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Saviors of the Elyan

The dwarf gave a snort. “That’s Saeth, alright.” And he set about letting her and the other maids free. He didn’t attempt to fill in any of the details that Saeth was missing. He would let Maruc or Miklos inform the elf of Nicolai’s death. Coming from him, it would sound too accusatory; and he knew it. Best to let someone else speak of it; instead he busied himself with rearranging his gear to make a temporary litter with which to carried the rogue’s body. With the elf maids no longer needing to be carried, he intended to go back for Nicolai. Their companion deserved a proper burial.

Miklos fingered the dust in his hand. He glanced sidelong at Hasan wondering if he would accuse him of destroying his heirloom. He avoided Maruc’s face and looked back down at his hand. He didn’t feel so sure now as he had when he was filled with power. Still, life goes on.

He clapped his hand together and said brightly, “Oh well, nevermind. All’s well that ends well eh? We still have the spellbooks! And the Sisters and the Rahib are defeated. And I’m sure our Elven friends in the village will be most grateful that we have returned their kin!”

“And we must return Nicolai to his family…” he couldn’t help looking at Saeth, he knew she would be horrified with what use her body had been put to.

“Grateful, indeed, we will be, Miklos,” said Hasan. “We will do what we can to reclaim our past, free of the legacy of betrayal that we have here destroyed. Let me go with you to Nicolai’s home, that I can thank his family for the Elyan. But, first, tarry but a day here. First, friends, we shall feast and celebrate this day of refound freedom for my people.”

* * * * *

When Saeth heard of Nicolai’s death, she took it surprisingly well. She had never grown all that close to the boy, and after hearing of his heroic sacrifice, she regretted that. She had always thought of him as a background player in their hero’s journey, but now it seemed that she had underestimated him. Somehow, she had been placed in the background of this tale—a scenario that she planned to avoid in the future. Perhaps these companions were not a good fit for her—the dwarf certainly was quite a glory-stealer, and now the scrawny human boy was the great hero of this tale. She would think on it.

As they made their way out of the tower ruins buried under Grey Mountain, they discovered that all the platinum statues had disappeared. It did not take long to see what had happened to them. Apparently, the curse that had fallen all of the interlopers as they searched for Elyan gold had been lifted, and now they all roamed free. Some fled, others had to be confronted. Fortunately, none of them were up for a lengthy battle, and eventually the forest was cleared.

As promised, there was a great celebration as the Siswa were now free of their enchantment and able to return to the village. Though some had been lost, most notably Elrond, there was much to be thankful for.

Rahasia was sad to hear that her betrothed would be leaving, but she understood his reasons. She was a strong elf, and would take over as head of the clan until Hasan returned. She was worried for him though, it had been more than a generation since anyone of their clan had been to the outlands.



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Obelisk Pure

Hauling elfmaids to and fro was more tiring than he expected; but then Feldard was still dealing with many number of wounds and an astounding lack of sleep. The dwarf was almost grateful to have Miklos discover another teleporter which deposited them back in the midst of the statues once more. Even though the mage insisted that the magic would be reversed once the Opal touched the obelisk, he couldn’t keep his gaze from the now green gemstones. “You sure, it’s not as simple as just touching the stone again?” He grunted, as he did his best to manage the elves as they struggled against their bindings.

Maruc laid Saeth down as gently as he could, pleased to be relieved of the weight. He was concerned less about his burden than the fiery gaze Hasan was giving Miklos and the bazarre change that had come over Miklos. Hasan had not deserved Miklos’s haughty words. He crossed the chamber to Hasan and put a friendly hand upon his shoulder. “Have no fear for Miklos, he is well meaning, if a little clumsey.” he said with his old grin paying across his lips. “What he lacks in common sense he makes up for with intellect. Mighty Halav would not have gathered us together lest each had a part to play. Place your trust in Halav Incarnate and He will not lead you false.”

Miklos strode from the teleporter with purpose. He withdrew the Opal from his pocket. He mulled over his mind what words would be appropriate at this moment, something grand perhaps?

He pulled himself up to his not inconsiderable height and announced. “Well, ….erm lets see if this works?” He paused for a moment. Some part of his mind was fighting against itself.

Hasan smoldered still as he watched Miklos. Invoking the obelisk’s was Hasan’s plan too. He felt compelled to grab the stone from the human, and claim it for his clan. He stopped himself. Where were these thoughts coming from? This group had saved his people from a horrible fate, and now, here he was gripping his scimitar in anger. He shook his head, and willed the dark thoughts away. What the mage did next with the Opal, if it survived the obelisk’s touch, would determine their fate.

