Axes versus Arachnid

Upon seeing the spider, Stephan cursed himself for not having a flame ready. He directed his lightstone at the creature.

The priest sidestepped as sticky strands filled the air.

“What’s it doing with its…” was all the fighter was able to vocalize before being engulfed in the numbing webs. He collapsed to the floor, his lightstone still clutched in his left hand; sword in the right. The stone glowed through some webbing that had clotted up around his hand. He feebly struggled, trying to use his sword to cut the bonds. But his struggles soon waned and Stephan lay still on the damp floor.

“Come on now, then,” urged the elf. “We have it now.”. Hasan quickly summoned a magical missile and released it, sighing with satisfaction as it buried itself in the arachnid’s skeletal surface.

Miklos wondered momentarily why the creature hadn’t tried this attack before when surrounded earlier. Everyone seemed to rush past him. There was no room so he grabbed the stricken woodsman and set about pulling the strands from the bound warrior clearing his face, neck and arms. “Come on Stephan, don’t give up. I can’t do this on my own you know.” he urged.

The stuff was hardening as he pulled at the strands and making the sort of sound that cloth makes when you tear it. “There we go! that’s one hand free at least.”

Hernane – as emotionally drained as she was, suddenly felt the fire of righteous anger course through her veins – bellowing out a dwarven battle cry she rushed past Feldard and Stephen and charged the spider determined to finish off the beast once and for all. She thrashed out her frustration and anger onto the creature as her axe rose and bit deep into the spiders thick hide. Hernane felt that if this creature which had caused so much suffering died then some of her problems would die with it. She refused to be seen by Feldard as some poor damsel requiring rescue when she was every bit as capable as he was. “Go for the eyes” she grunted more to herself than to anyone who might be listening “blind it—then decapitate it”.

Feldard was grateful for his quick dwarven reflexes at avoiding the spiders webbing but they weren’t quick enough to grab Hernane from her headlong rush towards the beast that had felled her twice. Did the woman not think? Perhaps she deserved his younger brother – he too was an addle-minded fool with oafish notions. With a deeper scowl than usual, Feldard grunted and moved in to finish off the beast before Hernane could get bit again.

While Hernane went for the eyes, Feldard headed for the side, and swung underhand going for the softer and more vulnerable underbelly of the beast. He unleashed his fury on the creature, again and again. Each strike, each dying shriek of the spider, dissipating some of his anger and tension.

Hernane had been gripped by some dwarven battle lust, and Maruc was not about to interfere. He could tell Feldard was alarmed, if not more angry than usual. If that where possible in the priest’s experience. He’d be too busy to overhear any of their conversations but whatever had gone between them had obviously not gone well.

Still, thought Maruc, its hasn’t dampened their aggressive spirits…. every cloud so they say.

The arachnid was cornered, its was hard to help amongst the churning blades of the dwarven battle axes. But he did his best, whilst avoiding its dripping fangs.

The battle went quickly and predictably. For the third time, Hernane was paralyzed by the spider. The dwarf and cleric benefited from the protection afforded by their armour and put the beastie down. As in the past, after several minutes, both spider victims recovered from the paralysis.



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11 responses to “Axes versus Arachnid

  1. Maruc: 10xp+10xp +500xp spider + saving miners
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp +500xp spider + saving miners
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp +500xp spider + saving miners
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp+10xp+500xp spider + saving miners
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp+500xp spider + saving miners

    Maruc: 19,515/24000
    Miklos: 19,610/20000
    Feldard: 19,610/34000
    Hasan: 18,730/32000
    Stephan: 18,550/32000

  2. Maruc

    Maruc smiled genuinely as Hernane recovered. He helped her out of the caves into the light of the late evening as it closed over the mountains creating long shadows. He took her to a quite hollow and spoke in low tones, “I don’t know what has passed between you and Master Feldard. I don’t wish to know. But unless you resolve this he will do something rash. Perhaps something I cannot save him from.” concern flushed across the priest’s face. “He has been reckless in his search for you. He is driven, an obsessive.”

    He paused wondering how far to push it. A life was at stake, he had no choice.

    “I fear that he will kill himself in some reckless act. I don’t know how to explain this to you in such a way that places some of the responsibilty with you, but can you do anything? I can’t lie to you but I’ve seen his recklessness with my own eyes. Help him if you can.”

