Spider In The Middle

Miklos sighed and made a mental note of the spiders markings, what was it? The Beastiary Diabolica probably had an entry on it, but sadly Fauna Lore never really excited him at college. Time for an alternative strategy. The orcs shouted at and goaded their spider pet, it took no linguist to work out what they were saying. Crowded into the narrow tunnel mouth they seemed to be unwilling to rush over the spider to get to the dwarves, which surprised Miklos knowing the long term enmity between the two races. If only he’d had time to recharge Dentiata’s wand.

Stephan kicked the burning lantern toward the spider. Using his torch, he tried to start a conflagration that would drive the beast back toward the orcs to block them in the tunnel. “Drive it back! Drive it back!”, was all he could manage in way of telling his companions what he was trying to do.

As he struggled to create a greater light than the orcs so that the spider would be driven back, he remembered the light stone. Cupping it in his hand, he directed a beam at the spider’s eyes. The spider winced at the bright light and Stephan used the beam as a sort of long-handled prod to herd the creature back to the orcs.

The orcs in turn began frantically waving their torches. “NYY-AKKK! NYY-AKKK!” they chanted loudly, likewise doing their best to drive the spider to attack their foes.

“Arrows!” yelled the warrior, seemingly having gone daft. Feldard, Stephan noted, was onto it. The dwarf grabbed up his crossbow, which was still cocked and loaded from before he was levitated, and fired off the bolt towards the spider but his aim was high and it flew over.. bah with any luck it would hit one of the orcs behind. Then with a bellow, Feldard moved in after Hernane with his battle axe, lashing out at the spider, driving it back away from his betrothed and towards the orcs.

Hernane, observing that the spider was not stunned or asleep, but already committed to her charge continued to strike at the spider, fury giving strength to her blows. Her intention was to drive the spider back into the tunnel to provide a barrier between herself and the orcs. She didn’t care about the orcs at the moment. All she wanted to do was kill the spider, then she would worry about the orcs. She gasped to Feldard “drive the creature back into the Tunnel, watch out for bite, one cut and you will be done for”.

Hasan could only draw his bow as his three companions charged past him. As the spider winced away from Stephan’s lights, the elf’s arrow darted forward. At such close range, the arrow’s flight could not miss its target, but glanced harmlessly off the spider’s tough shell.”

“This will be fun.” Maruc muttered to himself. There was a flurry of activity as the dwarves piled in with what Maruc had come to call their usual zeal. He couldn’t fail but to be impressed by them. Stephan’s bulk sealed off any other approach to attack the spider. The elf next to him had seemed to come to the same conclusion as he gracefully and effortlessly managed to bring his bow to bear, nock and loose an arrow with unerring accuracy. The priest was suck behind the churning blades as they clattered almost rhythmically against the beleaguered arachnid. There was little else he could do but offer a swift prayer… “King Halav on your carven throne, guide our weapons against the darkness!”

Meanwhile, Miklos wondered what lore there orcs had gleaned from their symbiotic relationship with this spider. Their knotted muscles flexed beneath their tough greenish skin. Miklos felt a nice irony for these black miscreants would be the recipient for his web spell. Despite his height, it was too risky to cast it from here behind the darting dwarves. He had to wait.

With the orcs superior numbers, the spider had nowhere to go but back into the cavern. The spider’s sharp legs dug into the rock as it pivoted around. Hernane blocked its path, as she swung her axe at the creature. It was faster than the she-dwarf though, and Hernane paid the price for her hotheadedness as its maw bit into her. As Hernane felt the spider sink its fangs into her, she cried out. Dropping her weapon, she then fell to the ground.



