Stephan bolted up at the noise. And a lucky thing too as one of the voracious bats had just alighted on his leg, making to sink its hollow fangs into his femoral. With a spasm, Stephan launched the wad of leather and rubber–for that is what the bat seemed to be–across the room.

Irina screamed. The bats, there were at least three in the room, made grating hissing noises and fluttered about in a veritable tornado of black wings.

Grabbing a torch from a wall sconce, Stephan began waving the flame and tarry smoke at the bats.

“Look, I can herd them. Open that windhole. I’ll try to flush them out!” His words were stunned with sudden adrenalin after being only moments ago in blissful sleep.

Darya opened the wood shutters add two of the bats fled the easy route. But to her horror, she saw several more bat claws and heads peeking through the now open window from the outside. Had she been able to see the tower from the outside, her blood would have curdled. What seemed to be dozens of additional vampire bats clung to the tower’s stonework, seeking entry through various means.

She quickly shut the windhole.

“No, keep it open! I can get this last out.”

“No, Stephan. There are many more out there!”


Using the torch as a cudgel, Stephan swung, missed and set a table cloth on fire. Swinging again, however, he smashed the bat to the board-work floor and quickly got a boot on it.

But the creature was hardy and took more than a stamping to kill. Irina quickly saw that a heavy table was near. With what strength she had, she turned the table over such that the falling, heavy edge of it came straight down on the hissing head of the bat.

The crush was too much even for the rubber and leather-bodied hellion.

A stillness settled on the room. In the quiet, they heard cries from other parts of the tower.

“Quickly, there are more…”

Keeping a grip on the torch and wielding his short sword, Stephan rushed from the room.

Adrenalin wired the mage. The first thought that raced though Miklos’s mind was, ‘Now that isn’t someting you see everyday’. The second was ‘I am now conpletely awake’. The next thing that happened, happened in a flurry of activity. “It’s a, ahh… a damn heavy bat! HELP!” He yelled trying the foist the thing from him.

Wings and fangs and beady glass eyes were everywhere. Miklos flailed his left arm round trying to buy himself enough time to grap at his staff. Grappling claws snagged in his cloak fuelling the mages fear and excitment. He shrugged the garment off in an aggitated disire to be well away from the room. The staff forgotten he lauched himself toward the stairwell casting as much of the cloak as possible over the creature. It was then he counted more. “Bats! Giant Bats! We are assailed!” He called as he leapt down the stairs two at a time.

Maruc snapped out of his meditation. He scrabbled for his weaponery and rushed toward the tower and the screaming. He saw Miklos rushing down the stairs. A bat, larger than any bat had a right to be, flapped and flustered down the stairwell after the white-faced mage. It bit into the spellcaster’s shoulder. Miklos dropped to the ground, unable to move.

Maruc rounded the brought up his burnished Halavist Shield that glinted in the torchlight, and flung his chainflail at it, killing the thing.

The commotion from above had awakened Hasan, who awkwardly rolled out of bed, his sword arm still very stiff and sore. As he went up the stairs, he heard Miklos shrieking about bats. Just in time, he grabbed a torch from the wall sconce and shoved its flame into the face of one of the creatures. It twitched and shrieked as it rolled in death spasms on the ground.

The armoury was uncontaminated, so Hasan had locked the shutters tight. Going up one more level, Hasan entered just as the the pale, slender mage did. With a bang, Stephan and Darya had eradicated the last pest in that room as well, one just as it had almost been on top of Kuzma. Hasan checked the latches, and asked, “was anybody keeping watch from the top level of the tower? if so, we’ll have to save them!”

Thankfully, the shrieking noises from room above had stopped. On its way in, one of the bats bit Alphana, paralyzing her. Pyotr angrily slashed it in half, and, along with Taras, successfully repelled the others.

All the bats in the tower were dead, and no more tried to enter. The smoke, fire and death cries of their fellows had caused them to fly off.

Meanwhile, the dwarf, below, drowsily guarding the hall entrance door had glanced up at the shouting. Bats?! There was something wrong with that notion even to the dwarf. Concussion or not, the dwarf suspected another ruse. A distraction. He kept to his post. Fighting to keep alert. Once again, the chanting and drumming of the goblins stopped. Dawn was approaching. Instinct told him they were getting ready for a final assault.



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7 responses to “Bats!

  1. Mystara DM

    Changed from last post: Maruc gets back 2 CLW

    Miklos -2hp Paralyzed

    Maruc: 10xp +20xp combat
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp +20xp combat
    Feldard: 10xp
    Hasan: 10xp +20xp combat
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp+10xp +20xp combat

    Maruc: 17,765/24000
    Miklos: 17,850/20000
    Feldard: 17,880/34000
    Hasan: 17,185/32000
    Stephan: 16,745/32000

  2. Stephan

    “First things, first,” Stephan muttered as he ran back up to the room to douse any fires that may be burning out of control. He found the table cloth he’s accidentally set afire smoldering and producing some smoke but, luckily, the fabric was not readily flammable. He made sure it was out and then checked the shutters to assure they were locked shut.

