Back at Sukiskyn


Hasan stepped forward. “These takings cannot be accepted. While it is the authorities of this land that are responsible for your safety, we are here now and cannot ignore the evil you face. We will help you root out these slavetakers. You must have some sense of where the goblin clans lived. Who here can guide us there? Who here would join us in an attack? Now is the time for the people of the Dymrak to band together.” The Quiet Way be damned, he thought to himself.

After he listened to his companions’ reactions to his proposal of an attack on the goblin lairs, Hasan went to Fyodoryll a last time. “Your time for a decision has come. You can help us. Come now to try to end this scourge, and make amends to this family, so your trading may start anew in peace. Or you will stay here in this homestead, subject to their protection.” Hasan nodded at the floor below, which was scrubbed but still showed some black blood and grit between its rough pine timbers. “They protected two goblins that attacked their home here.”

Fyodoryll considered her options, and went with the latter. She was not about to risk her neck getting caught up in some human-goblinoid conflict.

“Gregor.” Maruc nodded, “Yuri, Grisha and Grishkal, I am Maruc. The dwarf with the big axe is Feldard and this elf is Prince Hasan. The dashing fellow in the corner is Miklos, Stephan you know I think. Pyrtor do you have a map of the surrounding area? Can you mark on Cherkass, Hokol and Segenyev as well?” when Pyrtor returned with the map he asked, “Gregor can you detail goblin numbers, and note when each settlement was attacked and if possible which clans were involved. And if possible which way they fled each assault?”

The men provided further detail. The lumber camp had been attacked the night before Sukiskyn. Cherkass the night before, Segenyev and Hokol prior to that. When Gregor described the attackers, it was evident that it had been the same crew that attacked Sukiskyn.

“Yuri? If I may ask you a question. Did anyone mention the name Vlaak? And do you recognize the tower image on this token?” he said producing the silvered disk.

Yuri shook his head. He had not seen the tower. Miklos continued on to ask the others, but none recognized the structure.

Feldard greeted each of the newcomers with a gruff grunt and a nod, then continued his watch over the still bound and gagged elf.

It was becoming less and less surprising how quickly his companions lost sight of their own tasks that needed to be seen to—not that aiding these clans wasn’t important—but Feldard was impatient to get on with getting to High Forge and then Threshhold. He’d made a promise to his fallen companion Nicolai and it was an oath he intended to keep.

“It is good to see you again,” Stephan greeted the four. “But I’m sorry it’s under such a pall.”

Stephan listened carefully to Gregor and the others. He was glad his new companions were also listening. The more minds on this the better, he thought.

Stephan asked, “Did you hear of a hobgoblin called ‘Vlaak’? He is a leader, we believe, of the group that attacked Sukiskyn.”

Unfortunately, none of the men knew much of the goblins of the Dymrak, and had not heard of Vlaak.

Aside to Feldard, Stephan said, “Master dwarf, I am torn. I would see you fulfill your oath but we must not let an opportunity to strike elude us.”

Stephan feeling of desperation was evident on his face.

“This slavery…it must stop. You say the gobs are taking slaves. Could this be the main purpose of their raids? We must discover where the slaves are being taken and learn what they being forced to do.”

Stephan considered the possibilities. They did not know the location of the Wolfskull lair, and the trail had been wiped away by the rains. They did know that the goblins were headed to the southeast. It would seem that they would have to rely on word of mouth as he had suggested previously. But, who could they ask? The Red Blade king was dead, and they had no other goblins to interrogate. There were the Vyalia elves, of course. They had intimate knowledge of all parts of the Dymrak. They were reclusive and spread out though—not easy to find.

The untamed wild inlands of the deep forest were dangerous and not well-travelled by civilized folk.



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16 responses to “Back at Sukiskyn

  1. Maruc

    Maruc’s broad grin touched his lips again. “Don’t worry about Nicolai’s ashes, he’ll keep. And was it not Feldard that suggested a side trip to Highforge?”

  2. miklosdostevar

    “Gregor, I see you haven’t mentioned further sightings of the goblins. This leads me to believe you came her by a circutus route, deliberately and wisely avoiding them. Else you would have arrived here before we had, had you fled before them.” observed Miklos, “The pattern of advance is simple and expedient. This leads me to believe they would return the way they came. If only to ensure a safer ‘cleared’ route that would be faster to travel. Especially now we have reduced their numbers somewhat they would be less inclined toward a pitched battle with a risk of losing their booty. I suspect that even Vlaak would struggle to keep his force together under those circumstances if they are burdened with loot. They are goblins after all.”

    Miklos continued, “Logic therefore dictates we follow their path of distruction. If anything we shall discover where they mustered originally. There may be clues we find on the way. And we still have no idea of the origin of the token.”

