Out Of The Chamber, Back Into The Pit

Stephan desperately fought to make a guarded retreat. Blood stung the corner of his eye where the jackal that had leaped on his face left that and many more lacerations across his countenance.

But as he fought to join Hasan in relative safety, he strained to see his own, smaller, jackal carving. And there it was!

His glance, however, cost him dearly. Two more jackals found there way to the few places his skin was exposed and proceeded to inflict damage like a weasel in a chicken coop. Tiny, vicious, knives of tooth and claw sent sparkles of pain ricocheting through his body. Nonetheless, he tried to kick his little statue, now beneath his feet, toward Hasan.

The relentless attack of the vermin was too much. He couldn’t be sure his boot even connected with the statue. And again, his effort of saving the little carving cost him. The jackals continued a hate-filled attack; one of them seemingly burrowing into the back of Stephan’s neck.

Flinging himself against the wall, Stephan was able to knock the most offending devil from his back but two others still clung to him. Plaster and some sort of decaying artwork cascaded to the floor from his impact. The shredded tapestry caught up his boots, tripping Stephan to his knees. More jackals leaped to attack somehow sensing a kill was near.

The priest leapt past Stephan. He jammed the edge of his shield into a grasping fiend sending it skittering angrily across the room. “Back off a second.” He looped the chain of his flail around the second and dislodged it enough to release its grip. Wedging the struggling creature against the wall he urged Stephan away.
The warrior gave space and Maruc ducked back into the tunnel and ran to the exit.
“Time to leave everyone!” he called.

Miklos scrabbled for the exit. This was no place for an unarmoured man. The floor had difficult footing but thankfully his natural clumsiness did not creep up on him as he threaded his way through the melee and the dubious safety of the tunnel. He made his way back to the midden and checked the rope. It was still secure. They couldn’t be caught down here and someone needed to guard it so hand over hand he scaled the rope with the lightstone gripped between his teeth.

With his battle axe too slow and cumbersome to effectively deal with these foes, Feldard tucked his axe between his armour and his pack for easy retrieval later then turned to using brute strength.

Feldard made his way towards the tunnel that the elf, then the humans made their escape down. Only Hernane and himself remained within the chamber and Feldard was going to ensure Hernane made it out before him.

Ignoring the ear piercing scratchings of talon and teeth on metal, and the occasional laceration that came along with having over half a dozen of the statuettes clambering over him, Feldard trudged his way to Hernane and with his gloved hands tore the creatures from her with a vengeance and flung them against the far wall. With the last of them off her, Feldard shoved her out through the tunnel and then barred the way past with his armoured body as he turned his attention to the ones that were swarming him.

But it seemed for every one Feldard managed to tear from him armour and beard, two more would take it’s place. The dwarfs only saving grace was that his armour protected him fairly well, only a small number of their attacks made it through and those were mostly minor but cumulatively they would wear him down if he could not manage somehow to get them off him to retreat.

Feldard stepped back into the tunnel, arms raised to protect his eyes as he peered at the tunnel around him to see if there were any structurally weak areas that he could exploit. If he could cause a tunnel cave-in much like the other side of the chamber that might keep the little devils contained.

So intent was Feldard in his study of the tunnels structure that he didn’t notice right away that the weight on his back and shoulders had lightened and that the tiny scramblings had ceased. But when he did, he looked back to the chamber.. and there they were standing once more around the chamber.. perfect little statuettes unmoving… just waiting. He gave a shudder then warily backed his way towards the midden pit, just in case the little devils changed their minds.

Hernane after being pushed through the tunnel by Feldard waited at the bottom of the rope she yelled “come on Feldard, its time to leave”! She then clambered up the rope and stood at the top gasping for breath looking down anxiously for Feldard. Turning to the others she queried them, “what was that all about, this place is cursed”.

Hasan offered a hand to the bulky dwarf as he stumbled from the room, but the dwarf passed him by. The elf turned to look back at what they had encountered. The statuary was so still and there amidst the newly-stirred dust clouds lay their tiny echo. Hasan stole back into the room and held his breath. Nothing moved, though his magic sight showed the fierce glimmering outlines around the statues all the while. The elf retrieved the charm. Stephan’s keepsake did not glow with the light of magic, but it was an interesting little bauble nonetheless. He walked out without a backwards glance.

