Troglodyte Teeth

goldmine9Physically she could do nothing trapped as she was, however she willed the voices closer, praying for deliverance. She desperately wished she could warn the approaching voices of the danger lurking in these vast caverns. She believed that the ‘terror’ must have heard these strangers invading and she knew it would strike swiftly to defend its lair.

As she mentally struggled against her entrapment she heard a voice that threw her into even more shock than she was already experiencing. Was that Feldard’s name she heard echoing in these vast caverns? If it was, then truly the Gods had answered her prayers. The thought that Feldard was close both gave her hope for rescue beyond comprehension and also chilled her, because she knew why he was here. Still she thought that was for later. Her thoughts then became full of despair that he might be killed rescuing her, because of her selfish behavior. If that happened then she could never forgive herself.

* * * * *

Stephan accompanied Hasan as directed by Feldard’s natural, subterranean leadership. He kept a vigil to the cardinal directions, as well as directly above, as the elf scryed what he could from the cavern scrapings and debris. Several times, Hasan asked him to keep the light stone more steady. The fighter tried to comply.

Hasan continued to move forward, his own nerves as jumpy as the faint light cast from Stephan’s hand. Every step thwarted the elf’s heartfelt hope that the cavern would end, but this was a cavern such as he had never seen before. While it lacked the dignity of the cave housing the great temple of his own village, the scale was daunting. The elf brushed aside another webbing and found this antagonist no less interesting a second time around, as he experienced the curious loss of sensation in his hair, a sensation—the subtle wave of motion with every step taken—that he had never appreciated before. Again, he was able to dislodge the webbing without incident. But by now his interest in the webmaker was much more than academic.

With the elf and human making their way to the right along the cavern tunnel, Feldard continued on towards broken stalactites, to the north. Taking the mage’s words into consideration, the dwarf was cautious as he passed through the opening in the limestone bars. He avoided the spider webbing that clung to a few of the closer stalagmites.

Miklos shuffled in next to the big priest. He brought up the glowing stone and lit up the gaping maw as Feldard climbed through.

He then leant in passed the damp limestone shards. In the darting light this corner of the cavern reminded him of teeth of some subterranean troglodyte. He placed one foot beyond its broken jaw and squinted into the gloom. ”More light Miklos, thanks.”

Once he and the two humans had passed through, he called out again in dwarven, his voice echoing slightly in the cavern, announcing himself and their offer of help. Once again, he heard nothing.

They looked around. There was an exit at the back of the cavern. Then, they looked up. Suspended from the ceiling were five web-shrouded bodies. It was difficult to tell, but they appeared to be one dwarf, one gnome, two goblins and…an orc?



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11 responses to “Troglodyte Teeth

  1. Maruc: 10xp+5xp
    Miklos: 10xp+5xp
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp
    Hasan: 10xp+5xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+5xp

    Maruc: 18,755/24000
    Miklos: 18,840/20000
    Feldard: 18,825/34000
    Hasan: 17,935/32000
    Stephan: 17,770/32000

  2. Paul

    The suspense waiting for rescue was far more intense than anything that she had experienced before. Even greater than discovering the fresh vein of gold that she had discovered in what it seemed liked an eons ago, but in reality had just been last week. How her life had changed in such a short period of time. First she had freedom and adventure. Then comradeship and good honest hard Dwarf work teaching the Gnomes how to dig to wealth and glory. She inwardly sighed, this was a damn good mine, rich with wealth and so much potential. But all good things had to come to an end when the Gobbos struck bringing death and her new friends and she had been forced to retreat into an unexplored section of the mine, which unbeknownst to all set free the ‘terror’. Now here she was, waiting bound and trapped praying for deliverance from the one thing that had led her to exiling herself from her clan. Oh how the Gods, loved their little jokes.

  3. Stephan

    Stephan instinctively took a couple steps backward upon seeing the suspended shapes. He genuflected to Havlav and muttered the short prayer for protection.

    “Aye, I’ve seen bundles like this once before. It does not bode well.”

    He shined the light stone to all parts of the cavern ceiling, trying to discern any unfriendly shapes.

    “We may need to light a flame. Fire works well on the webs, I believe. And smoke may keep unpleasant things at bay.”

    The fighter, however, didn’t make any moves to light a torch. His hands, clearly, were devoted to handling the sword, shield and light stone.

  4. Feldard

    (Huh? Stephan is supposed to be with Hasan at the moment, isn’t he? I’m assuming by the placement of the DM’s addition that it’s Feldard, Miklos and Maruc that have come across the bodies. Likely Hasan and Stephan will get the giant spider. Hehehehehe *innocent look*)

    Feldard grunted out a swear at seeing the wrapped bodies. “Miklos, any chance of any of them still being alive up there?”

    Not that the answer mattered. No dwarf, alive or dead, would be left hanging as a meal if Feldard had any say in the matter – which he did. “We need to get them down. Any suggestions on how?” the dwarf asked.

    As Miklos and Maruc discussed options, Feldard moved further away from the two humans and their light source in order to better utilize his dwarven infravision. He peered about for the creature which would be likely lurking nearby ready to pounce – to protect its captured prey.

