Saviors of the Elyan

The dwarf gave a snort. “That’s Saeth, alright.” And he set about letting her and the other maids free. He didn’t attempt to fill in any of the details that Saeth was missing. He would let Maruc or Miklos inform the elf of Nicolai’s death. Coming from him, it would sound too accusatory; and he knew it. Best to let someone else speak of it; instead he busied himself with rearranging his gear to make a temporary litter with which to carried the rogue’s body. With the elf maids no longer needing to be carried, he intended to go back for Nicolai. Their companion deserved a proper burial.

Miklos fingered the dust in his hand. He glanced sidelong at Hasan wondering if he would accuse him of destroying his heirloom. He avoided Maruc’s face and looked back down at his hand. He didn’t feel so sure now as he had when he was filled with power. Still, life goes on.

He clapped his hand together and said brightly, “Oh well, nevermind. All’s well that ends well eh? We still have the spellbooks! And the Sisters and the Rahib are defeated. And I’m sure our Elven friends in the village will be most grateful that we have returned their kin!”

“And we must return Nicolai to his family…” he couldn’t help looking at Saeth, he knew she would be horrified with what use her body had been put to.

“Grateful, indeed, we will be, Miklos,” said Hasan. “We will do what we can to reclaim our past, free of the legacy of betrayal that we have here destroyed. Let me go with you to Nicolai’s home, that I can thank his family for the Elyan. But, first, tarry but a day here. First, friends, we shall feast and celebrate this day of refound freedom for my people.”

* * * * *

When Saeth heard of Nicolai’s death, she took it surprisingly well. She had never grown all that close to the boy, and after hearing of his heroic sacrifice, she regretted that. She had always thought of him as a background player in their hero’s journey, but now it seemed that she had underestimated him. Somehow, she had been placed in the background of this tale—a scenario that she planned to avoid in the future. Perhaps these companions were not a good fit for her—the dwarf certainly was quite a glory-stealer, and now the scrawny human boy was the great hero of this tale. She would think on it.

As they made their way out of the tower ruins buried under Grey Mountain, they discovered that all the platinum statues had disappeared. It did not take long to see what had happened to them. Apparently, the curse that had fallen all of the interlopers as they searched for Elyan gold had been lifted, and now they all roamed free. Some fled, others had to be confronted. Fortunately, none of them were up for a lengthy battle, and eventually the forest was cleared.

As promised, there was a great celebration as the Siswa were now free of their enchantment and able to return to the village. Though some had been lost, most notably Elrond, there was much to be thankful for.

Rahasia was sad to hear that her betrothed would be leaving, but she understood his reasons. She was a strong elf, and would take over as head of the clan until Hasan returned. She was worried for him though, it had been more than a generation since anyone of their clan had been to the outlands.



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25 responses to “Saviors of the Elyan

  1. So, we are wrapping things up on the current plotline. We are down to 3 players, and have been slowing down a bit lately. Do you guys want to continue on to the next (and try to recruit a couple new players), or shall we end things here?

  2. Feldard

    My vote is to try recruiting new players. I’m still very much enjoying this game. I’d be saddened to see it end without actually confronting the Sons of Night.

  3. dj

    Second. Game has captured my imagination. Hope that we can keep it going.

    That being said, the pace has slowed, and I would be happy to see that pick up again. No doubt I have played a part in that slow down, and I resolve to be a bit more agressive.

    Not sure if adding new people would speed things, as we would simply be waiting for more people to log on and have time to read and compose. I do think it’s reasonable to push Saeth onto somebody new, if she has indeed been abandoned (as it, sadly, appears). Having said that, it may make sense to add another PC, so the party has some numbers to bring to bear.

    However, new people do bring new ideas and perspectives, so I’d be happy to go in that direction as well. If you need help recruiting, I can perhaps approach some people.

  4. Sinthija

    If we can find the “right” new person, things may improve. I would like to see at least one more individual.. whether they take on Saeth or bring in someone new would be up to them I would suppose.

  5. Matt

    Again – over the Christmas period it is hard to find time to get near a PC. Its far easiler at work…. less to do you know!

    We have still many avenues to investigate:

    1. The Sons of Night as Sinthija has rightly mentioned.

    2. Meeting Marta, and finding out what secrets our Nicoai embroiled himself in.

    3. Finding the connection that drew Sevastian, Denetiata, the Rahib and the Sisters to this area and what the implications to the Dread Night are.

    4. Loading Miklos’s spell book.

    5. Gaining numerous levels.

    6. Finding more situations for Maruc to be pious in and grin inappropriately.

    etc etc…

    The world is full of talented rpgers. All you have to type is:

    “Current D&D pbem (Jan 2009) looking for long term players…”


  6. Ok, cool. Everybody is on board. I will work on getting us going again.

  7. Rather than calculating all the experience, I’m going to give everybody 8,000 xp, which means everyone will gain one level.

