Inside the Mine


Hasan moved up beside Miklos, waving the heavily armored Stephan ahead of him. The elf put his bow away, drew his sword, and waited for the rush into the mine. Thoughts of home and Rahasia far away had long since disappeared, but Hasan’s sense of the absurd remained.

Maruc was tense but confident. His plan was to spring to the right hand side of the cave mouth just as soon a Feldard made his move. This had three advantages, first it got him out of the way of Hasan and Stephan, second it blocked a potential escape route and third it placed him in easy reach to bless any wounded.

He waited for the inevitable melee.

Stephan, sword drawn, mounted the incline to the mine entrance trying to keep as quiet as possible. He heard the goblin voices and understood—having learned goblinese in his first campaign in the Duke’s army.

In goblin, he said aloud, “Da, boss,” talking to Feldard as if he were the boss, “better have them come out one at a time. The footing is bad.” To emphasize, Stephan purposefully slipped on the loose gravel. “Damned in the Dark!” he cursed again in goblin.

Feldard passed on his guess of surviving goblins to the others holding up 8 fingers. He silently gestured to the elf to ready his bow even as Stephan attempted to draw out the goblins more. Bah! What was the human trying to do ruin everything!? No goblin would fall for that ruse!

Cluless as to the gutteral conversation being barked twenty feet or so ahead Miklos craned to see what was happening. He guess it might be a ruse by Stefan’s kicking of some loose stone. Judging by the lack of bodies the defenders must have retreated within the mines, assuming they were still alive the goblins would soon find themselves in a desparate predicament, more than capable of a rash action like a breakout. None could be allowed to escape to call for reinforcements.

Miklos prepared his trusty sleep incantation. Just in case.

Hasan hissed in Elvish under his breath to Miklos, “How long do you think Feldard can keep up this crafty turn? One … two … three … four …”

The dwarf honestly was trying to wait… but then he heard the goblins inside muttering amongst themselves. They had stopped approaching the entrance. He did not want to lose the element of surprise so he dwarf charged inside—axe already in position to strike.

“Five!” shouted Hasan as the others followed the feisty dwarf.

Inside were seven battle-weary Wolfskull goblins, most of them bearing wounds of varied severity. What the dwarf saw next ignited a blinding rage in him. There were various bodies within the cave, some goblins, but others were those of dwarven and gnomish miners.



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8 responses to “Inside the Mine

  1. Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 18,630/24000
    Miklos: 18,695/20000
    Feldard: 18,700/34000
    Hasan: 17,790/32000
    Stephan: 17,635/32000

  2. Dirk

    Sinthija – just read your note in the last post re fire evacuation. What a nightmare! We’re all pulling for you, and hope the inevitable issues that come up with this kind of situation can be resolved as quickly and reasonable as possible and you can get your family back into their home. Obviously, there’s not much we can do to help, but if you think of something, let us know.

  3. Hasan

    The battle fury of Stephan and Feldard filled the room, as they lashed out with sword and ax. Swiftly, they each dropped one of the overmatched, exhausted opponents, the dwarf’s mighty blow leaving one goblin one legged. The goblins shrieks as its black blood drained from its thigh reveberated throughout the chamber, destroying Hasan’s earlier calm. Seeing Maruc had moved the right flank of the party’s central melee force, Hasan moved quickly to the left and loosed an arrow at the first goblin he saw. He hoped somebody would be sensible enough to try to capture one of their assailants alive.

  4. Stephan

    Thinking this goblins may be some of the very same that attacked Sukiskyn, Stephan fought with a fury–not wholly uninspired by that of the dwarf. His blade slashed to and fro seeking as much death as possible.

    “In the name of Sukiskyn!” he shouted while cleaving the next goblin in front of him. “Die you gobs!”

    A splattering of vile goblin blood made it’s way to the fighter’s mouth causing him to spit while still wielding his sword.

  5. Maruc

    The priest bristled again at the thought of enclosure, this tight space did nothing for his morale. Its just another tunnel he grimly thought. A black sightless tunnel seething with wily creatures with sharp steel and the ability to see. He had leapt to the other side of the cave mouth as was his plan and had rushed in at the warriors backs only to freeze momentarily as the darkness engulfed him. Damn. He thought he’d excorised his fear with his many subterrainian adventures, but it was still there lurking like a patient spider waiting for its chance to unman him. Foetied breath in the air and the whistle of speeding steel made him step back. Something rough and unyielding stopped him from crashing to the floor. The wall. This was stupidity they would impale each other with their own weapons at this rate he had to get some space in this blind room.

    Gnarled fingers crept round the rim of his shield. He shoved his shield back in shock more than defence his superior size and being braced against the wall helped dislodge the squinting thing attempting the grapple at him. Shadows and the glint of steel paid mute homage the the cries that echoed in the chamber. Feldard was singing some dwarven warchant. The Dymrakian seemed to have mastered the darkness much swifter than Maruc and was creating a bloody tally for himself.

    More detail came into focus, from the press of the fight Maruc knew he couldn’t be effective until they had gained the room, time to shake off this phobia and do something heroic. He took a chance and ducking behind his shield he barreled into the right flank of the enemy ignoring the curses spat at him he revelled in the freedom of the chamber for a second before earnestly cracking the skull of the nearest goblin with his snaking flail.

  6. miklosdostevar

    Miklos strode in behind the warriors. The tunnel yawned before him like a screaming throat gurgling some ancient battle echo. He paused in the entrance and closed his eyes for a few second to allow his eye to adjust before stalking in like some landowner whose bodyguards had just cleared a barbrawl.

    “Oh do hurry up, there’s my good chaps.”

    An old rusted axe head flew passed his head with a sound like a hunted partridge. He raised an eyebrow, which of course was wasted on the others because to be frank, they were far too busy.

    For which Miklos was eternally grateful. Next time he ducked.

  7. dirk

    nice, matt, on the fear of the dark. i really the gnarled fingers.

  8. Feldard

    (thanks Dirk. Good news. Been allowed back home. Still on Evac Alert but tonight I get to sleep in my own home.)

    Feldard, let the berserk rage take hold. His axe swung again and again, heedless of any wounds that the goblins inflicted on him. There would be no leniency, no mercy, no chance that any goblin would survive – he would see to that.

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