Stephan was filled with wrenching emotions. “Oh Brother! ‘Tis good to see you. But I’m sorry we meet in such dire circumstance.” He embraced his mother and other kin, clearly delighted to be amongst them.

Maruc smiled warmly as he took Pyotr’s hand. “It is more than a pleasure to help honest folk, Pyotr. Your brother Stephan is a noble and honorable Halavarian. He aided us in repelling an attack from the Iron Ring. I hope that his selfless actions will not endanger you further. I at least owe you a debt of gratitude and I shall do what I can to rid you of this goblin threat.”

The priest continued. “Forgive me.” he turned to Masha and placed his hand gently on her shoulder, “Halav on His Throne shall bless the fallen. There will be time later to mourn them. Steel yourself child.”

He turned to Alfana. “Are there any injured I can tend or do we have time the recuprate?”

“Nay father,” she replied. “Novannes and Hakos are beyond your help. All the rest are unharmed.”

Maruc nodded, “I will be more useful given a few hours to prepare. Feldard, do you think we have time?”

Turning to Miklos and Maruc, “Aye, there may be some time to recuperate but please spend some of it in prayer.” He looked out the window. “If only the heavens would open and rain on the flames…” Frowning, “It sorrows me that my arrival is not under a happier sky. Tell me, Pyotr, is there any hope of putting the fire out? Is it at least contained?”

Feldard glanced toward the burning palisade, then to the trees beyond that hid the goblin invaders. “If Pyotr can lend me a good shovel, I will do what I can to slow the spread of the fire. That should give you the time you need Maruc.”

“The barn and gatehouse are lost,“ stated Pyotr. “The northern barrier is certainly breached, but I don’t think it will burn beyond that.” He spoke to the dwarf. “Brave warrior, we have no idea how many lurk in the wood, and what attack they may launch should you venture out. There is little wind, and I think the fire will not spread beyond where it currently burns.”

Miklos collapsed in the relative safety of the great hall. He introduced himself to the folk then immediately took advantage of the break in events to spend more time memorizing spells. What little time they have between assaults had to be used constructively.

Hasan had greeted the new humans quickly, and caught up in their obvious closeness, he echoed Maruc’s offer to help. But the elf chafed in the tower. Unlike the two humans, whose preternatural concentration on their meditations amazed all, Hasan stalked up and down the tower’s stairs, alternating between efforts to spy out their adversaries and halfheartedly helping the dwarf organize their defenses.

Finally, he could take it no longer. They were stuck inside, and the goblins’ patience would probably be short. He burst in the the tower’s main room and roused the group, “Come now. Here we sit, surrounded by enemies and fire and yet we lock ourselves into place? We must strike out. As soon as dawn breaks, we must take the battle forward. I can lock the door so no goblin shall pass. But we must prepare to fly.”

As the elf spoke, ominous chanting and the beating of drums emanated from the dark. Beyond the treeline, numerous small fires were lit, one after another. It appeared as if a horde of invaders lurked beyond the treeline. Thankfully, it was a cloudless night, so they would be able to see any attackers approach the compound. For now, the goblins remained in the wood, their glowing red eyes flickering here and there amongst the trees.



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7 responses to “Nightfall

  1. After an hour or so, Maruc gets his CLW, and Miklos can memorize either 1 2nd level spell, or 2 1st level (takes longer than normal because of the distracting chanting & drums).

    In your comment posts, indicate what your character is doing for about an hour or so while they are memorizing spells (Hasan may memorize 1 spell in that time as well – just let me know which)

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+5xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 17,415/24000
    Miklos: 17,490/20000
    Feldard: 17,515/34000
    Hasan: 16,835/32000
    Stephan: 16,330/32000

  2. Feldard

    “Hasan, these goblins will not wait for dawn to attack again. We will need to make our stand here.”
    Feldard prepares for the upcoming battle by organizing defenses – setting up long range weapons at the ready on the tower and picking out the best defensible melee areas.
    For Miklos magic, the dwarf figures the main hall to be best – to better encompass more of the goblin numbers. To this end, the dwarven engineer forms a path of sorts, within the hall, using tables to guide the goblins right to where Miklos can best use his magics on them.
    Feldard then sets up a blockade and weapons cache within the hall, just ahead of where the door to the tower lay. A place where the family defenders can beat back those goblins that escape the Miklos’ magic.
    If all else fails, and the battle in the hall begins to go against them, Feldard figures he or Maruc can take out a good number whilst retreating slowly up the narrow tower steps.
    To help keep up morale, the dwarf sings a traditional dwarven battle song over top of the goblin drums and chanting. His deep baritone voice rings loud and undaunted, if a little off-key at times, echoing within the hall.