    From now on, I am going to keep up with experience points and we will return to the old system. Posting within 12 hours = +10xp, within 24 hours = +10xp, dm choice = +10xp. Other xp will be given out for achieving goals and slaying monsters, of course. I know you guys have been patient with the level advancement so far. Thank you for that. XP awards will start getting bigger in the next quest.

    Saeth: 16,705/16000
    Maruc: 17,070/12000
    Miklos: 17,140/10000
    Feldard: 17,195/17000
    Hasan: 16,515/16000

    Saeth +3hp
    Maruc +4hp
    Miklos +3hp
    Feldard +6hp
    Hasan +4hp

    Much of the recovered spellbooks were destroyed, but a couple new spells could be salvaged:

    1st Level: Floating Disc
    2nd Level: Web, Levitate

    I will work on updating the character sheets soon, and also try to recruit 1 or 2 new players.

  8. Characters page is updated – let me know if you think I missed something.

  9. Sinthija

    Do you want us to post our next actions or wait a little to see if other players are interested in joining our game?

  10. Matt

    Not sure – but shouldn’t Maruc have 2 1st & 2 2nd level spells? (rather than 2 & 1?)

    Turning seems OK

  11. Maruc (Clr 5)

    Maruc nursed his glass of spring water. He closed his eyes and listened to the Elvin minstrels play, a rare treat for him. This sort of thing was usually reserved for the high ecclesiastics. It was haunting, ancient yet paradoxically timeless. And totally alien.
    He had almost forgotten how uncomfortable his armour was. To be free of it was a blessing, but to be free of the need of it was a greater blessing. The village was homely and secure its great shadow passed. In the dark confusing tunnels he’d lost track of time and when they’d first arrived back at the village with the Elf maids, all he’d wanted to do was sleep. Now in his ceremonial vestment (which was the only clothing that he hadn’t worn that was smart, and more importantly clean), he reclined in an odd looking but marvellously comfortable beach wood chair. He waved away the offer of wine again and took a sip from his water. Before he had retired for the night last night he had performed his rites and the rites for Nicolai’s body which lay on a bier outside the village shrine. Nicolai.
    “Here’s to you Nicolai.” He proffered his glass and drained the glass. “We shall take you home my friend. With honour.”
    He hadn’t had much time to reflect on what he was doing and where they were going. He’d have to talk to Miklos about his theories on the Sons of Night and perhaps see if the Black Book offered further clues. As for his experiences under the Grey Temple, well were to start?
    Halav, blessed be His name, had helped him with his fear of enclosed spaces. To be honest after the past few weeks if he had not travelled with Miklos his opinion of Magi and their craft would be severely dented. Almost all of their foes had been Thaumaturists of some type or other. Well overlooking the Rahib of course. Miklos had been badgering him earlier about wanting the return to the Temple to study. Maruc had admonished him for been so insensitive, but that was part of his nature and without his help the whole venture would have been in vain so he couldn’t be too harsh.
    All had their part to play; Feldard; full of brash courage, Nicolai; escaping his past and proving his nobility with his life, Hasan; brave, faithful, noble, selfless and driven. He’d even intimated that he wished to join us in our quest to quash the Sons of Night. Blessed Halav giveth at need.
    “…miles away.” said Miklos slightly unsteady on his feet. He’d spilt some wine down his tunic.
    “Sorry?” Maruc replied.
    “I said you seem miles away, old chap.” Miklos repeated.
    “Oh, I was just thinking ‘what wonderful music’.”
    “Liar.” laughed Miklos, “You were thinking what we were going to do after we’ve delivered Nicolai to Marta.”
    “Is it that obvious? Or is that a new trick you’ve learnt?”
    Miklos winked slowly. “Now that would be telling. Still, I’ve had no joy in convincing these excellent hosts to part with any elven mage-secrets so I’m thinking we’ll need to depart soon. Can’t have old Nic whiffing the place out you know.”
    “Very thoughtful.” Maruc said ruefully. “You are right though. We’ll organise some supplies and head back to Specularum tomorrow. Maybe we could borrow the bier until then? I’m sure they won’t mind.”

  12. Hasan

    A couple of suggestions for my Character sheet pasted below.

    First, I’d also like to request that Hasan use his bowmaking skills to make a longbow. And maybe he could travel with a small net — given his snares skills, he should know how to use that as a weapon or as a trap.

    Second, more importantly, some further throughts on personality and background:

    Personality: Hasan is both curious and wary of the outside world, which for him is everything beyond the deliberately-isolated village in which he was born. Magical gifts and a chance meeting with the other PCs left him in position to save his village from the existential threat posed by the takeover of its temple by evil forces. In that adventure, his eyes were opened to the clan’s more open and prosperous past. He now seeks to journey far and wide, to understand better the choice his forefathers made to seek solace, what they called the Quiet Way, in the solitude of their Radlebb Forest lands, and perhaps to find the knowledge and power needed to restore his clan to its past.

