Maruc helped bring Taras down. It would be a while before they could perform the proper rituals, and Kuzma was more that qualified to do so. His eyes strayed over the battle worn group. Their need for swift action was pressing, but also they couldn’t leave in this mess. If Stephan was ever going to retrieve his horses, he would need to leave as soon as possible, but would he sacrifice this need over the the most immediate needs of his family? It was his decision to make and Maruc didn’t envy it. Also, Hasan was scouting, no decision could be made until he reported what he saw.

“Well, I don’t know about you lot. But I have to rest and pray. Before long all your wounds will need to be treated.” Maruc used what healing he could on the most severely wounded members of their group, leaving Kuzma and Irina to attend to the wounded members of the family.

Miklos too felt tired. He sat opposite the tied goblin wondering what they were up to on the battlements. He knew he was no impressive man to look at, so he menaced the goblin with Denetiata’s wand. Miklos knew it was devoid of power…but the goblin didn’t.

He waited for Feldard to return and relieve them all of this creature.

Hasan returned. “All signs lead to the east. The Vipers took the horses that way, and it appears the Wolfskull abandoned the assault in order to pursue them. See this, which I found there—recognize the tower, by any chance, Stephan?”


Stephan examined the silver amulet, but did not recognize the tower.

The elf continued. “Although the tracks from there are unclear, it would be no surprise if they led away to the east in the end. I also saw the clear tracks of the horses and two smaller clans heading east. Unless those bats can serve as messengers, the goblins that have left cannot expect us to have survived the night. We should pursue them as soon as we can.”

The dwarf marched in the door, returning from his chase. He found the former floating goblin now all trussed up. Feldard looked to Miklos “Why are they still alive? Or are you hoping I can get them to talk?”

The dwarf walked over to one of the goblins and kicked it, asking it why it had attacked. “Bruhla lak tor rud hakta?”

He totally ignored the creatures first attempt at an answer and kicked it again demanding the truth. “Vrra!”

The goblin bodyguard was quite terrified. His entire clan had been wiped out. His once-mighty king sat a few feet away, also captured and helpless.

“Glaak hrak vshklong cklachkach Vlaak…” the goblin started talking. Apparently, the clans were brought together by a powerful hobgoblin named Vlaak. Their mission was to clear all the settlements in the area. It was supposed to have been easy.

As the interrogation was under way, Stephan checked on his family. After seeing that everyone was safe, he went to Pyotr. His brow was furrowed. “Brother, would you have me pursue your horses? It may be the only thing left of value with which to rebuild. I know it’s difficult right now, but we should….”

His words trailed off as he looked in his brother’s swollen eye, grey eyes. He knew all too well that pursuit in this condition was folly. Stephan himself could barely stand. He needed rest and found it on a mat in an upper room.



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8 responses to “Captives

  1. Maruc casts 2 CLW on Hasan (+6hp) and Miklos(+5hp). Kuzma casts 1 on Stephan (+5hp)
    Everyone gets 1hp back (resting)

    After meditation he gets back 2 CLW + 1 Hold Person(?).

    Miklos and Hasan can also memorize all their spells too (let me know which ones)

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+5xp
    Stephan: 10xp

    Maruc: 18,180/24000
    Miklos: 18,255/20000
    Feldard: 18,255/34000
    Hasan: 17,335/32000
    Stephan: 17,145/32000

  2. Stephan

    Stephan examined the amulet some more.

    “Was this on a body, Hasan? Or did you find it on the ground or such?”

    Stephan examined the front and back of the amulet.

    “Are these letters of some kind? They do not look like the goblin scrawls I’ve seen on dungeon walls.”

    Aside to Feldard and Hasan–out of goblin earshot–, he said, “Can you show the gob leader the amulet to see his reaction? And get some info about it from him, perhaps?”

    Upon scrutiny, none of the Sukiskyn house recognized the tower depicted on the amulet.

    “It makes sense that they head to the east,” Stephan said after hearing Hasan’s report. I wonder if the Wolfskull mean to take the horses from the Vipers.

    “Regardless, their trail may lead to that tower. But we should have someone more versed in lore examine it. I suspect there’s more to this than some high-level hobgoblin chief.”

  3. Stephan

    [I just read Stephan’s character sheet and see he speaks goblin]

    “Hasan, may I borrow the amulet for a moment?”

    Keeping the amulet hidden in his hand, Stephan approached the Red Blade captain.

    In goblin he spoke, “Fool! You got the orders wrong! The Master of the Tower did not want this homestead destroyed! What route did you take from the Tower? What did Vlaak say?”

    Stephan engaged the goblin leader in conversation in order to elicit where the tower is and who is the leader there if not Vlaak.

    In a sneering manner, Stephan sought to “test” Red Blade leader.

    “Do you even know why you were sent to clear the homesteads?”

    Stephan hoped to gain valuable information. He often mentioned his dwarf friend — Feldard stood nearby, impossibly muscular arms crossed — will “not be so kind as to just ask simple questions the Red Blade chief should know.”

    The dwarf’s presence was a palpable force on the chief.

  4. Feldard

    (LOL that saves me from having to post)

  5. Stephan

    [I was thinking Feldard would be the real threat to the goblin and Stephan would be the “good cop”. But I didn’t want to play-in too much especially anything the DM may want to inject here…]

  6. miklosdostevar

    Thankful that that responsibility of the captives was in other hands he pocketed his wand and returned upstairs. He made his excuses and retired to bed. Exhaustion and the after effects of poison undoing what will he had left to do anything useful. “I must sleep, I’ll see you all in the morning.” he mummbled.

    Sleep came swiftly.

    When Miklos wakes he will revise all his spells

  7. Maruc

    Maruc releasing the last remaining power of Halav upon his friends knew he had no time for rest though he sorely needed it. He immediately began praying for further aid. “Holy Halav I beaseach you yet again for aid least our foes distance themselves from us overly…..”

    DM: would it be possible to replace Maruc’s 2 2nd level spells with 2 CLW’s? for game expedience?

  8. Hasan

    Hasan was not surprised that the goblins could tell nothing more than the tracks already clearly indicated, that the party would go east as soon as they were ready.

    (Hasan will memorize web, levitate, ventriloquism and hold portal.)

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