Take Cover!

“Blessed Halav….”, Stephan muttered as he readied his bow. He took the best cover he could find, and quickly nocked an arrow while keeping his head down. Gauging the position of the trees to be sure the boat has not rotated, he raises just enough to spy one of the bowmen on shore and let his arrow fly at him. With a quick glance, he assessed the number of attackers on shore and in the water. There were eight bowmen, and a dozen men swam toward them.

“Arrows! Take cover!” The dwarf dropped behind the dubious protection of the boat railing and scrambled to load his crossbow. “We are ambushed!”

Hasan knelt behind the boat’s gunwhales. A curious thing, to find humans setting upon their own kind, he thought. Still, perhaps there can be an explanation. This river’s idle current would present no challenge to swimming skills honed in the bubbling brooks of Radlebb, Hasan reasoned, and he leaped into the water. He aimed for a point a bit to the east of the attackers launch. He hoped his forest skills and infravision would leave him well equipped, despite the lack of more than his sword, to bring at least one of their would be ambushers to heel.

As he loaded the bolt into place, he looked over towards his companions. The majority of the party was unarmoured for the journey by boat, which left them with little in the way of protection against the missile attack.

Feldard glanced over towards Miklos and saw that the mage was already concentrating on his magicks. Hopefully, it would be something that would take out a good number of their foes.

With his crossbow finally loaded, the dwarf turned and fired on one of the bowmen on shore. A hit, he thought, but no time to admire his bowmanship—he quickly ducked down again to reload. An arrow lodged itself into the neck of one of the crew standing next to him. He let out a cry of agony as he fell overboard.

Galvanized by the dwarf’s command Maruc yanked his shield from the pile and placed himself between the flight of arrows and Miklos—it would do no good to have the missiles disrupt the mage’s spellcasting. He braced the shield on the gunnel and crouched behind it as much as possible.

Seeing the danger lay not with the crew Miklos directed his attention to the flight of arrows. Quickly assessing that the attackers would not shoot their own friends, he guessed that they would stop shooting as soon as they boarded. The immediate threat then were the diving bandits. Then Maruc leapt into his line of sight with his shield. He was about to curse when an arrow pinged off it’s edge and missed him by an inch. He lent around the edge as much as he dared and released the pent up magic at the swimmers. Over half of the lot stopped swimming, and disappeared under the water. The others kept up their pace, seemingly unconcerned about the fate of their comrades.

An arrow sliced the side of Stephan’s arm—a slight flesh wound. He lowered again, and nocked another arrow. If this mage had any more spells in his arsenal, they might just make it out of this alive.

Seeing that the remaining swimmers were almost upon them, Stephan barked to his henchmen, “Boris! Roklov! Get ready to bash any fingers you see coming over. But keep your noggins down!”

Before his eyes, an arrow pierced the skull of Roklov, killing him instantly. His body collapsed, as the panicked crewmembers of the boat stepped over him in a race to hide in the bottom of the boat.

He let another arrow fly at a bowman on the shore and quickly looked around to see if whatever these robbers have caught the boat on can be cut or otherwise destroyed. His thoughts race, “Can I grab that oar and use it to free the boat?”

Realizing that when the attackers try to board the boat will tip exposing them to more arrow attack, Stephan determined to let as many arrows fly at the bowmen as possible.



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6 responses to “Take Cover!

  1. Feldard: +10xp
    Maruc: +5xp
    Miklos: +5xp +10xp
    Hasan: +5xp
    Stephan: +5xp

    Maruc: 17,085/24000
    Miklos: 17,160/20000
    Feldard: 17,215/34000
    Hasan: 16,520/32000
    Stephan: 16,020/32000

  2. Feldard

    Feldard worked away at reloading his heavy crossbow. He could hear the repeated twang of a bow nearby and noted a fellow passenger picking off bowmen on shore with the ease of an wood elf. The dwarf grumbled to himself ‘.. be just as fast if I had bloody short bow’.
    Finally, the cord was set and the bolt in place. Feldard raised his crossbow and turning towards the shore, fired off his second shot towards yet another of the bowmen. He could see several of the swimmers almost at the edge of the boat. He grinned.
    “I’ll deal with those trying to board. Take out those bowmen.”
    Feldard exchanged crossbow for axe and waited at the ready.

  3. Hasan

    Hasan found the water and lack of light more than adequate protection for the short swim to shore.

    (I assume he finds his onshore unscathed. If you want this to go differently, I’ll modify.)

    He immediately melted into the woods and began making a lengthy circle around the bandits’ point of departure, looking for the path or road their opponents took to the river’s edge.

  4. Miklos (Mu 4)

    With crew and friends diving this way and that across the boat it spoilt his line of fire to the boarders. ‘Le the crew deal with them’ he thought and gauged the distance to the bowmen.

    If the bowmen are within range Miklos will cast his second sleep spell at them….so:

    Reaching with the full extent of his magic Miklos shrouded the bowmen in a enchantment of slumber.

    If the bowmwen are out of range…then:

    Miklos cursed “Too far!” and sort to hold his sleep enchantment to stop the boarders if he got the chance in the melee.

  5. Maruc (Clr 5)

    The priest spat curses as he sat helpless watching men fall about him. He could not move for fear of exposing Miklos. He released one hand and fumbled blindly behind him for the handle of his flail. It took precious moments before he felt its familiar grip. He yanked it free from the pile being careful not to drop his guard as more arrows thudded into the deck and riocheted off his metal shield.

    He shook it out and prepared to launch himself to his feet if the boat started to tip.

  6. Stephan

    Stephan looked with an approving nod at the actions of the four adventurers. “Blessed Havlav, that these folk be here.”

    The splatter of blood and gurgling choke from his henchman did not register with Stephan given the urgency of the situation.

    Once he realized his arrows were ineffective against the tree-covered bowmen on shore, and as the swimmers made their final approach, Stephan grabbed one of the long oars, making his way to the far side of the boat and as the assailants made their desperate scramble to mount the boat, he began us of the make-shift pole arm to bash foreheads as the appeared. Looking to the befuddled oarsmen, he shouted, “Use your oars men! Bash ’em back to the depths from which these maggots issue!” With that the thrust the paddle end of the oar squarely into the forehead of the fist swarthy, wet pate to show itself. He hoped that the weight of the himself and the other oarsmen balanced the tipping craft, minimizing the array of targets for the bowmen on shore.

    To himself he muttered, “Pray that magician send more to slumber!” And again he thrust with the oar….

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