Soon all of the party were out of the room safely. The statuary resumed their still poses in the alcoves of the old chamber.

Meanwhile, Miklos pulled himself over the pit lip and scanned the room above, just in time to hear the approach of a party of orcs.



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8 responses to “Out Of The Chamber, Back Into The Pit

  1. Hernane -3hp

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+5xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 19,670/24000
    Miklos: 19,765/20000
    Feldard: 19,760/34000
    Hasan: 18,905/32000
    Stephan: 18,720/32000

  2. Hasan

    Hasan saw nothing above beyond the pit’s rim, but the jangling, noisy progress of a band of orcs could be confused only with the ways of goblins. In either case, Hasan wanted to be on level ground with them, and he certainly didn’t want them to have a chance to dislodge their flimsy bridge to that level ground. “Up, up, up,” he urged. “Defend the rope, we have to get out of here!” He pushed those climbing the rope forward, trying to help as many up as he could.

  3. Stephan

    Stephan hastily accepted the statuette back from Hasan. A nod of thanks was all he could afford before following the Prince’s advice and scrambling out of the pit.

    He saw Miklos’ face before hearing the approaching orcs. “Blessed Halav,” Stephan blasphemed at the unpleasant thought of more battle. He genuflected the Halav sign telling himself to later repent to a greater degree for having muttered His name out of frustration.

    Drawing his sword and hefting his shield into place, Stephan tried to assess the approach of the orcs. How close were they? He glanced around the chamber looking for advantages. See a pile of slag, he alighted on top, making sure he had good footing, so as to have a height advantage. He was, additionally, poised to the side of where the orcs would likely enter, giving him more upper hand.

  4. Feldard

    Feldard agreed with Hasan’s assessment of the situation. Better to be fighting the orcs on level than to be trapped below. The dwarf impatiently waited his turn on the rope and clambered his way up as quick as his bulk would allow. It was by no means graceful or quiet but with the help of the others he managed to make it over the ledge of the pit before the orcs were on scene.

    Feldard moved away from the pit edge and pulled out his crossbow loading it as swiftly as possible. He’d likely only get one shot with it .. but the dwarf was quickly learning to take the advantage in a battle where ever and however it presented itself. A quick check assured him that his axe was easily at hand once the bolt was away. Feldard waited crossbow already in position.

  5. Hernane

    Hernane sighed with frustration, she knew the Orcs would be back. She hoped that they had not found Tekaryon and that he was safe. She quickly clambered up the rope after Feldard and crouched down beside him, pulling out her handaxe. The last encounter had unnerved her, what a choatic situation however facing Orcs in battle was something that she could make sense of. Let these Orcs come on, she would give them cold Dwarf iron. She glanced at her companions and noticed that everyone apart from a few minor scratches looked healthy enough. She could not help but admire the way that they all took up the best battle positions depending on their specific skills. Feldard has done well training this group she thought to herself.

  6. miklosdostevar

    Miklos silently cursed. Hasan rose from the pit, Miklos gestured the tunnel, which the marching was comming from. He silently drifted to the right, flipped his book open and prepared a sleep spell. He guestured the Hasan to take to the left.

    Feldard came next Miklos suggested the center ground with another gesture then continued with his study.

    It was always difficult holding a read spell in his mind under pressure, still the battle at Sukyskin had steeled his mettle and he prepared as best he could awaiting the shadows of the orc guard before he released his incantation.

  7. Maruc

    Maruc hauled his bulk up the rope, the armour slowing him down. With relief he elbowed himself to the lip and watched the warrior fan out in what could only be a preparation for a fight. The lack of talking and silent gestures suggested a potential surprise attack. The priest grunted as he brought his knee over the edge and crawled heavily to his feet. He swung his shield from his back and loosened his flail.

    He grinned darkly into the mouth the cave…

  8. Sorry for the delay in posting guys. Been real busy lately.

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