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12 responses to “Spider In The Middle

  1. Sorry Paul! Not a good round of combat rolls for our heroes this round I’m afraid. Hernane is once again paralyzed (although she may appear to be dead to the others)

    Maruc: 10xp+5xp
    Miklos: 10xp+5xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+5xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 18,870/24000
    Miklos: 18,965/20000
    Feldard: 18,955/34000
    Hasan: 18,055/32000
    Stephan: 17,890/32000

  2. Hasan

    Hasan saw the lightly armored dwarf fall to the spider. He feared what would come next from Feldard. Still, there was nothing more for the elf to do than draw, knock, aim and release another arrow, aiming squarely into the eyes of their terrible opponent. How could one thousand eyelets lack a single flicker of a soul?

  3. Hernane

    As Hernane feesl the spider sink its fangs into her, she cries out, drops her weapon and then falls to the ground.

    (DM – No worries – I know Feldard will save the day)

  4. Maruc

    ‘Curses!” cried the priest casting his flail and shield asside. He leapt across the melee narrowly avoiding the arrow that sped from Hasan’s bow. He waited a second for Feldard to attract the spiders attention again then grabbed Hernane by the feet and dragged her unceremoniously from the fight into the cavern. He knew without checking that fresh posion had cramped her muscles. “There’s not alot I can do for you at the moment my dear.” he said and glanced up at Stephan and Feldard desparately evading the creatures envenomed fangs and unnerving dexterity. “I shall return.” He got up and retreived his weapon and shield.

  5. miklosdostevar

    Not expecting Hernane’s suddened collapse, Miklos was completely unprepared as the creature darted here and there right in front of him. In shock he jumped back, saw Hasan, tried to miss him, and stumbled onto the unyeilding floor. “Agh!”

    He picked himself up, rubbing his back. His dignity in taters, not for the first time nor the last, he thought ruefully. This spider was being remarkably resistant! Suddenly there was an ear splitting screach as Feldards mage-wrought battle axe found some weakness in its thick skin. This fight would not last forever and Miklos knew he must be ready to ensnare the orcs. He held aloft his own lightstone to count the group of orcs behind. At least seven prehaps more.

    No use taking risks, these orcs might speak common. “Prince Hasan.” Miklos used his elven dialect. “I shall allow two orcs to enter the cavern and engage Feldard and Stephan. I shall cast my enchanted web to the centre and rear of the orc battle group rooting the web across to mouth of the tunnel to capture as many as possible.”

    In common he cried. “My friends when the beast is slain let them come to us!” Hopefully they would see the sense in the poor footing that the corpse of a spider would offer their attackers.

  6. Stephan

    Desperately, Stephan again tried to spread more fire from the oil of the lantern or other torches to drive the spider back to the orcs.

    “Let it work to our advantage!”, he bellowed. “Make the beast eat orc meat! Drive it back!”

    He hoped to use the spider to eliminate at least some of the orcs before having to slay the creature or at least make an escape.

  7. Feldard

    Feldard heard Hernane’s cry, saw her fall and instantly felt that same berserker rage as earlier. He bellowed out an incomprehensible challenge to the 8 legged beast and with an upswing went for the spiders underbelly.

    Feldard didn’t pause even a second to see if his attack landed true; he pulled his axe again and this time swung for its head; then a downward arc to its leg. Again and again, Feldard battered at the venomous creature that have felled his betrothed.
    He spared not a moments thought for the orcs which were behind the spider, his red tinged vision was focussed on solely one goal. Killing that spider.

  8. Feldard

    (bah spelling error: Again and again, Feldard battered at the venomous creature that had felled his betrothed.)

  9. Matt

    DM: Any chance to alter your post just to make it read correctly?….

    Hasan could only draw his bow as his three companions charged past him. As the spider winced away from Stephan’s lights, the elf’s arrow darted forward. At such close range, the arrow’s flight could not miss its target, (two options for DM — one, a hit: “, and it buried itself deep in the spider’s brittle shell.” — or perhaps a miss — “, but glanced harmlessly off the spider’s tough shell.”

  10. miklosdostevar


    I believe Miklos has cast both his sleep spells – one in the spider chamber and one on the spider itself.

  11. miklosdostevar

    ….Also he has cast his levitate spell on Feldard.

  12. Thanks for catching those Matt

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