Slowly, the young mage’s hand brought the Black Opal Eye nearer and nearer to the Obelisk. At last, he pressed the dark gemstone against it, and the Black Opal Eye shattered into dust in the young mage’s hand.

The elven maidens ceased struggling against their bindings as they slipped into unconsciousness, as the eyes of the dragonheaded, blackstone statues became aglow with bright white light. The effect only lasted for a moment, as those gems too were shattered into dust, and the ominous statues crumbled into thousands of pieces. And lastly, its work complete, the obelisk’s white stone faded into a dull gray as its power had been drained away.

“A pity. I seem to have missed out on the climax to our quest,” muttered Saeth. “Having been trapped in that accursed statue will no doubt hinder me in properly finishing the composition of my epic.”


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Stone Squabbling

Finding nothing helpful in his search and hearing Miklos’ gasp of wonder, the dwarf looked up towards the dangling mage. “Be careful,” Feldard warned. His warning had nothing to do with an imminent fall, rather it foreshadowed his growing sense of dread.

Miklos grinned with triumph as his hand encircled the opal. For a long moment, he hung suspended by one arm gazing at the precious object. It must perform its purpose. Then later, he could investigate it further, it must enhance the elemental flow of magic somehow. Elyas had created a Focus. Miklos had never heard tell of such an item, this could make him famous. “Miklos’s Focus”, it had a ring to it. Enough daydreaming. He pocketed the gem and lowered himself to the floor.

When the mage was finally down, the dwarf edged cautiously nearer to peer at the precious stone that caused so much grief. “Hmph. Doesn’t look like much. So tell me again, how that bauble will help free Saeth.”

“Time to find out if this teleports work both ways.” Miklos said smartly, ignoring the dwarf’s question as his mind was focused on other things. “Who will stay to guard the witches while we retrace our steps to the obelisk?”

“I’m happy to stay or go, but I think both are equally as important.” Maruc looked at the unconscious witches. “These are more of a known danger returning down explored corridors seems a safer option. I shall remain here to secure the foe.”

“We aren’t leaving anyone behind. I’ll drag Saeth. Maruc you take that one.” Feldard said pointing to one of the maids. “Hasan and Miklos can manage the last together. We’ll return for Nicolai.”

Hasan watched closely as the mage approached and grasped the precious stone. The elf saw Miklos pocket the gem to descend. As the mage approached ground level, Hasan felt his desire to have the stone grew. He knew not whether it was his own mind or the stone’s the led him, but he would not let Elyas’s prize leave the treasury in human hands. “Give me the stone before we go, Miklos,” Hasan said, “so that I may guard our way. This temple still is elven. That opal is elven. An elf will carry it to its doom.”

Miklos gave Hasan a long disparaging look. “Do I detect envy, or greed noble Hasan? Do not seek to demand ought of your saviors, for you would still be lounging in despair at the hands of the Rahib without us! Indeed, I suspect that if I left it to you, you would still be trying to coax the houseless elfmaid spirits back into their bodies by conversation alone! I do not know you as I know my friends, some of whom have given their last breath for this venture. For all we know, you may have been cleverly beguiled by the witches and are still beneath their thrall in some subtle way. You may have been awaiting your chance to capture the opal and return it to them.” Miklos gazed at the anger building in the elf’s eyes and softened his tone. “I do not truly believe that of course, but the possibility remains. I have sufficient willpower to command the stone in safety. Put your mind at ease and let end this darkness. Afterward, when all is done we can discuss what is to be done with it. Such an heirloom cannot be lost to the dusty vaults of time, but must be used for the furtherance of our noble cause; Silencing the Sons of Night and forever banishing the impending Dusk of the Dread Night.”

“Anyway I fear you may have your hands full carrying yonder maiden…” he added noting Feldard’s suggestion.

“I really do not see the point of arguing. Let us depart swiftly to the obelisk,” the priest hauled Saeths body onto his shoulder. He grunted with the effort. “I am certainly not going to stand here all day,” he added. ”As Halav is my guide I shall not worry for any of your souls after the gem has been placed on the obelisk. It is an object blessed for the causes of good. Everything shall be resolved peaceably. It matters not a jot who carries it. You can place it in my backpack if you like. But make up your minds quickly, my back is already aching.”


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