When the drumming stopped, Feldard mentally reviewed his preparations. It would have to do—he was out of time. He headed to the towers 3rd level, their hosts’ room, where the women and children were already gathered in wait.

Darya and Alfana were already in position at their windows, bows at the ready. Darya to the east , Alfana to the north.

Feldard looked over the remaining women, recalling that at least two of them were clerics—forbidden the use of a bow by their god Halav—foolishness, if you asked the dwarf.

“You, Woman” Feldard said, pointing to Masha, the recent widow who was huddled holding her infant daughter, “give the child to the Elder. Take up a spot at the window here with that bow. You too boy, you are taller than me. It’s time you defended your home.”

Feldard could hear the call of the watchers atop—the goblins were on the move from the north and west. He quickly set up, Masha and Matvey each at a window slot with a bow. Masha facing to the north, Matvey facing west between Alfana and himself.. The boy had to stand on a chair to see out through the window.

“Hold the bow like this,” instructed the dwarf. Feldard had seen the elf do it oft enough, to know how to show the boy. “Notch the arrow. Pull back to your ear. Come on boy! Use your strength! Good. Now aim at your target and let loose..” The arrow whistled, but Feldard was too short to see if it hit its target.

With a nod to the boy, Feldard took up position on a chair at his own window slot, facing to the west and loaded his crossbow. He counted his bolts.. only 8 left. He had to make them last and make each shot count. He had a grand view of the bridge and the northern yard, not to mention the the goblins making their charge. He took aim at what seemed to be the lead goblin and fired off his bolt.

“Target the wolfriders! They be the leaders!” shouted Pyotr. He was no stranger to battle with the goblin clans, though it had been many years since he had traveled the dark reaches Dymrak with his brother.

As he reloaded, Feldard glanced about and saw that the boy was working on notching another arrow, as was Alfana.. but the woman Masha was just sobbing uselessly. “Dammit. Darya, take her place at the north window. You man, Stellios.. watch the eastern woods. Let us know if they begin to charge from that direction next.”

His bolt was in place and the string pulled back. Turning back to the yard below, he took aim at another goblin, and wondered how Hasan and the others were faring, above on the tower battlements.

The goblin’s crazed gibbering shattered the eerie calm. Hasan almost grinned their opponent’s finally careened into range. “From the north and from the river, Stephan,” he muttered, even as he drew his first arrow. Twang! “Do you see any that bear fire? Bring them down first!” Fffft!

“Blessed Halav,” fffft! Stephan muttered a Traladaran prayer of protection, as he nocked and let fly as many well-aimed arrows as possible.

“But wait….”, Stephan peered for a moment at approaching goblins. He puzzled over why the goblins bore no torches. He had fully expected them to try to ignite the rest of the homestead in flames. They had gathered all the water they could find in preparation for this, but for some unknown reason, the goblins were not using that tactic. Instead, the Wolfskulls charged toward the oak door leading to the hall.

Maruc lent against the banister of the balcony. He stretched his stiff leg and felt the pull of the stitches. Close at hand lent his shield and flail. He was nervous, the wait wasn’t helping. The urgent cries from above meant at least the action was going to start soon. He idly wondered if they had enough arrows. He glanced across to Miklos who stood just inside the doorway to the tower. “I nailed the bottom tower door shut to the armoury and the doors to the courtyard but I haven’t had time to nail the window shutters, we’ll have to rely on their latches.”

Miklos shrugged, “I don’t think it would matter either way, all we can hope to do is delay their entry to give the archers plenty of time to shoot them. Looking on the bright side I found enough cord for another escape rope, but it wouldn’t hold an armoured man. The women could use it. And Hasan probably.” He crossed over to the arrowslit facing the courtyard. “Looks like their taking cover in the barn. I’ll let the others know I’ll try to encompass them as they cross to the main hall, they should be easy enough to pick off then.”

Miklos called his plan up the stairwell then positioned himself by the arrowslit facing the yard and prepared his first sleep incantation.

Hearing the mage call up his plan, Feldard nodded and bellowed it on up to those manning the tower battlements, in dwarven. Hasan should be able to inform the others.

Arrows wounded the Wolfskull riders, so they took cover behind one of the buildings, ordering their footsoldiers on to the door. The defenders targeted them, raining arrows down upon them as they charged through the yard completely vulnerable. This, in turn, exposed the archers to the Red Blade goblins below, who fired slingstones at them, but the group did their best to ignore them and focus on the charging Wolfskull.

Four of the goblins were felled by the time they finally reached the heavy oak door that led to the main hall. It had been barred and nailed shut, so the goblins set about to hacking at it with their axes, while the Red Blade provided what cover fire they could with their slings. Stephan adjusted his aim accordingly.

“Come on, now, Stephan, time for one more, then off with you! It won’t take them long to hack through the door!”



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6 responses to “Raid

  1. To sum up, there are 8 red blade goblins shooting slingstones at the archers in the tower. There were 12 wolfskull. Now there are 8 left—6 on foot, and 2 wolf-rider leaders (who are both wounded and taking cover). The 6 footsoldiers are hacking with axes at the hall door. They do not have fire and seemingly are not interested in burning down the stead.

    Let me know if I made any mistakes in understanding what actions the characters are undertaking.

    Also, feel free to give actions to the NPC’s as you’ve been doing. I’ll adjust if I think it conflicts with what my materials tell me.

