A Warm Sukiskyn Welcome

Miklos paused. He could down the five with a word. He did. With a defiant sweep of his hand, he released the last of his sleep incantations at the group to buy them time to get to the relative safety of the main buildings.

“At least they’ll be easier to shoot!” he cried as he hastily chased after the others.

Maruc nodded to the woman as he hurried after her. “We need somewhere safe.” The cleric eye’d the blaze. “Safe from burning. Do you have injured folk? I am a priest, I can help.”

The dwarf once again guarded their backs as they headed to the first floor of the tower. As he saw the 5 goblins drop thanks to the mage’s spell, he was tempted to go back and finish them off, but the archers from the tower were quicker than he. Arrows and slingstones fell upon the slumbering invaders, ensuring that they would never wake up again.

“How many do you have for defense?” he questioned once they were inside.

Hanging his bow across his back and hefting his shield, Stephan followed Alfana and tried to respond to Hasan as he ran.

“Believe me, while we’ve heard of more goblin activity in Dymrak, all of it has been far removed from these parts. This attack is very strange. To see Red Blade and Wolfskull working together is unheard of! And to have seen The Ring only today, and not but a league away! Something is afoot!”

He finished while jumping a fallen Red Blade.

Once inside, Stephan wiped the grime from his forehead, and asked Alfana, “Do you have any idea how many goblins there are? And do we have some pitch or else to cast on them from above?”

As she was about to answer, Stephan saw his brother come down the tower stairs.

“Stephan, you have arrived, and just in the nick of time!” said Pyotr as he set down his longbow.

They quickly ran forward to meet each other, clasped each other’s shoulder and pressed brows in the traditional Traladaran embrace. With their matching red hair, the family resemblance was immediately apparent. Pyotr wore a blue tunic over chain mail. He was about the same size as his brother, with a longer beard.

He turned to greet his brother’s companions “Welcome to our homestead. Here at Sukiskyn, we pride ourselves on giving a warm welcome to our guests—but not quite this warm,” he said, grimly joking about the fires.

“I am Pyotr. This is my eldest son’s wife, Alfana,” he said, introducing the woman that had led the group inside. “Taras has taken my position up in the tower with my wife Darya and daughter Irina—they are manning the arrowslits.”

Other members of the clan entered the room. They were all terribly frightened, but eager to see Stephan. The group was introduced to each of them. There was Kuzma, Pyotr’s mother, who was comforting Masha—the widow of the recently deceased son of the blacksmith. Little Matvey ran straight into his uncle’s arms—the ten-year old was greatly relieved to see him. The last of the group was Stellios, a bald, plump older man with only one arm—servant to the blacksmith’s family.

After the introductions, Pyotr quickly explained their predicament.

“The creatures seemed to have withdrawn back to the treeline for now—most likely, they are waiting for the barn and northern palisade to finish burning down. Thankfully, the main building and stables are intact. Thank Halav for your arrival! With your help, we may just be able to make it through ‘til tomorrow’s daybreak.”

“The Red-blade and Wolfskull you have seen, earlier the Viper attacked and took the horses from the pens. It is with great sorrow I tell you that our blacksmith, Novannes, and his son Hakos were both killed. The clans have been making intrusions to the settlements of late. That which could unite all the goblin clans of the Dymrak, to attack us in unison, is a terrible mystery.”



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8 responses to “A Warm Sukiskyn Welcome

  1. I’ve put a rundown of the who’s who at Sukiskyn on the OOC page for your reference, and the map to the maps page.

    Maruc: 10xp+10xp +15xp(combat)
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp+10xp +15xp(combat)
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp +15xp(combat)
    Hasan: +15xp(combat)
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp+15xp(combat)

    Maruc: 17,395/24000
    Miklos: 17,470/20000
    Feldard: 17,495/34000
    Hasan: 16,820/32000
    Stephan: 16,300/32000

  2. Maruc

    Maruc smiled warmly as he took Prytors hand. “It is more than a pleasure to help honest folk, Prytor. Your brother Stephan is a noble and honorable Halavarian. He aided us in repelling an attack from the Iron Ring. I hope that his selfless actions will not endanger you further. I at least owe you a debt of gratitued and I shall do what I can to rid you of this goblin threat.”

    The priest continued. “Forgive me.” he turned to Masha and placed his hand gently on her shoulder, “Halav on His Throne shall bless the fallen. There will be time later to mourn them. Steel yourself child.”

    He turned to Alfana. “Are there any injured I can tend or do we have time the recuprate? I would be more useful given a few hours to prepare.”

    “Felard, do you think we have time?”

  3. Maruc

    Given time Maruc would like to prepare 2 Cure light wounds spells

  4. miklosdostevar

    Miklos collapsed in the relative safety of the great hall. He introduced himself to the folk then imediately took advantage of the break in events to spend more time memorising spells. What little time they have between assaults had to be used constructively.

  5. Stephan

    Stephan was filled with wrenching emotions.

    “Oh Brother! ‘Tis good to see you. But I’m sorry we meet in such dire circumstance.”

    He embraced his mother and other kin, clearly delighted to be amongst them.

    Frowning, “It sorrows me that my arrival is not under a happier sky.

    “Tell me, Pyotr, is there any hope of putting the fire out? Is it at least contained?”

    Turning to Miklos and Maruc, “Aye, there may be some time to recuperate but please spend some of it in prayer.” He looked out the window. “If only the heavens would open and rain on the flames…”

  6. Feldard

    Feldard glanced toward the burning pallisade, then to the trees beyond that hid the goblin invaders.
    “If Pytor can lend me a good shovel, I will do what I can to slow the spread of the fire. That should give you the time you need Maruc.”

    The dwarf set to work on a plan to smother the fire not with water but with dirt. In a fire this intense water turned to vapor too quickly preventing the cooling of the actual fire heart. A layer of dirt however would cut the air that the fire needed. It may not kill but it should slow it enough.

  7. Hasan

    Hasan greeted the new humans quickly, and caught up in their obvious closeness, he echoed Maruc’s offer to help. But the elf chafed in the tower. Unlike the two humans, whose preturnatural concentration on their meditations amazed all, Hasan stalked up and down the tower’s stairs, alternating between efforts to spy out their adversaries and halfheartedly helping the dwart to organize a fire brigade. Finally, he could take it no longer. The efforts to control the flames could not succeed for long, and the goblins’ patience would probably be short too. He burst in the the tower’s main room and roused the group, “Come now. Here we sit, surrounded by enemies and fire and yet we lock ourselves into place? We must strike out. As soon as dawn breaks, we must take the battle forward. I can lock the door so no goblin shall pass. But we must prepare to fly.”

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