Welcome to Sukiskyn!


“On now,” urged Hasan. “To the horsefarm. Stephan must lead the way. Where will your brother defend himself?” He pulled an arrow from the quiver by his side. His heart pounded; a bloody din arose in his ears for the second time today. Battle awaited.

At least I’ll not have to don my armour in a rush! thought Maruc as he hurried after the much faster elf. “Feldard,” he said as they sprinted toward the conflagration. “I’d suggest surprising them. So try to avoid your infamous battle cries… for the moment.”

“Blessed Halav! ” Stephan ran towards the flames. “This way! To the bridge”

At the back of the group Miklos sighed as his friends speed off. “No chance for sublety then?” he said at their retreating backs trying to keep the sarcasm out of his voice. He spent a few moments realising that all of his spells, although not lethal, were indescriminate. And sending people to sleep in a blaze was tantamount to murder. Web in a blaze? Useless. He needed to get closer. Perhaps a situation might present itself.

Feldard ran following the others trying to keep up with the elf and humans, but his shorter legs were no match over the sustained distance.

As he ran, he unhooked his crossbow from the side of his pack and reached back for a bolt. He paused his stride long enough to pull back and ready his weapon, but kept it unloaded until he had a definite target.

The forest ended on the bank of a small, but fast-flowing riverlet spanned by a wooden bridge, which lead to the gate of a palisaded homestead. The buildings seemed intact, but were lit by flames leaping from a barn to the left of the bridge. In a clearing on the far side of the barn, the attackers could be seen—an indeterminate but large group goblins. On the other side of the compound, to the right, beyond the main part of the homestead come the cries of frightened horses.

Maruc lengthened his stride and scooping his shield round he unhooked his flail. Trying to count their number, he squinted as his eyes became accustomed to picking them out against the blaze.

“The unarmed will be inside the compound!” shouted Stephan, indicating the women and children, “Here! ‘Round this way to the gate! ”

As they continued toward the river, the dwarf spotted movement in the trees. He shouted a warning as spears launched at them from the undergrowth. Maruc and Feldard were the closest to the attack, and thus were able to defend the group with their armor—the priest added a minor wound to his growing collection.

Eight goblins, garbed in cloaks of wolfskin and armed with axes, charged forth. Stephan recognized their dress. Unfortunately, these were not ill-trained, half-crazed pawns of the Iron Ring. These were Wolfskull, the most dangerous among the goblin clans of the Dymrak. Splitting into pairs, the fellowship of the river engaged their attack.




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9 responses to “Welcome to Sukiskyn!

  1. The green dots are goblins. The blue dots are you. No humans can be seen outside the palisade fencing.

    Most of the buildings are made of oak, including the roof shingles. Buildings are joined by 8-foot high log palisades. The entrances are heavy oaken gates.

    Maruc: 10xp+5xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+5xp
    Feldard: 10xp+5xp
    Hasan: 10xp+10xp
    Stephan: 10xp+5xp

    Maruc: 17,320/24000
    Miklos: 17,375/20000
    Feldard: 17,420/34000
    Hasan: 16,755/32000
    Stephan: 16,225/32000

    Maruc -3 hp

  2. Miklos

    Grabbing the iniative Miklos barked the first lines of his web spell “…transadhestro!” More use now than in the blaze he guessed. A halo if magical strands burst forth in a spray from his outstreached hand at the centre of the goblin pack as the groups charged to meet each other. At least he might even up the odds.

  3. Maruc

    Being just behind Hasan and in helm and armour Maruc’s only intuition of magic was the brief greasyness in the air and a vague pungent sickly sweet smell. It almost distracted him from the wild swing of the violent goblinoid in front of him. High on adrenaling he shrugged off the first blow and brought his flail round in a vicous arc at the goblin’s head. He said no word.

    If they could finish this lot off without nosie the others across the stream might not aid them so swiftly.

    Still Halav had blessed them. This was relatively easily to tell friend from foe at this stage.

  4. Feldard

    Feldard dropped his crossbow in favour of his trusted battleaxe and met the goblins in melee with a wide grin. Goblins – no matter what manner their training or clan – were something he rather enjoyed fighting and killing.

    The dwarf attempted to sidestep a spear jab as he swung his battle axe around in its wide sweeping arc towards his foe. Feldard could hear behind him Miklos’ arcane mutterings and wondered what magics the mage had called forth. He was almost getting used to the use of magic in battle now, though he’d deny it if any would dare suggest such.

  5. Hasan

    The sudden sound of an arrow being released; the whistle of an arrow in flight; the almost melodious hum produced by the bowstring’s reverberations — Hasan shot at the goblin nearest him and prepared to shoot again.

  6. Stephan

    Stephan turned to face the immediate threat of goblins from the trees. It had not been since the dungeons of Korlo that he’d fought with a mage and he found himself greatly relieved to see the magics entangle several of the Wolfskulls.

    Seeing Hasan deftly nocking arrows, he lunged at the nearest Wolfskull, body slamming him with his shield and knocking him into the path of the elf’s sure-shot arrows; giving Hasan a clear target.

    Turning, he narrowly missed having his noggin pierced by a spear thrust. Swiveling with his blade, he struck at the out-stretched arm of the goblin delivering a wrist-crippling wound. Quickly then, shifting his weight to his left foot, he brought his right boot up and out impacting the bent over goblin’s side. The beast, clutching it’s arm, the spear laying useless on the ground, lost its balance, stumbling away. Stephan raised his sword to deliver the killing blow but again the twang of Hasan’s bow sounded and an arrow appeared in the goblin’s throat.

    Feeling the rush of battle but keeping his voice down, Stephan engaged the goblin near the bridge edge. “With a bit of luck,” he thought, “I might send this one into the river…”

  7. Stephan

    “Pyotr and his family may already be in the tower.” Stephan indicated with his sword. “Darya and the others are likely there already. But they’ve the blessing of Havlav here, I can assure you. There be two here who have take the devotions to Him.” Stephan wiped some sweat and blood from his cheek. He gave a grimmace.

    “Ugh! Goblin blood. ‘Tis the worst.”

    “What burns over there is the barn. The horse stables are on the opposite side, there.

    “The gait be closed. And the goblins are on both sides of the river. They must have swam.”

    He quickly examined the fallen goblins around them.

    “The gear is wet.”

    Standing to look across the river, “They’ve not yet breached the compound but more may be coming to work on the gate. The fire will soon spread, though. This way! I know where it is likely they swim. We can arrow the buggers from the trees.” [OOC: This, of course, barring obvious reasons not to]

  8. Added Stephan to the marching order. Put Hasan at the back (so he can defend rear, and shoot arrows). I assume this is the order you guys would want, but let me know if I should adjust.

  9. Sinthija

    (Marching order looks reasonable to me…)

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