On the Exponential Relationship Between Energy and Mass

Feldard lay immobile, unable to move, despite the clerics healing. ‘A lot of good that did me!’ the dwarf silently fumed. The paralysis would eventually wear off—Feldard was certain of that.. but “when?” was the question eating away at him. Being hauled around by his companions like a sack of ore was not appealing to the dwarven warrior. But it seemed he had little choice in the matter.

Then the dwarf had a humorous revelation. Most likely the others would debate what to do at such length that the poison would fade before they even made up their minds. That notion while mollifying in someways was actually quite troublesome to the warrior in Feldard.

Hernane, lay silent waiting for the effects of the spiders venom to wear off, having been in this position before, she knew it would take a bit of time and there was nothing she could do to hurry up the process.

She thought that as soon as she could she would set things straight with Feldard and then hopefully stay with the group until she could safely make her own way back to Rockhome. In the meantime, she had gathered from conversations that the beast was still alive, injured and lurking somewhere nearby. She hoped the group would move in the opposite direction to where ever the spider had last be seen. She hoped that Feldard was ok, and could only inwardly smile at the frustration he must be feeling at his predicament.

Stephan felt the healing waves of Havlav through the works of his faithful servant, Maruc. “Halav be praised,” the gratitude was clear on the fighter’s face.

Considering the predicament, Stephan offered, “We leave the spider snacks here. Except for Hernane and Tekaryon, of course. I say we head out the only way we know. The spider is wounded and won’t seek a fight. And….”, Stephan was speaking as the thoughts came to him. “…we bring the lightest of the spider snacks,” he gestured to the still webbed humanoids, “to use as bait. It may be that the spider will be satisfied to get one back and we can make our retreat while it’s tidying up its food.”

He looked over the dead, web-tattooed orcs for any items they may have had to control the spider.

Stephan took a second look at Maruc. “Maruc, you are gravely wounded! Would that I could channel the healing power of Havlav to you, his trusted servant I see you’ve at least bound your own wounds. Don’t carry that, I can do if for you.”

The group was so diverse, with so many differing ideas on what to do and how to do it; they truly needed leader that would be acceptable to all. A person to make these decisions swiftly – keeping their goals in sight. Of course as Feldard lay unmoving, listening to the discussion unfold, he envisioned himself in such a role.

Stephan looked to Prince Hasan, who seemed to possess the rights of leadership in this group he’d joined. Perhaps this elf would see the logic of his suggestion to proceed out by the only known path. He hoped Hasan would lead them all.

Staring at the stricken Feldard for a moment, he could see a scowl fixed upon the dwarf’s face. ‘He’ll live,’ thought Stephan. But he’ll surely die one day with a scowl on his face. In the short time he’d known the dwarf, he had already started to dislike the low-stature humanoid. Not being one to find fault and pick fights, Stephan couldn’t quite identify what it was about the dwarf that irritated so much. He was glad, strangely, to see him immobile. Especially his mouth. ‘I’m sure he’d have something bitter and impatient to say if he could,’ thought Stephan.

Stephan, upon seeing not much decisiveness in Hasan, looked to Miklos. The mage’s obvious intelligence was magnetic. Surely he would see the wisdom in Stephan’s suggestion and have the sway to lead them out.

Hasan shivered at the human cleric’s warm, healing touch. There was no doubt this man had a strange bridge to the divine. He arose and flexed his arm. Already, the shoulder felt as limber as it had been before.

“Though I would return to see from whence these orcs have come, for now I would go toward the spider as well, Stephen. Fighting one is better than many, no matter how ominous that one may be. But I don’t think we can go anywhere before the dwarfs can move. So in the meantime, let’s enjoy the quiet,” the elf observed. He gathered up one of the lightstones, pulled out his spellbook, and flipped through the familiar pages. “Miklos, have you considered the implications of the creation of a missile from the vacuum? Do you think the energy and mass are substitutes?”

Miklos came over, quickly forgetting his surroundings. The two magicians were quickly knee deep in a discussion of physical theory. Tekaryon joined the conversation, but the mages soon tired of his excited shouting about an exponential relationship between energy and mass. They gave the gnome a lightstone, hammer, dagger and storm lantern, and the gnome happily wandered away, chatting all the while to Stephen, to Maruc, and to nobody in particular, about light refraction and color.

Tekaryon came back, 30 minutes later, from his wanderings. He had plunged the dagger into the lantern and wrapped it in the omnipresent, now luminous webbings of the great spider. The lantern cast a baleful green light, instead of the cool white tones the stone showed before. The gnome grinned at his colleagues, shifted the blade subtly, and cheery yellow sunlight burst forth. The gnome squealed with glee.

