Feldard watched the witch-elf warily in return as he stood once more. Unsurprisingly, he was relieved that she was pulling Saeth’s sword rather than trying for another spell, even if he was at the disadvantage. He was acutely aware he had no weapon. His crossbow had been left behind when he rolled and his axe lay behind the witch from this throw.

“You think you have what it takes to take me on, Witch? Think again. Even unarmed, I am more than match for the likes of you. Must be that elven blood.” The dwarf knew that when taunted to anger, people were rash and made mistakes.

He backed away slowly towards the fallen Maruc, his eyes not leaving the Witch as she made her approach. She swung to strike, and, aided by the enchantments placed upon Saeth’s sword, she cut a deep wound on the dwarf as he jumped back and rolled once more; this time over the downed cleric, reaching for the paralyzed humans’ weapon. He was unskilled in using the flail, but circumstances were rather dire. He struck out, as he’d seen Maruc do many times before. His target: the witch’s legs—yet again. Not familiar with weapons her stance was too narrow; if he could topple her, he had a good chance of pinning her and saving Saeth, as well as the others.

From his prone position, Maruc admired the quick thinking Dwarf as he fished the flail from his hand. A flail would have a different balance to an axe, which is similar to a mace, it’s all about judgment and swing. If the fight played out in front of him he’d be interested to see if the dwarf handled it with any finess.

Miklos glanced to the right and had the unnerving experience of looking at the back of his own head. He noticed he was balding prematurely at the crown. He sighed inwardly and readdressed the action being played out in front of him. He fervently hoped the Feldard would prove the bane of the magical classes as he was swiftly earning a reputation for.

As Nicolai bled on the ground, Trilena attacked again, but this time, Trilena’s attack was clumsy, leaving herself wide open to the dwarf’s strike. Her legs swept from under her, she knocked Saeth’s head hard against the ground as she fell awkwardly. Frantically, she tried to blink away her dizziness and re-engage before the dwarf could pin her down. She managed to cut and slice at the wild-eyed warrior, but it was of no use. Despite sustaining a number of painful wounds, the determined Feldard would not be stopped. Eventually, he pinned her down, and knocked her weapon aside.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” screamed Trilena. After waiting so very long, and coming so very close, it appeared the sisters’ plot had been unraveled.


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  1. Feldard

    With Saeth pinned and struggling beneath his armoured weight, the dwarf made efforts to gag and bind her with whatever was at hand – his oiled rag for wiping down his axe, a torn scrap of tunic – anything to keep her from casting yet more magic; he would do a neater job of it once he was able to move about freely.

    That done, he retrieved rope from his backpack and went about tying up all three elf maids more securely removing any weapons from them, then checked on his companions. He did what he could to stem the blood flow from Nicolai’s wounds; but he was no healer.

    Having done all he could do to safeguard his companions and negate the threat of the Three Sister-Witches, Feldard sat down, bound his own would as best as he could and then rested. The battle had taken its toll on him more than he would willingly admit. As he kept watch, he truly hoped the magics used on his companions was not permanent.

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