    Stephan -2hp (lucky sling shot!)
    Feldard -3hp (even luckier sling shot!)

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+5xp

    Maruc: 17,455/24000
    Miklos: 17,530/20000
    Feldard: 17,575/34000
    Hasan: 16,875/32000
    Stephan: 16,365/32000

  2. miklosdostevar

    Miklos lent into the arrowslit as much as he dared to scan the goblins hacking at the door. Making sure he didn’t expose himself too much he released his prepared spell at the group of goblins attacking the Hall door.
    The familiar greasness of formed magic filled the air and settled sluggishly over them. Miklos watched with satisfaction as they collapsed in a heap. It reminded him of the first time he’d used the spell in anger taking out the Radu. Hopefully some of these unfortunates might be kept for questioning but that was not worth worring about right now.
    He scanned the courtyard from his vantage point on the second level awaiting more attackers to assault the Hall door.

  3. Maruc

    Maruc watched Miklos for a few moments. He felt pretty useless. Then he had an idea. It had irked him that his only ranged weapon was a hunting sling. He’d wondered if using it against enemies of Halav was unethical, but as his Abbot used to say to him. “Doubt is Halav’s way of saying no.”

    He got up and climbed down to the storeroom. He fumbled around until he found what he was looking for. On his way back up he grabbed a torch from the wall sconce and made his way back to the balcony in the main hall.

    He unlatched the window above the hall door at arms reach and pushed it open with his shield. with his free hand he unstoppered the three vials of lamp oil he had liberated from the stores and using the shield as cover the emptied the contents over the recumbrant figures piled beneath.

    He then dropped the torch on them.

    Ducking back into the balcony avoiding the rush of heat he saunted round to Miklos. Then he slowly winked.

  4. Feldard

    Ignoring the blood that tickled down from his temple where the stone had struck, Feldard reloaded his crossbow. “Miklos will deal with those goblins moving for the door; aim for the goblins covering them.”

    That said the dwarf, fired off his bolt towards one of the Redskull goblins, hoping it was the one with who had the lucky shot on him.

    Three bolts fired – 5 left.. As Feldard began loading again, he looked over his defenders once more. The boy was doing well – notching another arrow.. the dwarf nodded approved. “Good lad, keep it up.”

    The women-folk too seemed intent on their task, all but Masha, who’d retrieved her daughter and was once more huddled by the bed, sobbing. Feldard didn’t have time to deal with her , as long as she kept out of his way! “Stellios, is the east still clear?”

    His bolt was loaded and the string pulled back. He looked back to the courtyard and grinned at the pile of sleeping goblins. Feldard would have to share an ale with the mage after this was all done. Leaving the sleeping goblins for later, Feldard took aim at another stone-slinging Redskull and fired.

    “Remember, once they breach the door, Miklos and Maruc will need us down at the balcony quickly.” Feldard instructed the women Darya and Alfana. “So be ready to move. Boy, you’ll stay here and defend this door. Got that?”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Feldard nodded gruffly. He liked the boy.

  5. dtwilder

    The unfortunate slingstone caused a flash in his eyes momentarlily blinding Stephan. He shook it off and re-aimed his arrow. He could sense, however, the slight concuss the ill-aimed (from his perspective!) rock caused. He’d have to drink plenty of water in the next couple days. And avoid the drink.

    He looked with great satisfaction at the slumping goblinoid forms from the magics wrought by Miklos. Taking careful aim, he shot again at one of the of riders.

    “Brother!” he shouted. “For Sukiskin!” Stephan bellowed as he rushed made his way to the lower level to defend the hall. On the way down, he stopped to survey the organization imposed by Feldard. He noted the cowering Masha and saw one of the dwarf’s bolts lying on the floor, having fallen, obviously in the reloading of the crossbow. Handing it to Feldard, he said, “Master dwarf, I shall buy you an ale tun and drink to your bravery!”

    Stephan did not wait for a reply but rushed to defend the hall. On the upper balcony overlooking the main hall, he crouched and fired a volley of shafts at the penetrating goblins. Pyotr, by his side, was clearly affected by the demise of his homestead. Unwanted tears streaked his cheeks but his hands remained steady and deadly. He too wielded a bow and had his blade ready to engage the enemy.

    “Were that my home not ravaged so! These foul beasts shall taste my vengeance!”

    “I am with you brother! And by Havlav, we shall see these foes vanquished and your family intact!”

    T’twang! The brothers loosed arrows simultaneously.

    “We shall clear all of Dymrak of these pests!”


    And the doors began to fail.

    “Now, brother!” Stephan drew his blade, seeing Hasan also sense the moment for engagement. He rushed the steps to confront the first of the goblins.

  6. Hasan

    Rushing just behind the empassioned brothers, Stephan and Pyotr, Hasan saw what Maruc had done. “Back now, away from the door,” he commanded, and he dragged the humans away from the door that writhed in the extreme blast of heat and burst into flames. Grabbing urns of water the family had stowed in their earlier preparations, the threesome managed to extinguish the fire before it spread to the frame of the building. But the once doughty door was lost as clearly as the barn they now could see through the mangled doorway. Hasan dodged a slingstone. “Well done, cleric,” was all the elf could say, as he and Pyotr took up defensive positions behind a table. “Oh, and one more thing,” he thought, a bit of smile finally appearing on the elf’s face. “Better call Feldard down. We’ll have to depend on the womenfolk to defend us from above.”

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