Against the Wolfskull


The sudden sound of an arrow being released; the whistle of an arrow in flight; the almost melodious hum produced by the bowstring’s reverberations—Hasan shot at the lead goblin, wounding him and prepared to shoot again.

Meanwhile, Feldard dropped his crossbow in favour of his trusted battleaxe. He grinned widely. Goblins—no matter what manner their training or clan—were something he rather enjoyed fighting and killing. He could hear behind him Miklos’ arcane mutterings and wondered what magics the mage had called forth. He was almost getting used to the use of magic in battle now, though he’d deny it if any would dare suggest such.

Grabbing the initiative, Miklos barked the first lines of his web spell “…transadhestro!” More use now than in the blaze he guessed. A halo if magical strands burst forth in a spray from his outstreached hand at the centre of the goblin pack as the groups charged to meet each other. As the creatures emerged from the trees, the strands of the mage’s web engulfed half of the group. That should even up the odds, the mage triumphantly thought to himself.

Being just behind Hasan and in helm and armour, Maruc’s only intuition of magic was the brief greasiness in the air and a vague pungent sickly sweet smell. It almost distracted him from the wild swing of the violent goblinoid in front of him. High on adrenalin, he shrugged off the first blow and brought his flail round in a viscous arc at the goblin’s head. He said no word. If they could finish this lot off without noise the others across the stream might not aid them so swiftly. Halav had blessed them. This was relatively easily to tell friend from foe at this stage.

The dwarf attempted to sidestep the goblin’s hand axe, as he swung his battle axe around in its wide sweeping arc towards his foe, nearly cleaving the thing in half. “You call that an axe,” he taunted as he turned to face another foe. “Ha! Now this is an axe!”

Stephan turned to face the immediate threat of goblins from the trees. It had not been since the dungeons of Korlo that he’d fought with a mage, and he found himself greatly relieved to see the magics entangle several of the Wolfskulls.

“Pyotr and his family may already be in the tower.” Stephan shouted as he readied his sword. “Darya and the others are likely there already. But they’ve the blessing of Havlav here, I can assure you. There be two here who have take the devotions to Him.” He gave a grimmace, and lunged at the nearest Wolfskull, body slamming him with his shield and knocking him into the path of the elf’s sure-shot arrows; giving Hasan a clear target.

Turning, he narrowly missed having his noggin pierced sliced. Swiveling with his blade, he struck at the out-stretched arm of the goblin delivering a wrist-crippling wound. Quickly then, shifting his weight to his left foot, he brought his right boot up and out impacting the bent over goblin’s side. The beast, clutching it’s arm, his weapon laying useless on the ground, lost its balance, stumbling away. Stephan raised his sword to deliver the killing blow but again the twang of Hasan’s bow sounded and an arrow appeared in the goblin’s throat.

Feeling the rush of battle but keeping his voice down, Stephan engaged the goblin near the bridge edge. “With a bit of luck,” he thought, “I might send this one into the river…”

The battle appeared well in hand, the last two remaining goblins were on the defense, and appeared to be on the verge of retreat.

“Look out!” cried a man’s voice from the gatehouse across the bridge. It was Taras, Pyotr’s eldest son. Stephan turned to see a squad of seven goblins mounted on dire wolves charging wildly along the riverbank.

“Quick, before they cut you off!” shouted Taras. The gate was swung open. There was not a moment to lose.



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7 responses to “Against the Wolfskull

  1. Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+10xp+10xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+10xp

    Maruc: 17,340/24000
    Miklos: 17,405/20000
    Feldard: 17,440/34000
    Hasan: 16,775/32000
    Stephan: 16,245/32000

    Maruc -3 hp
    Feldard -1 hp

  2. FYI: The wolfskull riders appear before Stephan has had a chance to say what he had in the second comment

  3. Feldard

    “Go! Through the gate!” the dwarf called out to his companions as he grabbed up his dropped crossbow.

    Being the slowest of the group, Feldard guarded the backs of the others as they ran to the bridge. The dwarf loaded his crossbow on the run and fired back towards the encroaching riders. They were almost apon him!

    Feldard pushed his legs to a speed not natural to any dwarf, and was rewarded when he passed through the already closing gate.

    “Bar the gate!” Feldard called out, turning about pulling his axe in the chance that one or more of the riders slipped in before the gate could be fully closed.

  4. Stephan

    Stephan followed Feldard’s advice and, finding his footing on the bridge, lunged for the open gate.

    After getting inside, he drew an arrow and fired at a rider to help cover Feldard’s rush to safety.

  5. Miklos

    Needing no further encouragement Miklos sprinted for the offer of sanctuary after Stephan. “Thank you.” he breathed as he barreled in.

    “Shame. We almost had them there.” he added.

  6. Maruc

    Another scratch. Feldards attitued must be wearing off in him, Maruc hadn’t even noticed it until several seconds later. A whistling sound of speeding metal and he pulled his head back. Close. A jaring thud on his shield. A muffled shout.

    “What?” he called. Helms! Couldn’t hear a thing. Another wild swing of the flail to get himself a chance to look round. The others were backing off. Why?

    Then he caught the movment of the riders.

    He groaned inwardly, the shorter goblin in front of him ducked under his shield. “No you don’t.” Maruc planted his foot against it and booted it backward using the inertia to spin him around and a deft swing of the arm he brought his shield round to cover his back as he sprang away. He ran for the gate and in.

  7. Hasan

    Hasan squirmed away from the blow of a yowling wolf-rider. He didn’t think much of their riding skills, but then he had to give the poor boys credit for the courage of mounting their steeds. He pulled Maruc on and through the doorway. The heavy door’s gate crashed. The light of the burning palisades and thatch angrily maurauded through the coarse dwellings and stables of Sukiskyn. “Well, now,” observed the elf. He turned to Stephan, “A fine mess we’ve found. And now we’re bound up in it. Who are the goblins, and what business have they with your brother’s people? Or the Ringmen?”

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