The two dwarves were once again able to move, only a bit at first, but it wasn’t long before they were back on their feet.



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9 responses to “On the Exponential Relationship Between Energy and Mass

  1. Hasan memorizes 1 magic missile
    Miklos can also memorize 1 1st level spell

    Thanks for giving Tekaryon something cool and gnomish to do. I’m afraid I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t been able to add as much to these posts as I would like.

    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+5xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 18,975/24000
    Miklos: 19,070/20000
    Feldard: 19,070/34000
    Hasan: 18,180/32000
    Stephan: 18,010/32000

  2. Maruc

    Maruc turned to Stephan. “Aye, it is pointless and foolish to venture further into the caves with no knowledge of what lies beyond and with no hope of a safe and swift exit. As I believe I have mentioned whilst we investigated the dungeons of Servastian and Hasan’s Temple. Never leave an enemy behind you. Well that’s my opinion, and stop fussing old chap I’m not about to collapse!”

  3. Hasan

    Hasan bound the orc to one of the spider cave’s teeth. There was nothing to do but leave it behind. He wasn’t happy doing it, as it seemed a likely death sentence, but who in this wilderness could guard a prisoner? Better to leave the orc here, where at least some small chance of rescue by his tribe remains, than to drag it kicking and screaming into the forest, where it would surely perish. The goblin was smaller, weaker, and more willing to be led out of the spider cave, however. Hasan looped the rope around the filthy bonds and followed the party out the room.

  4. miklosdostevar

    Miklos clapped with delight. “I see, I see. An interesting argument you pose, Hasan. And worthy of study. But for now…ahh Master Feldard is moving at last. Good. Good. Well I think its time we went our way eh? Excellent, Hernane are you well? Good.”

    Miklos collected the lightstones that the Gnome hadn’t used. “Very well we must exit and brave the spider. Maruc is quite right, we must look to our own safety first and investigate second. This is going to sound a touch mercinary, but there may be some value in searching the tunnels later. We cannot live off nothing and Vlaak can wait half a day at least whilst we discover if the mighty spider has any treasure. Because I have no doubt we shall meet it soon.”

  5. Feldard

    It was a relief finally be able to move once more. Feldards muscles were stiff and slow to respond at first but after a few good stretches and a bit of time, he was ready to continue on.

    While the dwarven warrior wanted to delve deeper into the cavern tunnels following where the orcs had come from, he had Hernane to think of. “I agree with our priest, we should turn back. Head to High Forge and rethink our strategy. Chasing after the goblins hasn’t brought us nearer to solving this mystery. And Hernane and Tekaryon must be brought to safety before we continue.” Did he really just say that? It was a surprise to even himself that he would wish to continue on with this madness of a quest even though he’d just found his betrothed.

  6. Hernane

    Hernane, with her muscles finally reponding slowly gathered herself together. She looked over at Feldard as she searched amongst the Orcs disgared equipment for some adhoc armour and weapons arming herself as best she could. She was not happy about returning to where the beasts was last seen and would rather continue on however she knew Feldards mind was already made up and knew he would not shift his view because of her. Observing that Feldard was relatively unhurt, she approached him “Feldard we need to talk, about us – our future. You deserve to know the truth, I have decided that I will not marry you, for my heart belongs to another. You have risked much and placed yourself in danger too many times for me to stay silent. My heart belongs to Grofnar and it is him that I will marry. I am sorry that your duty has placed in you in this position – I would wish it otherwise. Upon reaching safety I will return to Rockhome – alone to meet with your family and mine. I release you from this arranged marridge”.

  7. Stephan

    Everyone was uncomfortable at Hernane’s words to Feldard. Stephan watched the male dwarf for his reaction but decided to not let the strange feelings linger.

    “Well, I’m glad we’re all on our feet now. I believe this is the way out. But perhaps, Feldard, you can take lead? You’re better in this realm of dark rock. That is only if you can move well enough after those webs.

    “Since we know that spider is ahead, I can follow you up. Hasan, let me know if you’d like me to take over dragging that thing. We should still watch our back too.”

    Stephan shown his light stone about the chambre one last time to be sure they were taking all needed items. And that nothing untoward sought to trail them…

  8. Hernane

    Hernane quickly wipes away some ‘grit’ in her eyes and then goes over to Tekaryon to see if he is ok, and hands him a weapon – “Tekaryon you might be needing this”.

  9. Feldard

    Feldard stood ominously quiet as Hernane shamed both of them with her open admission. His brother, Grofnar!? How long had this been going on? He ached to bellow out his fury at her but this was a family matter and was should not have been brought up in front of others.

    He was grateful for the timely intervention by Stephan. Feldard brusquely nodded, grabbed up his axe and strode off to take the lead, without a word said to Hernane.

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