    Back in the main room and seeing Maurc and Alphana lying prone, a sickly white hue in their skin, “What can be done for such ailment? I know not.”

    And he swooned a bit. His own wounds and the lack of sleep were taking their toll. His hand involuntarily grasped a nearby chairback for support.

    While Kuzma knelt over the more seriously injured to pray that the demonic bat poison be cleansed, Irina saw Stephan’s swoon.

    “Here, Stephan, sit. You are bleeding yet. Drink this.” Placing her Havlavian symbol on first her left then right cheek and then on the forehead, she prayed for healing.

  3. Feldard

    Feldards head still ached from where he’d been struck by the slingstone, but he tried not to concern himself with it – his wounds were minor now compared to some the others still bore. What did bother him was the presence of the goblins outside, surrounding the keep. Everything about them irritated the dwarf. He imagined he could smell them even at this distance, could hear them sneaking up at this very moment. Their chanting had stopped – they’d be attacking soon.

    “Everyone at the ready!” Feldard bellowed out in warning. His volume ringing painfully in his own head.

    The dwarf glanced around the hall but what with the attack by bats apparently, everyone else was up in the tower. He’d have to hold the entrance on his own. He waited battle axe at hand, the adrenaline of imminent battle staving off the effects of his concussion.

  4. Maruc

    Minor correction to Stephans’ post… Miklos is poisoned not Maruc. 🙂

    Maruc cast his shiled and flail asside and checked Miklos. Eyes dilated. Heartbeat slow, irregular. He grabbed a torch for a nearby sconce and waved it over the mage’s face a slight iris reaction. Good, he’s in a bad way but its not terminal. Maruc pulled him back up the stairwell and groaned when he saw Alphana. He checked her over. She was in the same state. He checked the body for the puncture wound. He placed his mouth against the rent and sucked the excess fluid away spitting the rancid contents asside.

    “Get me boiling water and a clean towel!” his stren voice was directed at no one inparticular, but he expected it to happen so he went to Miklos and pulled the robe asside to investigate the contusion on his shoulder. This was cleaner but closer to the heart so it had affected him quicker. He started sucking at the wound. He continued until the clink of a bowl of steaming water broke his rythm. “Thanks.” he said absently and began washing Alphana’s injury before turing back to Miklos and doing the same.

    At the dwarf’s bellow Maruc saw the grey faced elf pulling on his armour and preparing himself to defend the hall. “You’re not fit to defend anything. Come here and no arguments. Blessed Halav!” he cried, “Mighty Halav on your earthly throne, I seek your aid to further your cause. Strengthen this worthy elf-prince Hasan so that he may aid me and thus aid you!”

    Maruc casts both of his CLW’s on Hasan being the worst injured.

  5. Miklos

    The mages mind swum as his legs no longer supported his weight. It was an odd sensation, it was like realising you were only a puppet after your strings got cut. He has rolled a ways down the stairs and picked up a few scratches. As he layed there as his beathing became shallow, his arm was twisted behind his back. Not painfully, but his bodyweight was making his hand go numb.

    Time passed.

    He felt movement. Maruc was suddenly there. Then the blight glare of a torch, he tried to squint and failed. He was being pulled back up the stairs. No not there! That were he was running away from. He was powerless. Maruc was gone again.

    More time passed.

    Then Maruc was back. Miklos was barely conscious, he couldn’t close his eyes. He gazed slightless at the ceiling.

  6. Hasan

    Hasan felt warmth emerge from a small spot in the crook of his elbow. Not heat, just warmth. It then spread through to the rest of his arm, a tingling feeling followed by the gentle ease of a late summer morning. He had been blessed again by healing grace. He grinned and went down to see the dwarf. Light began to shine through a chink in the thatch above the great hall. Not sunlight yet. But dawn would come soon.

  7. Feldard

    The dwarf greeted the elf with a grunt. “So what was with the bats?”

    The dwarf grimaced at hearing of the Miklos and Alphana. “That is unfortunate.. however… our plan remains the same as previous. We have our remaining archers pick them off as they spend time ramming down the make-shift door. Once they are through, we warriors hold them here in the hall for as long as possible before retreating up through the tower. The hall stairway to the upper level is nigh impassable – I’ve seen to that – so they’ll have to use the tower stairs following us. We will then use that advantage to cut them down one by one on the stair. They will rue this attack!” The dwarf’s fervoured gaze fixed on the elfs for a moment then looked to the door – anticipating the upcoming battle, perhaps a little too much.

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