Map of Sukiskyn

Here’s a better map of Sukiskyn. No need to post any new comments, unless you want to add or change something from the previous post. Or if you have a question about a specific room, either ask me, or have your character inspect the area or ask an NPC




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7 responses to “Map of Sukiskyn

  1. Feldard

    (adjusted post)
    “Hasan, these goblins will not wait for dawn to attack again. We will need to make our stand here.” Feldard states grimly.

    Feldard prepares for the upcoming battle by organizing defenses – setting up long range weapons at the ready on the tower and along the balcony in the main hall. The dwarf then began picking out and preparing the best defensible melee areas.

    For Miklos magic, the dwarf figures the main hall to be best – to better encompass more of the goblin numbers. To this end, the dwarven engineer forms a corral of sorts, just inside the doorway of the hall, using tables, chairs and other large furniture to blockade the goblins from the main hall stairs, keeping them contained to the lower levels where Miklos can best use his magics on them from the balcony above.

    Feldard then sets up a blockade and weapons cache just within the tower door. A place where the family defenders can beat back those goblins that escape the Miklos’ magic.

    If all else fails, and the battle in the hall begins to go against them, Feldard figures he or Maruc can take out a good number whilst retreating slowly up the narrow tower steps.

    To help keep up morale, the dwarf sings a traditional dwarven battle song over top of the goblin drums and chanting. His deep baritone voice rings loud and undaunted, if a little off-key at times, echoing within the hall.

    (I’m no tactician so if something sounds out of place.. please let me know)
    This is Feldards plan..
    * when the goblin charge is noted those that can fire a bow will be up on the battlements (each with a direction to work in – north/south/east/west) picking off goblins as the enter the bailey.
    *The entrances to the mainhall will all be locked or blockade to slow the goblin entrance giving the archers in the tower more time to pick them off (this is assuming we have enough arrows).
    *Those that have no skill with bows (ie Miklos and Maruc) and those archers with no viable targets will hide in wait on the balcony for the goblins to break through the main hall door.
    *Then the spell casters will their cast magics or other helpful prayers and the waiting archers will take out yet more goblins, while those archers still in the tower move down to the balcony (if they have no more targets outside).
    *The armoured melee warriors (Feldard, Maruc after his prayers are cast, and any other no in plain clothes) will move down to the tower door and protect it, while others continue to guard the balcony (keep goblins off the main hall stairs) through any means possible.. tossing rocks if need be.
    * The women and children will be kept protected in Kuzma’s room.
    *If they are losing the battle in the hall, they will retreat slowly up the tower steps which are more easily defendable (higher ground and narrower – one on one fighting)
    *A last ditch escape route will be planned with ropes and ladder laying near in place. Rope down from the battlement to the roof of the mainhall, across to the kitchen, ladder (if long enough) stretched across the gap to the palisade wall and rope down to the river, where they either sink or swim.

  2. Matt

    Thoughts on Tactics:

    I see the plan to be keeping the enemy outside the main buliding as long as possible in order to use our missile advantage.

    If it is possible to make more arrows with the items available within the compound this should be done.

    We have access to a workshop.

    We can nail all the doors shut and cut and some nice oak which can be nailed against the doors and into the floor at 45 degrees. Expect the ones in Tower level 2, 3 and the battlements.

    We can nail all the shutters shut in the windows. (soak the wood)

    We can get every water carrying object and sluice the thatch as best we can.

    How is the water supplied to the property? Is there an under ground pipe/handpump arrangement? Where its is placed and is there more than one pump?

    I agree with the rope escape method but we cannot be sure that the main hall will not be burnt down, the rope must be long enough to reach the ground from the top of the tower – it too must be soaked and knotted so it doesn’t burn and is easiler to climb down. Two or three ropes should be prepared if possible for multiple exit the should be secured and ready to go.

    We should be prepared to fire the main hall ourselves. So any irreplaceable belongings should be placed in Tower level 3.

    Fireing method: Oil soaked hay bales covered with water soaked tarpaulins are placed around the balcony. The tarps will be tied to a release rope that would allow all them to be quickly removed. Torches should be placed ready next to burning sconce to fire the bales.

    The lower Tower door should be nailed shut and bolstered.

    Ideally we need to be getting some help as we don’t know what numbers we face. Do we have access to carrier pigeons? Or we could send out a volunteer – but the best person fot the job would be Hassan and that would leave us understrength.

    If I think of anything else I’ll let you guys know.

  3. Matt

    …This all sounds a bit A Team….

    quick get the cabbage thrower!

  4. Matt

    PS that should be ‘except’ not ‘expect’….

    if only I could edit!

  5. Note: In the armory, there are a stock of weapons and ammunition (arrows).

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