, he couldn’t readily note but it seemed the thing to do.

    Once the work was done, Stephan did what he could to wipe his hands clean using some of the loose dirt in the mine. He shown his light stone about the room, checking for anything they may have missed.

    [OOC: Are there some orcs till alive but now bound up (by Maruc)?]

  6. The dwarves killed the last of the orcs, so there weren’t any left to bind.

  7. Hasan

    Hasan watched as Feldard and Stephan began their labor. “Bah,” he cursed to himself. “Filthy business.” He quickly passed by the fighters, and moved through the troglodyte’s teeth. “I’m off to see from whence these have come. Follow me. None will find those we’ve left behind.” He strode confidently up the corridor in which the party first encountered the orcs, knowing well that his comrades would be close behind.

  8. Stephan

    Stephan stood nonplussed for a moment. Muttering to himself, “Why are we tidying these Halav-forsaken place.” He turned and followed Hasan.

  9. Stephan

    [ahem…..”..*this* Halav-forsaken place.”

  10. Hernane

    Hernane having recovered from her moment of weakness and not wanting to see again the slain Orcs followed Stephen and Hasan. The sooner they were away from these cursed caves the better she thought to herself. “Feldard come on she called, we are wasting time”.

  11. Feldard

    Feldard grumbled as he kicked the last of the orc bodies over into the pit. He gathered up what little he had found in their possession worth keeping and followed after the group, taking rear guard position for now.

  12. Maruc

    Maruc cast his eyes over the result of the battle. The tattoo’d spider worshiping orcs were slain, their black blood made the floor slippery. As the others drew the corpses over to the pit Maruc studied each one for any clue as to what their purpose was and any connection with the information that had lead them here.

    …it was usless. The bodies revealed nothing, no tokens or hints as to the path ahead. The party was chasing shadows. Miklos was wrong to divert them here a second time. Halav had guided them here to save Hernane, nothing else. The plans of Vlaak would only be served by futher delay.

    “I see no benefit in delaying here any longer. We must press on after the goblins if we are to stop them.”

    He hefted his heavy shield onto his shoulder and turned to Miklos.

    “Are you satisfied with your searches?”

  13. miklosdostevar

    “No Maruc.” replied the mage indifferently.

    “Stephan himself has discovered something of his trinket. I’d be interested with the challenge of deciphering the runes on his statuette. You cannot deny the uncanny resemblance between it and the animations below? Would that we had ten Feldards below, eh? Perhaps we might have learnt the truth?”

    “Come now! We are all doubty warriors with ne’r a scratch on us! I say we seek further, perhaps we might discover the access to the statue chamber from the other side? Where’s your sense of adventure?” he offered.

  14. Stephan

    “Aye. I must say,” Stephan was a little shocked he was speaking. “If we but not touch the statues as we enter, perhaps we can learn more of what may connect my token to them.”

    Stephan kicked at some slag.

    “I mean, we came back in this dank place. Are we to leave with only having battled strange jackals and more webbed orc fiends? We’ve but scratched the surface. We came back in this place. Seems a pity to leave without knowing more. I say we high back to those devil statues and see what’s really about!”

  15. Hasan

    “Aye, the statues deserve a second look,” called back the elf, already backing away impatiently from the group. “But let us not ignore roving orcs, who present the clearer danger for now. I would learn what we can of them, before they mass against us. We can investigate the room further when the caves are safe.”

  16. Feldard

    “The statues protect something of value to someone. But I agree with Hasan, clearing the caves needs to be done. Perhaps in doing that we will learn the key to moving past the statues without triggering an attack.” Feldard called from the back of the party.

  17. Stephan

    “Aye,” Stephan nodded at Hasan’s and Feldard’s words.

    “Let’s find our gnome friend. He may be able to point out where the orckind may hide.”

    [sorry….I forget if that gnome (Tek…) was killed or not. If he was, please disregard.]

  18. Hernane

    Hernane was quite keen to get out of these caves, they were cursed! She turned to Feldard and said “Tekaryon still has a goblin trussed up, maybe we should go and interrogate it to find out where these greenskins are coming from and why they are here”. Plus we cannot expect that Tekaryon will be able to keep his prisoner for ever, sooner or later it will escape and bring his tribe to exact vengence on him”. With that statement she hefted her axe and made her way along the tunnels to where Tekaryon was last seen, regardless if the Goblin could tell them anything useful, she would not leave it alone with Tekaryon any longer.

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