    Hasan loves little more than to be alone, hunting, trapping or woodworking in the forest lands he loves. However, earnest about developing his natural leadership skills, Hasan can become a bit overbearing in groups. Also, because of his commitment to leadership, Hasan often finds himself making decisions faster than he believes wise.


    Hasan is betrothed to Rahasia, daughter of Elrond, the former clan leader of the Elyan. On their marriage, he will take up that leadership role. Hasan wears Ring and Golden Pendant of Elyas, having received the ring in his betrothal ceremony and recovering the pendant deep in the overtaken village temple. Hasan has yet to discover what powers these artifacts have beyond their important symbolism to the clan.

  13. Feldard

    Feldard, seated nearby, was seeking the bottom of his tankard ale. The music of the elves, he found to be more annoying than enjoyable … but they were his hosts so he had enough good grace not to comment on it.
    He glanced over to the cleric hearing his toast and the dwarf was quick to raise his own drink in salute.
    Feldard nodded his agreement to the cleric suggestion of leaving on the morrow. “I’ll be ready to leave.”

  14. Ok, I think I’ve found a new player who will fit right in here.

    Please let me know any further preparations before heading on the journey to Threshold. Also, what mode of travel? Horseback or by river? Can you take horses on a riverboat?

  15. Updated Hasan’s character page. I like the new descriptions – very nice.

  16. One more thing, I’m going to adjust the xp posting rule. Instead of 12 and 24 hours, let’s do 24 and 48 hours. We’ve all gotten a bit busier over the last couple years I think. 🙂

  17. Sinthija

    (hmm given a choice of river… dwarves don’t float well.. or horse.. they don’t ride well either – Feldard would opt for horse gives him more opportunity along to the way to ask around after his fiancee)

  18. Miklos (Mu 4)

    Miklos, although frustrated by that lack of success with, extracting the secrets of Elven mage craft from the ‘older looking’ villagers (although quite frankly this was hard to tell) had enjoyed himself all evening. Perhaps a little too much as his head felt like the contents of a dwraven mineshaft. He thought he’d slipt something the night before but his clothes where clean and neatly atcked next to his bed-pallet. There was a glass of sweet smelling water on a stool nearby and he drained it before it occured to he that parhaps he should be more cautious. Oh well. Still it tasted nice and he was drinking their wine all last night so…well. He closed his eyes again at let the pain subside. Which surprisingly enough, it did.

    Later he got up and got dressed and joined the others in the village bower. They were eating so he joined them, nodding his hellos. After breakfast he said, “So we are to find Marta. I rather assume she will be in Specularum as we have no other clues apart from than that was the place we bumped into Nicolai. He was quite a ahh… shady character, so perhaps the docks would be a good place to start, maybe that dockside Inn we passed?”

  19. Actually, in his dying breaths, Nicolai said:

    “My mother… Threshold..Fogor Isle.. tell her… tell her what we did…that I didn’t die a thief.”

    So, it’s off to Threshold. By boat or by road? We’ve got one vote for road.

  20. Matt

    details details….

    Neither Miklos or Maruc have a preference – although Mikos has punted a boat during his college life he certainly wouldn’t go as far as suggesting the river unless there was a professional boatsman to helm. So the road it is.

  21. Hasan

    As he enjoyed his return liberator from the temple below, Hasan had seen the two talking on the edges of the celebration throughout the night. His fiance, Rahasia, and her elderly nursemaid, Sari, embraced a last time, and the younger elf departed toward her home. After a final chorus of the unusually rousing melody the musicians had chosen for the night, Hasan left his friends to follow his beloved.

    When he caught up to her, she had begun her return, still travelling on the same path she left by. Hasan saw her, and he was sure he saw her before she saw him. For a minute, he thought about stepping off the trail into the quiet comfort of a nearby grove of alder, the kind of place where he had always sought refuge, for he dreaded the moment that was to come.

    Stock still, he waited. Parting was sorrow. He recalled the Caladrii song he had heard Saeth sing as they buried Nicolai. It was touching. The songmaker called parting a sweet sorrow. He grimaced as Rahasia approached and thought, “They were not Elyan. They had left before.”


    As the party left his village, Hasan watched the road ahead stonily. He thought back to Rahasia’s parting words, “I will wait for you.” Fingering the gold-filigreed wooden bracelet she gave him, a bracelet made from Radlebb maple by her father, a bracelet she had worn since they were just young elves of 35, Hasan wondered what the wait would require, from him and her. Even the company of the dwarf, Feldard, whose cheeriness was usually a comfort, was unwelcome.

  22. Matt

    top post dj 🙂

  23. Sinthija

    (Feldard?? Cheery?? LOL)

  24. I’ve updated the hit points. What spells are you guys going to have on hand for the journey?

  25. Sinthija

    (Nicolai can be struck from the marching order as well as Saeth apparently .. unless she is to be NPC’d until we can find a player to take her over)

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