Finishing Off The Fanatics

Hasan judged the distance between the himself and the charging man. It would be difficult for him to get an additional spell off, but it was a risk worth taking. Hasan summoned another magical dart, hoping to direct it at his attacker before being set upon. The missile streaked into the man, slowing him down, but not stopping him. Hasan had just enough time to pull his sword from its scabbard as their swords met. The elf caught a glancing blow. It was barely a scratch, but it was enough to tell him that this would not be an easy fight.

* * * * *

Maruc leapt forth with equal single-mindedness of purpose. There was an evil burning light in mans eyes as he swung viscous and swift stokes with his blade. Once, twice the blade danced passed Maruc’s guard. Normally plate-clad, the priest would not be bothered but he felt the warm wet of flowing blood from fresh cuts down his side. The fight became more desperate he the gleam of victory darkened the man’s face. Maruc saw an opening a swung wildly, but his swing was aided by the unpredictable rocking of the boat and landed powerfully on the madman who fought on despite.

To be honest, Miklos was starting to feel a little embarrassed. Maruc was fighting for all his worth and Miklos was just standing there watching his friend being cut to pieces. He looked down at his staff then slowly up to the man. He hadn’t even been scratched by the priest, and Miklos didn’t like the look on his face. It was a sneer, he hated it. It needed to be removed.

For the first time since the fight with the panthers at the feet of the Bone Guardian, he clasped the end of his staff with both hands and stepped to the flank of the melee. He screamed at the top of his voice and squeezing his eyes shut he swung the staff round with a giant two-handed arc so fast he swore that he heard the end whistle with speed.

It connected with something solid and unyielding almost jarring the staff out of his hands. He opened his eyes to see what he had hit…

The man lay dead before the mage, his skull crushed from a perfect blow.

Feldard, engaged the boarders full out. Their assault was frenzied and amateurish. Metal clanged against metal as he used his axe to block blow after blow. The manner in which these men fought was fanatical. It stirred a most similar aggression within the dwarf.

With a bellow Feldard, dropped his defense and went on the offensive. He backed a step or two then charged full out toward the attacker before him. He swung his axe up and over his left shoulder, and swung around full circle, coming down on his right. The impact was jarring.

Stephan recognized the signs of battle rage in the attackers. But there was something more here. Something sinister. He saw the dwarf go into an effective rage and felt the familiar surge of battle frenzy–the dwarf almost emanated it. With this veins pumping, Stephan found something to step up on and leaped from a higher vantage to come down on the crazed assailant heading toward the magician.

“Nocvamdiz!”, he shouted in the old tongue as his blade fell towards its target.

With no armor to protect them, the ambushers were no match, and were all killed in quick fashion. Whoever they were, despite their numbers, they had been unprepared to face such a formidable group.

* * * * *

The battle was over, and Hasan was victorious. Though the melee had not been quick, Hasan was the faster of the two, and was able to avoid any further wounds at the hands of the cold-blooded killer. He would have liked to have taken the man alive, but he refused to surrender. And, given the high-pitched ferocity of the man’s attack, the elf had little choice but to pull no punches.



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7 responses to “Finishing Off The Fanatics

  1. Maruc: +10xp +110xp(combat)
    Miklos: +10xp +110xp
    Feldard: +10xp +110xp
    Hasan: +10xp +10xp +110xp
    Stephan: +10xp +110xp

    Maruc: 17,235/24000
    Miklos: 17,310/20000
    Feldard: 17,355/34000
    Hasan: 16,670/32000
    Stephan: 16,155/32000

    Feldard -1 hp
    Hasan -1 hp

  2. Maruc

    Maruc cast his flail to one side and shrugged off his shield. He knelt down and checked over the bodies to see if any were still clinging onto life. What a sorry mess, he thought. There was something familiar about the tenacity of their attack. Like they were driven. Insane? Or close to it. Not like the elves of the Elyan under the sway of the Witches. This was darker, more insideous. He checked them over for cultist symbols as he lined them up ready to unload them to the shore. None had survived on the boat, Maruc turned to Miklos.