    Maruc wondered at his own conviction, it must be some deep connection with the simplistic image of the world the dwarf presented, something Maruc wanted to capture and hold bah… too hard to understand. All he knew was Feldard needed help and this was the best he could offer. No magic he knew could solve this. He hoped it was enough to save the surly dwarf.

    But he doubted himself.

  3. miklosdostevar

    Relieved to be outside in the fresh air Miklos wondered if the spider-cult orcs would seek swift and brutal revenge on them as they slept. “Before we settle out here would it be easier to defend one of the miners chambers with the door just inside the entrance hall?” the Mage felt his stomach rumble and he was quite thirsty, “I need to meditate properly, amongst other things, and I’d rather do it undisturbed.”

    If possible Miklos would like to spend a secure evening revising all his spells: magic missile, sleep,web, web.

  4. Hernane

    Maruc, thanks for your kindness and well meaning words. I would wish no harm to fall upon Feldard, he is always been in my life and we have many fond memories together. He values his pride highly and his duty to his clan he values more than life itself.

    I too fear for him, my choice not to wed him has hurt him badly. I will do what I can to sooth his feelings but I fear he will not listen to me, but he had to know the truth for I could not live with myself if he were to fall protecting me out of some misguided sense of duty based on an arrangement between our fathers. I refuse to be treated as commodity. Also he has to grow up and soon he will realise that he did not love me either and both our lives will be richer and happier because of the events of today. Give him time Maruc, look after him; he needs his comrades now more than ever.

  5. Maruc

    <i. If we get a chance to revise spells Maruc will revise:
    cure light woulds, cure light wounds (both of which he will cast on himself), silence 15'r, hold person.

  6. Stephan

    Like Miklos, and indeed everyone save the dwarves who didn’t seem to notice much difference, Stephan breathed deeply of the fresh air.

    It was a bit ominous, however, to emerge at dusk. The need to secure “lodgings” for the night was pressing.

    “Hurmmm,” Stephan half grunted at Miklos’s suggestion of returning to the mine to stay the night. “The thought does not appeal to me. I’d rather make tracks before night fall and find some place to camp.”

    He turned and eyed the setting sun. Then the mine entrance.

    “Well, I think you’re right, Miklos. Our safest course is holing up for the night. We can stack some stones to serve as a barrier in the entrance.

    “Ugh. That stinking spider won’t be pleasant through the night.”

  7. Hasan

    Hasan led the goblin captive out of the mine and saw it shrink from the fading sunlight. He couldn’t feel anything but pity for the shriveled, stumpy being. “I will watch from the outside,” the elf announced as he saw his companions preparing to return into the mine. “I will rest better here than protected in there by the Duke’s own guard.”. Hasan handed the rope binding the goblin to Maruc. “Do not neglect this one. And watch for the orcs!”

  8. Hasan

    (Re spells, if possible, m missle, sleep, ventriloquism and levitate)

  9. Feldard

    (sorry – am out of town and internet is iffy at best while traveling)

    Feldard guarded the rear of the party as it emerged out into the open. He was grateful for the clerics overseeing of Hernane as they traveled through the mine. After her announcement earlier, Feldard was loath to be even in her company, much less assist her.

    He kept watch on the tunnel they just left as the humans talked of resting the night in a miners chamber. He snorted. Humans!

    “I’ll take first watch.” And with that said, Feldard moved on back further into the tunnel to keep an eye alert for orcs or more goblins. He’d wait until he was sure SHE was asleep before returning.

  10. Hernane

    Hernane, finding that she could not sleep got up and approached Feldard while he is on watch. (In Dwarvish) “I think it is about time we talked openly and honestly. I know you are hurt by my announcement; however I have tried before to tell you how I feel and my decision to leave Rockhome I thought would have made my feelings for our arranged marriage quite clear. I am sorry if I have hurt you. That was not what I intended and in time I am sure you will see this. I could see that in time we would both be unhappy in this arranged deal between our families, so even though now you are hurt and yes I know angry with me, I believe that you will feel differently in the future. I shall speak very highly of your bravery to your clan when I return to Rockhome, so that all shall see that this situation is not of your making and fault, I shall tell them how you tracked me down and rescued me, there will be disgrace on you or your honour.I hope in time you will find it in your heart to forgive me Feldard. I know you will make a wonderful brother in law”.

  11. Hernane

    Hernane meant to say :I shall tell them how you tracked me down and rescued me, there will be no disgrace on you or your honour”.

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