  3. Maruc

    “And we may yet meet a Vyarlian elf who might provide more information.” added Maruc. “Assuming that Mistress Fyodoryll here is not a common example of the local elven population.”

  4. Stephan

    Stephan couldn’t hide his contempt when addressing Fyodoryll.

    “Well, she elf, are you one of these Vyarlians? Or do you know how we can contact them?”

    I agree, Miklos, seems like following the gobs’ war path backwards may yield information. We could still make a trip to High Forge to see if any news of the attacks has arrived there and see to Feldard’s promise.”

  5. Hasan

    “But why go east when we know the goblins head west?” asked Hasan. “I see some attraction to seeing to the raids’ origin, but, remember, after the Wolfskull captured the horses, they took two paths, one to sell the horses and the other heading westerly. Their movements have been east to west for the last three days. I do not feel strongly, but I do worry that we should not turn away from their known movements.”

  6. Stephan

    “True, Hasan. Highforge would be in the opposite direction. Sorry Feldard.

    “I wonder why they would head southwesterly or west?,” Stephan wondered aloud. “The heart of the Dymrak is to the southeast.”

    Again looking upon Fyodoryll with bitterness, Stephan asked, “Did the gobs who sold to you say anything? You’ll be doing yourself a favor to tell us all you know. Where were they headed? Did they mention their orders?”

    Stephan allowed Hasan to communicate with the elf without interruption. Perhaps another elf can learn better talk with this one, he thought.

  7. miklosdostevar

    “A good point Hasan.” conceeded Miklos. “You are quite right, I have assumed that the main force went with the horses. But what lies in the west that would interest them, Radlebb woods? Or further, Radlebb keep?” the thought of the tower token crossed his mind again, “Cadwell’s Castle is a ruin, there is nothing there. The Temple on Grey Mountain and Denetiata’s Tower are clean. There is Kelvin of course, but like Highforge I doubt they would assault there without significant numbers. We have witnessed banit activity along the eastern borders of the Dymrak. This suggests that whatever is happening is currently centred in this forest.”

    “What lies west?” he mused. “Or should the question be ‘who’ lies west?”

  8. Maruc

    “I can see were you are heading again Miklos.” Maruc said putting down his apple. “The theory that the bandits and the goblins are cooperating. We followed the bandit trail and it lead here, coordinated goblin clans comming in the other direction. Since we have met both parties and prevailed I suspect that they’ll be looking for us. We’ll have to keep our wits about us to avoid more ambushes.”

  9. miklosdostevar

    “Since no one recognises the tower emblem and we are blessed with folk with a wide knowledge of the Dymrak, I can only assume no one is aware of any ruined or long abandoned towers within the forest?” Miklos paused a second looking around the room. “Then this does not refer to a local structure. I agree with Hasan, we go to seek the place where the paths of our enemies have crossed.”

  10. Sorry that I wrote southwest – meant southeast! The brown line on the map is their trail. I’ll edit the post and change it.

  11. Stephan

    [OOC: Ah! I almost had Stephan say ‘sorry, I meant southeast when I said southwest’. He was going to say that because his kneejerk reaction is that darkness would lie toward the heart of Dymrak.

    So! Stephan’s earlier comments about possibly detouring to High Forge still apply since that destination is at least to the east.]

  12. Maruc

    Please ignore Maruc’s second post as it refers to Miklos’s reponse to Hasan’s ‘western’ assertion which is now incorrect.

  13. miklosdostevar

    … likewise with Miklos’s post.

  14. Feldard

    With his prisoners now in the hands of the Sukiskyn, and the horse-trader elf unwilling or unable to give up any further information Feldard looked over the rough drawn map. He couldn’t understand why the humans and elf thought traveling AWAY from the goblins current trail would help any. They had been heading southeast. So southeast is the direction the party should go – and the dwarf was blunt about stating so. “Goblins are not devious, they aren’t overly smart. It’s not like they would think to double back on their tracks or change directions without an obstacle being in their way. Their lair lies to the southeast. If chasing them is what you folk think we need to do.. then that is the direction we need to go. Hasan can pick up their trail further along. It’ll likely be more visible after the rain. What with the mud and all.”

  15. Hasan

    “Into the heart of the forest is surely our path,” agreed Hasan. “Our only choices now are whether to retrace the line of attack, along the northern outskirts of this wood, take up the trail from Fyodoryl’s trading post, or perhaps we could travel down the river, which also seems to come from the forestheart. That may be our fastest way, though ambush again would be a danger. Still, with a speedy boat, that might be our fastest path. I am comfortable with any of these paths.”

  16. Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+5xp

    Maruc: 18,520/24000
    Miklos: 18,595/20000
    Feldard: 18,560/34000
    Hasan: 17,675/32000
    Stephan: 17,510/32000

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