    “Did you manage to enchant any of the archers on the shoreline?”

    “Yes, it was touch and go on the distance but I managed to capure the majority. I believe Prince Hasan went to shore after them. I lost him in our fight.” Miklos replied squinting into the low brush of the wood.

    “Good. We have few to talk to here.” said the priest sadly. “They fought like they were possessed. Unusual for simple bandits I would guess. Most would run at your first incantation.”

  3. Miklos

    Miklos nodded.

    He turned to the surviving stranger. His face had the haunted mix of sorrow and grim determination. “Well met. Thank you for your help there. Please accept my sorrow for your loss. They were brave men.” Miklos offered his hand to the warrior.

    “My name is Miklos of the House of Dostevar. A Seer and Conjurer … of sorts.”

  4. Hasan

    Hasan dragged his attacker closer to the shore and counted himself very lucky to have gotten out such a tight spot with such minimal damage. He flagged down his companions, who seemed to have restored order aboard the boat. “Hallo, there! I’ve felled one of them. It was the most appalling thing. When he saw his companions were enchanted, he slew them. Throw me a rope and I can bind the rest.”

  5. Stephan

    Stephan found the need to spit immediately after the battle but quelled the urge when one of magician greeted him.

    “Thank you,” he said taking the man’s proffered hand. “I am Stephan Suskiska. Traladaran.” He looked down at the fallen Boris and Rokov, “Not to seem cold, but they were not close to me. Beloc! They were good hands! Though not much in a battle, it seems. I should have thought of that when I took ’em on what with all the rumors comin’ out of Dymrak. And I have to go deeper in still!”

    Upon meeting the Dwarf, Stephan noted his skill in battle. “You’ve seen some grit, I can tell.” And he looked at the others. “All of you, no doubt, have some tales to tell, I’m sure. Well, I can say, thank Havlav we wound up on the same boat! Crazed lot, these villians! And not the sort I know to be about in Dymrak! If these be here, there’s more trouble to come I wager!”

    When time permitted, Stephan saw to rousing the crew from below. “Hasan, you didn’t happen to notice what’s caught up the boat?”

    Stephan couldn’t hide his emotions and when asked about his fallen comrades, he had to let it spill. “No, no. They were not close, as I said. But I’m in a bit of a trouble. These lads were to accompany me to my brother’s homestead in Dymrak. We were to drive some of the family’s prize Dorian’s to Rifllian. We’re to head there from Misha’s Ferry. Can’t be far from here. And then it’s but a few stretch to the homestead.

    “Look, I’d try to make it worth your while if you accompany me to the homestead and then on to Rifllian.” Stephan wasn’t much of a pitchman. “What I mean to say is, and I mean no insult, can I hire you to help me in this? The Calaari Elves are likely to pay hansom for the Dorians. They’re pure white steads–the symbol of the Calaari. I’d give you a fair wage.”

    He looked at the dwarf, guessing he might like this: “There might be some goblin heads to dislodge, too.”

  6. Feldard

    Feldard aided the cleric in the task of checking over the bodies for any clue as to their identity or reason for their attack. There seemed little to no gain in it.

    The dwarf snorted at Stephans offer. The man fought well enough, yet the humans attempt to convince and sway the party from their current mission by both promise of ‘fair pay’ and ‘heads to dislodge’ was a bit of an insult. As if their task to return Nicolai’s body could be dismissed so lightly. Plus there was also his bride to find. The dwarf had no interest in herding horses and his expression made that fact plain.

  7. Hasan

    After catching the rope tossed over by Maruc, Hasan quickly bound the (three/four/whatever you like) bandits who survived their disasterous attack. He rejoined his companions aboard the riverboat, and Miklos quickly appraised him of Stephan’s offer. “Well met, Stephan. Callarii, you say?” questioned the elf. “Listen. Know now that we four are blood bound to our cargo, which must be delivered to Threshold. A former companion of our must be laid to rest there. Why not travel with us there, and we can join you when our mission is complete? For I would see the Callarii. But first, Stephan, come with me to search those bound on the shore. You may recognize more of them than me.”

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