    As he scanned the ceiling and the shadowed corners of the cavern, Feldard switched battle axe for crossbow and loaded up with one of his few well used bolts. Fighting this creature would be best done at a distance; for it was likely, given the dwarven and gnomish bodies above, that his normally stout constitution would do little against whatever poison kept his kinfolk paralysed and unresponsive.

  5. Doug

    Stephan kept his light shining to and fro thinking that at any moment an attack by some dastardly dungeion denison would come.

    Through the echoing tunnels, he heard Feldard again call out in dwarven. Whispering to Hasan, “I suppose they’ve not found anything yet. We should probably head back their way soon.”

  6. Hasan

    Hasan was intent on finding the outer rim of the cavern and so continued forward several steps, despite Stephan’s words. “I can’t imagine they found much of anything, if the dwarf is shrieking like that,” he commented.

  7. miklosdostevar

    from Feldards post….
    Feldard grunted out a swear at seeing the wrapped bodies. “Miklos, any chance of any of them still being alive up there?”

    “Aha! Phoneutria nigriventer gigantica, or large posionous spiders, as quite evident here noting the bodies.” observed the mage, “I’d suggest at least one large specimen noting the orc there. Possibly not too dissimilar from the one we encountered amongst the Rahibs chambers. This one would appear to be more successful, although the ‘larder’ might suggest several of them…”

    Not that the answer mattered. No dwarf, alive or dead, would be left hanging as a meal if Feldard had any say in the matter – which he did. “We need to get them down. Any suggestions on how?” the dwarf asked.

    Miklos’s gaze crossed the web encrusted ceiling. “Getting them down will not be a problem. Getting them down without causing further addtional harm may prove more challenging.” He judged the height of descent. “That drop could kill if the subject fell badly. Not to mention the chances that the spiders may be upset that we are stealing their food. Anyone cutting them free would surely be attacked.”

    The mage paused a second. “A broad based sleep spell should surfice and a levitation incantation on a brave soul armed with a torch should have them down in a trice. All we need is a soft landing!”

  8. Maruc

    “A soft landing eh?” Maruc looked doubtfully around at his metal clad friends. “Well I guess we could all get our bedrolls out. “I’ll get the others.”

    The priest stalked back into the main chamber. “Hasan? Stephan? Ahh good there you are, we’ve discovered some lunch. Spider lunch that is, we’re going to need a soft landing, could I have your bedrolls? Thanks!” Leaving the two to their puzzled expressions he ducked back through the broken-tooth cave mouth then dropped his backpack and rummaged for his own bedroll and added his formal clerical vestments and town clothes the the pile beneath what looked like the ‘dwarf’ shaped bundle.

  9. miklosdostevar

    Miklos added his soft baggage to the pile. “Right, who wishes to volunteer to fly?” the question hung in the air.

    Maruc took a smart step backward. Grinning wolfishly.

    Miklos raised a questioning eyebrow at Feldard who was busy loading his crossbow. “Willing to risk your dignity for your fellow countrymen? Or would you prefer to stay on terra firma?” the dwarf started to turn on the mage. “Wait! I meant no disrespect, we cannot hope to just shoot through cords that can support two hunderd pounds in weight, they must be burnt, and we cannot set the roof alight with mere fire arrows and should we discover a way to ignite the ceiling it would release all the bundles at once and have not enough soft material to couch even two of the victims. Also the risk the the victims is also too great.”

    Stephan and Hasan ducked in from the shadows. “More potential volunteers? Or perhaps bow cover in case the magic fails to have the desired effect?”

    Assuming Feldard is OK with releasing the victims in this manner I will continue the rest of the narative with Feldard’s name – should someone else volunteer the DM will have to change the names hereafter.

    Miklos prepared his leviataion spell. A faint nimbus of light encircled Feldard. “This is going to feel strange, in theory you just ‘will’ yourself up and down. You can go quite quickly. Remember you cannot fly side to side. Up and down only, you can push yourself off objects though.”

    “In theory?” muttered the dwarf.

    “Well. I’ve only done this once before.” admitted Miklos as he brought his hands together and completed the spell. He smiled encouragingly.

    He centred the sleep incantation on the thickest part of the web. He pulled at and expertly wove the intangable magic and held it poised at the last command guesture. A flicker of uncertainty crossed the dwarf’s expression. “Light your torch Feldard.”

    Miklos released the spell with a dismissive guesture.

    “Will yourself up!”

  10. Maruc

    Maruc watched the dwarf bob about uncertainly for a few moments. He was glad he could see his face. “I’d always knew he’d be reaching new heights.” he whispered to Hasan.

  11. Feldard

    Feldard instantly balked at the notion of the mage casting magic on him – one would think that the elf would be better suited to being levitated.. but elf was a better shot with a bow than he… so perhaps that was Miklos’ reasoning.

    It took a moment to gather his resolve but in the end, the dwarf nodded his agreement to the plan.

    The mages’ instructions concerning this magic left a lot to be desired, but Feldard tried to “will” himself up towards the webbed bundles. His face was a mix of shock, fear and wonder as his feet rose off the ground.

    Up, up, up he rose. It was an odd sensation. He glanced down and immediately wished he hadn’t. He wanted down and he began to descend – without the coccooned bundle!

    The calls from those below recalled him to his task. He had to close his eyes to will himself upward again.

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