  3. Stephan

    Stephan assisted Feldard with defense preparations and then headed to the tower to observe what he could of the goblins.

    “What are the goblins awaiting?,” he spoke aloud to no one in particular. He watched and listened for signs of tree-felling. Peering into the moony night he said, “If they are felling trees, it may mean they’re building some sort of siege device. Could be a simple battering ram. That may mean they do not intend to await the fire to die down and enter that way. They may try to make a new entry.

    “I wonder if they are also trying to dig…”

    He turned to Pyotr [either on the tower top or elsewhere], “If they mean to climb through the burned barn, we should be ready to re-alight the flames just as they try to enter! Do you have pitch or other flammables that could be made ready? We’ll give them what they think is an opening but trap them in a gauntlet of flame!”

    And in a lower voice to Pyotr, “We should ready boats to escape if it comes to it. The horses are lost and what remain can be turned out. We can round them up later. The boats should be made ready in case we need to escape in haste.”

    What that, he turned to spy again on the goblins to ascertain their number and activity.

  4. Hasan

    Hasan finally settled enough to steal away for study of his spellbook. He withdrew the old tome gingerly, for it was hundreds of years old. It was Elrond’s spellbook before him, and who knows what Elyan before Elrond. He studied a spell he had not used before. (DM – can I have ventriloquism? Seems like it would be a lot more fun than magic missle for the umpteenth time! If not, web will be fine.)

  5. Hasan

    Hasan closed his book and stretched wearily, climbing to his feet and turning up the stairs to the towertop. The goblin din rose as Luna, beloved by elves everywhere, began her nightly fall to her daily doom. Hasan shivered in the cool early spring night. Dawn approached, he knew, but dark minutes came first.
    “A lovely day in store, then,” he said, rather meaninglessly, to Stephan, who watched the night with him.

    “Thanks be to Halav,” the human uttered. It wasn’t cleat to the eld if the human meant muh by his words either.
    The two watchman nodded to each other and returned to their wordless scrying.

  6. Maruc

    Maruc finished his meditation. Depite the the insesant drumming and Feldard’s singing he felt better. He always felt better after communing with the avatars of mighty Halav. He wandered over to the water bowser in the corner of the rrom and helped himself to a draught and splashed his face. Then he realised he still handn’t bothered to take his dreaded armour off. A good thing probably in the circumstances. He glanced around after the others and spotting Hasan he went over to him.
    “Let me take a look at that cut, we don’t want you to catch anything nasty now do we?” Disregarding the protests of the elf he bound the minor wound.

    Catching up with the Dwarf was a different matter and after a short and ugly conversation about his injury Maruc felt than instead of wasting his time he went in search of Stephan. He got a similar protest that the scratch wasn’t worth his time but Maruc insisted and swiftly bound his forearm anyway.

    Only then did he look to himself. He gingerly removed the shin-guard and looked at the caked blood and ulgy yellowing buise. He sighed and cleansed it then produced his small pot of witch hazel and dabbed it around then tighty bound his calf and replaced the armour. The laceration on his shoulder needed stitches so with a great deal of pain and patience he did the best he could to sew himself up.

    He straped his shoulder guard back and surveyed the woodland from the arrowslit. Occasionally he caught some movement. It disturbed him that these goblins were forgetting their old interclan emnities, he didn’t know much of their history but it was just common sense that if they all got together the Duchy would be in trouble.

    “Well more fool them if they choose to gainsay the wishes of Halav Incarnate on His Ducal throne.” he said thinking aloud.

    DM: I am assuming the in OD&D that first aid will allow the healing of an additional 1hp per day along with the natural healing rate?

  7. miklosdostevar

    Miklos will memorise 2 sleep spells.

    Miklos threaded his spellbook back into its oilskin bag. He rubbed his eyes. All this reading wasn’t good for him, he was sure he couldn’t see as well as he could when he was younger. ‘Be thankful if you live out the night, failing sight should be the least of your worries.’ he thought.

    He also went to the water bowster and took and gulp and nodded to Hasan who was being fussed over by Maruc.

    “Feldard wants to go though some defensive ideas with you Miklos.” said the Elf
    “Where is he?”
    “I think he’s dowstairs in the Main Hall.”

    Miklos nodded and went down to review the tactics that Feldard suggested.

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