Rummaging Through The Riches


Feldard caught up to the others after a swift knock to the back of head for each of the elfmaids. He whistled as he looked over the treasury. Then his eyes came to that pocket of darkness. He scowled.
The dwarf had caught Marucs’ gesture in regards to Miklos, and was more than a little concerned that the mage would end up on the wrong end of his battle axe, unless that damned opal weren’t destroyed.
“So how are we going to get it down?” The dwarf didn’t comment on the certainty of there being traps, he was sure everyone present were aware of it. It would only serve as a reminder of the loss of their companion.

“Perhaps it uses the same magic as the elevator we rode before,” Hasan answered. “Neuwoude,” he commanded the orb.


Miklos’s swept over the treasure hardly registering it. His gaze locked onto the Opal. “Ah Nicolai, he would have had that down in a trice. I wonder if he had a rope and grapple, Maruc go and see. Oh for a Levitatius Incantata spell I would get it myself. The witch’s spell books may prove useful. I’ll search the horde for them. In the meantime Feldard and Hasan you might make use of this treasure. You could empty and stack up the chests to see if you could reach it?”

“Yes my Lord Abbot,” Maruc replied, his voice thick with sarcasm. Still the Mage had a point but rifling through corpses was less than tasteful. The greater good had to be paramount, he turned and went to take a look in Nicolai’s backpack, and had no trouble finding what he was looking for—a grappling hook and a nice length of rope.

Meanwhile, the mage rifled through the treasure, pushing precious metal and gemstones around like they were copper copecs. It wasn’t long before he found something interesting. In one of the chests, under some gold, he spotted something dark. Clearing the golden grains aside, he saw three spellbooks that had apparently been hastily hidden in the treasure pile. They were dark black, with platinum bindings. Unfortunately, they appeared to be badly damaged.



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7 responses to “Rummaging Through The Riches

  1. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos gently leafed through the pages, turning each in turn hoping against hope that some spell or other might be salvagable. Some text at least must have survived the ravages of time and fire else the witches could not have charmed all the other elves into servitude. As the saying goes; “You are as useful as a Sage without a book!”
    ‘…or in this case a “Mage.” ‘ thought Miklos ruefully as he turned another ruined leaf.

  2. Maruc (Clr 4)

    Maruc returned with the rope and grapple. He tied some knots at spaces the help the assent. Judged the weight and glanced at the chain supporting the Opal. “It would be wise for everyone to leave the room before I attempt this. We don’t know what further magics protect the Eye.

    When everyone has positioned themselves where they wish to be…

    “I’ll try an lasoo the chain supporting the Gem, climb up and retrieve it.”

  3. Miklos (Mu 3)

    “Think about this Maruc.” said Miklos gently closing the tome, “It is far more sensible that the least armoured person climb the rope. I also have an affinity with the arcane arts and should be more siuted to dealing with them should the need arise. Pass me the rope.”

  4. Maruc (Clr 4)

    To be honest Maruc didn’t relish the idea of climbing the rope in full armour. Although the suit bothered him less now, in fact he hadn’t thought about the discomfort for some time, he felt that his skills might be needed if something went wrong. Seeing no reasonable arguement against the Mages suggestion he passed him the rope.

  5. Miklos (Mu 3)

    Miklos smiled. “Stand back.” he called and without waiting for anyone to leave the room he started to swing the rope in wider and wider arcs.

    Miklos will attempt to wrap the grapple around the chain supporting the opal. Then climb up to retrieve it. His lack to preparation is telling….

  6. Hasan

    Watching, Hasan gulped in dismay. He had no compunction with letting the mage retrieve the Orb. He did worry about the condition of the spellbooks and the Orb itself, with such amateur methods being employed to retrieve them.

  7. Feldard

    Feldard grumbled to himself and eyed Miklos sourly at his suggestions. Rather than uselessly piling treasure, Feldard began a circuit around the room, checking the walls and any fixed architecture for a release mechanism – lever, switch or trigger. He was certain that there had to be some way to lower the Opal… mechanical or magical; the dwarf was hoping for the former.

    When Maruc, then Miklos began their attempts to grapple the Opal, he continued his search of the room.

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