The Black Opal Eye


Miklos gently leafed through the pages, turning each in turn hoping against hope that some spell or other might be salvageable. Some text at least must have survived the ravages of time and fire else the witches could not have charmed all the other elves into servitude. As the saying goes; “You are as useful as a Sage without a book!”…or in this case a “Mage,” thought Miklos ruefully as he turned another ruined leaf.

Maruc returned with the rope and grapple. He tied some knots at spaces the help the assent. Judged the weight and glanced at the chain supporting the Opal. “It would be wise for everyone to leave the room before I attempt this. We don’t know what further magics protect the Eye.

The cleric allowed the others time to position themselves as they wished. “I’ll try and lasso the chain supporting the Gem, climb up and retrieve it,” he said.

The mage gently closed the tome. It appeared that there were enough decipherable pages that he would be able to transcribe a few spells. It would take time a fair amount of time though.

“Think about this Maruc.” said Miklos. “It is far more sensible that the least armoured person climb the rope. I also have an affinity with the arcane arts and should be more suited to dealing with them should the need arise. Pass me the rope.”

To be honest Maruc didn’t relish the idea of climbing the rope in full armour. Although the suit bothered him less now, in fact he hadn’t thought about the discomfort for some time, he felt that his skills might be needed if something went wrong. Seeing no reasonable argument against the mage’s suggestion he passed him the rope.

Miklos smiled. “Stand back,” he called, and without waiting for anyone to leave the room he started to swing the rope in wider and wider arcs.

Feldard grumbled to himself and eyed Miklos sourly at his suggestions. Rather than uselessly piling treasure, Feldard began a circuit around the room, checking the walls and any fixed architecture for a release mechanism—lever, switch or trigger. He was certain that there had to be some way to lower the Opal… mechanical or magical; the dwarf was hoping for the former.

Miklos threw the chain upward in an attempt to wrap the grapple around the chain supporting the opal. His lack to preparation is telling, for he completely missed the mark.

Watching, Hasan gulped in dismay. He had no compunction with letting the mage retrieve the Orb. He did worry about the condition of the spellbooks and the Orb itself, with such amateur methods being employed to retrieve them.

After a couple more failed attempts, Miklos finally had some luck. The grapple still had not taken the trajectory which he had intended, but nonetheless seemed to have hooked securely onto one of the carvings in the ceiling near the chain. His long mage’s robes kept getting in his way, but thanks to the knots Maruc had provided, Miklos made slow but steady progress up the rope. Clearly, Nicolai had made this sort of thing look far easier than it was.

Finally, he got within armsreach of the gemstone. It was mesmerizing up close. Encased in a dark metal holding, it flickered subtly as it seemed to bend the light around it. His fingers gently undid the clasp. It was a small object, and it fit easily in the palm of his hand.



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10 responses to “The Black Opal Eye

  1. Note: I deleted the post I made yesterday (“Grappling”), and replaced it with this one.

  2. Sinthija

    Finding nothing helpful in his search and hearing Miklos’ gasp of wonder, the dwarf looked up towards the dangling mage. “Be careful,” Feldard warned. His warning had nothing to do with an imminent fall, rather it foreshadowed his growing sense of dread. He kept a watchful eye on Miklos as well as the others, as the mage descended.

    When the mage was finally down, the dwarf edged cautiously nearer to peer at the precious stone that caused so much grief. “Hmph. Doesn’t look like much.”

    Feldard scratched at his beard. “So tell me again, how that bauble will help free Saeth.”

  3. Sinthija

    (oops that last was from Feldard obviously.. forgot to change the name tag)

  4. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos grinned with triumph as his hand encicled the opal. For a long moment he hung suspended by one arm gazing at the precious object. It must perform its purpose. Then later he could investigate it further, it must enhance the elemental flow of magic somehow. Elyas had created a Focus. Miklos had nver heard tell of such an item, this could make him famous. “Miklos’s Focus”, it had a ring to it. Enough daydreaming. He pocketed the gem and lowered himself to the floor. “Time to find out if the teleports work both ways.” He said smartly. “Who will stay to guard the witches while we retrace our steps to the obelisk?”

  5. Maruc (Clr 4)

    “I’m happy to stay or go – but I think both are equally as important.” Maruc looked at the unconscious witches. “These are more of a known danger returning down exploered corridors seems asafer option. I shall remain here to secure the foe.”

  6. Feldard

    “We aren’t leaving anyone behind. I’ll drag Saeth. Maruc you take that one.” Feldard said pointing to one of the maids. “Hasan and Miklos can manage the last together. We’ll return for Nicolai.”

  7. Hasan

    Hasan watched closely as the mage approached and grasped the precious stone. The elf saw Miklos pocket the gem to descend. As the mage approached ground level, Hasan felt his desire to have the stone grew. He knew not whether it was his own mind or the stone’s the led him, but he would not let Elyas’s prize leave the treasury in human hands. “Give me the stone before we go, Miklos,” Hasan said, “so that I may guard our way. This temple still is elven. That opal is elven. An elf will carry it to its doom.”

  8. Miklos (Mu3)

    Miklos gave Hasan a long disparaging look. “Do I detect envy, or greed noble Hasan? Do not seek to demand ought of your saviours for you would still be lounging in dispair at the hands of the Rahib without us! Indeed I suspect that if I left it to you, you would still br trying to coax the houseless elfmaid spirits back into their bodies by conversation alone! I do not know you as I know my friends, some of whom have given their last breath for this venture. For all we know you may have been cleverly beguiled by the witches and are still beneath their thrall in some subtle way. You may have been awaiting your chance to capture the opal and return it to them.” Miklos gazed at the anger building in the elf’s eyes and softened his tone. “I do not truely believe that of course, but the possibilty remains. I have sufficient willpower to command the stone in safety. Put your mind at ease and let end this darkness. Afterwards when all is done we can discuss what is to be done with it. Such an hierloom cannot be lost to the dustly vaults of time but must be used for the furtherance of our noble cause; Silencing the Sons of Night and forever banishing the impending Dusk of the Dread Night.”

  9. Miklos (Mu3)

    “Anyway I fear you may have your hands full carring yonder maiden…” he added noting Feldards suggestion.

  10. Maruc (Clr4)

    “I really do not see the point of arguing. Let us depart swiftly to the obelisk.” the priest hauled Saeths body onto his shoulder. He grunted with the effort. “I certainly not going to stand here all day.” he added.”As Halav is my guide I shall not worry for any of your souls after the gem has been placed on the obelisk. It is an object blessed for the causes of good. Everything shall be resolved peacebly. It matters not a jot who carries it. You can place it in my backpack if you like. But make up your minds quickly, my back is already aching.”

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